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 These Are The Rules

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Salazar Slytherin

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PostSubject: These Are The Rules   Mon Jul 22, 2013 1:08 am

ALL usernames need to be a first AND last name. NO exceptions. Examples of what your username should look like is: John Smith, Jane Smith, Will Smith, you get the idea. If your username is not within this standard, you will receive one prompt to change it. If ignored, you will be deleted.

Character limit. For the most part, there is no limit, however, once you get up to three, any further character will require approval before being made. Approval will depend on the current characters' activity and such.

Graphic limits: Your avatar may be a maximum of 150px across and 200 down. Your signature may only be one graphic. The size allowance of this graphic is at admin discretion. If you have more than one graphic, or want to keep a library of your graphics, simply add them to your profile in image code.

Posts need to be 150 words at the least. This is to ensure your character develops and also that the person you are posting with will be able to respond to your posts. Also it it is to ensure that whatever story line you are creating will be able to flourish.

No God-Modding. Also known as God-Modeling or simply GMing, this is when someone writes another player's reaction. For example:

John writes:
John sat in his office looking sternly at the student who had been caught cheating on a test. "What were you thinking?" he snapped, glaring at him. The student began to cry uncontrollably. Through his tears, he tried to apologize.

This is not allowed. You may not control anyone else's reactions.

We expect there to be love, hate, fights, snogging and all that jazz. But lets not go overboard.

No deaths unless voluntary. Which means you cannot just simply kill off another character.

Please try to keep things realistic. Or atleast as realistic as things can be in a world of magic. That being said, lets not have first years who can perform every spell perfectly, you get the picture. No one will be all powerful. New spells will take time to master, especially if they are above the character's level of schooling. If you do a powerful spell above your year you're gonna exhaust yourself. Might even die. If you're in a fight you ARE going to get hurt. New spells are not going to be learned on the first go.

Please do not double post, except for in the OOC forum. There is really no reason for posting more than once in a row, since we have this nifty little button that says "Edit". If you have something to add, please just edit your post.

Professor's can 'thread jack' inside of Hogwarts only. This allows the game to be realistic, for a million people doing something wrong would likely result in at least some of them getting caught.

On the subject of being another race we only will allow werewolves and part-Veela's. These are special cases and to say you are one of these, you will need to owl an admin asking for permission. Do not post a profile that includes your character being a creature until you have sought permission and it has been granted.

Animagi, and any other special powers need to also seek permission. There will be a list of current people with such powers. We have people that, yes, they will be acknowledged to have power or potential or whatever. But YOU ALONE will not decide that. If you have an idea for your character PM a founder who in turn will agree or nix your ideas.

We get that most of the characters are teenagers and they are full of urges. Do not make a character just for the purpose of making a couple. While there are plenty of side plots with this, there are other elements involved. Remember there IS a war going on. If you are having trouble finding or getting involved with other types of plots, or are unsure as to how to do so, please don't hesitate in asking someone. You can even create a thread in the OOC asking for plot ideas for your character.

Smut. It is allowed. However, if your character is not age 15 and up, you are NOT allowed to partake in any kind of smut-like thread. The most you will be allowed is kissing and a bit of 'petting'. Furthermore, no one character is to have more Mature threads than non-mature threads. That is to say, if one character has 5 threads total, only 2 threads at the most may be mature. This is to control the smut, as this is not a porn site, and to ensure that people are getting involved in plots other than sex.

Relationships. We expect them and they are allowed. However, before any character may even start to develop one with another character, each character must have completed at the very least 2 separate threads that include some kind of plot. These threads are to be with a character or characters OTHER than the one you are planning on developing a relationship with, and MUST contain an ACTUAL plot. Again, this is to ensure that we do not have people here who merely want to RP their characters in relationships. If that is what you want to do, this is clearly not the site for you.

Be respectful to everyone. Treat others as you would like to be treated. We know not everyone will get along or see eye to eye. There will be disagreements. That is no reason to go off the deep end and throw a rage. It will not be tolerated.

If you are going away and you are a professor find another professor to do your work for you or hire a student teacher (must be a 7th year and the 7th year must NOT be in the class you are teaching.)

Leave the OoC for the OoC forum. Thank you!

These are the rules, and they are subject to change at any time. In which case you will receive notice. Please post below that you have read and understand these rules using the following code:

[i]I (insert character's first and last name) have fully read and understand the rules.[/i]

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These Are The Rules

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