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 One Hot Date (Riley)

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PostSubject: Re: One Hot Date (Riley)   Fri Oct 04, 2013 2:23 pm

He shifted so that he was on his side next to her, propping himself up on his elbow and his free hand pulling her close. His own want and need he could put on the back burner now that they had slowed down enough to exchange words but he liked having her close and having her in his arms so he wouldn't give that up right now without a fight and he doubted she would be fighting him on it.

His crooked smile was ever present and he gazed at her lovely features. "That couldn't have been easy, being the only girl. I like you the way you are though so I think I'll have to thank your parents for not having anymore girls and your brothers for turning you into a tomboy." Riley was ok with slowing things down and wanted to indulge her latest move to just talk about each other and he found himself speaking of his own family something he hadn't done since they were gone.

"I was the eldest in my family. Had a younger brother and sister. Marissa and Johnny." He spoke in a low tone averting his eyes from hers. "They're long gone now though. So I don't see the point in talking about them as much." He explained and brought his eyes back to hers reaching up to brush the red strands from her forehead gently with a smile. "What changed your mind about this?" He asked suddenly wanting to know why it was that she had decided to go out with him on a date instead of sticking to her Potter plan unless she was still using him for that plan and he had just played right into it.
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PostSubject: Re: One Hot Date (Riley)   Sun Oct 06, 2013 10:14 pm

The way he spoke made it obvious that Riley no longer had his family, and that made Ginny’s heart ache for him. She couldn’t imagine losing any of her family members- hell, having Percy walk out on them last year had been hard enough. She frowned at him, running her fingers across the back of one of his hands as she did so. “There is a great point in talking about them, though,” she said softly. “They’re worth remembering, Riley. You have to keep them in here, even if they aren’t physically with you.”

She touched his chest, over his heart. Ginny knew that any family that was lost still remained within the hearts of the living. She believed that Sirius was with Harry still, and that his parents were there as well. There was no way she could ever think that family could end with death.

Allowing the subject change seemed like a good idea, so she answered the boy with ease when he asked about her interest in him. “You’re special,” she said. The grin that spread upon her lips was large and true. “I decided I didn’t want to let you get away so easily. And maybe… Maybe you were right. Maybe I shouldn’t worry so much about someone who isn’t ready for me. Maybe I need to focus on what I want now, and what will make me happy.”

She snuggled against him as she said this, thinking about how they should head inside soon so as not to get into trouble for being out past curfew. Ginny really didn’t want to move, however, as she enjoyed feeling his chest moving against her with his breathing. It felt stable and strong, having his body so near her. “What made you give me another chance?”
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PostSubject: Re: One Hot Date (Riley)   Mon Oct 07, 2013 12:52 pm

If it were anyone else he might have bitten their head off for even mentioning his family but the little ginger he had a soft spot for and when she was looking at him and speaking to him that way Riley couldn't do anything but nod to her words. Anything he might have said at that point lost in his throat and he was thankful she let the topic slip away but he wrapped his free hand around hers and held it against his chest where she had indicated. It was the only thing he could do to show his appreciation to her.

He laughed at her answer to his question and returned her grin easily and his whole face brightened. "Yes well I'm normally right about things. You'll learn that sooner or later." He said cheekily and then grew serious and held her close to him and spoke lowly in her ear. "You're special. You're different from the other witches thank Merlin. Plus it's hard not to deny you anything when your lips are on my neck." He grabbed her ear lobe lightly with his teeth and sucked on it softly and then released it after a moment and nuzzled her neck with his nose. "We should head back before you get in trouble for being out last curfew."

Grinning he rolled away from her and jumped to his feet grabbing up his shirt and slipping it back on he went about collecting all their things and tossing it all into a duffel bag he had brought it all down in. Shouldering the bag he made his back to her and held his hand out to her to help her up. "Up you go little ginger. Or I could carry you if you prefer." He said teasingly smiling crookedly at the witch who captured his attention.
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PostSubject: Re: One Hot Date (Riley)   Tue Oct 08, 2013 3:02 pm

Grabbing his offered hand, Ginny couldn’t help but grin. She was special, hm? That was nice to know. She had a feeling the two of them would be spending a lot of time together in the near future, and that made her very happy. “You can carry me when I’m passed out or dead, birdboy,” she snapped. Maybe if she had a broken leg or something she might let him carry her. Maybe. She might just hop along with some support.

Ginny was not one for accepting help like she was some little girl, though, and the sooner the boy learned that, the better. “Let’s get up to the castle then. Wouldn’t want to get you in trouble for not… disciplining me.” She winked at the prefect, then led the way toward the castle, letting him carry all the supplies they’d used for the evening.

This really had been a great date. It was so much better than those romantic things with sugary treats and equally sweet words that left her sick to her stomach. “Thanks for the date, Soldier,” she said, still holding his hand rather happily. “You can walk me to my dorm, if you like.” It was the most feminine she’d ever been, but she didn’t much care. The idea of her date walking her back to the Fat Lady’s portrait and leaving her with a goodnight kiss was just too nice for her to worry about how girly she came across at the moment.
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PostSubject: Re: One Hot Date (Riley)   Wed Oct 09, 2013 12:09 am

He chuckled at her snappy tone and words and didn't take it personally because he assumed she would say something to that effect and she didn't disappoint. He was under the impression that unless she were dying of blood loss she wouldn't let him carry her and even then it was probably a slim to none chance. "It's just as well. With the way you pack away food you must weigh a ton." His amusement gave away his playful tone and Riley laughed at her and saluted her like a soldier did and then obediently followed he back to the castle.

He held her hand with a good strong grip and rubbed his thumb over the back of her hand softly with his crooked smile in place. "I would be walking you back whether you liked it or not but it's nice to see you're not opposed to it." He was generally a playful person which was why it was so easy to flirt and for people to call him one and his playful demeanor was intensified by their date and actions on it and boosted considerably by his overall good mood. Even his limp couldn't bring him down and he had her to thank for that because it was the happiest and lightest he'd been in ages.

He led her through the castle at a decent pace and when they got to the fat lady's portrait he didn't hesitate in wrapping his arm around her waist possessive lay and drooping the bag of supplies to bury his other hand in the flaming hair he admired. Thinking on it Riley thought she was a perfect match for him and it wasn't a wonder why with her fiery hair and equally fiery personality. She was like his own personal flame and he was the moth. "So little ginger. Are goodnight kisses allowed or should I bid you goodnight like a good gentleman?" He asked her with a crooked smile.
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PostSubject: Re: One Hot Date (Riley)   Wed Oct 09, 2013 11:38 am

Ginny couldn’t lie; she was enjoying the flirting. This night had been wonderful, and she was already looking forward to their next date, whenever it may be. When he asked her if a goodnight kiss was okay with her, she grinned and pushed her lips onto his in answer. She wasn’t about to waste any time with words, as his hands in her hair and on her waist were driving her crazy already.

She made sure to take her time with the kiss, trying to take some of his taste with her for the night. She was sure this Ravenclaw would fill her dreams. As she pulled away, she kissed the tip of his nose and laughed lightly. “Thank you for a wonderful night, Soldier.” With a wink, she pulled out of his grasp and whispered the password to the Fat Lady and slipped into the common room, shaking her hips as she went.
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PostSubject: Re: One Hot Date (Riley)   

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One Hot Date (Riley)

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