Where enemies can become allies and friends, and where everything you thought you knew is now questionable.
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 Lost Time (Luna) *MATURE*

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PostSubject: Lost Time (Luna) *MATURE*   Thu Jan 30, 2014 2:56 pm

For some strange reason, Sibes found herself in a classroom well after class had let out. She’d gone to class, which in itself was rather odd for her, and she’d sat through the lecture, paying little attention but still writing all the notes. Now she sat in the empty Arithmancy classroom without really knowing what had gone on or where she was supposed to be next. Even the professor had already left, and the room was growing dark with the setting sun. How long had she been sitting there?

Her stomach growled and she let out a sigh, gathering her supplies together and slipping them into her bag. Perhaps she needed to make a trip to the kitchens before sneaking away to the snake pit… She thought of the house elves and how they were still rather scared of her. That would probably be a permanent thing, since she was rather terrifying to anything small and seen as edible to a tiger. She felt a little bad about it, but not bad enough to actively try to change their opinions of her. A little fear was good.

Sibes was about to stand when her ears pricked at the sound of approaching steps. She glared at the door, waiting for a face to appear. When it didn’t, she let out a sigh and stood. ”I heard you, and now I can smell you, little moon. Come on out.”

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PostSubject: Re: Lost Time (Luna) *MATURE*   Wed Feb 05, 2014 12:22 am

Luna had stalked through the castle, starting with the floor the library was on and slowly making her way downward. She was still slowly and silently crying, but she didn’t let it stop or hurt her search. She didn’t really expect to find her until she got at least to the Great Hall, if not actual Slytherin territory, but her Ravenclaw nature wouldn’t let her be anything but thorough, so she was still searching hallways, classrooms, and anywhere else she could think of as she made her way down.

On the other hand, after checking two and a half floors, she was almost convinced she should just check the Great Hall and then go stand outside the Slytherin common room until the girl appeared. As a result, she almost walked right past the Artithmancy classroom, assuming that it was just as empty as every other classroom she had checked so far. She was already halfway past the door when she noticed movement inside. She ducked forward far enough to tell that this was in fact the girl she was looking for, and then retreated back into the hallway, staring at the door to the classroom.

Was she really ready to do this? It was all well and good to say that she didn’t want her father to treat her badly anymore. It was fine to say that she was going to work on just being herself and not worrying about anyone else. She could say she wanted to change and be better to herself and to strangers all she wanted. She got the feeling, though, that the dark haired beauty in the classroom she was staring at would hold her to any promises she made. If she crossed this threshold, it was with the commitment to change for the better starting now.

Then she was summoned and her feet carried her forward without even seeming to ask her brain for permission. She was still confused and anxious, her cheeks and eyes still showed obvious signs of tears, but somehow it didn’t matter. Sibes made her want to do better and be better. And this after she was raised to believe that Slytherins could never be trusted because all they did was lie, cheat, and steal to gain power over everyone and everything. Maybe that was just one more lie her daddy had told her.

She stopped only a few steps inside the door. Most of her wanted to run directly to the other girl and throw herself on her again, but the smart part of her that had known something was wrong at home also knew that last time she had thrown herself, it had ended terribly. She needed to know what was going on first before she did anything to make the Slytherin girl walk away again.

“I thought about what you said,” Luna said shyly, trying to sound much braver than she actually felt. “I want to be a better Luna for you, and not let anyone hurt me. Can you teach me?” The last question came out as a squeak, but it was the best the blonde could do. It was a minor miracle that she had gotten through that much as it was.
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PostSubject: Re: Lost Time (Luna) *MATURE*   Fri Feb 07, 2014 12:41 am

Leaning back against the desk, Sibes watched as the younger girl entereted the room. She was barely in the door, but the Russian could tell she’d been crying, and she immediately felt her claws elongate and a growl tore at her throat. Who had dared to make the moonbeam cry?! Sibes would kill them. She’d skin them alive for hurting her little moon. She snarled, but kept her control as the girl started to speak. The words surprised her, and had her relaxing enough for her claws to revert to normal and her lips to settle back into a simple line.

”Teach you? To be a better you?” she questioned, looking oddly at the girl. She remembered telling her that she shouldn’t let her father dictate her life, though not in those words exactly. She’d also said that the girl should be stronger. How exactly that ended up meaning that the moonchild had to be a better her wasn’t exactly clear to Sibes. ”Moonbeam, I don’t understand what gave you this idea. You don’t need to be a better you. You are the best you, because you are, well, you!” She was starting to get confused.

Sibes took a deep calming breath and approached the blonde slowly, reaching out to run her claws through the soft blonde hair. ”I only ask you to be the strong woman you hold inside yourself. You know what is right and what is wrong, Moonflower. Do not cloud your crystal vision with what you wish was true. I ask for you to open your eyes and your heart, and see the truth. Hiding will not change anything, and it is not what you deserve.”

The Russian leaned in close to the small girl, moving her hand from her blonde locks to the back of her neck, pulling her close and leaning in to lick her lips before kissing her gently. ”I can help you learn to be strong if you want. I can’t teach you to be you, though. No one can. You have to reach deep inside and embrace yourself.”
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PostSubject: Re: Lost Time (Luna) *MATURE*   Mon Feb 10, 2014 9:26 pm

Why did her claws come out the moment she saw Luna? Had the blonde done something to anger Sibes? They were gone as soon as they had come, so maybe she was mad from before still and Luna talking made her not mad anymore. Maybe Luna had finally managed to say the right thing.

Then she was talking, and it was clear that Luna hadn’t actually fixed everything with her words. If anything, she might have made it worse based on what the older girl was saying. She tried to listen carefully to what the dark haired girl was saying, but it became increasingly hard, first with the hand playing in her hair and then with the kiss. She melted into the kiss, almost forgetting to kiss back before the other girl had pulled back.

Finally, she seemed to be done and Luna decided it was time to her to try to explain herself better. They needed to work through this before they could move forward. “I think we mean the same thing, more or less. I just feel like the stronger me that is inside somewhere is a better me than the one I can be right now, even if they are the same person. I don’t want to change who I am, I just want to find my strength and be the best person I can be.”

She paused, thinking about it a little bit before she went on. “But I definitely need all the help that you can give me. I don’t even know where to look in me to find all the strong parts under the weak and damaged ones. I need you to show me where my good parts are.” It came out far more pleading than Luna had wanted it to, and she was fighting to not cry anymore, to seem like she was getting stronger, but it was also honest. Luna needed Sibes, maybe more than she even knew.
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PostSubject: Re: Lost Time (Luna) *MATURE*   Tue Feb 11, 2014 3:19 pm

Were they actually talking about the same thing, just with different words? Sibes didn’t feel like that was entirely true. She didn’t honestly believe that being strong and being oneself were the same thing, because even when she felt weak she still knew who she was and would never let that identity go. She couldn’t imagine not knowing exactly who she was and who she wanted to be. Not since she’d embraced ‘Sibes’ and given up on ‘Sibyl’.

Perhaps there was more that needed helping with this little Moonflower than she’d even realized. If the girl didn’t realize exactly who she was, well… That could get a bit complicated. ”I will help you as much as I can, Moonbeam, but a lot of this is going to take you. You have to be honest with yourself. It’s going to be a lot of self-discovery and a lot of wandering through your memories. Do you think you can do that, little moon?”

She cupped the younger girl’s cheek softly, looking deep into her eyes. ”You’ll have to trust me completely.” Sibes leaned in and licked the other cheek, claiming the girl the way a tiger would. She purred, pressing her body against the Ravenclaw. ”To make you strong all you need to do is believe you are worthy of being so. And trust me, you are worthy.”

With that, Sibes let her hands find their way to Luna’s back, then slid them down to the backs of her thighs, just under her bum, pulling her up to wrap those lovely legs around her waist. She moved them both toward the desk at the front of the room, setting Luna’s bum on the wooden surface and leaning in, pushing the girl back to lean on her elbows. ”You’ve left me wanting so many time now, little Moon. Do you plan to do it again?”
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PostSubject: Re: Lost Time (Luna) *MATURE*   Wed Feb 12, 2014 7:53 am

Luna nodded determinedly in promise to the older girl’s words. Self-discovery sounded like some kind of an adventure, and Luna was always up for those. Besides, she would do whatever it took, anything in the world, to prove that she was good enough for the dark haired beauty. She would face the ideas she had ignored, uncover the parts of her that she had kept hidden, and battle the things that needed battled, and she would do all of it with a smile on her face.

“I trust you,” she whispered as she was licked again. The way she was being treated was like some sort of ritual claiming, and the dark girl did keep talking about animal natures and things like that. The idea of the older girl claiming Luna as her own sent a delicious shiver through the blonde’s body, but she pushed it aside for now, deciding that she needed to research what was going on later, when she had a clearer head. She was fairly certain that licking to claim things was not a human behavior.

The body pressed against hers made it hard to think of anything anyway. Then Sibes had her hands on Luna’s body and she made a small mewling sound, wanting them to stay there forever. When she was lifted she wrapped her legs obediently around the Slytherin again, though this time it was apparently for transportation and not to make it easier to kiss her. Luna pouted a little bit when she was set on the desk, allowing her legs to dangle as he came to rest on her elbows, staring up at the older girl.

Her pout was replaced by a look of shock when the older girl spoke in a tone that was somewhere between teasing and demanding. “I will never leave you wanting again,” the blonde said earnestly. “Just tell me what to do, show me what do, and I will do it.”

As if to prove the point somehow, Luna rolled and shifted a little, so that her weight was supported by her side and one elbow. The other hand reached slowly out, finding its way under the Slytherin’s skirt. She pulled aside the tiny panties to search out the girl’s very center, rubbing two fingers slowly against the opening. “Tell me how to satisfy you to your deepest parts,” Luna practically purred. She had no real idea where this was coming from, she just hoped she was doing it right.
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PostSubject: Re: Lost Time (Luna) *MATURE*   Thu Feb 13, 2014 2:39 pm

The simple fact that the younger girl trusted her was enough to make Sibes beam with pride. This was a smart girl and she was quite pleased that the little moon had caught her eye in the first place. The blonde even asked for commands, examples, and the Russian purred in delight. This willingness to learn and to prove herself was quite something, and she planned to take great advantage of it.

Before the dark haired female could even do any teaching, the younger girl was moving beneath her, sliding her hand up under her school skirt and doing something Sibes had never expected from her without some sort of instruction. The Slytherin let out something between a growl and a purr as those tentative fingers rubbed over her core, seeming to want to delve inside yet remaining only teasing with their rubbing. The way her little moon spoke then was surprising. It was arousing. She bucked her hips into the girl’s hand, leaning in to nip at her full lips.

”Keep letting your instincts control you, Moonflower. You’re doing quite well so far,” se purred, nipping down the Ravenclaw’s jawline to her sweet neck where she attached her mouth, sucking and nibbling so there would surely be a mark left behind. Once she was sure the mark would be nice and dark, Sibes pulled her mouth away and spoke into the other girl’s ear. ”I believe the key word in your statement would be ‘deep,’ Moonbeam,” she said huskily.

As if to drive this point home, the Slytherin pushed herself against the girl’s fingers again, urging her to plunge her exploring digits deep into her wanting core. ”There are many ways to please me, little moon. And the only way you can disappoint is to stop trying.”
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PostSubject: Re: Lost Time (Luna) *MATURE*   Mon Feb 17, 2014 9:01 pm

The way Sibes threw her body into Luna’s hand said both that Luna was doing good things, and maybe that she wasn’t doing good things hard enough. Then there were teeth on her lips and her eyes fluttered closed, just enjoying the sensations. She wanted to answer and explain how she didn’t trust which instincts were real and which ones were defense mechanisms, but there were lips and teeth trailing down her jaw, and it was impossible to think.

Then Sibes was attacking Luna’s neck with her lips and teeth and Luna moaned, moving her head so that the Slytherin had better access to her neck. Then the older girl moved and Luna shivered at the breath tickled her ear delicately.

This time when Sibes moved her body against Luna’s fingers, the blonde was more ready. “It would go easier if I took off some of your clothes,” she purred up at the other girl. When the foreigners laughed and gave permission, Luna shifted again so that she was just sitting on the desk with both of her hands free. She unzipped the skirt, allowing it to fall to the floor, and carefully pushed the lacy black thong down until it did the same.

At the sight of it, Luna got distracted and stopped for a moment. “Do underwear that small even function as underwear?” she asked curiously, before realizing that she had a beautiful girl standing in front of her, naked from the waist down, and she was wasting time asking questions about underwear.

Her hand slid easily up to where it was before, and this time she slid one small finger into the inviting opening, bending it in a way that would send pleasure shooting through the older girl like fire. Still, she had a feeling that Sibes had had much more done to her than Luna had ever done to herself, and she hoped the dark girl would know when to step in and help.
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PostSubject: Re: Lost Time (Luna) *MATURE*   Fri Feb 21, 2014 6:45 pm

The way she asked about taking off Sibes’s clothes was absolutely adorable, and the older snake gave her a chuckling nod. Oh yes. She could take anything off of the Russian. Sibes wasn’t about to complain. Though she would complain if the girl focused too long on the interesting shape of her panties rather than the work she’d been doing at her core.

She wiggled her hips then, as if begging the blonde for her attention. Her hand was back to her center soon enough, fingers finally reaching inside and dancing a bit. Oh, so she’d done a bit of exploring on herself, hmm? That was the movement of experienced fingers, and Sibes moved her hips some more, appreciating the way the girl wiggled her digits.

”Oh Moonflower, you are a surprising little thing, aren’t you?” she purred huskily, riding the girl’s hand even as she used her claws to shred the blouse right off of her body. In a flash, the other girl’s bra was gone as well, and Sibes leaned in to wrap her lips around a nipple. She lapped at it with her tongue before sucking hard, only to run her teeth dangerously over the little mound. She wanted so much more than the girl’s fingers, but for now that was just fine. They had plenty of time to do anything their hearts desired.

Sibes purred around the nipple, creating vibrations through the flesh. She pulled back and let her hands each deal with a pretty pale globe while her lips decided to speak. ”I wonder what other things you might know how to do, Moonbeam. Or what you might want to… experiment with…” She growled, leaning in to kiss the Ravenclaw deeply, still riding her hand. Mmmm, it felt good. She was going to be a patient kitty with this one. She wanted her little Moonbeam to learn everything she could by experimentation rather than being told. It was just so much more fun that way.
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PostSubject: Re: Lost Time (Luna) *MATURE*   Sun Mar 02, 2014 12:37 pm

Luna smiled a smile that was not her normal one, but one somehow darker as the older girl moved against her fingers, helping the motions that Luna had never thought she would do to anyone but herself. Probably most of the things she ended up doing with the Russian girl, both sexual and not, would be things she never thought she would.

She shuddered happily as first her shirt and then her bra were actually destroyed to get them out of the way. She didn’t have that many bras, but it was definitely a fair tradeoff, and she could deal with the consequences of it later. Then there was a mouth and a tongue, and even teeth on her nipple, and all thought stopped, maybe forever. She let out a throaty moan at the magical unfamiliar sensations. She started to whine at the loss of sensation, only for the mouth to be replaced with one hand, while the older girl’s other hand moved to match it on the blonde’s other nipple and she whimpered happily.

Before she could decide what it was that she wanted to say in answer the other girl was kissing her and Luna couldn’t help but try to mirror her in the deep kiss. She let out another, less happy, whimper when the dark haired girl pulled away again, and then remembered that she was apparently supposed to be experimenting, not just playing with her finger in the older girl who rode her determinedly.

A thought crossed her mind that almost caused her to blush, but the dangerous girl had wanted her to figure out new things. “I want to see what you taste like,” she said huskily. It seemed fitting that the other girl made her sound like a different person, because it almost felt like Luna was someone else, using things that she barely knew or had only thought about but not done and seeing what happened.

She stood up off the desk, causing her to push the other girl backwards a little since she had been so close before. Sliding her hands behind the other girl’s back, Luna kept moving, laying down with the other girl underneath her. It seemed like this would work much better with both of them laying down. “Can I please taste you?”
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PostSubject: Re: Lost Time (Luna) *MATURE*   Tue Mar 04, 2014 1:53 pm

The girl was just so adorable when she blushed. Sibes couldn’t hold back the smile that graced her lips when her little moon admitted her desire to taste her. There was a deepness to her voice that hadn’t been there before, and it sent thrills through the Russian’s very core. It felt so good to hear that desire in her voice, that innocence gone for Sibes to delve into the dark goddess underneath.

Just like Hecate, this girl was embracing the dark side of the moon, and it was absolutely sexy. Sibes growled, letting the younger girl move her as she pleased. It was no time at all before she felt the wood of the desk smooth beneath her back and she purred, spreading her legs wide and rolling her hips. The pretty blonde thing was asking permission! Oh, sweet Merlin, she was adorable. She was just perfect!

”You do not have to ask permission for such things, you beautiful goddess,” she purred, reaching down to pull the girl toward her core. ”You can taste as much as you want. Do whatever kind of… experimentation you like.” She rolled her hips again, knowing the pretty blonde would smell her strong arousal and hoping it would turn her on even more. ”I am your living doll. Do whatever you want with me.”

Sibes hoped the girl would do everything she could think of and more. This should be an amazing learning experience for the moonbeam, and she hoped it would be a torturous time of never-ended arousal for herself. So far, the Ravenclaw wasn’t disappointing, and Sibes had a feeling things would only keep getting better as her confidence grew.
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PostSubject: Re: Lost Time (Luna) *MATURE*   Sat Mar 15, 2014 1:28 pm

The response to Luna putting the older girl in position was purring and her rolling her hips towards Luna’s body in circles that made Luna very happy and even more turned on than she had already been. She was clearly ready for Luna to taste her. The blonde wondered how hard it would be to make the other girl shake and tighten and moan, and how good doing that would feel for her.

The only problem was that when she had adjusted so that she was lying on top of the Slytherin, she had done so where they were facing the same direction. That meant that her mouth was about level with the other girl’s neck, which was definitely not the tasting she had meant. Still, he took a moment to softly kiss the side of the other girl’s neck before she turned to the business of turning herself around.

She began this by gripping the other girl firmly by her uncovered hips, hoping this would give her something of an anchor. She lifted herself off of the other girl using her legs and then swung them around quickly, hoping this would keep her from sliding off the desk. That seemed like a bad way to do this. Her leg caught on the leg of the next desk over for just a second, but then got it loose and finished swinging herself around, even managing to get the first feet over the older girl without managing to kick her in the process. Now her head was roughly level with the open pair of thighs, and her skirt clad legs were on either side of the other girl’s head. The blonde was very proud of herself.

Her eyes had been shut with effort, apparently, because when they fluttered open she found herself face to, well, wet exciting pinkness. Luna felt a husky purr in her throat at the idea of tasting the older girl and making her moan and tighten. The idea of making this happen, plus all the nice sensations she had discovered so far had her own panties completely soaked through, and she had the idea that he might moan and tighten herself if Sibes did, even if she didn’t actually get touched at her core herself.

She slid her tongue out of her mouth, licking experimentally at the bundle of tight nerves that she always touched on herself before sliding her fingers in, marveling at how different in felt with her tongue than it did to a finger. Or maybe it was just that they all felt different. She could not lick her own, so she wasn’t sure. “Mmm, I want to be licking you and feel it with my tongue when you tighten and moan,” she groaned up at the other girl, lips against the entrance to her core that was so easily seen with her legs spread wide like this. She slid her tongue out, groaning at the delicious tang of the other girl’s flavor and pushing her tongue in, moving it quickly and forcefully, wanting to pull all of the flavor out of the dark haired girl until she sang a full song of lovely moanings.
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PostSubject: Re: Lost Time (Luna) *MATURE*   Tue Mar 18, 2014 12:22 pm

The soft kiss was oddly nice, considering Sibes usually liked everything hard and rough. When her Moonbeam set about turning around, the Russian watched with hungry eyes. It seemed the girl had a sort of knack for gymnastics of a sort, and Sibes purred in appreciation as the blonde got herself unstuck from the desk and presented her pretty little ass to the Russian’s face. Before she had a chance to bury her nose in the presented panty-clad crotch, however, Sibes felt a soft tongue prodding at her core and she shivered rather happily.

She could smell how aroused the younger girl was even as she took that taste she’d been wanting, and when she did, Sibes was pretty sure the little blonde gushed even more. Mmm, she definitely needed to get her own skilled tongue beneath those panties and show the little Moonflower just how much she appreciated the sensations that were coursing through her body.

And were they ever coursing! When the petite blonde spoke of Sibes having an orgasm around that pretty little tongue, she felt her walls clench a bit in excitement. How was it that this innocent little thing was speaking like this? She was waking up parts of Sibes that she never expected the little Moon to activate so soon, and Sibes was absolutely thrilled by it.

Using her claws, the Russian reached up and ripped away the crotch of those soaked panties her partner still wore, smiling devilishly before burying her face between the Ravenclaw’s legs. She inhaled deeply, enjoying the way her arousal tickled her animal instincts. When an animal was ready, it was time to fuck. No questions asked. So, Sibes gave in to that base instinct and slipped two fingers along her clit, tongue lapping at the juices flowing from her core while her nose prodded at the little space of skin between her core and puckered rosebud.

”You keep doing that, Moonflower, and I can guarantee you’ll feel me coming undone around that pretty pink prod of yours. And I’m sure I’ll have you moaning my name as orgasm after orgasm rocks your pretty little frame…” At that, she used the flat of her tongue to lap at the girl from hood to that tight puckered hole, purring and sliding two fingers into the sweet blonde’s needy center. ”Just tell me if you want to try something else, my little pet.”
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PostSubject: Re: Lost Time (Luna) *MATURE*   Sat Mar 22, 2014 10:07 am

Holy wrackspurts, it felt so good! Even before the older girl was touching her at all, just the feeling of licking her, feeling her body tense under her like it was already ready to explode, Luna almost did the same herself. It crossed her mind that the girls who wasted their time bothering with boys must never have tried this before, because it was an absolutely perfect kind of pleasure.

She shivered when the she felt the claws destroying the center of her panties. If the Russian girl didn’t know some household type spells for mending clothes, she would need to replace everything she had worn today, but it was totally worth it. She had been under the impression that the lethal claws were something to avoid, but the feelings they gave her made it clear that she was entirely mistaken. The Slytherin had perfect control of her claws, and as long as Luna was careful, she thought the claws would be able to do wonderful things to her that she couldn’t even comprehend on her own.

Every sensation the Russian gave her was completely amazing. Just the feeling of the older girl deeply breathing her in made the blonde shudder violently, moaning an incoherent noise that generally meant she was almost done and it was time to doze happily. The two fingers running along her bundle brought her right up to the edge, moaning happily into the other girl as she continued her aggressive licking of every place her nimble tongue could reach. It just tasted sooo good and she really wanted to feel the orgasms, since that was the word apparently, of her first lover.

The tongue that first lapped at the best wet that was coming from her center, and then licked her from bundle to bum hole made her shudder violently and mewl into the other girl’s mouth. She was trying so hard not to let herself come undone, as she just wanted to keep these feelings going forever. But then there were two excellent fingers inside of her, and she couldn’t handle anymore. She had kept going, licking and moving and feeling through everything else, but the claws of those two fingers inside of her were too much. Her whole body rocked with her orgasm and the noise she made into the other girl’s center was more of an animal growl of satisfaction than anything a human should be able to make.

She almost forgot to keep licking, but she kept going, tasting the other girl through what had to be her own orgasm, though Luna was so caught up in her own feelings that she wasn’t sure she was feeling things right anymore. She dipped her head out slightly, sucking at the bundle with her lips and licking over it before she pulled her mouth out all the way and rested it on the other girl’s leg. “Are you saying you can survive more than one of those?” she asked dreamily. “I’ve never tried to do that before.”
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PostSubject: Re: Lost Time (Luna) *MATURE*   Mon Mar 31, 2014 12:14 pm

The girl was a truly wondrous specimen of female beauty and simple excitement. It amazed Sibes how this pretty little blonde could be so innocent and so perfect in such a situation. The Moonbeam was a beautiful creature, with the ability to experience new things like the pleasure Sibes was showing her right now, and then go with the flow, learning how to bring those same feelings to the older girl below her. It was truly encouraging to the Russian, as she vowed to show this girl exactly what they might be able to experience together.

Mmm, she shivered at the taste of the beautiful girl’s orgasm exploding on her tongue, and felt her own walls clenching on the prodding muscle of her Moonbeam’s mouth. This was definitely better than class had been, and Sibes made sure to wave her wand at the door so they would not be disturbed as she grinned against her Ravenclaw’s folds.

Since the blonde had already pulled away from her core, Sibes found it easy to push her onto her back on the desk, flipping around so that she faced the younger girl and she could press their hot bodies together as she leaned in for a kiss, letting their delicious flavors mix in a most amazing way. She moaned into the younger girl’s mouth before pulling slightly away and staring into her eyes as her fingers moved to her still-damp center, playing lightly at the sensitive area as she smiled devilishly at the girl.

”Oh, you can experience many more than just one of those delicious things, my pretty Moonflower,” she purred, pressing their bodies together and thinking of all the ways she would make the girl scream into the empty classroom. Oh, yes. She would show her little Moonbeam just how many times the tingling grasp of an orgasm could overtake her taught little body.

Sibes smiled in a way that promised of things to come. ”Now, little Moon, I do hope you don’t mind being away from your nest for some time. I don’t think you’ll be returning to your tower for… many hours. I plan to have just as much fun as I want with you and then some. By the time I’m finished, you’ll know exactly how many times you can cum in one session.”

With that, Sibes set in to make the girl scream and quiver in delight. It would definitely be a long evening of fun for the two girls, and the Russian simply hoped that the little blonde could keep up. This would be the ultimate test, and she was sure they’d both enjoy every second of it. If all went well, Sibes was sure she’d have a much more daring Moonchild once the night was through.
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PostSubject: Re: Lost Time (Luna) *MATURE*   

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Lost Time (Luna) *MATURE*

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