Where enemies can become allies and friends, and where everything you thought you knew is now questionable.
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 Alternate Endings (Harry)

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Caellum Chancellor

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PostSubject: Re: Alternate Endings (Harry)   Thu Mar 06, 2014 10:05 pm

Harry smiled softly at the little wow that summed up exactly how he felt about things as well. The look of confusion that met his question was adorable in a way that he was certain the Slytherin would glare at him for pointing out. The Gryffindor was quickly coming to believe that the first rule of dating Skyler Riddle was going to be to never point out when she did something cute.

Still, the unspoken cuteness only grew as she first literally bounced on her feet and then tried to actually pull him back to the fire. Unfortunately, the keyword was try, as she made it only a few steps and then pulled up. Apparently he had hurt her worse than she was letting on. She had one more cute trick up her sleeve, and Harry’s face went from shock to a knowing grin, not that she could see it, as she jumped onto his back and wrapped her legs around him. So it was perfectly fine for him to carry her around just as long as it was on her terms and not his.

“You are bloody impossible,” he said with a laugh, shaking his head just enough that she had to wiggle around some more. Then he scampered the rest of the way to the fire entirely faster than was necessary and came skidding to a halt just before they would have tumbled into the flames. “You’re sure you’re ready for this?” he teased, but didn’t wait for an answer before reaching into his pocket, pulling out half of the remaining floo powder, and tossing it into the flames. Even though they were both quite short, Harry had to crouch to make sure she didn’t hit her head as they spun towards their destination.

When they reached it, the look on old Tom’s face said he hadn’t yet forgiven or forgotten their earlier show and that he didn’t like this new position with Sky on Harry’s shoulders one bit. He thrust the Gryffindor’s hoodie out, Harry grabbed it, and he and Sky left immediately for the alley into the world’s most magical shopping district.

Getting his wand out to unlock the passage was tricky with Sky sort of in the way, but he managed it somehow and they were finally in Diagon. Grinning, Harry walked straight past Ollivander’s and took them to the Weasley’s joke shop first instead. When they got there he deposited her in a chair at the front and spent the next few minutes racing around the shop and then back to Sky, showing her stuff for him, stuff for her, and stuff to take back to Ginny. When he was done he deposited the stuff in her lap in three separate bags, asked the shop assistant Verity to keep his girlfriend company, and spent a few minutes talking quietly with Fred in the room behind the shop. When he came back, he was carrying a small, unmarked bag and smiling knowingly at Sky. He would wait until either she asked or they were alone to explain. He would need to have the same talk with Ginny soon, thought Fred thought it was for Hermione and just in case.

After that they went to Gringotts and shared a wild ride to both of their vaults. As much as Harry would have loved to pay for everything today, wand included, it seemed a little soon for a gift like that. Besides, she seemed to be at least as rich as he was, and she would probably get mad if he tried to take care of her too much. He also wanted to get to the Black vault and see if the motorcycle was there, but Sky was clearly impatient to have a wand again, so he decided that the hunt for the motorcycle would have to wait for another day.

He carried her into the wand shop next, and immediately fell silent in the middle of a story about a prank Sirius had helped Ginny pull on her mother once. This shop always had that effect on him. He deposited her carefully in the shop’s only chair and took a few steps back, out of the way. He was about to warn her to be careful what she said to the creepy, knowledgeable old shopkeep, but stopped himself when he heard the man approaching.
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Skyler Riddle

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PostSubject: Re: Alternate Endings (Harry)   Fri Mar 07, 2014 10:45 pm

Skyler couldn't help the cheeky grin that bloomed on her face even if she had wanted to. "Yup. Impossible. And don't you forget it." She remarked back, wriggling around a bit more to make sure she was comfortable, and ending in a slight squeal when Harry took off towards the fire like there was one behind them. Just when she thought they'd be tumbling into the flames, he skidded to a halt, and the brunette laughed in delight at his antics. She had been about to answer his question but he was already ducking into the fire, and Sky abruptly closed her mouth before she sucked up any ash into her mouth and choked to death before they even got back to the pub.

Her first thought upon their arrival back at the Leaky Cauldron was that for what was probably the first time ever, the teen wasn't falling out of the grate. The Slytherin actually grinned rather proudly, even though she was certain that the entire thing was the Gryffindor's fault. Maybe she could force Harry to floo with her all the time, that way she skipped the falling on her face every time routine. That sounded like a great idea. Now all she had to do was get Harry to go along with it. That might not be so difficult. He did seem to like carrying her about. The brunette couldn't see his face to tell really, but she took it as a good sign that he hadn't shook her off yet.

The old man who handed Harry his jacket didn't look at all pleased with them, which only amused Skyler, so she desperately tried not to grin. Unfortunately, she couldn't help it, and ended up flashing a cheeky grin his direction when the Gryffindor led them out into the alley, at which point the teen did her best to make it as difficult as possible for him to get his wand, smirk on her face the entire time. When he finally managed to get it, Sky watched curiously as he tapped certain bricks in a certain pattern, until an archway appeared which led to Diagon Alley. Her smirk turned into a grin, and the brunette couldn't contain her excitement. She was finally going to get a new wand!!

Atleast, she thought she was, until Harry decided to pass right by the shop that clearly was the wand shop. The brunette sputtered incoherently, looking confused and annoyed. It was probably a good thing that they had entered the joke shop she had first met Ginny in that summer, because all the awesome products distracted her from hoping down off his back and going to the wand shop herself. Soreness be damned. As it were though, she was distracted, not that it mattered much because she was deposited into a chair while he got to do all the fun stuff like running around the shop for things.

Skyler wanted to be annoyed, she really did, but his enthusiasm was contagious, and she couldn't keep the amused grin and look off her face as the older boy took the time to show her different things for him, her and Ginny. The brunette felt a stab of jealousy that even when he was with her, he was constantly thinking about the red head, but she didn't allow it to make her grin falter or to ruin her good mood or his good time. That was until he left her alone with some girl she didn't even know as a damn babysitter. She wasn't five!! The teen glared at his retreating form, muttering darkly under her breath. "Like I'm incapable of staying out of trouble for fives minutes on my own." The Slytherin rolled her eyes, and huffed, crossing her arms over chest and looking for all the world like a petulant child.

Until the girl who apparently worked there suggested she could always get even instead of mad, at which point the brunette perked up considerably and sent the girl a sly smirk. The pair spent the next few minutes picking out a few extra things Harry hadn't thought Skyler needed, which she most certainly did, in her opinion. By the time the Gyrffindor came back out from wherever he had disappeared to, the Slytherin was back where he had left her, grinning like a chestire cat, and her own bag of goodies was considerably more full. If he noticed, he didn't ask, and though she was curious about whatever it was that was in the bag he was carrying, she didn't ask either. Instead, she sent a conspiratorial wink to the girl who she now knew as Verity, who chuckled when the small girl hopped up onto Harry's back again.

By this time, she barely felt any aching, so she could have walked on her own without too much fuss. But it was much too fun to ride around piggy-back for the teen to want to use her own legs. The trip to the bank was rather fast, but Sky enjoyed the roller-coaster like trip to their vaults. By the time they were leaving the bank, her purple eyes were as bright as ever, and her grin spread from ear to ear while the Gryffindor boy told her stories, and each and every one the brunette committed to memory, along with all the questions they made her want to ask. For the time being, she was much too content to simply listen to him happily prattle on, and could practically hear the grin in his voice, even if she couldn't see it from her position on his back.

The Slytherin was so caught up in his most current story involving Ginny pulling a prank on her mother with the help of someone named Sirius, who Sky found herself already liking, if only because his involvement in the story made him sound much more fun than most adults she knew, that she hardly noticed that they had entered another shop. It was only when Harry drifted off in the middle of the story that made her blink and come back to reality to see they were in the wand shop. Finally. The Gryffindor placed her in the one single chair in the entire place, and she gave him a questioning look when he stepped back a few paces, opening her mouth to question him on it, but was interrupted by the approaching old wizard who seemed to have appeared out of no where.

If that hadn't been creepy enough, the old man felt the need to get way too up close and personal than Skyler really thought was necessary, peering at her with blue eyes that seemed much too knowledgeable if one asked her.

And who is this you bring with you Mr. Potter?

The brunette narrowed her eyes, gritting her teeth in displeasure and irritation. It wasn't like she wasn't sitting right there. Why didn't he just ask her? "Skyler Riddle." The teen hissed out before the Gryffindor could answer for her. She wasn't sure what it was, but she was torn between calling it recognition or amusement that flashed in those blue eyes following her words, which had her head cocking in curiosity.

Riddle hmm. Curious. Tell me, Miss Riddle, how did you manage such colorful eyes? Do it yourself?

Skyler blinked, looking completely taken aback, and answered automatically in her surprise. "Accidental magic." The old man seemed to smile, and beckoned her forward and out of the chair. The Slytherin followed only after she received a nod from Harry, who was being oddly reserved.  Not a moment later, there was a measuring tape measuring her all over. From finger tip to elbow, from elbow to shoulder, from fingertip to shoulder. It even measured around her head. This wasn't made easy or quick as the teen continuously batted it away with her hands every chance she got, glaring at the thing until the old wizard called it off and shoved a wand into her hand.

Eight and a half inches, Dogwood, Dragon Heartstring. Perfect for the mischievous.

She couldn't help the small grin of amusement that curled her lips at the old man's wink as he said that last bit, and waved the wand experimentally, only to have his hair turning a shocking cotton candy blue color, along with his beard and eyebrows. A snort from Harry had her biting her lip against laughter as the man caught sight of his beard and snatched the wand back and forced a new one in it's place.

Too mischievous then. Try that. Ten Inches, Ebony, Unicorn hair. Better for the non-conformist.

This time, Sky did give a snort, looking quite amused as the elder wizard did absolutely nothing to fix his colored hair but instead gestured to her to try out the wand. Giving another experimental flick, the brunette somehow managed to make Harry start floating in the air. The teen wasn't exactly sure whether or not to be worried or to laugh, and wasn't given much time to think on it, because the old man was snatching that wand back as well, muttering 'nope'. Meanwhile, the moment he had snatched the wand from her, the Gryffindor immediately fell and landed in a heap on the floor, and this time the Slytherin did laugh, and provided an innocent grin to the glare she received for it.

Nine inches, Hawthorn, Dragon Heartstring. Good for the conflicted nature.

Another wand was shoved into her hand, and after a swish that had the potted plants on the countertop exploding, it too was snatched back with more muttered no, no, definitely not's. The next three wands were not successful either, and one of them had her setting fire to the man's pants. But with each failed attempt, he seemed to grow more excited for some odd reason. Sky wondered about it, and was rather amused as she watched in curiousness as he wriggled his fingers over the boxes of wands shelved behind the counter, as if trying to decide what to put in her hand next.

Let us try this one.

Was all he said as he placed another wand in her hand, and immediately the brunette felt a warmth spread into her hand and up her arm, and she grinned widely. Knowing without testing it that this was definitely the wand, the teen still gave it a wave, smirking when a stream of sparks and bubbles emitted from it's end. The old wizard clapped, looking both relieved and knowing as he took a place behind the counter now covered in broken pot shards as he gave her the price and the brunette handed over the money.

Seven inches, Elder, Phoenix Feather. A perfect fit for the highly unusual person marked for a special destiny.

The old wizard told her, with a knowing look and smile that had her brows furrowing and a question on her lips. However, she never got to ask her question because Harry seemed to be impatient to be off again, if him practically dragging her out of the shop was anything to go by. Sky shot a curious glance over her shoulder at the man, who simply waved her off with that annoying knowing smile, and then they were out the door and back into the Alley. At which point she huffed and glared up at Harry. "Hey!! I wanted to ask him something!!"

The Slytherin determinedly made to turn back, but Harry grabbed her hand and began dragging her back down the Alley and away from the wand shop, complaining about how he didn't like spending more time around the wandmaker than necessary and about how hungry he was. The brunette rolled her eyes, but when she thought about it, she was rather hungry too, having not eaten all day, since she skipped breakfast. So she kept up with the Gryffindor, preferring that to being dragged along like a child, until they came to a place with a sign that read Corrington's Corner Bakery.

Arching a brow and smirking when Harry opened the door and held it for her, the brunette entered first, pausing only to allow her purple eyes to roam the room she was now standing in. It wasn't particularly packed, and it gave off a warm vibe, the air scented with the aroma of baked goods. Having never been there before, Sky simply took it upon herself to choose a place to sit. Which ended up being a booth-like table in the back. The teen slid in on one side of the table, kicking her feet up on the opposite seat, and took the time to really examine her new wand as she asked absently, "So what's good here? To eat, I mean. If you tell me there's chili cheese fries I will love you forever."


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Alternate Endings (Harry)

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