Where enemies can become allies and friends, and where everything you thought you knew is now questionable.
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 Bow To Your Princess [OPEN]

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Bow To Your Princess [OPEN] Empty
PostSubject: Bow To Your Princess [OPEN]   Bow To Your Princess [OPEN] Icon_minitimeSun Mar 09, 2014 9:08 am

Lillian was bored. But that was nothing new to the girl. She always were bored, since she finished her homework, or better, made others finish it for her, and then she had nothing to do. But being Lillian, that was not a choice, and neither was a book. She was around books all day during lessons, so reading more wasn't a choice for her.
She preferred taking walks, stumbling upon people, and things went on from there, depending who she stumbled upon.

She did prefers males, whatsoever. She was beautiful, and little fox. All she did with them was get them to trust her, fall for her, and then she would break them just as easily.
There wasn't a man who had said no to her. Not yet, and she wasn't planning on changing that.
Lillian always got what she wanted, and she liked. She would do anything to achieve it. After all, the ends justify the means.

Yawning out of boredom, she made her way around corridors, not really knowing where she was going, until she fond herself in a room full of armours. Knights.
A smile appeared on her lips and she admired them, thinking how they should all be her knights, since she was the Princess. She grew up like one, and was bound to stay one.
"I assure you that if you weren't dead, I would have made good use of you..," she murmured and kept looking around.
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Bow To Your Princess [OPEN] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Bow To Your Princess [OPEN]   Bow To Your Princess [OPEN] Icon_minitimeWed Apr 30, 2014 10:06 pm

Jenny had been looking all over Hogwarts for her cat, Totoro, he had wandered away sometime while she had been eating breakfast, which worried her, as he wasn't the type of cat to stray away from her. The blonde had made up missing flyers and had been posting them around the school, denoting a reward for anyone who found her poor cat.

The Ravenclaw must have searched nearly every inch of the school, and she was ready to give up soon, but she couldn't, Totoro had to be somewhere, he couldn't have just disappeared. Sooner or later, Jenny made her way down to the armoury, where she heard a girl seemingly talking to herself. A quick glance around the room showed that the girl indeed was alone.

"Excuse me," Jenny spoke up, her blue eyes darting around the room scanning for any signs of Totoro, "I don't mean to interrupt...whatever you were doing, but have you by any chance seen a black cat with one silver eye and one blue and yellow eye, with a grey ring around the silver eye that answers to Totoro?" she inquired, holding out one of her flyers with the cats picture on it.
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Bow To Your Princess [OPEN]

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