Where enemies can become allies and friends, and where everything you thought you knew is now questionable.
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 Luna the Explorer {Sibes}

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PostSubject: Luna the Explorer {Sibes}   Mon Oct 28, 2013 9:54 am

Luna was on the hunt. In fact, this was the third day of her hunt for the girl who had kissed her, a little over a week ago now. The first two days she had followed the advice of a friend of her father who she had written to, knowing he was an expert on relationships, as he had four children by three different witches. This had ended up with her spending two days removing her robes every chance she got and stalking the castle in her shortest, tightest skirt, a leftover from her second year that she had found at the bottom of her trunk, with her shirt half unbuttoned and wearing a borrowed pushup bra.

The plan had changed after two days of having no success. Now it was time to get serious. This morning Luna had woken, glanced at the revealing clothes and shaken her head firmly, tossing her blonde hair everywhere in the process. She was now wearing a khaki safari hat with a matching button up shirt that had once been her father’s before she accidentally shrunk it in the wash and he gave it to her in anger. It was still much too large for the small girl, hanging down so far that it obscured her hiking shorts, making it appear that she had neglected to wear anything on her lower half besides blue and gold striped socks and hiking boots. She didn’t even notice this as she grabbed a single piece of toast from the Great Hall and went about the business of finding her target.

It was still early, and there were no classes today, so Luna decided to begin with the areas around the Common Rooms. She was fairly confident that the girl was not a Ravenclaw, and probably not a Gryffindor either, as Ginny would have at least had a guess about who she was talking about if that was the case. She scanned the area around the kitchens quickly, but saw no sign of the dark haired temptress. The blonde found herself unsurprised by this. The other girl did not really seem to be the right personality for Hufflepuff.

She mentally questioned whether she really wanted to assault the snake den on her own, considering the way members of that House generally treated her, but decided that this girl was worth the attempt, and that if anyone tried to stop her she would pull a play out of her best friend’s book and jinx their eyes out or something. Luckily the first person the blonde saw when she entered the dungeons was her dark haired temptress.

Her back was turned, and the Ravenclaw was unsure what her target was doing, but she really didn’t care. She approached, tapping her firmly on the shoulder, just as she had done the last time they were together. This time she didn’t wait until she was fully turned before making her move. She leaned in, placing herself so that the clawed female would turn directly into a waiting kiss.
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PostSubject: Re: Luna the Explorer {Sibes}   Mon Oct 28, 2013 3:09 pm

The day had been rather dull and Sibes found she wanted nothing more than to get into some sort of trouble. She’d slipped on a very short silk dress that had no sleeves and fit her bosom quite snuggly, flowing out below her breasts so that her ass was barely covered. Pairing it was five-inch heels in a shiny blood red, she smirked at her own reflection before heading out into the school. Sure, it wasn’t dress-code appropriate, but she didn’t care. She was enjoying the attention it got her, and had flaunted about the castle for a bit just to make people stare.

Once she got bored with this, however, the petite Russian strode slowly back toward her common room, heels clicking in a rather authoritative manner. She peered at a portrait of some stuck up siren luring a seafarer into her trap and growled, a smirk curling upon her lips and exposing the elongated canines that were starting to remain sharp even when she was nowhere near changing to her animagus form. That should have concerned her slightly, but she embraced the change, lifting her right hand and tapping her claws against the canvas.

It seemed the siren noticed her, as it stopped paying attention to the sailor and stared wide-eyed at the evil gaze of the Russian female. Her grin grew, and the sailor quickly took his ship out of the frame, making his escape from the demented girl. ”It isn’t nice to play with silly fools like that,” she murmured, claw catching in the canvas and tearing slightly as the siren’s face contorted with rage. Sibes laughed coldly as she pulled her nail a bit more, the tearing sound of the canvas filling the empty dungeon corridor. Sibes brought her left hand up on the other side of the siren, picking at the paint and making the creature duck and hiss silently. Oh, this was fun.

”You should have stuck to picking on pirates. At least they deserve being played with. They can fight back. Stupid sailors like that have no chance against you, and that is just not fair…” Even Sibes gave the mice and rabbits a chance to run when she hunted them. Taking advantage like this suka did was just disgraceful, and she’d prove it to the female.

Just as she was about to scratch the siren’s face, Sibes felt a familiar tapping on her shoulder. Could it be the little blonde girl had found her again at last? The pale Russian turned away from the siren despite not having finished her fun, only to feel her lips collide with those of the innocent younger girl. She purred against those soft lips, running her tongue against them as she tried to gain entrance to the hot mouth that she was sure was only hers to explore. She ran her hands down the girl’s body, running her nails up her legs and growling at the shorts that she discovered underneath the shirt that could have counted as a dress. Why on earth was this girl so damn clothed? So innocent? It was driving Sibes insane! If the blonde did the same thing to her, she’d find a bare ass and barely there lace thong.

This was the proper way to dress. She really needed to teach her new pet this. As she pulled away from the intense kiss, Sibes stared at the blonde with a satisfied smile on her blood-colored lips. ”Hello, little vixen. What brings you to my domain?”
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PostSubject: Re: Luna the Explorer {Sibes}   Mon Oct 28, 2013 9:12 pm

Luna slowly opened her mouth, as it seemed the natural thing to do. Almost instantly the apparently Slytherin girl’s tongue was in her mouth, playing with her own. Her tongue flicked and moved around, and she didn’t know if she was doing it right, but it was fun at it felt good.

Then there was a hand on her leg and it became considerably harder to think. Still, part of her remembered that it had felt good the last time she mirrored the other girl, and her hand slid towards the other girl almost automatically, landing on her hip. The hand slid down the other girl to the leg, and then slowly back up, under the dress. Her hand kept going higher and meeting nothing more than the girl’s smooth flesh. A tingling was beginning to spread through her whole body, and she wasn’t sure if it was from lack of air or the intense physical contact she was having with the other girl.

Before she could find out if she would ever hit a pair of panties or just keep on going right to the center of her bum, the girl broke the kiss and pulled away a little. Instinctually it seemed, Luna moaned out very lightly at the suddenly missing contact. She never knew she could miss someone being in her personal space like that. Then she took a step back and began gasping, trying to recover all the air that seemed to have gone out of her. How had that happened?

She was vaguely aware that the other girl was speaking to her, but it was taking a long term for the meaning of the words to reach her. Her brain was all fuzzy and weird, and she didn’t think the culprit was nargles this time. “You,” she finally breathed out in answer to the question. She really wasn’t sure she could be trusted to say anything else right now, until the world slowed down and began making sense again.
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PostSubject: Re: Luna the Explorer {Sibes}   Tue Oct 29, 2013 9:50 pm

The blonde had soft hands, and Sibes was surprised and delighted to feel them on her flesh as she kissed the girl. It was much too soon that her pet pulled away though, taking a step back and breaking the spell that surrounded the two of them. With empty hands, Sibes was left growling at the confused-looking girl. ”Well, if you are here for me, why do you take a step away?” she snarled, disapproval clear in her emerald gaze.

Reaching out in a flash, the Russian dug her claws into the blonde’s forearms, indending to draw blood as she sank her talons in. Sibes pulled the girl toward her by her own flesh, working to keep them close despite the blonde having backed away from her. She knew it was what the girl wanted, but it was more than slightly irritating to have the girl fighting with her desires.

”This is the pain your brain causes your heart,” she growled as she moved her nails deeper into the pale arms, sure that she’d be leaving scars. ”And this is what freedom you might feel if you give in to what is natural. Those carnal desires. If you stop thinking like such a human and give in to your inner beast.” At that, Sibes released the arms and brought her bloodied nails to her lips, tongue darting out to clean them and her body vibrating with a purr as the coppery taste filled her senses.

She vaguely wondered if this might scare the girl away from her, but she didn’t worry too much. It seemed rather likely that the girl was too curious to let whatever they were building go so easily. ”What do you think of that, my Alice? Are you still interested in this trip to Wonderland?”
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PostSubject: Re: Luna the Explorer {Sibes}   Sun Nov 03, 2013 12:54 pm

If Luna was looking to wake back up to the world, the feeling of razor sharp claws biting into the flesh of her arm certainly had that effect. For the second time in two meetings, the blonde found herself stumbling towards the dark haired girl in an effort to relive the pressure. This time in didn’t exactly work and scarlet was soon flowing through her pale flesh fairly steadily.

Luna really did try to follow what the other girl was saying, but she had no luck. Most of it didn’t make all that much sense, especially since she had no idea what carnal desires were. Something about meat based on the root word. Did the other girl want to go have a hamburger? She also had no idea how to be anything other than a human, since she was born one. If she had the option to be anything else, she probably would. Most humans were so unnecessarily cruel.

She watched with interest as the other girl licked the blood off her fingers. She licked her own arm, but then quickly spit the result out. Blood tasted awful, apparently. She also had no idea what Wonderland was. Maybe that’s where the other girl was from. One thing did stick in her head, though.

“Pain of the flesh will never compare to pain of the heart, dark one.” Luna was confused by one more thing. “I am not called Alice, though. I do not even know anyone called Alice. I’m Luna.” She realized that even with all that had happened between the two of them so far, neither of them had even tried to introduce themselves. That was incredibly odd. Luna might be terrible at social graces, but most people who were not her were better at them. Why had this terribly interesting girl made no effort to ensure they knew what to call each other? “What are you called?”
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PostSubject: Re: Luna the Explorer {Sibes}   Mon Nov 04, 2013 6:07 pm

The girl’s words were wise, Sibes had to admit. ”One could die quicker of a broken heart than of broken bones, it’s true,” she growled absently. Her amusement was clear on her face as she watched the blonde lick and spit out her own blood. Apparently the coppery taste didn’t appeal to the girl, but Sibes was sure she might soon acquire a taste for it. It was funny how people’s tastes could change given the right… stimuli.

Sibes purred at the doll-like female as she corrected her name. Obviously the younger girl didn’t get the reference, but that was fine. The Russian found it rather fitting for her little explorer, however, and kept the term in the back of her head associated with the girl. When she told her the name she was given at birth, Sibes found a smile rolling across her face quite easily. She was named for the moon. The silvery color of her hair and the wideness of her eyes lent well to the image.

”Well, Moonflower,” she said softly, stepping closer so that she was nearly touching the other girl from head to toe. ”Some call me a tiger, some call me a hell cat… I’ve been called a demon and the devil incarnate as well.” By this time, she’d reached out her right hand to run her index finger beneath the girl’s chin, peering into her eyes with evil intent clear in her emerald gaze. ”But my name is Sibes, even if the rest are fairly accurate.”

Her lips were moving with her words, and they kept brushing those of the blonde girl. Sibes could practically feel the desire and confusion radiating off of the younger girl. Oh, she wished she could read this girl’s mind. Sibes wanted to know what was going on in there, how far she might be able to take this interaction… She wanted to attack the girl’s lips, run her fingers through that blonde hair, feel whatever was beneath the shorts that she so cruelly hid beneath her explorer’s shirt…

”You, little moonbeam, are utterly intoxicating,” she whispered, rubbing her hips against those of the younger girl and wrapping her arms about the blonde’s neck. Her fingers ran through the silky hair and all Sibes could think about was how she might be able to feel even closer to this beautiful mysterious girl.
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PostSubject: Re: Luna the Explorer {Sibes}   Mon Nov 25, 2013 8:36 pm

Luna was glad that the other girl seemed to know what she was talking about already. Luna was rarely good at explaining herself to other teenagers at the best of times, but the closer she got to her own childhood, the weirder and more nonsensical her explanation became, and almost dying from pain of the heart was right there at the center of it.

The abrupt shift in the kind of tension as the dark girl moved closer to her was a kind of uncomfortable that was different than the one Luna was used to, yet for some inexplicable reason she craved more of it. Their lips brushed together as the older girl explained or introduced herself and the buzzing feeling it created was delightful. The name she actually chose out of the many she offered was fitting as well, short, to the point, and somehow dangerous. "You don't feel like a devil, Sibes," Luna whispered, this time being the one to initiate the lip brushing that accentuated all of the other contact between them.

There were hands behind her neck now, the fingers of said hands in her hair, and Luna wasn't entirely sure when that had happened. She always lived more in feelings than details, but now she was almost entirely unaware of the world around her. Still, she had accidentally seen this sort of thing more than once, and after her talk with Ginny she knew what she wanted to happen, and she got the sense that she was supposed to do something physical to let Sibes know what she wanted.

She jumped up a little, happy that there was just enough room for her to wrap her legs around the dark girl's back. With this done she crushed her lips against the other girl's with a little more force than intended, but almost as quickly pulled them back a little, so that she could whisper in her ear instead. "Aren't we supposed to do this somewhere that other people won't watch, instead of right here in the open like this?"
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PostSubject: Re: Luna the Explorer {Sibes}   Sun Dec 01, 2013 11:25 pm

It felt strange to have such an embodiment of innocence so wrapped up in her charm, yet Sibes enjoyed it. Her blood was like fire coursing through her veins as arousal grew deep in the pit of her stomach. The girl said her name and it caused a growl to sound in the Russian’s throat. The little vixen of a blonde was so damned close to her and she was speaking in such a musical tone. She wanted to hear her name come out in musical gasps, and vowed to make that happen.

As the moonchild bounced up and wrapped her legs about the black-haired beauty, she found herself nearly lose balance, yet maintain it somehow on her blood-colored heels. ”I don’t know if you’ll continue to think that way much longer, Moonflower,” she whispered in the girl’s ear as her fingers sank into Luna’s ass and her teeth locked onto her tender neck, marking her and claiming her as her own.

The girl’s suggestion that they should continue things in private made Sibes laugh out loud as she turned them so as to prop her blonde vixen against the wall and lean back to admire the mark on her neck. ”I don’t hide, Moondancer. I let the world see me for all I am. Let them see you shine. They won’t know what hit them…” With that, Sibes trailed open mouthed kisses along Luna’s jaw and down her neck, letting her eye teeth lengthen and sharpen enough to snip the buttons from her oversized shirt as she worked her way to the girl’s chest. One by one the buttons fell and more sweet inches of milky skin were exposed for her lips to caress.

This was heavenly, and Sibes felt as though she’d never get enough of it. She pushed her own body into that of the blonde and rubbed her pelvis between the girl’s legs, a purr tearing through her throat at the sensual dance of her hips. "Tell me, my naïve flower, are you ready to taste the darkness?”
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PostSubject: Re: Luna the Explorer {Sibes}   Sun Dec 08, 2013 1:50 pm

A small moan that evidenced a kind of pleasure that Luna didn’t even know existed escaped her lips at the teeth on her neck and claws on her bum. The dark girl could easily hurt her badly, in this position even more than a more normal one, but she seemed to know and revel in the line that separated exciting, exhilarating contact from real pain.

All looks and sounds of pleasure vanished in an instant, as if some other person had been swapped in place of Luna. Some other Luna, with wide terrified eyes and the whimpering noises of a trapped animal clung fearfully in the same place where another Luna had clung more than willingly a moment before. When she had spoken of moving elsewhere, it was a mere suggestion, spurred by what she thought was normal. When Sibes declined, however, it became real and what it actually meant had hit the blonde like an evil ton of bricks that wore her father’s face and whispered to her in his voice.

Her panic was so deep that she didn’t even notice the minor explosion of fabric as her shirt slid open at the top to reveal the beige bra underneath, nor did it register that there was something slightly different about the older girl’s face. She wasn’t even fully aware that she was now against the wall, instead of having the other girl in between herself and the cold stone.

She didn’t notice anything as she slid down the wall, a whine in her throat, landing in a ball on the floor. “I can’t…I can’t” she whimpered up at the girl that had already drawn so much out of her that Luna had no idea was trapped inside. This was simply too much and too far and she couldn’t do any of it where people would be forced to see her. Certainly a goddess like the one she was with could, maybe even someone pretty like Ginny could, or someone confident beyond all measure like Harry, but not Luna. No one wanted to see her body on display like that while they were innocently going to breakfast or to the library to study. No one should want to see her body at all.

“I’m sorry Sibes,” she whispered up above her without being able to force herself to look. “You deserve better than this, better than me. Just go and pretend you never met anyone as ugly and pointless as I am.”
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PostSubject: Re: Luna the Explorer {Sibes}   Tue Dec 10, 2013 1:17 pm

It seemed out of nowhere that the blonde’s demeanor completely changed and she was some mess of innocence blubbering on the floor. As she slid down the wall and literally whimpered as if in pain, Sibes was utterly taken aback and didn’t know what she should do. It was a strange reaction, to say the least, and the Russian was less than prepared for it.

Her green eyes were narrowed as she glared down at the girl, evaluating the situation. The little blonde seemed completely overwhelmed with emotions and had a distant look in her eyes that spoke of bad memories. Sibes wanted to know what memories plagued the moonbeam, and she wanted desperately to give the girl some strength to kill them. No one deserved to relive things that made them feel so inadequate and so… small.

Her words were like lashes upon Sibes’s body and she let out a snarl that was clearly inhuman. ”Don’t you ever say those things about yourself again!” she growled with a ferocity she’d yet to show the blonde. ”You are beautiful and far from pointless. What mudak told you anything different? I’ll kill him with a single claw.”

She couldn’t help but be a bit angry at the blonde for being weak enough to let someone affect her like this, though. There was no reason to ever let anyone make her feel so weak and worthless, and if there was one thing Sibes was determined to do, it was to teach this girl confidence. ”Now lift yourself off the floor. You don’t belong there, moonflower,” she purred, offering a hand to help the girl up. The mood was dead now, but the Russian still wanted to know about the demons in the little moon’s life. Someday she’d make them pay. That was a promise.
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PostSubject: Re: Luna the Explorer {Sibes}   Fri Dec 13, 2013 7:34 am

Luna was shocked enough at the harsh words coming from above that Luna slowly raised her head to look up at the older girl. Not only had she not fled at the first sign of who Luna really was, she seemed to actually be on the blonde’s side. At least, she thought this was what Sibes looked and sounded like when she was on your side and not the other one. It was hard to tell, because Luna had never been around anyone like her before.

The knowledge that Sibes was still here and probably still liked her at least some was enough to get Luna to take the offered hand and pull herself back to her feet. Still, she had no idea how to answer the other girl. Besides the word that she had never heard before, most of the ideas the older girl was raising were confusing and unfamiliar and the rest of them were pretty terrifying.

She settled for levelling a pleading look at the angry girl. “Please don’t hurt my father,” she said, suppressing another whimper. “He’s the only family I have and the only one I’ve had to tell me how to behave and survive in the world for the last few years. I don’t know where I would be without him.”

She had no idea if this speech would get through to the other girl or only make her angrier. In Luna’s world everything a father said to his daughter was the word of law, but the blonde somehow doubted that the dark haired girl inhabited that same world. She seemed to make her own rules and her own decisions. What would those rules have to say about the way Luna bowed to authority?
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PostSubject: Re: Luna the Explorer {Sibes}   Mon Jan 13, 2014 5:21 pm

Sibes was disturbed by the way that the girl defended the man who hurt her so. The fact that it was her father made her seethe even more. It was too familiar. The apparently absent mother. The abusive father who wanted to intimidate and hurt in the most emotional ways. Yeah, it didn’t sit well with the Russian.

”You would be stronger. Without him tearing you down, you would know that you were beautiful and powerful and nobody’s toy. You would understand how to stand up for yourself, rather than being taught to kneel down and take it,” she growled. The glare Sibes held in her emerald eyes was somewhat crueler than intended toward the blonde, but she couldn’t help it. It was just too hard to accept that this girl had allowed her father to wound her so.

Shaking her head rather sadly, Sibes spared the pretty girl one more look before turning her back on her and stalking away. It wasn’t the way she wanted things to end up, but there was nothing to do for it now. Sibes was angry and disappointed and she desperately wanted to hurt something distinctly male. ”You might want to have a little heart to heart with yourself, moonbeam. Figure out what you really believe and what you were force fed as a kid.”

Her hips swayed deliciously as she strutted away from the confused-looking Ravenclaw. Soon Sibes would need to let out her frustration in the forest or something. There had to be some way to take out her rage without ripping off any male genitalia after all…
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PostSubject: Re: Luna the Explorer {Sibes}   

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Luna the Explorer {Sibes}

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