Where enemies can become allies and friends, and where everything you thought you knew is now questionable.
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 Blood Letting (for Hermione)

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PostSubject: Blood Letting (for Hermione)   Tue Sep 24, 2013 1:36 pm

Felicity had spent the rest of the day barely able to pay a lick of attention in classes. Her mind was stuck on the bushy haired girl and the rude way in which she’d reacted to the Hufflepuff’s assertion that she would prove herself Sirius’s daughter no matter the method. It wasn’t like she hadn’t had a reason to react the way she had. The girl had practically said that Felicity was lying, and she wasn’t a liar. There was no reason for this haughty little know-it-all to make such assumptions about the Hufflepuff, and she wasn’t going to just shut up and take it.

So she was usually a push over. So what? That didn’t mean she was going to let some Gryffindor smart aleck tell her that she didn’t know who her own dad was! The girl had not only accused her of lying, but she’d accused Felicity’s mum. That was not by any means okay with the blonde girl. So she waited in the seventh floor corridor for the younger girl, hands on her hips and a bit of anger still coursing through her veins.

Having just finished ancient runes, one floor below, Felicity figured she’d have beaten the other girl here. The fact that she was here at all was a bit frustrating to her. It was as if she was admitting that she needed this girl’s help. Truth be told, she wanted all the different information she could get, and that meant different sources. So she wouldn’t write anyone off, even if they were ridiculously horrible to deal with. The fact that the younger girl thought Felicity couldn’t do this without her was frustrating, and she really wanted to prove the girl wrong. However, her hunger for information was too great, and so she stood waiting on the Gryffindor.

This had just better work out. That was all she had to say about the whole situation, as she noticed the head of bushy hair trotting toward her in the distance. Let the festivities begin.
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PostSubject: Re: Blood Letting (for Hermione)   Sun Sep 29, 2013 11:52 pm

Hermione hurried from her latest class back up to Gryffindor tower to meet the snotty older hufflepuff. She wished she could take back her offer for help but Hermione couldn't do that because doing this would also help Harry. At least he would be able to know whether or not what the girl said was true. It didn't mean Hermione had to like it or the hufflepuff. Her attitude left much to be desired and Hermione sincerely hoped that the girl' smother had lied to her about Sirius being her father so they wouldn't need to have anything to do with her.

Coming down the fat lady's corridor where the entrance to Gryffindor Tower was Hermione saw the hufflepuff was already there and thought that was good so she wouldn't have to wait around for her. Wasting no time in greeting the girl Hermione pulled a long piece of parchment from her bag and held it out to the girl. "You'll need to put a drop of blood on it." She got right to business and in the process skipped all formalities and made it clear how little she cared for the hufflepuff. Usually Hermione only disliked Slytherins but this girl was a simpleton Hermione only wasted her time on because of Harry.
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PostSubject: Re: Blood Letting (for Hermione)   Mon Sep 30, 2013 11:04 pm

Felicity raised a thin brow at the younger girl, noting the snippiness and the lack and information she seemed willing to give. She took the parchment and stared at it, attempting to figure out just what it was before looking again at the bushy haired ninny. “You going to tell me what it is or am I just supposed to bloody bleed on it without asking any questions?” Her tone implied that the latter would not be happening as she stood there staring at the girl. If she was smart, the Gryffindor would start explaining.

Merlin let this girl be smart. The Hufflepuff was not so pleased about being addressed in such a huffy manner. It was honestly ridiculous for this… child to think herself so far above Felicity. She obviously had no idea who she was messing with, and the blonde was determined to prove herself to the little bookworm. No matter what gave this girl the false idea that she was so high and mighty, Felicity was determined to watch her fall. Just as soon as she got her proof about her dad. “How’s this going to prove my relation to Sirius? I doubt you have any of his blood…”
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PostSubject: Re: Blood Letting (for Hermione)   Tue Oct 01, 2013 2:13 pm

Hermione tried not to look at the older girl as if she were an idiot but she couldn't help it when the hufflepuff made it so easy. "Oh honestly!" She huffed and rolled her eyes frustratedly rummaging through her full bag for another piece of parchment exactly like the one she had handed the older girl with the exception that this one had a sort of family tree system printed on it in black ink. This she shoved under the stupid older girl's nose.

"That's what it does. Now do you have any more questions to waste my time with or do you want to get on with this then?" Hermione was not in a good mood and how could she be with idiots like this acting as if they were so smart. If the older girl were as smart as she seemed to think she was then why did she need help in the first place? Hermione didn't know why the other had gotten so upset in the library just because Hermione had pointed out that there is a chance the girl' smother lied about Sirius. It was only common sense and until they had proof Hermione knew Harry would not go on the word of the girl and her mother alone. Here she was just trying to help the stupid girl and Harry and the idiot was making things more difficult by trying to pretend she was smarter when she clearly wasn't. That was just wasting time none of them had at this point.
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PostSubject: Re: Blood Letting (for Hermione)   Tue Oct 01, 2013 5:35 pm

So, it irritated the girl that girl that Felicity dared to question her brilliance. Wasn’t that special. The Hufflepuff didn’t really care, as she looked at the family tree on the other piece of parchment. Well, that was interesting. She didn’t know what would show up on hers, since she didn’t know anything about her father’s side. All she knew was her mom’s parents, her mom, and of course her dad. She knew she wouldn’t be giving this piece of parchment back to the bushy haired girl. The girl could look at it, but Felicity would be keeping this little item close to her at all times.

With a smirk, the blonde drew her wand and muttered a spell to slice the side of her hand, just below her thumb. She let the blood drip onto the paper before muttering a healing spell that made the wound disappear in an instant. Felicity barely noticed the sting of the wound as she watched the ink begin to grow into a family tree as her blood seeped into the parchment, seeming to fuel the process. Her own name showed up first, branches snaking up to the names of her mother and Sirius Black.

As soon as his name appeared, Felicity felt her heart swell with pride and sorrow. She’d known it was true, but to see it so plainly in front of her was something else. It made it all the more real that her dad was gone before he could even know about her, and it hurt. “Do you believe me now?” she demanded, shoving the parchment in front of the Gryffindor’s nose before pulling it back and watching the rest of her family develop. She studied the names in curiosity, wondering who these people were and what she might learn about them.

“I guess I got what I wanted. What do I owe you for your oh so precious time?” Felicity hoped the sarcasm wasn’t lost on the bushy haired braniac.
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PostSubject: Re: Blood Letting (for Hermione)   Wed Oct 02, 2013 4:00 pm

A frown took place on Hermione's face and she recognized Sirius' name on the parchment. This would make things complicated as well as hard for Harry and that was one thing Hermione didn't think her friend needed. The bushy haired witch glared at the older girl to show she didn't appreciate her attitude and huffed with her nose in the air. "If the shoe were on the other foot I would hope that you wouldn't just take some strangers word for it. But judging from your lack of brains I doubt it. Sirius wouldn't be proud to have you as a daughter if you do."

It was the truth and Hermione didn't care if her words hurt the other girl. She didn't like her and didn't trust her and that was all there was to it. It was true that her father was who she said but she hadn't known until now and had had no proof until Hermione had all but given it to her. Hermione didn't think there was any reason for the girl to get so snobby just because she wouldn't take her word for it. Who would? Had the girl really thought her word held any kind of weight as far as trust would go? If she did she was in for a rude awakening. The Gryffindor ignored the sarcasm and smiled in return. "I've already taken my payment. You won't be able to show that parchment to anyone else. To anyone else it will just be a blank piece of parchment."
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PostSubject: Re: Blood Letting (for Hermione)   Thu Oct 03, 2013 2:26 pm

Felicity actually growled at the girl, thinking of how she wouldn’t need to show anyone but Harry, since she knew it would calm his nerves a bit. She was hurt, however, as she realized that she might never get to show this wonder to her mother. It wasn’t fair, and she didn’t intend to allow the bossy brunette to keep this knowledge between the two of them.

“That’s fine for most, but you need to make it so that Harry Potter can see this,” she said simply, glaring at the girl before her. “Surely you know how important it will be for him to actually look upon the proof of Sirius’s blood running through my veins. You wouldn’t deny him that right, would you? I’m sure he would not be too pleased when I told him that one of his little friends wouldn’t let me show him this gem.” She figured the girl wouldn’t want to upset the boy who lived, so the acidic tone wouldn’t matter much. The pain she was feeling in her heart was fueling her anger, and she couldn’t hold it in.

Staring at the younger witch, Felicity tried to think of a way that she might be able to undo this spell of hers. Maybe she could figure out a way to make the parchment readable to others. Maybe Harry would know a way… “It really isn’t fair that you would keep anyone involved in this family matter away from this knowledge, you know.” Her eyes were a bit glazed as she said this, thinking of how great it would be to show her mother the tree. Her mum might not even k now all the relatives it showed on her own side of the family, after all. “You could at least allow those with shared blood to see it.”
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PostSubject: Re: Blood Letting (for Hermione)   Fri Oct 04, 2013 12:06 pm

"So you are aware of their connection. I wondered.." The bushy haired Gryffindor looked away in thought with a frown overtaking her face. This wouldn't make Harry happy, she was sure and she didn't bother even reacting the Hufflepuff's meek threat. Hermione was of course way ahead of the other girl and Harry of course would be able to see the family tree and only those he decided he wanted in on this information as well. This was to protect her friend because there was no telling who the idiot girl might go blathering to.

She had to remind herself that the Hufflepuff didn't realize how this information could effect Harry and his life. She was just on a mission to find out about her father and the Gryffindor could not fault the girl for that but she could fault her in her naivety. Hermione pinned the girl with a cold glare having heard enough and had her wand at the girl's throat. "You have no idea what any of this means and you can't even begin to think about anyone else. How dare you try to use Harry against me to gain what you want? Do you know what this means for him? Of course you don't because you're only thinking about what it is you want."

The Gryffindor took a deep breath and took a step back and kept her cold glare on the other. "This means there is one more person on the list of people Voldemort could use against him if this gets out. I'm trying to protect Harry and you just want to go blabbing about it. At this point even your mother can't be trusted. Harry hates when people keep things from him and if you think for one second we will trust you you have another thing coming. You may be Sirius's daughter but that doesn't earn you our trust and I'm positive Harry will agree about that. But don't worry. He will tell you what you want to know about Sirius because he would never deny you that information." With one last glare and cold look Hermione hoisted her bag on her shoulder and walked off down the hall leaving the Hufflepuff behind. She needed to cool off before she did something Harry would make her regret.
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PostSubject: Re: Blood Letting (for Hermione)   

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Blood Letting (for Hermione)

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