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 Falling Flat (for Me, Myself, and I)

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PostSubject: Falling Flat (for Me, Myself, and I)   Sun Feb 02, 2014 10:58 pm

The wind swept through her curly pigtails as Aubrey stood in the middle of the empty Quidditch pitch, a pair of old faded jeans and black tee with “BRAINIAC” written in bold hot pink across her chest, a determined look on her face completing the ensemble. She held a broom she’d ‘borrowed’ from Acelynn. She didn’t really want to think about what her sister might do to her when she found out about the ‘borrowing,’ but it was better than whatever Aim would do if she snatched the hot-headed Gryffindor’s broom.

The Ravenclaw cleared her thoughts and took a deep, calming breath before swinging a leg over the broom and getting as comfortable as she could manage. So far she remembered why she hadn’t flown since the forced class in first year. She grimaced and pushed carefully off the ground, squealing as she lifted a few feet into the air.

”Okay, Aub. You got this. Remember your calculations. Wind conditions aren’t bad. Just adjust a few degrees and you should have it.” Aubrey was so busy giving herself this pep talk that she hadn’t even realized she was no longer alone. ”Alright, now to move forward you just lean into it a bit…”

The redhead bit her lip as she leaned forward, only to squeal again as the broom did a nosedive and she fell flat on her face. She lay there on her stomach, broom still caught between her legs, with pain written on her pretty face, brown eyes squinted so she still didn’t see her company. ”Oh thank Merlin no one saw that…” she squeaked, rolling over and curling into a ball. She might not be a guy, but a crotch shot still bloody hurt!
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PostSubject: Re: Falling Flat (for Me, Myself, and I)   Thu Feb 06, 2014 3:51 pm

Acelynn found herself trotting along the path that led to the Quidditch pitch with her hands in her pockets and a slight grin on her lips. Sure, she could be mad at Aubrey for taking her broom, a feat which Ace really wanted to know how her sister had managed, but the brunette was far more amused by her sister's actions.

When she reached the pitch, she approached her sister quietly from behind. It would be much more surprising if Aubrey didn't know she was there just yet. The Hufflepuff was within distance enough to hear her sister mumbling to herself about wind and such and couldn't fight the grin widening over her lips as she cocked a hip and crossed her arms over chest.

Sooner rather than later her sister crashed face first into the ground, and she had only been about a foot off the ground. Acelynn shook her head but her eyes were amused rather than concerned. It wasn't like Aubrey had hit hard enough to do any real damage. Ace would know, as she was the Quidditch star of the family and had had her fair share of accidents on a broom.

The Puff snorted as her sister rolled over and curled into a ball. "I wouldn't be so sure about that Myself." Ace called out, amusement coloring her tone as she approached one third of the triplets she was apart of and grabbed her broom. "What are you doing Aub? Trying to get yourself killed? You know you're not allowed on a broom with no one around." She teased her Ravenclaw sister.
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PostSubject: Re: Falling Flat (for Me, Myself, and I)   Sun Feb 16, 2014 11:03 am

The first quidditch match of the season was approaching. Aimee had finally achieved her dream of making the Gryffindor team as a beater. It probably would have happened sooner, but she was in detention for cracking a Slytherin girl over the head with her bat when the emergency tryouts to replace half the team last year had taken place. Everyone knew about the Weasleys and Potter being missing during the amazing quidditch cup win. No one knew that several other potential players had been unable to tryout and replace the twins due to the nasty fighting between the two houses that followed Malfoy’s beat down.

It didn’t matter. Gryffindor was unstoppable, and it was Aimee’s job to replace one of the two people that received least credit for the amazing teams from her time at the castle, and might deserve the most. She had proven to Captain Potter and his friends that she could be more than just a thug with a bat. Now she needed to prove it to the rest of the school, preferably by knocking the Riddle girl right out of the match and giving Captain Potter a free shot at the snitch.

To do that she needed to be at her best. It was all well and good for Harry and the remaining Weasleys. They had all the talent and experience in the world. All Aimee had was a handful of summers spent protecting Ace from the contraptions Da and Aubie had made to keep Ace from bugging the entire family to help her practice every day. She had never in her life played in an actual game of any kind, and for the first time in her life that she remembered, she was nervous.

Still, it didn’t show as she strode confidently towards the quidditch area, swinging her bat at her side and humming an old Irish tune. She was wearing her school robes for once, because it felt better to fly in them than in jeans. She had on a solid gray athletic suit underneath, because if Aubie found out that she might be giving people an accidental show below her, especially if there were boys involved somehow, she would flip out and tell Ma and Da. She reached the storage shed, and realized that Ace’s broom was gone. That was good. Maybe she would help Aimee get ready for the first match.

She reached the opening of the pitch and her jaw dropped before she ran over to her sisters, dropping both her bat and her broom as she went. “Myself! I! What did you two do?” It was Aimee’s job to protect her sisters, especially the one that was more concerned with books and potions than with outside. She was also the only one allowed to hurt her. So why was Aubie lying on the ground with Ace standing over her and smirking? Why was Aubie out here at all?
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PostSubject: Re: Falling Flat (for Me, Myself, and I)   Sat Feb 22, 2014 12:46 pm

When she heard her Ace’s voice, Aubrey wanted to crawl into some deep dark hole and die. Then she heard her other sister added into the mix and she simply groaned into the ground, still curled up in a painful ball. This was definitely not going to go over well, considering she didn’t know how to explain what she was doing and she had a feeling Me would just call her stupid for it. Plus Ace was already in lecture mode about the flying without a buddy.

”I am not a toddler you know. I do not need to use the buddy system,” she whined, shifting so she could sit up and give both girls a petulant look. Why were they being so darn hard on her anyway? She just wanted to fly like them. And to avoid making a fool of herself by trying it in front of anybody. Apparently that was too much to hope for.

The Ravenclaw groaned up at her sisters, wondering why the fates were so cruel as to have the two of them find her out here in such a position. ”Listen, you two, I was just trying to fly. I don’t see why I have to have someone accompany me to do so. I mean, it’s not like I’m going to hurt myself too badly.”

She sat more comfortably on the ground then, feeling less pain from her awkward fall. She still felt embarrassed and a bit foolish though. Why couldn’t she make the broom work for her like her sisters could? It shouldn’t be that difficult. And the only thing she was getting from them was that she shouldn’t even have tried in the first place. She shot them each a glare, crossing her arms like a spoiled child.

”My calculations say that shouldn’t have ended so badly. Clearly Ace’s broom is broken. I simply need a better mount to make this work.”
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PostSubject: Re: Falling Flat (for Me, Myself, and I)   Wed Feb 26, 2014 1:09 pm

"I did nothing." Acelynn informed the last third of their trio when Me arrived. What were the odds that all three of them would be out here anyways? Atleast Ace and Aim had a valid reason. But Aubrey knew better than to be messing around with brooms. "Myself, on the other hand, thought she'd take a run at flying. And ran her face straight into the ground while she was at it." The puff of the brood explained to the Gryffindor of the bunch, glad to see Aimee had dropped her bat, otherwise she might've gotten a good whack for grinning like a loon at their Ravenclaw sister's failed attempt.

"Ya. Obviously you're not a toddler Myself. You just act like one sometimes." Ace couldn't help but call out her sister on her childish actions, though her grin and tone were amused. Of the three of them, Aub was definitely the more childish of the bunch. Probably because Ace and Aimee tended to treat her like a baby for the most part. And that was probably why Aubrey had decided to try flying out solo. "Aub, you just face planted from a foot off the ground. Imagine if you had somehow managed to get higher up in the air."

The red head did her best to look stern but in the end could only shake her head and grin at the Ravenclaw on the ground. How many times do we have to tell you Myself? Calculations and science crap have no business in flying. It's just something you do. Not something you cook up in a lab." Acelynn explained exasperatedly. Honestly, how many time were they going to have this conversation? Aubrey thought everything could be figured out with science and calculations. It drove Ace up the walls. "And there is nothing wrong with my broom. You would've had the same reaction with Me's if you had grabbed hers instead. It's the rider there's something wrong with." She told her sister with a cheeky grin and laughing eyes.

It wasn't that Ace wasn't supportive of her sister's wanting to learn to fly. She commended Aubrey for it. Sincerely. In her head. But the Ravenclaw wasn't a feel and do type. She was a read and do type. Aubrey didn't understand that one couldn't learn to fly from a bloody book or from some bloody calculations she came up with regarding wind trajectory or whatever the hell she had cooked up this time. Sighing, Ace gave a look to Aimee. Clearly it was important to their other third to be able to fly. What was important to one of them was important to all of them. To an extent. One for all and all for one, or something to that effect. "If it's that important to you Aub then let us teach you. But none of this science crap. You learn our way."
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PostSubject: Re: Falling Flat (for Me, Myself, and I)   Sun Mar 02, 2014 9:30 am

Once she had figured out what was going on, Aimee was laughing so hard that she couldn’t speak. It was mostly silent laughter, but still, she was holding her sides and shaking. Myself was still somehow convinced that she could science her way into the air, even though she had been trying every summer since they were still sharing one broom between them and it was so old that it could barely fly anymore. Still, trying it at school was a new low for how desperate the braniac sister was and a new high for hilarity.

Finally she controlled herself somewhat, to turn as stern a look as she could manage on the Hufflepuff sister. “Be nice, I. There is nothing wrong with Myself. Her brain is simply so big that your broom can’t figure out how to get her off the ground,” she went for a cheeky grin here, but ended up howling with laughter again. Oh, she was going to pay for this later, probably from both of them, but definitely from Myself. Still, whatever terrible potion she had to swallow to make her sister like her again would be totally worth it.

“She’s not gonna believe us until she tries my broom anyway, and Me is NOT trying to teach her again,” she exclaimed, skipping over to her broom and picking it up. She would stay for one more burst of hilarity and then she would skip out before any of the blame for whatever else happened could land on her shoulders. I was the quidditch star and the flying expert. She could play teacher if anyone would.

She picked up her broom, and her bat just in case, and skipped happily back to her sisters, holding the one that had a slightly higher chance of achieving flight with her Ravenclaw sister sitting on it out. “Here you go, Myself, give it a whirl. I was just up on my broom yesterday, so I know for a fact it’s not broken.”
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PostSubject: Re: Falling Flat (for Me, Myself, and I)   Tue Mar 04, 2014 12:59 pm

Of course Ace kept insulting her science. What would Aubrey expect from her sisters, though? Neither of them ever understood her passion for numbers and logic. It really drove her mad when the two of them started calling science ‘crap’ or saying she wouldn’t be able to actually do anything ‘real’ depending on it.

When Acelynn went so far as to claim that her broom was just fine and there was something wrong with Aubrey, she about lost it. She had done everything perfectly, just as her calculations said she should! Why it wasn’t working was beyond her. Of course it had to be the broom, but then Me had to point out how her broom was working well and Aubrey could just try it out too if she was so sure the broom was the problem.

Oh, and then there was the comment about her giant brain, which she wasn’t sure was supposed to be an insult or a strange sort of compliment. Aub shook her head and grabbed the offered broom from her Gryffindor sister, shooting a glare at each of the girls in turn. ”I’ll show you just how right my science is and just how broken these bloody brooms are, too!” she shouted, and mounted the broom before she could think better of it.

As soon as she kicked off, Aubrey knew she’d made a horrible mistake. She flew up into the air much further than she’d intended, and she was instantly off balance and panicking. She screamed and tried to pull back on the broom, thinking that would make it stop, but it only made it shoot up further into the air. ”AH! Ace! Aim! Heeeeelp!” she yelled, closing her eyes and holding on for dear life as the broom took off on a wild flight, completely out of her control.

Aubrey had never been so scared in her life.
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PostSubject: Re: Falling Flat (for Me, Myself, and I)   Tue Mar 04, 2014 3:48 pm

Acelynn tried hard not to laugh at Me's joke, she really did, especially given how Aubrey was looking angrier and angrier by the second. But her attempts to keep her laughter in check were in vain, and the Hufflepuff of the trio laughed, covering her mouth to try and stifle her snickering. Aubrey didn't look very impressed with either her or Aimee, to say the least.

Ace herself was not very impressed with Aimee not willing to help her try and teach Aubrey how to fly. The teen groaned slightly. This is what came of being the puff of the group. Sometimes she wished she could be the Gryffie and just go around whacking people with a bat like Myself did.

Then again, that just wasn't Ace's style. The Hufflepuff was more likely to aim a well kicked soccer ball to someone's face rather than hit them with a bat. She didn't actually do that though. Often. Most times it was an honest accident. Usually. The red head didn't like to fight. She preferred laughter. But she also wasn't completely without a backbone. How could she be? Look at what she had for sisters.

"Myself don't you..do that." Acelynn trailed off as the Ravenclaw did exactly the opposite of what she had just been trying to warn her against and grabbed Me's broom, jumping on it before anything else could be said. Oh this was going to be a disaster. No sooner had she thought it than Aubrey was screaming bloody murder and yelling for help. She might not have been so worried if Aubrey hadn't gone and actually managed to get herself so high up in the air.

"Oh bloody hell.." The red head muttered, actually shocked before the fact that her sister was zooming up into the air and screaming her head off set in. What could she say? She wasn't Potter. Hero stuffs was so not in her job description. "That's a Gryffindor's job that is. Have at it Me." Ace held out her own broom to the sister still on the ground with her, their sister in the air with her eyes, considering turning Aimee's bat into a trampoline or something in case Myself actually managed to fall from the broom.
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PostSubject: Re: Falling Flat (for Me, Myself, and I)   Sat Mar 22, 2014 4:31 pm

It was a good thing that her next bout of laughter would have been lost by the Ravenclaw as she focused on mounting the broom and getting into the air. Me simply wasn’t sure how much further she could push her sister without making her so mad that things were actually bad between them for a little bit, and she hated when things were bad between any of the three of them.

Ace seemed far more concerned for their brainy sister, as she tried one last time to talk Aubie out of taking to the sky, though Aimee was sure it wouldn’t do any good. Indeed, by the time she controlled her laughing enough to check, Aubie was shooting straight up and screaming like a maniac, and Ace was holding her broom out to Aimee. She dropped her bat and mounted the broom, fake grumbling as she did so. “Sure, make the crazy one do the crazy stunt flying, even though you fly better.”

Secretly, the beater loved this. It made Aubie forgive her much faster, and besides, it was fun to save her from herself. She kicked off hard, shooting towards her sister and hoping to get a little bit of luck so that she would be able to save her before she did something stupid like fall off. Their best hope then was that Aimee would be able to catch her before she hit the ground, and then one of them would be able to successfully summon the beater’s broom so that they didn’t have to chase it down.

Luckily, things did go their way, since Aubie seemed to be making no effort to control the broom at all, focusing instead on screaming for her life. Eventually, the broom reached whatever crazy height it was that the manufacturers thought was too high, and the thing leveled off, only willing to go higher if actively forced to. Once it did that Aubie started moving forward, though she slowed down a good deal, and Aimee was quickly able to move next to her so that she could shout over the plan she had thought of as she chased after her sister who worked better on the ground.

“Okay, Myself, I’m gonna nudge you at the ground, and then chase after you and try to keep you in one piece. I need you to try and pull up when you get close to the ground so that you go slower, and I need you to try and aim at I, so that she can help you land without dying if you don’t manage to slow down enough. Nod if you understand me.”

She wasn’t sure if that was actually a nod or just Aubie’s head bobbing with the motion of the broom, but now was as good a time as any, either way. She shot at her sister and nudged the front of her broom rather harder than she intended to, since they were still moving the whole time and it was hard to judge. Swearing loudly, she dived after her sister, who was now hurtling towards the ground as speeds only seekers usually bothered with. Oh, bollocks! She needed to catch Aubie and slow her down or hope the braniac figured out how to pull up some before she hit the ground and killed herself and Aimee’s broom. Otherwise the beater didn’t even want to think about how much trouble she would be in. Still swearing like a sailor, she pulled into her own dive, thanking Merlin that Ace’s broom was a good measure better than her own and praying to anything that would listen that that was enough to save her sister from a whole lot of pain really soon.
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PostSubject: Re: Falling Flat (for Me, Myself, and I)   Thu Mar 27, 2014 4:55 pm

The broom was possessed! That was the only damn explanation for what was currently happening to Aubrey as she clung to the thing, the neck of it still held somewhat upwards even if it wouldn’t go any higher without a direct command. The Ravenclaw was so terrified there were tears streaming down her cheeks as she somewhat sluggishly soared toward who knew where. Aimee was beside her then, but Aubrey could barely even open her eyes as she clung to the broom, her body practically molded to the thing. She squeaked as her sister explained some crazy idea, and tried to shake her head ‘no,’ but apparently failed.

Something about being nudged and going down then pulling up and dying and aiming at Ace who was still very much on solid ground. All of it seemed completely insane to her, and Aubrey just wanted to be safe like her Hufflepuff sister. Oh, what she wouldn’t give to undo whatever she’d done so far today. She’d already given herself a painful broom-infused camel toe and a face full of grass, and now she might die! It was utterly stupid and horrifying and she just wanted to run back to Ravenclaw tower and curl up in a ball and cry. It wasn’t fair. Why were her sister so good at everything and she so terrible? She was absolute shite at anything that wasn’t potions or calculations. Couldn’t she just have at least a little physical abilities?

It would seem her shaking had come across as a nod of understanding to Me, as before she could even say a silent prayer to whatever goddesses might be watching over her, she was plummeting down toward the ground and screaming as loud as she could, staring down at Ace with wide, panic-stricken eyes. Oh hell! She was going to die! This was going to be the end of the McGregor triplets! Ace and Aim would have to be the McGregor twins from now on and they would be just Me and I… No more Myself to complete the group.

Aubrey knew she was supposed to do something about pulling up on the broom or some such nonsense to make herself not die, but she was just too scared, too aware of how bloody worthless she really was on a broom or in any sort of physical thing. All she could do was scream and cry, squeezing her eyes as tight as she could and holding on to the broom until her fingers went white. Merlin, she just hoped it was quick. Maybe painless? That would be nice, but it might be asking too much. Oh, she really didn’t want to leave her sisters to be twins. Why was she so damned stubborn anyway? Aubrey sobbed as she braced herself for the crash that was to come.
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PostSubject: Re: Falling Flat (for Me, Myself, and I)   Sun Mar 30, 2014 3:29 am

Acelynn wasn't entirely sure sending Me up to save Myself was an entirely good idea. At the time, it had seemed like a good one. Of course, the Hufflepuff hasn't really taken into account that the Gryffindor was definitely the craziest out of all of them. Which meant that whichever way Aimee planned on rescuing their Ravenclaw sister would probably be insane. But there wasn't much she could do about that now that both her sisters were up in the air, and she was still with both feet planted firmly on the ground. She wasn't even entirely sure there was much she could do if she was on a broom.

Aubrey only seemed to rocket upwards out of control, with Aimee flying on her tail. Acelynn watched from her place on the pitch as both her sisters flew wildly through the air. In Me's defense, the Gryffindor third of their trio was known to be a wild flyer. Myself was just not meant to be on a broom without proper supervision. Ever. If anything ever proved that it was this situation right here. Why did the Ravenclaw always have to be so difficult about things? She was supposed to be the smart one, and Ace was very sure there wasn't much smart about her sister's actions that day. Merlin's balls she hoped Aim caught Aub before something she didn't even want to imagine happened.

Of course, that would just be too easy. The red head watched as her Gryffindor sister finally caught up with their Ravenclaw sister, and Ace was almost relieved. The two seemed to be exchanging words, and the Hufflepuff on the ground was sure the worst was over. Up until the point Aubrey was headed straight toward the ground at a rapidly increasing speed. Was it just Ace, or was pulling the Ravenclaw off the broom and onto the one with a safe rider the most logical idea to go about this? Apparently it was just her, since Aimee sent Aubrey spiraling back to what could very well be her bloody death. Oi, this was a nightmare she would never forget.

Acelynn began to panic as she watched it all happen as if in slow motion. Aubrey was shooting downward, and Aimee was trying to catch her, and the Hufflepuff was frozen. "Oh Merlin's bloody sac this is not good! Not good at all!" The teen groaned panicky-like to herself, eyes wide. She wracked her brain to try and think of anything and everything she could do to save her sister from becoming splatter on the pitch, but she wasn't coming up with much. Merlin! She was only really good at two things. Keeping and Charms, and neither was giving her any help here!

She could try a freezing charm, but at the speed Aubrey was going the chances of the spell flying right by her were big, and if it didn't manage to meet it's mark then her sister was definitely a tinned because Ace wouldn't have time to send another one. And then she saw the absolute terror on her sister's face and it set the Hufflepuff into motion. Ace took a moment to judge Aubrey's distance to the ground, needing to time it perfectly otherwise her plan would fail, and then took off at a run toward where her sister was aiming to crash, leaping through the air at the Ravenclaw in her attempt to tackle her sister from the out of control broom before it killed her. If all went well, Ace would tackle her sister from the broom and flip them so the land would hurt her, if anyone. Merlin. She was so not cut out for this Gryffindor shite.
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PostSubject: Re: Falling Flat (for Me, Myself, and I)   Tue Apr 08, 2014 5:02 pm

That did not go the way that it was supposed to go at all. Instead of Aubrey doing as she told, or Aimee catching up to her and fixing it, or even Aubrey shooting at Ace so that she would be able to fix it, the Ravenclaw seemed determined to become a pancake before either sister could help her. Thankfully, Ace managed to think on her feet, even if it was at the last possible moment, and she managed to tackle the idiot who should have stayed on the ground off of the broom before she could go splat.
Still, as Aimee jumped the last ten feet or so to the ground, landing in a crouch to avoid snapping her ankles, her sisters were rolling across the ground, and from the sound they had made when Ace executed her tackle, at least one of them was probably injured. It would probably be Aubrey, since she was used to books and cauldrons, not things that toughened you up like sports and running around outside like Aimee and Ace did.
For once, Aimee showed a moment of forethought, going over to where her wand was and summoning both brooms, then laying them in a neat pile with her bat so that they would be able to find them easily later. That seemed especially important just in case she found herself trying to get one or both sisters to the hospital wing in a hurry right now and had to come back for the equipment sometime later. You would think with as much stupid stuff as she did that Aimee would have taken the time to learn at least basic healing spells, but you would be wrong. That kind of stuff wasn’t really her job, at least in Aimee’s mind. It was Aubrey’s, and the Ravenclaw could hardly heal herself, at least not if she was as injured as the Gryffindor feared she might be.
Once she was sure that the thoughtful little stuff that she usually didn’t worry about was taken care of, she bounded over her sisters, figuring she should deal with the damages now. They could only really get worse being ignored, unless they weren’t bad at all. If that was the case she had a Ravenclaw to hit upside the head with her bat until she promised to never get on a broom without proper supervision again as long as she lived.
“Good save, I! Knew that having a keeper in the family would be useful every once in a while!” she shouted, half seriously and half-jokingly. She came to a stop by her sister’s trying to survey what the damage might be to the heap of McGregor with no immediate success. “So who needs what put back together before we can talk about all the things that Myself should have done instead of getting us into this mess.” She reached down and ruffled the Ravenclaw’s hair to show that she wasn’t actually mad, as long as no one was dead. Not that that was likely to do her any good. Aubrey would be pissed and Aimee would probably have to do something highly questionable to her long term health to make up for all of today’s jokes at her sister’s expense.
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PostSubject: Re: Falling Flat (for Me, Myself, and I)   Sun Apr 20, 2014 10:50 pm

Things were happening way too quickly for the Ravenclaw to keep up with, and she was sure she was going to die even as she felt herself fly through the air after having the wind completely knocked out of her by a flying torpedo that was her sister. The pair rolled across the pitch in painful, bruising motions that had Aubrey feeling queasy even when they stopped.

She held her head in her hands, sitting up on top of her Hufflepuff sister and looking around blearily before scrambling off the girl and crawling away to puke in the middle of the field. Tears were streaming down her face and she barely even noticed as she shakily got to her legs, knees buckling in toward each other as she looked over at her sisters, noticing that Aimee had just fluffed her hair despite the way she was obviously shaken up, and that Ace looked pretty beat up.

”I could have died! I… I just almost bloody died and you are making bloody jokes!” Her eyes were wide and full of anger and fear as she shakily stomped over to her sisters, angrily poking Me in the chest as hard as she could with her pointer. ”You need to grow the fuck up, Me! That wasn’t funny. None of it was! And it isn’t so damn shocking that I would want to be able to fly! You treat me like a toddler, both of you!”

Aubrey was so mad, she could only see red. She just wanted to hit something. Or make something explode. And her knees hurt, she was pretty sure her arm was scraped from the fall, and she might have given herself a heart palpitation based on the erratic way it was beating. Either that, or it was just the way hearts got when someone was this mad and scared at the same time. Aubrey didn’t know and she didn’t care. All she wanted was to go hide in her room and brew some advanced potions or something. Do something she was actually good at instead of trying to be someone she wasn’t. Just because she wanted to be like her sisters didn’t mean she could be.

Fresh tears welled up in her eyes and she ignored the pains in different parts of her body, turning quick on her heel and storming away from her sisters even as strangled sobs made their way out of her chest and past her lips. She sounded like a wounded animal or something, but she just didn’t care. They might try and stop her, but they wouldn’t be able to. Before she was completely out of earshot of her sisters, Aubrey turned her head and wailed at them ”I’m sorry I wanted to fucking be like you! I’ll never make that mistake again!!”
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PostSubject: Re: Falling Flat (for Me, Myself, and I)   Mon Apr 28, 2014 4:09 pm

Her own momentum as she had shot at her sister to save her from what would undoubtedly be an agonizing and sudden death mixed with that of the Ravenclaw's own momentum meant that not only did the impact hurt when the two collided in mid-air, but the subsequent fall to the ground together and bouncing around was also very painful. Acelynn didn't really have the sort of instincts to try and make sure her softer sister didn't take the brunt of the impact, but it certainly felt like it had been the Hufflepuff that had. That was probably for the best. Aubrey wasn't the most durable of the McGregor brood, even if she was strong and fierce in her own way.

When the rolling and bumping finally came to an end, the redhead groaned audibly as soon as she could gasp in some air from having the wind knocked out of her when her Ravenclaw sister had landed on top of her. A sharp stab in her arse told her she might have damaged her tail bone a bit. Funny, that was. Wasn't like people had tails, was it? Made Ace think about why they had tail bones in the first place. It never made sense to the teen, who figured if one had a tail bone then they should have a tail to go with it. It was a running argument she had with Felicity, the one Acelynn had first learned about tail bones from the last time she had felt that particular sharp pain in her backside from taking a rather bad spill down a staircase.

"Bloody hell..that's gonna leave a mark.." The redhead groaned out as she rolled over onto her stomach on the pitch, in order to relieve some of the pressure to her backside as well as to try and get a view of Aubrey, who had scrambled off of her by that point, and make sure the Ravenclaw third of their trio was relatively unharmed. She knew the wild ride of a flight her sister had taken on the broom was probably bad enough without adding Ace's own would-be heroics. Though, the Hufflepuff had to admit, even if only to herself, that at least she had managed to save her sister from going splat on the bloody ground.

Ace winced a bit, her face screwing up in a mix of concern, disgust, and pain as watched her sister throw up while the Gryffindor third of them shouted her head off. Which did nothing for the pounding that already existed in the Hufflepuff's. With another groan, the teen gave an awkward nod in the direction of Aimee's voice in regards to the keeping comment and then dropped her head to the ground. "Bloody fudgecakes... I think I broke my arse again..or at least an arsecheek.." She muttered, trailing with another groan as she tried and failed to get herself back up. It was at that point Aimee decided to crack another joke at Aubrey's expense, and Acelynn looked over just in time to see the Gryffindor ruffle the Ravenclaw's hair in a good-natured fashion as Aubrey got back to her own two feet, looking rather shaken up.

That wasn't especially surprising, given the crazy method she had just tried to use to learn how to fly, and the equally crazy zooming through the air she had been on. If Hufflepuff herself wasn't such a natural on a broom she was sure she would've been terrified herself, and Ace really did feel bad for her sister, and concerned for her as well, even if she had tried to stop her so something like it didn't happen in the first place. All Aubrey had to do was let Acelynn help her and teach her correctly. Why did she insist that she could learn everything from a bloody book and science? The teen could only hope that this experience would open Aubrey's mind a bit.

And she couldn't even get started on Aimee, though Aubrey didn't seem to have any problem with that. Ace had to agree a bit though. Merlin!! They had just nearly watched their sister bloody die!! Was there no end to the wisecracks the Gryffindor could bust out? Although, Ace had to hand it to her batty sister. At least she could make a joke after some death defying stunt. It was probably her way of handling her own fear and stress. It just didn't seem to mesh well with Aubrey's. Ace was sort of like the in between. On one hand, she could see the hilarity of the situation now that they were out of it. On the other, her own heart was beating hard in her chest still from the very real fear she had felt at seeing one of her sisters heading at breakneck speed straight at the ground.

The teen managed to get herself to her hands and knees by the time she got pulled into the mess. "Oi!! All I did was try to keep something like that from happening in the first place Myself." Acelynn replied with a bit of a grunt as she pushed herself to her feet, but remained doubled over. The redhead didn't want to fight with her sister. Not with either of them. She hated fighting, especially with her two counterparts. But she couldn't see why she had to blamed for any of it. She really had been trying to help her sister. Hadn't she offered to teach Myself? Regardless, she winced visibly as her sister shouted her final words back at them once she stomped off. "Merlin!! You'd think she'd be a bit more grateful after I broke my arse to save hers wouldn't ya?"

The Hufflepuff shook her head, but looked worriedly from the place her Ravenclaw sister left behind to her Gryffindor sister, concern filling her eyes. "Don't worry bout it too much Me. She just needs to calm down a bit. We'll talk to her once she does. Ain't no use going after her when she's like that." Ace tried to reassure her other sister, though they both knew Aubrey could stay mad for days, if not weeks. They definitely hadn't heard the last of it, and she felt bad as it was for teasing the Ravenclaw in the first place. It was likely their sister wouldn't speak a word to them for a while, and that hurt more than the rest. "C'mon then Me. Let's get out of here. Gotta visit the hospital wing after that. Bloody tackling her from the air..ain't cut out for this type of thing.."[/color]
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Falling Flat (for Me, Myself, and I)

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