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 Site Plot Related Thread Timeline

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Skyler Riddle

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PostSubject: Site Plot Related Thread Timeline   Tue Jan 14, 2014 5:15 pm

Basically this is a timeline for threads that are site-plot related. As you'll see, not every single thread is in here, because no every single thread is related to the main plot on the site. Which is ok. (FYI: by 'related' we mean threads that can change or directly effect the overall site plot, or outcomes of events.)

So this is a timeline of events that have happened that can, will, or have effected the overall plot on this site. If you feel a thread is missing that should be on here, please post a link to that thread below, along with a brief description of what it is about, and we will either add it in or clarify why it does not belong here.

Likewise, with the site growing and more people signing up, it is getting harder to keep track of every single thread. Which is why we're asking for your help to keep track of them and keep this timeline updated for new members or members who have been absent to catch up on what's been going on.

So if you participate in a thread that should be included in this list (meaning it relates to the main plot of the site) then please post a link to the thread below, along with a description of what happens in that thread and who is in it, that way it can easily be added to the timeline. Also, just a sidenote, the title of each thread on this list serves as the link to that thread, so if you want to go to that thread and read it, just click on the name.

Any questions, please seek out any Admin or Mod. Thank you for your time and cooperation!! Very Happy

Site Plot Related Timeline


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Site Plot Related Thread Timeline

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