Where enemies can become allies and friends, and where everything you thought you knew is now questionable.
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 Who I Am, or Who I've Been? (open)

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PostSubject: Who I Am, or Who I've Been? (open)   Tue Sep 24, 2013 9:08 pm

It was already Wednesday and Draco had yet to talk to his godfather about his girlfriend or the crazed Parkinson pug. It seemed the older male was just as busy as his young godson, and that made it ridiculously difficult for the two to actually manage a serious meeting. Then there was the fact that Draco wanted to actually have a meeting with both his godfather and girlfriend together, which would probably not happen willingly. Ugh. Life was difficult.

The blonde boy felt rebellious as he actually abandoned his robes for a matching set of black slacks and an oxford. The effect had him looking like a shadow with pale skin and silky hair that practically glowed in the diminished light. It was nearing ten o’clock, and there was no way the boy should be where he was, but he couldn’t sleep and he couldn’t spend any more time in the common room where Pansy’s ‘girls’ kept giving him acidic glares. Maybe he’d manage a run-in with Skyler out here. He hadn’t seen her since dinner, and that had him a bit on edge.

The boy sat in a window at the top of the Astronomy Tower, just near the door to the area in which students had class. There weren’t any classes scheduled tonight, so he knew he wouldn’t be discovered by anyone who was actually supposed to be out of bed. That much was a small relief at least. He’d ventured so far from the dungeons in an attempt to distance himself from everything Slytherin. He wanted to think to himself, rather than focusing on anything else. That wasn’t very safe in snake territory. Here, Draco could stare at the stars and try to figure out exactly what he wanted to do with his life.

Things had never seemed so difficult before. When he had his eyes set on the dark mark and making his father and aunt proud, it had been easy. Pretend to be a terribly person, do as you are told, and never think for yourself. Piece of cake. Except that he was hiding who he was and it was killing him slowly inside. Once he’d finally admitted that the prick of a Slytherin wasn’t him, it had felt like a whole load of bricks had been lifted from his chest. He could finally breathe again!

But how would he survive now that he’d pretty much decided to go against the man who he was supposed to serve? And what in the name of Salazar was he going to tell his blasted cousin? Draco sighed and shook his head, not even remarking on the approaching footsteps as they drew ever closer to his form.
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PostSubject: Re: Who I Am, or Who I've Been? (open)   Tue Sep 24, 2013 10:38 pm

The castle had been abuzz with rumors lately. The portraits of it's halls talked nonstop about them. Things were beginning to fall into place that never should. Things that couldn't possibly exist began to. His carefully planned designs were beginning to fall apart at the seams. Designs that had been crafted for a specific reason and for that specific reason they could not fail. According to one Albus Dumbledore these designs were not to be allowed to fail.

The old wizard, who was so frail looking in appearance, had spent hours pacing is office. Methodically thinking of ways to bring things back into place. The latest rumor to have reached him for the castle's portraits was alarming in nature. This could not come to pass. Yet he had no way to stop it. Yet. But when the portraits advised him of the young Malfoy's movements Albus knew this was his chance.

At this time of night it was quite easy to move through the castle unseen. The students did not know just how often he did walk the castle's hallways and corridors. Unseen to the untrained eye. Listening and observing. There was hardly a thing that went on in this castle that he did not know about. Here, in this castle, Albus was omnipotent.

The old wizard approached the young wizard quietly. He knew the young Malfoy heir would know he was there. Albus was not here to conceal his whereabouts. Albus moved slowly forward until he was standing next to the young wizard, and he too, stared out at the night sky. "Lovely isn't it Mr. Malfoy? This sky."
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PostSubject: Re: Who I Am, or Who I've Been? (open)   Tue Sep 24, 2013 11:02 pm

Whipping around while he still sat in the window, Draco turned his icy gaze on the old wizard before him. He didn’t know what this man wanted with him, but it was reasonable to believe that it wasn’t good. Somehow, Draco didn’t think he needed to add the headmaster to his ever growing list of problems yet to resolve. And yet… he wondered if this man might be able to help him in some way. Maybe he knew something about the girl. He did seem to know a lot about people, even if they didn’t want him to. But would he tell the young Malfoy?

Only one way to find out.

“That is a particularly lovely feature of the night… and the day, really,” he said, voice slipping into a much softer tone than he imagined he would have with the older man. Somehow, thinking of her violet eyes alone was enough to settle his racing mind and quickening pulse. With those orbs in his mind’s eye, he continued to speak to the man before him. “I know you aren’t talking about what’s out the window, old man, so you might as well stop pretending.”

Perhaps it wasn’t the best way to speak to the headmaster, but Draco was nothing if not cocky. The man knew that well, so he didn’t think his snappy response would come as a shock. “What do you know about her? I assume there is a reason you have come to call on me. If it was to reprimand me, you could have sent anyone, so there must be more.” Some of this was grasping at hunches, but some Draco knew to be true. He knew the man had eyes around the castle. They used portraits around the manor in a very similar way. It was how he’d been caught many a time doing what he was not to do, and he’d felt the wrath of Lucius thanks to those tattling old Malfoys.

“So you must have something important to discuss, and we only have so long, so you might as well start talking. But you do have to tell me. Is there a link between them?” He knew the man would know exactly what he was talking about, and he hoped he might answer without prying for the reason behind his asking. Draco was sure the man would demand some information, however, and he was trying to figure out what all he might tell the man. He really wished he could have spoken with his godfather before this, but of course things couldn’t work out as he desired. He’d just have to go with the flow of things and hope for the best. For now, he guarded his thoughts and waited for the aging wizard to speak once more.
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PostSubject: Re: Who I Am, or Who I've Been? (open)   Wed Sep 25, 2013 12:05 am

"Ah yes. It is lovely in both day and night, Mr. Malfoy. Good observation. But what of it's storms of fury? And it's dark and anguished rain? It's temperamental winds? How so few truly know how big a part it plays in the grand scheme of things. Blinded by the beauty we see in it, and from the destruction it causes." The aged wizard continued to look out at the sky with it's stars blanketed in it's dark folds with a sad look upon his wizened face. Behind that look was a manipulator delivering his blows to the child before him as expertly as a muggle boxer delivered his to his opponent.

Albus had not been surprised by the young man's etiquette towards him. He had expected as much from the son of Lucius Malfoy, who respected none and bowed to only one. So much alike they both were, father and son, both in appearance and attitude. Much like Harry and James. And though the young Malfoy heir had guessed as much as what Albus referred to, the wizard continued on in his riddled ways of talk, and this time, he focused those twinkling blue eyes on him. "It cannot be controlled, nor trusted to be what we want it to be, Mr. Malfoy. It can only be harnessed. It's power can be used. But there is never any trusting or controlling something like it."

The old manipulator put a carefully crafted grave look on his face as he prepared to deliver his final blow to the young wizard. There was no guilt or shame in him for tormenting an already tormented soul. To Albus, the young Malfoy was expendable after he served his purpose. "The link between them is distant, but it is there Mr. Malfoy. I fear it will not be long before his attention is brought upon her, and like myself, he will discover the truth."
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PostSubject: Re: Who I Am, or Who I've Been? (open)   Wed Sep 25, 2013 10:37 am

Draco gritted his teeth in annoyance at the old wizard’s circular speaking. He wanted the man to just get it out and leave already, but he knew that wouldn’t happen. “I know of her strength and her beauty. I also know that she is her own person, despite what you might think. You act as though she is some pawn, but I am here to tell you that she is not, and neither am I.” The last bit was stated in a growl. Draco hadn’t made it known to anyone but Skyler that he no longer intended to be a pawn in this deadly game of chess, but now the cat was out of the metaphorical bag, and he felt relieved.

“You speak as though I should be trying to use her, yet you couldn’t be further from the truth. I am not like you, sir,” his voice was a cruel hiss as Draco passed his judgment on the old man. “Her power is her own, and she is clever enough to use it. There is no reason for me to want her to be anything but herself. Once again, sir, I am not you.”

His grey eyes were dark and stormy as he glared at the bearded man. It was Draco’s opinion that Dumbledore had overstepped his bounds in judging Sky, and he was angry. Very angry. It also upset him that the headmaster seemed to view all the students as his own little attack dogs. In many ways, this man was just as bad as the Dark Lord. Using people for his own gain, often completely against their will… Draco didn’t like it at all, and he felt very uncomfortable in the castle all of a sudden.

Getting to his feet, Draco rose to his full height to stare into the blue gaze of his headmaster. “I have no doubt that he will find out about her soon enough,” he said in his icy tone, wondering if the man might connect the pieces. “I’m sure, however, that she can stand up to anyone who would try to… what was the word you used? Harness her power?” He let a smirk curl along his lips as he crossed his arms, staring at the manipulative man, daring him to doubt the girl Draco loved.
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PostSubject: Re: Who I Am, or Who I've Been? (open)   Wed Sep 25, 2013 2:26 pm

Evangeline had been wondering what to do for the pat hour,when she remembered that she had no classes this evening.That gave her the chance to visit her second favourite place in the entire castle.The Astronomy Tower.She doubted people would be there at this time,since no one was really interested in visiting a Tower.There weren't many things to do up there,so people never bothered to go.But for Eva,it was a place to call her own.A place to gather her thought,make decisions,and dream.Just looking at the sun go down,sometimes helped her solve a problem.And when the stars were finally up in the sky,it was when she smiled.Something she was doing very rarely the past few years.

Walking out of the Ravenclaw Common Room,Eva started making her way down the halls and corridors,towards the Astronomy Tower.Her footsteps were light and silent,making her seem like a ghost creeping through the walls of the castle.There were times that she felt like one,and there were times that she hoped she was one.But then again,when she thought about it,she believed that it would be too bad for her to die.It would be worse to watch her family and friends be happy,or sad.Because she wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

Arriving at the Tower,Eva took a deep breath,before walking up,to the Astronomy Stairwell,only to come face to face with something she didn't expect."Draco.Sir."
Nodding at both of them,Eva placed the book she had been carrying aside,and made her way towards them with the tiniest of smiles.She never smiled anymore."I surely didn't expect to find you here...Whenever I come,it's always empty.."
Evangeline had probably walked in on them discussing something important,seeing that Draco seemed really tensed for some reason.
"Would you like me to leave?"
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PostSubject: Re: Who I Am, or Who I've Been? (open)   Wed Sep 25, 2013 3:48 pm

"My dear boy, you misunderstand me. I do not wish to use her for whatever reasons you think. I do, however, wish to protect her from those who would. As, I am sure, you wish to do as well." Caution had to be exercised to the extreme with the young Malfoy heir. Malfoy's were a bully breed, and did not react well to being pushed around or nudged in the right direction, and their stubborn pride kept them from acknowledging which directions were the right ones half the time. This forced Albus to change tactics, having not knew just how deep the bond between the teens was.

"Ah. So young, and in love." Albus said with a fraudulent sad look upon his wizened face, his tone suggesting he felt sorry for the young wizard. "It too, is a beautiful and powerful thing. You should act on it with caution Mr. Malfoy. It can be used against you easily, and Voldemort will not look kindly on any claimships made. There is no saving her from the fate she is destined for Mr. Malfoy. There is only guiding her through it, which I intend to do." The old wizard felt he had discussed enough and had gotten the wheels in the young wizard's mind turning enough for that night. He had received the information he had come for, and now knew more than he had thought he would squeeze from the Malfoy heir. He was now prepared to take his plan to the next level. Behind the faux sad and grave look on his face a glee for this sat.

His timing for leaving was perfect now that another student had taken it upon them self to have a midnight stroll. His face became fixed with his grandfatherly mask and he smiled at the Ravenclaw. "Not at all Miss Faye. I, too, remember what it is like to be young and in need of a midnight stroll. Please, enjoy. But do be careful you two. Rumors travel at the speed of light here as you know. I dare say by morning the entire castle will know of your little tryst." Albus chuckled, as if he were laughing at his own words, which he spoke in a joking manner. Only he knew the truth of his statement. The rumor mill at Hogwarts was an extremely useful tool he employed, with the help of a certain student of course. "Goodnight." Albus gave the young Malfoy one last piercing look and then was gone just as suddenly as he had come.
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PostSubject: Re: Who I Am, or Who I've Been? (open)   Wed Sep 25, 2013 10:47 pm

Draco didn’t trust the old man one bit, but he couldn’t very well say that now that the Ravenclaw had barged in to their little meeting. Instead, he merely rolled his eyes, then glared at the man as he warned the students about the Hogwarts rumor mill. As if Draco didn’t know the man added to it all the time. It was so obvious. He was just as childish as the first years.

At the lecture about guiding Skyler, Draco had to bite his tongue to avoid yelling at the man to leave the girl alone. She could find whoever she wanted to give her advice or guidance or whatever she needed. “More like he remembers what it’s like to be old and want to get into everyone’s business,” he muttered as the wizard excused himself from the pair. Draco found that he didn’t care for the view so much now. It seemed somehow tainted since the older man had stared at it for so long.

“Sorry, princess,” he muttered, raking a hand through his silky hair before glaring at the night sky. “I think it’s time for me to take my leave of this place.” Draco suddenly wanted to be closer to the pit of snakes. His recent dislike of the familiar place was overshadowed by its feel of home in this castle. The blonde wanted to curl up in his bed and hide from the peering eyes of the portraits and the headmaster, if only for tonight. He wanted to pretend things weren’t so crazy.

He shot the Ravenclaw an apologetic look before he stalked down the stairwell, murmuring behind him, “maybe you can still find the beauty in that starry darkness. All I can see is manipulation…”
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PostSubject: Re: Who I Am, or Who I've Been? (open)   

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Who I Am, or Who I've Been? (open)

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