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 Orion Ramellien - 6th Year

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Orion Ramellien
Orion Ramellien

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Orion Ramellien - 6th Year Empty
PostSubject: Orion Ramellien - 6th Year   Orion Ramellien - 6th Year Icon_minitimeTue Oct 01, 2013 7:24 pm

Name: Orion Ramellien
Age: 16
Year: Sixth
House: Slytherin
Birthdate: May 16th
Blood Type: Pureblood


- Power
- Winning
- Being right
- Getting his way
- Wealth


- Losing
- Not getting his way
- Dumbledore
- People who don't use common sense
- Muggles


- Potions
- Manipulative
- Dark Arts
- Persistent


- Overconfident
- Sore loser
- Hypocrite
- Selfish

Family: - The only son and child of Leonitus and Gwendyl Ramellien, Orion has been raised to continue on and protect the Pureblood ways of his family. He's been raised in the same prejudices as his family and to follow a strict code of conduct for someone of his status and background.

Personal: - Orion is selfish and manipulative, used to getting what it is he wants when he wants it and if he doesn't, he stops at nothing to get it. His father is a supporter of the Dark Lord and Orion is expected to follow in those footsteps, and even though he has his doubts, he has every intention of joining the Dark Lord and serving him to the best of his ability.

Being an only child has made Orion a jealous and possessive person. Simply put, what he deems as his is his alone and he doesn't like anyone else to touch what is his. He can be cruel in his jealousy and possessiveness, and he is very competitive but hates to lose anything. He thinks himself high above others, especially those of muggle blood, and he puts so much weight on money and power that he is most easily described as snobby.


- Wand
  - cherry wood, 14 in, dragon heartstring

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Orion Ramellien - 6th Year

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