Where enemies can become allies and friends, and where everything you thought you knew is now questionable.
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 Screaming on the Inside (open)

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PostSubject: Screaming on the Inside (open)   Fri Sep 20, 2013 1:06 pm

There was too much going on and too much to think about and Ginny was just too worried about everything going through her mind and she just couldn’t take it anymore! The redhead had woken up on the third day of classes only to roll over and groan, barely convincing herself to get out of bed and get some food before classes. She sat through History of Magic without paying a lick of attention, then headed for Gryffindor Tower only to get overwhelmed again and collapse against the wall somewhere in the middle of the sixth floor.

She felt like she was going to explode with all the stress and confusion that coursed through her veins. It was like she didn’t even know who she was anymore. What did she want in life? Everything was changing, and she wasn’t sure what direction she was headed. Ginny knew she needed to talk to Harry, but he already had so much on his plate. Why should she add her own problems to it? So it turned out she might want to hold off on a relationship with the boy. How could she actually tell him that? It wasn’t like they’d ever actually discussed dating or the possibility thereof. She didn’t even know for sure if he was romantically interested in her! For Godric’s sake, she’d almost blurted it out when they were talking about Skyler yesterday, but she’d held back for fear of ruining what she had with the boy. How was she going to keep her best friend while expressing all her thoughts and fears?

The girl pulled her knees up toward her chest and ran her hands through her thick red hair, sighing in frustration. On top of the fear that Harry might not like the idea of seeing other people for now with the promise of each other later, Ginny also was dealing with the thought that Hermione and her brother would both probably want to kill her for this plan. For some reason her love life was never simply hers, and that made her angry on top of the worry and confusion. Why did anyone else think they had a say in her life?

“Bloody hell,” she mumbled, smacking her right hand on her knee with enough force to leave a bruise. “I wish Fred and George were still here.” She figured the twins would at least have some advice for her. They usually did. And they spared her the dirty looks and unfair judgment, too, for the most part. Maybe she should owl them. She didn’t want to bother the boys, though. They were busy with their blooming business, and she didn’t want to cause them any problems. “What am I supposed to do? Merlin… When did life get so damned confusing…” Her left hand tugged on her hair a big while the right continued tapping her knee, letting out little bits of her frustration with each hit to the already forming bruise.
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PostSubject: Re: Screaming on the Inside (open)   Fri Sep 20, 2013 3:07 pm

So maybe he had kept a keen eye on the little ginger. It wasn't a crime to look now was it? On a day like that day he would have been outside on the grounds but there were classes to attend and he had never been more awake in History of Magic before. Before he didn't have the little ginger in his class and she didn't so much as look at him. This wouldn't do normally and he had had his fun with the little ginger.

Riley followed her after class because she look distracted and because he liked to watch her walk. So he told himself and he told himself it had nothing to do with maybe being worried about her. Riley didn't get involved that far with witches and especially not witches who plotted to catch blokes.

He approached her silently and sunk down against the wall next to her easily and hearing the last part of her mutter. "If you ask me I would say the moment we start having to make choices for ourselves." He gave his crooked smile and nudged her with his shoulder. "Blue doesn't go with your hair color little ginger." He teased her. "What's got you so down?"
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PostSubject: Re: Screaming on the Inside (open)   Fri Sep 20, 2013 11:39 pm

She couldn’t help the smile that formed as a familiar boy slid down the wall beside her. Ginny found herself cheering up a bit just at hearing his odd comment, and she even let out a small laugh. “Not so much blue as I am grey. As in confused. It’s frustrating. I guess I’m just too many emotions at once. Part of it is your fault, by the way.” With another light laugh, Ginny playfully aimed a punch at the Ravenclaw’s arm. He was the one who got her thinking about whether she really wanted to start a serious relationship with Harry.

With a sigh, Ginny stopped pulling at her hair and looked at the boy beside her. Her red locks were all tangled and sticking up from her head, much like they did when she first woke up, but she really didn’t care. She was trying to resist the urge to lean in and attempt to snog him like she had on the train. Why the hell did she want to kiss this boy so badly? It wasn’t like he was even her usual type! He was a womanizer. He manipulated girls, used them, then ran off to be with someone new. But that made him a challenge. Ginny liked challenges.

“I’ve just been giving some advice a bit of thought,” she said softly, leaning closer to the attractive male and feeling her pulse quicken. “A birdy had an idea about giving a certain obsession a rest. I’ve been giving it some serious thought…” She trailed off, shifting a bit so that she was sideways on her knees, fully facing the other student while her eyes danced with wicked intentions. She licked her lips as she thought more about the decision she had pretty much settled on. She was going to talk to Harry about postponing their relationship, if he even wanted one at some point, but even if that conversation didn’t go the way she wanted, she was over him for now. She was freeing herself to date, or snog, whoever she wanted.

With that settled in her mind, Ginny made to crawl into the boy’s lap, hoping against hope that he understood what her confession meant, and that he wanted to kiss her as badly as she wanted to kiss him.
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PostSubject: Re: Screaming on the Inside (open)   Sat Sep 21, 2013 4:53 pm

It was a good thing she smiled. That was something. It was a definite improvement from her melancholy state he had found her in. "Who? Me?" He looked both ways in a manner that made it look like he thought she must be talking about someone else. "What did I do?"

Riley laughed at her punch to his arm and pretended theatrically that it had been a really hard punch. He rolled sideways as if the force of the punch was so much and held his arm making a mock face of pain. "You pack a mean punch there little ginger." He chuckled and sat upright giving her his crooked smile.

All play stopped and his mind did too at her confession and sudden change of heart. The closer she got the more befuddled Riley's mind went and when she made to crawl in his lap it went completely blank. Well hell. There really was a first for everything.

Riley didn't have the strength to push the ginger away when the pull to have her near him was so close. In spite of all his hard work to not get close to any female he helped her into his lap so that she faced him and dropped his head to her shoulder with a groan gripping her hips tightly. "You'll be the death of me little ginger." He knew her heart would always be with Potter and still he didn't have the strength to push her away even though the odds of this ending badly for him were very high.

What a masochist he was.
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PostSubject: Re: Screaming on the Inside (open)   Sat Sep 21, 2013 6:23 pm

She couldn’t believe Riley was actually helping her into his lap! A seductive smile crossed Ginny’s lips as she leaned into his body, running her hands along his chest and just enjoying how close to him she was. It felt good to finally just let go and allow herself to feel… free. Letting go of the intense feelings for Harry and focusing instead on something less demanding and important feeling was so much easier. It felt like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders and the redhead was so happy, she couldn’t help but smile.

Maybe she’d even end up falling for this guy in the end and completely give up her infatuation with Harry. Ginny wasn’t ready to go that far, but perhaps she would be someday. She wasn’t going to rule it out. “I’ll only kill you with pleasure, birdy,” she murmured, leaning down and ghosting her lips along his neck. She felt chills running up her spine at the closeness of their bodies, and suddenly things like emotions and classes and brothers didn’t matter. All that mattered was this boy and this moment, and her mouth on his neck.

Ginny opened her lips and ran her tongue along his skin, eyes closed and hips tingling where his fingers sat. She let out a small sound of desire as her fingers dug into his chest. “So how ‘bout we take life a little less seriously for a while? Take it easy and… get to know each other…”
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PostSubject: Re: Screaming on the Inside (open)   Sun Sep 22, 2013 1:48 am

Merlin the witch was seductive! How was Riley supposed to push her away or even think for that matter when she acted like this around him? All the forwardness and aggression she aimed at him was killing him. It made it too hard to walk away from her and that was something he knew he needed to do even if he didn't want to.

The roles were completely reversed with the little ginger and Riley found he liked it quite a bit but knew it couldn't last long. Any rational thought ended when she licked his neck and his fingers gripped her hips so tightly he was sure there would be bruises there afterwards. Riley groaned again against her shoulder and bit down on it softly.

He picked his head up and gave her his best crooked smile and brought his hands up to capture her's before she could use them to get him to through all of his self control out the window. "You are a wicked tease little ginger I will give you that. Now how about you control those teenage hormones of yours long enough to consider a real date."
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PostSubject: Re: Screaming on the Inside (open)   Sun Sep 22, 2013 9:14 am

A wicked smirk crossed her face as Ginny acknowledged the comment from the Ravenclaw. He still seemed a bit nervous about her somehow, but it didn’t bother her too much. She was pretty sure by the way he had grabbed her hips and bit her shoulder she had him captivated. Oh, this boy had no idea what he’d gotten himself into. Ginny Weasley was no normal little girl. She didn’t wait around for the guy to take the lead. She was just as aggressive as any male, and when she wanted something, she took it. She laughed lightly at the boy beneath her, wiggling in his lap just a bit as she looked at him with lustful eyes.

“I might consider a date, depending on the details that is…” she trailed, leaning in to softly kiss his lips before pushing herself off of him and getting to her feet. If he wanted to call her a tease, she’d prove just how right he could be. “I don’t like overly romantic crap. None of that Puddifoot’s or sharing a sundae or whatnot. If it involves a broomstick or the quidditch pitch you’ll get major bonus points. If I can get a new bruise, even better.” She smirked at the boy, wondering how he might react to this information. She figured it was pretty obvious that she was no girly-girl, but it still surprised some guys, much to Ginny’s shock. Didn’t they see how she got on with her brothers? She wouldn’t have survived to fifteen if she’d been a girly-girl!

She took a few steps backwards before she thought of another thing to mention. “I also don’t do the whole ‘make plans for a week from Tuesday’ bullshit. So meet me at the entrance to Gryffindor Tower tonight at eight. That gives you the rest of the day to think of something, so it had better be good.” She shot the boy a wink, having no doubt that he knew where the Fat Lady’s portrait was, then bounded off for class, mood much lighter than it had been at the start of this whole interaction. She was very excited. Ginny had a date.
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PostSubject: Re: Screaming on the Inside (open)   Sun Sep 22, 2013 2:40 pm

Tease. That's what the witch was. A bloody tease. A groan escaped his lips when she wriggled in his lap and he tried his best to hold her in place before his own hormones could rage out of control and then they'd both be in trouble. As it was they would probably get points docked or worse for their current position and he was a prefect meaning he was held to a higher standard in regards to rules than she was.

He was sort of relieved when she got up and removed temptation from his immediate grasp but that kiss of hers lingered on his own lips and gave him a taste for more. Merlin what was this witch doing to him. Riley looked up at her with his crooked smile and crossed his arms while she listed her demands as to what not to do on their date. This was all unexpected and Riley wanted to kick himself for getting in so far with the little ginger when he knew she would only hurt him in the end but he consoled himself with the fact that he knew this ahead of time and might as well have his fun while he could.

"Right so we want romantic crap and no brooms or quidditch pitch. Got it little ginger." He teasingly winked at her and watched her walk away and after a little while a gang of students on their way to somewhere came walking by and sending him curious and questioning looks at his position while laughing as they passed. "No worries. Just a ravenclaw that got shot by cupids arrow is all. No need to be concerned. Minimal blood shed. I can get to myself to the hospital wing." He called after them cheerily and got to his feet. He had a date to think up.
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PostSubject: Re: Screaming on the Inside (open)   

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Screaming on the Inside (open)

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