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PostSubject: Hot topics - Open   Hot topics - Open Icon_minitimeSat Nov 23, 2013 5:58 pm

It was early morning, and the air in the lower parts of the castle was crisp enough that he was thankful for the long sleeves of his robes for once. Blaise made his way to the great hall in his confident stride, aware he was awake earlier than most others would be. This was often the case with the dark skinned wizard. He rarely slept past six thirty, no matter what time he finally fell asleep.

Despite being an early riser, Blaise wasn't exactly what one would call a morning person. In fact, he detested those bright eyed, chatty twits. Yet he was neither grouchy. He was simply his normal quiet, observant self. And he enjoyed the coffee.

The sixth year entered the hall in his impeccable attire and as usual found it practically empty. He noted as he took his usual seat at the Slytherin table that the head table was empty save for the Headmaster and the heads of houses. He was also aware that he was  the only student seated at his houses' table, which was not out of the normal.

He sat straight and proud in the pureblood style and poured himself a cup of coffee, preferring it to tea for the most part and never being able to explain why. It didn't matter though because Blaise never explained himself to anyone. Perhaps it was because coffee helped wake him better for the upcoming day than tea ever had, but whatever the reason he usually got a good two mugs in before the arrival of the post and the rest of the student body, allowing for him to enjoy the morning in thoughtful solitude and observation.
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PostSubject: Re: Hot topics - Open   Hot topics - Open Icon_minitimeFri Jun 20, 2014 12:29 am

For Lillian, it wasn't a very natural thing to be found awake at such time of the day. When she had her classes to attend, she always woke up around seven o'clock in the morning, or something. She just loved the feeling of her warm better way more than what she had to face when she woke up.
After all, a girl getting ready for a day takes a lot of time and stress.

But today, the Slytherin girl found herself awake earlier than she had ever imagined. Maybe it was the fact that she hadn't slept really good that night, and it kept her awake for the most part, or maybe it was because of something else. Something she simply couldn't or didn't want to bother herself with figuring out.

But instead of trying to get back to sleep, which was not going to happen apparently, she got out of bed and grabbed her school uniform, getting dressed as quietly as possible. The rest of the snakes were asleep, but even if one of them awoke, it was going to be a duel fight for sure, and Lillian was not in the right condition to duel.

She was too bored to do her hair as she walked down the stairs, so she let her soft curls fall all around her, past her waist. Her makeup was nothing fancy today, surprisingly for her. She was going to let her eyes stand out on their own, and that was enough for her for today.

Walking into the Great Hall, knowing that no one would be there at a time like this, she hopped she would get some time to fully wake up, and have some peace and quiet before all the other brats started filling this Hall with voices and everything.
But as he eyes landed on the Slytherin Table, a lone figure caught her eye. From far away she could not make out who he was so she decided to get a closer look.

As she got close, the features became more familiar, and by the time she was opposite of him, she had recognised the boy in front of her. "Zabini," she acknowledged as she took the seat opposite of him. The two of them hadn't talk much in the past if at all. So the awkward silence that might be following wouldn't be unwelcome on her part.
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PostSubject: Re: Hot topics - Open   Hot topics - Open Icon_minitimeFri Jun 20, 2014 12:32 pm

It wasn't often if ever that anyone intruded on his morning ritual of silence and solitude before the masses of overexcited younger years and generally grumpy older years spilled into the great hall, so it was a surprise when he found such a person taking the seat opposite him at the table. Not that he let that show. Blaise was much too dedicated in his appearance to be seen as disinterested, which he usually was, to ever show his surprise when he felt it. A mask was only as good as the work you put into it, and his was a masterpiece.

His brown eyes found the witch with the shimmering blonde hair for a moment, long enough to give her a single nod back to her greeting as he took a drink from his mug of coffee. "Vinter. He greeted back after swallowing, gaze drifting lazily back to the pages of his arithmancy book, as that was his first lesson that day. "Interesting to see you up at this hour. And without your usual mask of make up on I actually know what your real face looks like now." The dark-skinned wizard added on nearly as lazily as his gaze drifted over the words on the pages of the book before him, a slight curl to his lips as a small smirk formed there. "In case you didn't realize, I only recognized you by the hair."

Clearly she expected some kind of company or conversation when she had chosen to sit across from him, given that the rest of the table was virtually empty and she could have sat anywhere else if she had come seeking the silence and solitude that he had. Blaise was no expert on socializing, because he rarely did it, but he had to wonder why it was the older witch decided to grace herself with his presence, or why she was there so early in the first place. Maybe it had something to do with Potter, as rumor had it that the two had spotted together a fair few times. Too many for it to be coincidence. It could always have something to do with Riddle as well, since the older girl had taken it upon herself to jump on that bandwagon.

"So. Are you here to try and get a glimpse of Scarhead before lessons, or are you avoiding Riddle and Malfoy?" The dark-skinned wizard questioned with a bored tone, his words laced with scorn, brown eyes never leaving the pages of his open book, as if she were so far beneath him that she couldn't possibly deserve even a quarter of his attention. Indeed, he looked every bit like he could care less what she answered, and every bit like he might not even really hear her response no matter what it was.
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