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 Skyler Riddle - 1st Year

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Skyler Riddle
Skyler Riddle

Year 1
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PostSubject: Skyler Riddle - 1st Year   Sat Aug 03, 2013 10:29 pm

Full Name:
Skyler Nyx Riddle
Sky (just about everyone), Riddle (unfriendlies), Nyx, Riddler


December 12th

Blood Type:
Half blood

Her family, sarcasm, pushing peoples buttons, pranks, joking around, chocolate (she's a glutton for the stuff), breaking rules, revenge, Quidditch, being on the top (otherwise, being the queen), doing what she wants, when she wants, how she wants, being her own person

People with no common sense, ignorance (doesn't tolerate it), people who don't have a sense of humor, studying (is often forced to do it against her will), mushrooms (allergic), rules (breaks them regularly), limits set upon her (people telling her she can't succeed or accomplish something), answering to anyone, being told what to do, anyone who tries to take her metaphorical crown (there's only one queen, and that's her), shopping (would rather die a painful death), pink (the most god awful color ever invented)

Sneaky (when she wants to be), witty (always), funny (most of the time, and generally when she doesn't mean to be), creative, cunning (is known for being the queen of loopholes), clever, intelligent, powerful (magically and mentally), protective streak a mile wide (mess with her loved ones and your life expires), loyal (stands by those she loves through anything), strong willed (will stand up for what she believes in even if it means she stands alone)

Temper (can go from o-rage in .5 seconds), Vengeful (cross her and she'll stop at nothing to even the score, and then tip it in her favor), dark (enjoys the darker side of life and magic, but to a limit), cruel (when out for blood, she's a demon), possessive (what's hers is hers), nosy (has to know everything, and will use every weapon in her arsenal to find things out), reckless (often does admittedly stupid and dangerous things), stubborn (will dig her heels in even when she knows it's pointless), defiant

Skyler's parents, Selene Ryker and William Riddle, met long before they became husband and wife, and had their first and only child. Selene, a pureblood witch from a prominent American pureblood family that is well known for its wizarding law firm, attended Salem's Academy of the Magical Arts at the same time William did. Will, at the time, was the half blood of a single muggle mother. His father, a washed up professional Quidditch player who was banned from playing in any league for tampering with the rival team's brooms in the last match he ever played, left them when Will was just 6 years of age. As such, Will was raised primarily by his mom, and who worked two jobs to support them both.

Selene and Will were polar opposites when they began their education at Salem's. Will was a respectful, natural born leader with a good sense of humor and a charming disposition. Selene was entitled and haughty, and not to mention stuck up. Being the same age, the two were in a lot of the same classes, and instantly clashed. Though Will, for his part, at least tried to be the gentleman his mother raised him to be. Selene merely mocked him for it and considered him weak.

But as the years passed and the two grew into their teens years, Selene began to grow out of her arrogance, maturing into a bright, witty young thing that had the face of an angel, but the tongue of a devil. Will grew into one of the most popular guys in the academy, and the two were known to flirt with each other, but nothing ever came of it. Will was too focused on doing well in school and making a name for himself in the world that would bring pride back to it, as well as support his mother, and Selene was a well known heartbreaker with no intention of settling down. So the pair would go their separate ways after graduating, and it would be years until they would meet again.

After graduation, William took it upon himself to get a local job, helping his mother and attending a muggle school for business, while studying wizarding law on the side. It was a good 7 years later that he made his proposal for a loan to a finance company, and it was another year and a half before his first luxury wizarding hotel would open in California. Throughout this time, Will had a girlfriend here or there, but nothing long lasting or life altering.

Meanwhile, Selene began modeling after school, and within a few years, was one of the well known models for high end designers in the wizarding world. She was living the life, rich and famous for simply being beautiful, partying and connecting with a lot of other rich and famous people. She enjoyed it, but quickly outgrew the routine of it, and began to branch out into business and designing herself. After a few more years, she launched her own jewelry collection and ball gown collection, each instant successes, and it led to the reunion between the pair.

Selene's collections were displayed on runway, which was hosted at none other than the most extravagant wizarding hotel, The Royale, and the two's paths crossed again. This time, both much more mature, and equally successful in their fields, they hit it off instantly, but would date for the next few years, as both were constantly traveling due to their businesses and such. Eventually, after Will opened his fifth successful hotel, he proposed to Selene, and the two tied the knot barely a year later. There were no oppositions to his bloodstatus, at least, not on Selene's part. Her family, however, was a different story, but wisely they decided against being public about it, given the fact that Selene and Willaim were so successful and influential, they were practically wizarding royalty in America.

It wasn't long before it was announced the couple was with child, and when little Skyler arrived, the whole world seemed to know. It was a few weeks before the Riddle baby would make her own public debut, and years before she would begin to charm people even more so than her parents did.

As a child, Skyler had frequent bouts of powerful accidental magic, usually when she was angry or when she hadn't gotten her way. Unusually stubborn for a child so small, she never cried. Even at the age of 3, she seemed to live by the motto 'get even'. It was around the age of 5 that Skyler showed her attraction to the color purple. She wouldn't wear any other color, and when forced into something not that specific color, she had stubbornly turned herself completely purple. Selene was able, after several hours, to change Skyler's hair and skin back to normal. However she could never get her daughter's eyes to change back, and so they stayed the deep, dark purple color she had accidentally changed them too.

Skyler grew from there to be quite a handful, but an intelligent one. She frequently got in trouble at school, especially when she attended muggle elementary school. In elementary school, the other children weren't very accepting of her, because of the color of her eyes, and the strange things that tended to happen around her or when she got particularly emotional. She were picked on a lot, but her parents chose to believe it was little more than kids being kids, and so she dealt with it on her own. Never particularly violent when given a choice, the girl chose to humiliate those who crossed her. Being quite cunning, even at that age, meant she generally managed to escape being caught being the culprit. She was clever, highly intelligent, and powerful magically, the latter of which usually had people calling her a freak because she constantly made things happen or go wrong because she didn't know her own strength magically. Bullies always needed a target, no matter where one went, and Sky made an easy one, due to the fact that she had always been small for her age, and short.

But the girl had incredible reflexes, was quick, and a lot of that had to do with her love of Quidditch, something she seems to have inherited from her her paternal grandfather. She's always been a natural on a broom, and a bit of a daredevil as well. Either way, her skills for Quidditch helped her avoid and escape bullies when it was necessary, and she grew a tough skin for it as well.

And so Skyler steadily grew into a calculating, cunning, and devious individual, which has always been a stark contrast to her warm personality. Her entire personality became completely disarming, because, in general, she was naturally charming, if mischievous, and entertaining. But on the other hand, the young witch always had a dark streak in her a mile wide, and has never really been afraid to embrace it. It was found that she could also be cruel and vindictive, and could cause extreme pain to someone while adorning a childish grin. She has always had a sarcastic and wry sense of humor, and a playful demeanor though, and that is usually the side of her people see. She has always been more likely to befriend a person than to bite their head off, but she has no problem in seeking revenge when she feels its necessary, or when she wants to prove a point.

She especially found it amusing to bend the rules, if not break them completely, and has always detested boundaries set upon her. She could never stand people telling her she couldn't succeed at something, or accomplish something she wanted to. This particular outlook spurred the girl to study vigorously, but only things that were particularly interesting to her. Anything else, she had to be forced. It were then she began to take an extreme liking to the idea of animagi, as well as spell creation. Most of which was done on her own, and under the radar. She's always been that way, doing things her own way, on her own terms. She's a definite smartass when she wants to be, and crosses the lines frequently. Ultimately, she became known to be a walking, talking contradiction, and that she can be one's best friend or worst enemy

Often times, with her parents busy traveling, the girl was left with her grandmother Anelei, her maternal grandmother. Sky regarded this with mixed emotions. She didn't particularly like her grandmother, who tried to make her some fake form of perfection with her pureblood manners and crap Skyler just couldn't make herself do even if she had liked her grandmother. On the other hand, she quite enjoys the reactions she gets when being a cheeky brat to the elder women, and often keeps tabs in her head of her wins and loses against the old bat. She misses her paternal grandmother, who died when she was five. Her maternal grandfather barely acknowledges her existence, and when he does, it's only because they're in some public setting, where he puts on his fake smiles and such for the cameras.

Now, at 11, she is rather disappointed that she doesn't get to attend her parents' Alma Mater, but is excited to be heading to be heading to Hogwarts, where she can make her own footprints, instead of following in her parents' footsteps.

Holly, Unicorn hair, 6 3/4

Midnight black cat named Salem




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Skyler Riddle - 1st Year

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