Where enemies can become allies and friends, and where everything you thought you knew is now questionable.
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 Wasting Time and Watching Flames [Open] [Also highly, highly mature]

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PostSubject: Wasting Time and Watching Flames [Open] [Also highly, highly mature]   Fri Feb 21, 2014 2:50 am

School was boring. Every part of it was, really. The classes were boring. The meals were boring. The time spent pretending to be interested in what everyone else was doing to seem more polite was boring. It was just all a lot of dull work.

It probably didn’t help that Rose felt like she was essentially done with this place. She had always run with an older crowd, meaning that all of her favorite people had moved on by now. They were traveling the world, or learning new skills, or working jobs already. Sure, she needed her N.E.W.T.s to join them, but that was really just a formality. Rose had always been good at getting close to people who could get power. Once she graduated, someone she was close to would get her an interview for some kind of fairly easy Ministry job, and then her silver tongue and unsurpassable charm would do the rest.

But waiting for that time was boring. All of her toys were elsewhere, and all the people she was a toy for were elsewhere. How was she supposed to keep herself engaged enough in her day to day life when all of the excitement that she had grown accustomed to was gone? The redhead had no idea, so she sat in the common room, staring at the fire, far later than she had any real reason to be awake. She had never bothered to change out of her uniform after classes, but she had made it to a sort of half in, half out state of dress. The robes had made it up to her dorm after dinner. Her tie was gone, in a pocket somewhere, probably. The shirt was untucked, and unbuttoned just enough to reveal that her bra was black silk. And for some reason, she was no longer wearing shoes or socks, so her bare feet and ankles were propped up on the ottoman in front of her. If the fire had eyes, it would be able to see straight up her skirt to the barely there black panties.

Luckily, or maybe unluckily depending on how adventurous the spirit thinking it was, the fire did not have eyes, and no one else would have the proper angle for that particular show. Instead, Rose was in the common room alone as far as she could tell, balling up pieces of parchment, tossing them in the fire and watching them burn. The night had started with them being attempts at homework and little doodles that displeased her, but now she was just throwing in blank paper and watching it burn for something to do.

Thus, it was a great relief when some unknown person behind her cleared his or her throat. “Oh, sweet baby Merlin,” she sighed with relief. “Please tell me that you are my savior for the night, and have come to rescue me from the boredom of my own existence.” Her tone went from the weird thankful reverence straight to coy and playful as she finished. “I bet I can think of something to make it worth your while.”
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PostSubject: Re: Wasting Time and Watching Flames [Open] [Also highly, highly mature]   Fri Feb 21, 2014 5:48 pm

Having just finished eating alone in the kitchens, Sibes had slunk soundlessly into the Slytherin common room. Things had been interesting lately. Her little Moonflower was starting to find herself and her confidence. Adonis was trying to lay claim to something utterly untamable. The Zver had yet to show his face around her again. Oh, and there was a rumor going around that someone had spotted a tiger in the forest. Yes, life at Hogwarts was proving to be quite interesting for the Russian girl.

It got even more interesting when she peered over at the fire only to spot an older girl tossing things at the flames. The Russian stalked silently over to the girl, making it all the way behind her before clearing her throat in a growl. Her claws found their way to the very top of her back, running through the straight red locks and digging deep enough to scrape her flesh through her thin blouse. Sibes growled again.

”Oh can you now, Krasnyy?” she growled in her ear, referring to her as the color of her hair in her native tongue. ”And just what ideas might you have to… make you worth my while?” she purred, letting her fingers leave the girl’s back so she could strut around to the front of the couch, exposing her barely there black shorts and tight red tank, along with the obvious lack of a bra.

Her feet were bare and her long hair was loose, laying silky smooth down her sides and back, reaching all the way to her bum. The petite girl sauntered forward, shaking her hips provocatively, then straddled the redhead’s lap, licking her lips as she looked at her with hungry eyes. ”I can think of plenty of things that might make my time spent here… worth my while… but the question is what will you come up with? Hmm, Krasnyy? I’m waiting. And I’m not very patient, either.” She wiggled her hips then, as if to encourage the girl to hurry up and make up her mind as far as what to do.
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PostSubject: Re: Wasting Time and Watching Flames [Open] [Also highly, highly mature]   Thu Feb 27, 2014 7:07 am

Apparently the rumors of some Russian born sex demon transferring in this year to torment Slytherin house in the best ways were at least partially true. She had missed all of the dark haired beauty’s shows thus far, and was working under the assumption that “Sibes” was an urban legend cooked up to scare and excite the first years until proven otherwise.

The proof came in the form of razor sharp claws running through her hair and against the back of her neck, almost hard enough to ruin the blouse or her skin. “Those things should probably be illegal,” she purred, though she pouted a little when they were taken away. She assumed that the Russian word was either an insult or a nod to her physical beauty and chose to assume the latter until she was corrected.

The little dance towards the redhead’s lap made up for the loss of contact a little, along with the fact that the Russian was wearing just the right amount of not enough to make Rose want to rip the rest of her clothes off. She took a moment to appreciate the pretty young thing that was now wiggling impatiently in her lap, then smirked at the Russian girl confidently. “I promise, I can think of a world of things to do to you,” she purred, “try not to be screaming that little pet name you gave me too soon.”

With that, her hands slid down to grasp the ass barely hidden by the tiny black shorts. She lifted the pretty girl up slightly, allowing herself to slide down so that she was sitting with her back against the couch and her head level with the other girl’s crotch. She held her mouth delicately, dangerously just as close as she could without making contact and sighed words up at the younger girl. “Of course, I could just tease you until you beg…”

With that her hands grasped the ass more firmly again and she pulled herself back into her former position under the Russian on the couch. Then she slid her hands up the dark haired girl’s body, savoring its feel and taking the tank top with her as she went. Once it was off, the redhead tossed it away like the useless rag that it was. Her mouth found one of the girl’s nipples, sensually sucking on it and then tugging it in her teeth. She pulled back with a rather evil smile. “But I don’t think I want to do that,” she finished her previous statement before giving the same treatment to the opposite nipple. Oh, this was going to be a fun night after all.
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PostSubject: Re: Wasting Time and Watching Flames [Open] [Also highly, highly mature]   Thu Feb 27, 2014 5:06 pm

How was it that Sibes kept getting herself into these crazy situations in the Slytherin common room? It seemed like every time she ventured into the supposed ‘snake pit’ someone was being sexy and she couldn’t resist the urge to go jump on them. Boys, girls, it didn’t matter. There were just so many people who were so sexy and deserving of her attention…

The girl who slid her hand along her ass and slid down her body in a sinfully smooth way was one of those worthy creatures, and Sibes let out a growl of desire when the girl placed her face so near her weeping core. She wondered why her shorts were still on when the girl threatened to tease her, and then moved back up her body so that she was tempted to bite her. Instead, Sibes dug her claws into the older woman’s shoulders.

The girl stripped Sibes of her shirt and she purred in response, arching her back so her chest thrust forward toward the pretty girl. ”You’d be disappointed, Krasnyy. Tigers do not beg.” The sudden sensation of lips and teeth on her nipple sending shocks of desire straight to her center. ”Good choice, sexy. This is much more fun than teasing.”

Her voice was full of lust as she spoke to the older girl, claws trailing from shoulders down her arms, reaching her shirt and removing it as she had done to the Russian’s tank. She tossed the garment aside, then let her hands wander over the redhead’s torso, drawing little swirls about her navel. ”So, what else do you have in mind for me tonight, Krasnyy? So far you’re managing to make these shorts utterly unwearable. And yet, you haven’t removed them from my needy body. Do you see a flaw in your actions so far?”
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PostSubject: Re: Wasting Time and Watching Flames [Open] [Also highly, highly mature]   Sun Mar 02, 2014 12:22 am

The claws in her shoulders were a delicious kind of a reward, or the hint of some later reward, maybe. She filed the information about tigers and begging away for later. Both facts were likely to be useful at some point, but neither was enough to change what she was going to do now. The husky, lust filled voice above her was making sure of that pretty well.

The claws ran down her body deliciously, stopping to play around her flat stomach and she groaned at the promise in their touch. She got the sense that the Russian girl could do truly evil, wonderful things with those claws if she was given the proper incentive. Hopefully she could find the proper incentive before the night was done.

“You talk entirely too much, pretty girl,” she said, one hand going down to rest against the younger girl’s core. “My, my, my. You weren’t kidding. These things are completely useless now.” Still, she didn’t yet remove the wet shorts. Instead, her hands went to the clasps of her bra, unhooking them and letting the garment fall away to reveal her breasts, heaving with desire. A hand flashed out and caught the wand that had been stowed inside before it could hit the ground and do some weird sort of damage. Instead she waved it with a great flourish, actually vanishing the dark haired girl’s shorts. “You’re gonna have to earn those back if you want them, pretty girl,” she purred happily.

With that she let the wand drop, one hand instead sliding into the girl’s completely soaked core with no warning at all. As the two fingers went in, she twisted them aggressively. Once they had slid all the way in, she pulled them out again, crooking them as she went. She repeated this same gesture a few times, smirking dangerously up at the other girl the other time. Rose wondered if Sibes had ever been fingered like this before. Generally, it was an action performed by guys, and in Rose’s experience guys had no idea how to do it properly. The redhead, on the other hand, knew every spot to hit to make the other girl wild, and she was making sure to hit every single one of them.
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PostSubject: Re: Wasting Time and Watching Flames [Open] [Also highly, highly mature]   Mon Mar 03, 2014 4:52 pm

Sibes was ready to slap the girl for telling her she talked too much then still not doing anything about the shorts. Of course, then the girl got rid of her own bra and Sibes was distracted by the perfect pert nipples that stood erect on her luscious mounds. Mmm. She licked her lips and moved her hands up to cup one in each hand, holding a nipple between each thumb and forefinger and pinching hard, rolling the nubs in her claws.

The Russian purred happily when her shorts were finally gone, though she wasn’t sure if she cared or not about where they went. Did she really want them back? Maybe she’d just let this pretty thing keep them for her own use. Or simply to remember the wonderful adventure she had with a Russian tiger.

Her fingers were suddenly twisting inside her core and all Sibes could do was growl in pure pleasure. Oh, yes. This girl knew how to work another girl over, and it was just lovely. She really enjoyed when girls used the same methods that took them to their own personal highs to take her to a new one. Sibes rolled her hips, riding the hand that worked on her while she continued her own work on the girl’s hard pink nipples.

As she moved her hips against those expertly moving fingers, Sibes leaned in and captured the girl’s lips in a bruising kiss, biting at the full mouth and fighting her tongue for dominance, running it along her teeth and growling into the rough snog. She pulled away panting, then trailed her mouth down the girl’s neck and chest, leaving angry red bite marks in her wake as she made her way to those delightful nipples. Sibes flicked the right one with a claw, making it bleed before clamping her lips and teeth over it and sucking hard, grinding her teeth on it in a way that would have the girl staggering over the line between pleasure and pain.

She flicked a claw over the other nipple as well, opening it and running her fingers through the hot coppery fluid, groaning around the right nub. Oh, she tasted good. She snaked her free hand down to the girl’s crotch and slid it under her skirt, finding her core and pinching her clit hard, touching it with a claw, though not rough enough to bleed. No, that would be too much to start with. Instead, she just kept pinching and rolling that ball of nerves and the bleeding right nipple, having switched her mouth to the left.

Sibes vaguely wondering if this girl could keep up with her before she gave her another hard suck and slid three fingers into the girl’s hot core.
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PostSubject: Re: Wasting Time and Watching Flames [Open] [Also highly, highly mature]   Sun Mar 09, 2014 4:32 pm

The immediate attention when her nipples were exposed caused Rose to let out a whining moan. Those claws should definitely be illegal, though that would make it the kind of law that was really only good for breaking. The fact that the Russian girl was riding her hand like it was the world’s most nimble dick made her feel sexy and powerful. This was definitely going to be a fun encounter.

Rose just needed to decide if she wanted to be the Russian sex demon’s newest toy or make the younger girl her own newest toy. She kissed back instinctively, moaning low in her throat again as the dark girl kissed her in the roughest way possible. She could definitely be a toy for someone so strong and forceful, and she had the feeling she would be if she let her guard down for even a second. That would be a shame, because the younger Slytherin had a body that was just screaming to be used. Maybe if she worked it right they could both find ways to use and be used.

She stopped thinking of dominating for the moment as the lips and teeth on her neck and chest left her shuddering and mewling with delight. Somehow through all of this she did manage to keep her fingers working, searching out and touching all the best places in the younger girl with the automatic note that only came with long practice, the vast majority of it on herself.

Her moaning turned more insistent as the claw to her nipple sent fire shooting through her entire body only to follow by positively abusing said nipple with her lips and teeth. She thrust her chest up at the mouth, and actually lost the sensation to her other nipple in the simultaneous attention that was suddenly being given to her desperate clit. “Merlin, fuck. Stop playing around and fuck me pretty thing,” she moaned at the younger girl.

And then she did, and with what felt like half of her hand all at once. “Oh Merlin! Fucking fill me!” she cried, adding a third finger to her own explorations and rolling her hips aggressively into the other girl.

Soon even that wasn’t enough for her, though. “Fuck this,” she muttered, sliding under the other girl again, so that both hands, the Russian’s teeth, and everything else became temporarily disengaged. As she did, she shoved the younger girl down so that she was on her back on the couch and found her wand, summoning a double ended strap on that was easily bigger than any dick the other girl would have ever had inside of her. She pushed her skirt and panties off almost angrily, putting the strap on in their place.

She smirked dangerously over the girl, waving her upper body in a little winding dance that left everything jiggling and teasing the younger girl. “Are you ready for this to be a real party, pretty thing?” she asked. Without even waiting for an answer she pushed forcefully into the other girl, reaching down as she did to turn on the vibration of the toy, arching her back and moaning loudly as she began. “Merlin fuck yes!” she cried out, her eyes shutting tightly at the pleasure. “You are an incredible little toy!”
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PostSubject: Re: Wasting Time and Watching Flames [Open] [Also highly, highly mature]   Mon Mar 10, 2014 2:03 pm

Sibes had a deliciously evil thought about adding another finger just so that she could shove her entire fist inside the sexy specimen of girl. Before she could do that, though, the older girl had removed her fingers and teeth and everything else, and pushed the Russian down on her back where she growled in frustration.

She couldn’t stay frustrated for long, however, since the girl soon had some amazing toy vibrating and pumping between them like a giant cock of the gods. This was a first for Sibes, but it was really quite amazing, and she rolled her hips up into the older girl while her hands wandered back to those tender orbs.

”Are you talking about me, or the double-ended dick between us, Krasnyy?” she purred, rolling her hips in a most sinful way while squeezing the girl’s boobs so hard her nails were sure to pierce the skin. ”You know, I rather like the color red on you, you sexy little thing…” Sibes tugged on the girl’s chest, pulling her down to her face so that she cold lap at the crimson drops that trickled over that soft, milky flesh. Mmmm, delicious.

The toy was pretty nice, but it wasn’t enough. Sibes was hungry for as much sexual stimulation as her body could handle. She clasped her lips around the nearest nipple, biting down and sucking at the life liquid that seeped from the rosy peak. ”Have you ever tried… blood play, Krasnyy?” Her emerald eyes were alight with hunger as she continued lapping at the brutalized nub, rocking against the toy and shivering at the sensations coursing through her body.
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PostSubject: Re: Wasting Time and Watching Flames [Open] [Also highly, highly mature]   Sat Mar 22, 2014 11:31 am

Rose smirked again as the angry growl turned quickly into thrusting back at her and properly using the massive toy. She had never known a girl who enjoyed cock in any fashion and would even glance at her not to enjoy the way she could use this one. Sometimes even straight girls begged her to use it, if their inhibitions were sufficiently down.

Clearly the delicious foreigner was a breast girl, as her wonderful sharp attention seemed to always turn back there. She wondered how she dealt with the need to use those wonderful claws when she was with a man, and how frustrating that settling was for her. That was a problem to think of some other time, though, if it ever became Rose’s place to worry about the new girl’s sex life. She rather hoped it would a little bit, and that they could make this a regular thing.

“Mmm, fucking both, sexy tiger,” she moaned out at the question about girl or toy. She whimpered in pain and pleasure rolled together as the claws made her bleed and the Russian’s tongue followed them to clean her chest that would still be left stained from the experience. “My,” she gasped out. “You really are a devilish tiger, aren’t you?”

“Red is my thing, pretty tiger,” she gasped out as the younger girl actually bit down on her nipple and then sucked in a terrible but sexy perversion of a more human and life sustaining act. “I have made toys bleed,” she groaned, all of the attention having caused at least one orgasm at some point, not that she intended to keep count tonight. “But I have never bled like this for anyone before. How does my red life taste, pretty thing?”

As she spoke, or purred and moaned really, she continued rocking her hips, burying the vibrating toy deep in both girls and whimpering some at the sheer sensory overload that this experience was. She leaned down, taking the other girl’s nipple in her teeth and biting hard, easily giving in to what the black haired beauty clearly wanted her to do. Part of her wondered just what someone’s life coursing out of them lightly in such a way tasted like. The rest of her just wanted the sensations to continue, and she gave a mighty thrust as she waited for the blood to flow into her mouth.
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PostSubject: Re: Wasting Time and Watching Flames [Open] [Also highly, highly mature]   Mon Mar 24, 2014 10:40 pm

The girl talked too much. That was the main thought that coursed through the Russian’s mind as she essentially humped the toy while lapping at the life blood that leaked from the brutalized nipple of the older girl. Her comment about making toys bleed had Sibes very confused, but she shrugged it off, running her claws along the girl’s arms as she let her take a nipple in her own teeth, apparently eager to discover what was so fascinating about tasting blood.

Sibes growled as the girl seemed too shy to really bite down and mean it, getting frustrated with the way her lack of sharp teeth worked against the ability to draw a good line of blood from her body. ”Let me help you, Krasnyy.” Her voice was an angry, husky growl, and she pushed the girl away from her, forcing the toy in at a new angle as she lifted her own arm to her mouth, licking a line up from elbow to wrist before nipping the tender wrist with her own long canines so that she bled softly, then offering it to the girl.

It was as if she was a vampire and the girl her new turned companion, only she was utterly failing for the most part, and Sibes was seriously considering ripping open the redhead’s throat. Rather than doing this, she pushed harder into the toy and licked the crimson blood from her lips, rolling her hips to what was maybe her third orgasm since the fun had started. It was strong enough to make her roar in delight, and she smiled cruelly at the older female who was mostly beneath her on the couch.

”Well, that was fun, Krasnyy,” she purred, pulling away from the toy with a wet pop. Not even bothering to clean up her arousal or the blood that now covered the other girl’s chest, Sibes found her wand and strutted off toward her dorm, completely nude and clearly recently fucked. She didn’t mind in any sense who might see her this way. She was sexy and she was damn proud of it. Let everyone stare.
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PostSubject: Re: Wasting Time and Watching Flames [Open] [Also highly, highly mature]   

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Wasting Time and Watching Flames [Open] [Also highly, highly mature]

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