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 Up To No Good (Batty) *Mature*

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PostSubject: Up To No Good (Batty) *Mature*   Sun Mar 09, 2014 9:53 pm

A loud wailing noise rang out in the common room and ears were covered everywhere through the room as a tangled mass of limbs came sliding down the smooth surface that used to be stairs. The daredevil fifth year dragged himself up off of the floor and started running up the slide that was once stairs again, only to fall on his face and slide all the way back down again.

Not to be discourage, Olli picked himself back up and stuck his tongue out in determination. He ignored the angry groaning coming from the common room and put his arms out, hands braced on each wall above the stairs. With a grunt, the boy lifted himself up and put his feet on either side as well, doing a sort of shimmy up the staircase, effectively avoiding the slide.

It was working! It was actually bloody working! How had nobody tried this before? Probably because it was completely exhausting, but still. It worked. Olli was about half way up when his hands started to sweat and his knee cramped. Oh bollocks. How the hell was he supposed to fix this situation? Well, there were only a couple options really, one of which involved sliding to his doom yet again, and that was not going to happen.

The other option was to throw himself toward the dorms and hope he made it. So, Oliver braced himself and used all the strength in his limbs to throw his body toward the door. The boy clung to the landing while his legs started to slide, but he just managed to pull himself up, even as all his strength gave out and he face-planted right there outside the sixth year girls’ dorm.

”Dunananana dunananana Bat Girl?” he muttered, hoping Aimee would hear him and maybe pull his worn out body into her room. ”I defeated the evil yelling slide-stairs, m’lady. I cannot, however, defeat the monster that is this door.”

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PostSubject: Re: Up To No Good (Batty) *Mature*   Wed Mar 12, 2014 6:41 pm

Aimee was lying in bed, humming to herself and kicking her feet in the air. Her knees were on here pillow, her stomach was on the bed, her head was towards the door, and there was about two weeks of reading assignment for Potions in front of her. She was taking the subject because usually Aubrey made it easier on her, but this year Aubrey had stayed upset enough and busy enough to rarely be any help, so the girl best known for her bat was struggling mightily in her worst subject she had made an OWL in and drowning in the homework.

Generally homework was better done in the common room or the library, or anywhere else that there were tables, really. Then again, she was only reading now, not writing, and you couldn’t do your homework in the common room or the library in just a bra and workout shorts, which is all Aimee felt like wearing at the moment. No one was likely to be up here for hours, so she didn’t even have to worry about being ready to cover up, or risking angering Granger, who seemed to have some sort of personal war against skin.

Her bad attempts at reading were interrupted as some kind of commotion in the common room reached her ears. She was torn. On the one hand, she had no desire to go out there and see what was going on. On the other hand, the noises sounded far closer than they should be. So maybe she should make sure everything was okay.

Before she could make a decision, there was a thud right outside the door and a familiar voice was calling her name. Groaning and forgetting that she wasn’t even wearing a shirt, she slid off the bed and stomped to the door muttering. “Bloody Ollie, what have you gotten yourself into?”

She wrenched the door open, taking just a second to realize that he seemed to be in pain before she reached down, grabbing him by the collar and dragging him into the room and all the way over to her bed. Thankfully it was one of the closest to the door. When she got there, she plopped back onto the bed, waving her wand to close the door and leaning back on her elbows, both eyes on her quidditch partner. “What are you running on about Ollie? You look like you just lost a fight with a wall or something.”
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PostSubject: Re: Up To No Good (Batty) *Mature*   Tue Mar 18, 2014 1:14 am

The ridiculous fifth year looked up at the lovely redhead that he so enjoyed spending time with, and his jaw dropped. Did she realize that she was barely even wearing clothes? He didn’t really have time to ask that before she was dragging him along by the collar into her dorm room and closing the door behind them, leaving them utterly alone and her still very much not wearing much.

”Or something. It was stairs, actually. Or a slide. Whichever you want to call it, since it was kind of a mix of both…” he trailed, having looked down at the bed and thus been able to actually concentrate enough to tell her a bit of what had happened. It was only a bit, though, as his gaze soon lifted and he was met with her bra-clad chest pushed out toward him and that toned stomach that just begged to be touched…

Olli was sure he was obviously gaping at this point, and he was probably pushing his luck when he did it, but he just couldn’t help himself. He reached out a callused hand and brushed over her taut stomach, letting his fingers whisper over the fabric of her bra before letting out a surprised whimper-like gasp. ”Boobies…” he mumbled, an oddly thoughtful sort of look on his face as he dared to move his hand more forcefully over her bra-clad breast, squeezing and letting out an appreciative noise that kind of sounded like some kind of rattle was caught in his throat.

Oh, she was probably going to beat him for this, but Merlin’s saggy grandma titties! She couldn’t just sit there like that and expect anything more from the boy! He was a constantly horny fifteen year old, and she was sitting there in hardly any clothes with the door shut and him on her bed! Oh yeah. The adventure of Olli vs. the stair-slide was totally worth it.

”Bat Girl, I really hope you weren’t doing anything important in here, cause I don’t think I can let you get back to it. Not with these beauties so unlovingly hidden from my eager fingers…” Flashing her a lopsided grin, Olli reached with his other hand and grabbed the other breast, squeezing both of them in a massaging manner while he moved himself up, pushing her legs apart with his knees and effectively placing himself on his knees between them, hovering over her body. Mmm, he hoped she didn’t hit him too hard. He really wanted to meet those boobs face to… nipple.
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PostSubject: Re: Up To No Good (Batty) *Mature*   Tue Mar 18, 2014 10:11 am

Once she had done it, Aimee realized that depositing her notoriously girl crazy friend on the bed instead of leaving him on the floor next to it might have been a mistake. Then again, maybe not. She had honestly forgotten how undressed she had gotten in order to read in comfort, and besides, hadn’t she been dreaming about this moment since the two of them first started hanging out a couple of years ago? Well, maybe not this exact moment. Fourteen year old Aimee might have dreamed of sweet little kisses snuck in empty little nooks of the castle, but the dreams quickly grew beyond that as she figured out what came next and the cavern hidden in her flaming bush began to call to her with more direction in its voice.

She knew that she should at least make some comment about him finally vanquishing the slide spell and reaching a girls’ dormitory. It had been near the top of Ollie’s list of goals for as long as the redhead had known him. But his rough hand on her flat, smooth stomach was more than she could handle, and rather than making some little joke about the slide she was making a keening noise and pushing her hips towards her partner so that he would touch her more.

She laughed in a very un-ladylike way when he brushed against her bra and used the childish term, but then, the McGregor girls were not all that ladylike at the best of times, and Aimee was probably worst of the group. The majority of the people that knew her associated her with a weapon rather than a name, after all. “Lad, you’re gonna have to call them something a ten year old wouldn’t if you want to see them or touch them anymore,” she said with a dangerous smile on her face.

Oh, that grin was dangerous. She should be pretending to go back to her book, beating him upside the head, or just about anything else to put on the breaks. Ollie was a bad boy, after all, and if the rumors were true he honestly might break her. That grin made her think being broken might just be perfectly alright, though. She mewled lightly, like some sort of terribly soft and girly thing, when he massaged her breasts through the bra and arched her back even more, until her arms were stretched to their absolute limit. “You’re going to be the death of the last part of me anyone thinks is good,” she drawled. “I’m just not sure a boy who actually says ‘Boobies’ out loud when he touched them is worth that.”

Still, she carefully reached under herself with one hand, unclasping her bra. She shrugged the straps off but left them on her upper arms, so that the bra slid down a little, but did not come all the way off or even expose a nipple. If Ollie wanted to see much more than the show they had accidentally started with, he would have to work for it. And act like he was 15 instead of 8.
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PostSubject: Re: Up To No Good (Batty) *Mature*   Tue Mar 18, 2014 4:54 pm

So, she didn’t like the term ‘boobies.’ Well, that was something for Olli to keep at the back of his mind. Maybe. If he could bother remembering it. He might just use it anyway and push her far enough that she didn’t really care, though. That seemed much more his style, after all. The boy cocked his head and kept grinning at her when the bra was suddenly looser, yet still covering most of those ‘boobies’ he was so eager for. She had done that on purpose! He raised a brow and licked his lips, figuring maybe he should work on proving how much he deserved the meet and greet session with her luscious orbs.

”I don’t see why it matters what you call ‘em so long as you can make ‘em nice and happy, Bats,” he said, brushing his fingers over a nipple in a teasing way through the loose fabric. He hoped to drive her as wild as she was driving him so that she couldn’t resist and simply had to give in to his touches.

She definitely didn’t seem very against the idea of them doing certain things together, if the unclasping of the bra and the egging him on was anything to go by… ”You mean some people actually thought there was some bit of you that was a good little girl? I’m shocked!” He laughed playfully, pulling the offending garment down so he could finally see her pretty pink nipples. Yeah, he might be breaking the rules or something, since he hadn’t done anything to show he was some experienced teen instead of a foolish boy who used terms like ‘boobies,’ but Olli didn’t care. He never really listened to rules anyways.

”Do you doubt my bedroom skills, Bat Girl? Cause I can assure you I am a grand stallion of a lover… If you know what I mean, that is.” Olli winked at her and thrust his pelvis a couple times, hoping she got the idea and was interested. If he had just fought the stairs and touched her boobs only to be kicked out of her dorm, he’d be most upset. Especially since he was hoping to teach her how to use that Beater’s aggression in the art of love-making. He saw so much potential in his partner… if she didn’t live up to it, Olli would simply be crushed!
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PostSubject: Re: Up To No Good (Batty) *Mature*   Thu Mar 20, 2014 6:30 am

Aimee snorted in a most undignified way when he mentioned making her ‘boobies’ happy, but the snort changed into a happy whine halfway through as he once again playfully teased her nipples through the bra that was still partially on for some damn reason or others. Apparently he was right. Her boobs really wanted to be happy, and they really wanted her partner to make them happy right now. If he didn’t get a move on, there would be trouble, probably for both of them.

She chose to ignore the comment about her reputation, seeing as it was either that or smack him upside the head, and it seemed far more important right now to obediently pull her arms the rest of the way out of the bra so that it fell all the way off as he was pulling it down to finally access her pink little nipples. The sat there like they had been waiting just for him, but the redhead would make sure that her partner never knew how much that was true. She didn’t want to marry the idiot boy, after all, she just wanted him to fuck her brains out.

Still, she had to take the time to roll her eyes at his little thrusting dance and talk of being a stallion in the bedroom. If that meant what she thought it did, the rumors were confirmed and he really was far too large for her tiny cavern that had never known anything bigger or more experienced than the first two fingers on her right hand. Instead of worrying her as it probably should, the idea made Aimee wickedly excited. Most dangerous things had that effect on her.

Still, he was just standing, or sitting, there, dancing around and looking but doing no more touching than he had been when her lack of clothes could still be put down to an accident. Maybe she needed to make herself clearer. She grinned at him, taking the hem of his shirt in both hands and pulling it fluidly, but none too gently, over his head. She then proceeded to slide up a little, pushing her breasts into his hovering hands again for a second and placing the shirt under her ass, then relaxing back down, so that the shirt was trapped and his hands were empty. “You can have that back when you prove you’re going to do more than stand there and gape like an idiot, partner.”

With that she gave into her desires, running her hands over the boy’s sides, his flat stomach, his strong chest. A small part of her wondered what he did to maintain such a delicious tan when they lived it Scotland for the majority of the year, where all it seemed to know how to be was rainy, snowy, or cloudy and threatening rain or snow. The rest of her didn’t really care. Just touching him like this was a new kind of exciting, and if he didn’t finally kiss her soon, she would probably explode. Or kill him. Or maybe both.
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PostSubject: Re: Up To No Good (Batty) *Mature*   Mon Mar 24, 2014 1:29 am

Boobs. That was most of what his little manly brain was focused on as Olli thrusted at the air and considered what he might be about to do with his friend and partner. Would it have bad repercussions? He sure hoped not, as he was definitely worked up now that the bra was gone and she was peeling his shirt off of him. It popped off his head and he grinned at her, enjoying how she pushed her chest into his. It was like their nipples were kissing. He liked it quite a bit, and so it was rather sad when she pulled away.

At least she started touching his torso though. Her threat about the shirt didn’t really register with the crazy Gryffindor boy, however. Why would he care about getting his shirt back? Olli hardly ever worried about what he was wearing. So long as he had his cargo shorts, he was a happy boy. He was often much happier without a shirt on, like now, as she touched his body and seemed to admire his build. Well, he did work out. Had to keep fit for things like facing the Willow and tackling Peeves, not to mention quidditch. Most of what he did involved risking his life in some form, so Olli prided himself on being ready to run for it in whatever way he needed.

The younger lion tilted his head at her and grinned, taking the challenge in her eyes and words (even if he didn’t intend to take the shirt back unless she really wanted him to) as incentive to get this ball rolling. After all, ever since he’d noticed her attire, he’d been rather aroused. And being rather aroused when one is quote, unquote ‘hung like a horse,’ is rather uncomfortable.

Olli swiftly removed his shorts and tossed them to the floor, along with his socks and shoes. Now he was left in his obnoxious boxers that had an elephant on them, with no trunk. The trunk, of course, would have been where the button was, and as he undid it and let his arousal poke out, it became clear just how cheeky the boy’s undergarments were. The back said something about how his balls weren’t peanuts, but Olli never paid attention to that part. He just enjoyed calling his dick an elephant’s nose. It seemed terribly funny to the Gryffindor.

”I think I can do much more than gape, bat girl. But are you prepared for the Olli Experience?” he asked with a wiggle of his brows. It was supposed to be suave or something, but it really just looked silly, and he couldn’t help but laugh as he felt his nose wiggle with the effort. He probably looked like some kind of bunny. Oh well. The boy shook his head and quickly leaned forward, effectively smooshing his body against the other beater’s and pressing his excited member against her thigh.

He kissed her deeply then, running his tongue along her lips, then fighting hers for dominance once he was granted access to her mouth. Of course, this only lasted so long, and he was soon rolling over beside her and poking at her stomach, trying to get her to squirm enough so he could work his hands into those tiny little shorts of hers. ”These are not supposed to be on you, partner. Not if you want to get down to business, at least. I mean, we could just sit here and let our nipples kiss some more, but that seems rather pointless, and I think my uh… trunk, would get a bit jealous and sad. Don’t want it to get sad, do you?”

He was much too much of a ham, and was probably going to get himself kicked out before he even got any action at this rate, but really… he couldn’t turn himself off. He was just funny. All the time. That was part of his charm, and sometimes it didn’t exactly work in his favor, but that was the risk of being Olli.
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PostSubject: Re: Up To No Good (Batty) *Mature*   Wed Apr 09, 2014 9:20 pm

It took far longer than Aimee would have thought possible for Ollie to stop looking puzzled and start looking like he was going to actually take her challenge as a challenge. He really was a strange sort of a lion. Then again, she carried a beater’s bat around all the time and willingly drank Aubrey’s experiments because she secretly liked seeing what would happen. She was a weird sort of a lion too. They fit rather nicely together, tumbling through life as a crazy sort of partners.
The weirdly stretched elephant that greeted her when Ollie stripped to his boxers made the redhead grin, even if she really didn’t want to waste any more time before she acquainted herself with the trunk that had appeared when he undid the button at the center. Her grin grew to a small laugh matching his own as he tried and failed to wiggle his brows in a sexy manner. Unless you found the look of a chipmunk twitching its nose to celebrate getting a rather large nut sexy, of course. If you did that, you were even weirder than Aimee.
She was making a great show of looking him down to see if she was ready for ‘The Ollie Experience’ when he kissed her hard and kissing him back was suddenly much more important than answering him. She let his tongue into her mouth easily, battling it with her own. Just because they were partners didn’t means it wasn’t required that she beat the younger lion at everything. It totally was. Why would kissing him be any different?
Then she was trying to get her breath back and Ollie was next to her and poking her in the stomach, being funny again. This time she didn’t really see the humor, though. All she saw was that tanned chest and the poking trunk in the boxers, and all she felt was the eagerness that he had caused in her. “I am well more than prepared for your experience, lad,” she purred at him with the fire of his kisses still dancing in her eyes. “If you don’t believe me, feel for yourself.”
She reached down, sliding her shorts and panties off in one fluid motion that left them one strange garment that she didn’t really care about right now when they hit the ground next to the bed. She took the hand from her stomach and guided it down so that it was resting against her most private of openings. “See, partner lad? Completely, totally, and in all other ways ready to experience you. Now get on with it.”
With that she let his hand drop, shifting her hips so that the opening was rubbing against the head of his trunk instead. “Come on, big boy,” she purred at him, hoping the challenge in her eyes and on her lips would spur him from jokes the rest of the way to action. She wasn’t sure how many more jokes she could take before she just took care of everything herself.
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PostSubject: Re: Up To No Good (Batty) *Mature*   Sun Apr 20, 2014 3:19 pm

Before Olli could fully wrap his mind around what all was happening, his fellow beater had removed the rest of her clothes and moved his hand between her legs where he could definitely feel how ready she was to experience him. The two were good friends, yes, but she was still a year ahead of him and got up to things he didn’t know about. Thus, he figured she’d had similar experiences before.

Olli never would have expected his quidditch partner to be a virgin, so he didn’t think much of giving her exactly what she asked for. Her eyes held a challenge, and the boy was always one to take a challenge when it was presented to him… The two often looked at each other that way, and both knew that the dare would be accepted, so he figured it would come as no surprise when he didn’t even bother to remove the elephant boxers before quite literally pouncing at the girl and shifting her so that she laid back on the bed, knees bent and spread wide so he could plunge deeply into her.

Which he did. Instantly, burying himself fully despite his rather intimidating length, only to gasp when he realized he’d met some resistance and he was pretty sure she’d gasped in pain. Oh, holy hell! Aimee had been a bloody virgin?! And she hadn’t bothered to warn him?! Merlin, he would have gone much slower if he knew that! Now he was in her balls deep and he was sure she had to be in a world of pain! He wasn’t exactly the best experience for a first-timer.

In fact, Olli hated sex with virgins for this reason. He hated hurting people. Yeah, he liked pain well enough, but he really didn’t want to make girls cry from his dick. He much preferred making them scream with pleasure. Thus, he was momentarily shocked and completely still, not knowing what he should do to make the experience better for his partner. Really, he was rather scared to move, especially given how damn tightly her body was snuggling his eager member.

”Um… uh… Bats? Um… what should I do now? I mean… can I like… you know… move? Or will I like… destroy you or something?” He looked at her with very wide blue eyes. She better have some direction for the boy, as he was terrified he’d just managed to impale her all the way to her bloody stomach!
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PostSubject: Re: Up To No Good (Batty) *Mature*   Sun Apr 27, 2014 9:55 pm

Aimee’s grin only grew as her partner pounced at her and then moved her to the position that he wanted her in. Of course, after a certain point the need to beat him at everything took a backseat to the fact that he had done this before and she hadn’t. Eventually she would just be along for the ride.

Immediately she let out a gasp of pain that she simply couldn’t hold back. No one had told her that it was going to hurt so badly. Why hadn’t her sister or one of her friends who had actually had sex before warned her that it hurt? Why hadn’t her partner warned her that it was going to hurt before he tried to reach his penis all the way to her belly button from the inside? It had never hurt before when she had played with herself with her fingers. Why should it hurt so badly now?

Of course, Ollie was now panicking, and her walls had tightened around his massive trunk, and that probably hurt just as bad as she hurt. She was the older one and the leader of the two of them, if they ever really bothered to have a leader. She needed to fix this so that it was a good time and not a bad one.

She took deep breaths, forcing her walls to slowly relax so that he fit in her without it feeling like she was going to rip wide open. “Aye, lad. You can move now. Just, um, move slowly at first please, Ollie. I think it will feel better that way.”

She certainly hoped that it would feel better slow, so that she could get used to the size. She wanted to have sex, and she wanted it to be with her partner. She was almost stubborn enough that she might still try it, even if continued to feel like she was gonna rip apart instead of feeling good, so they better find a way to make it feel good.
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PostSubject: Re: Up To No Good (Batty) *Mature*   Fri May 09, 2014 2:12 am

At least Aimee seemed to have taken control of the situation and eased her own panic, but Olli was still in a right state. Merlin! She was going to be so sore! He hadn’t wanted to hurt his partner… If he had known, oh but if he said the wrong thing she’d probably think he didn’t really want her, and of course he did. The raging hard on was enough of a display to prove that. The thing was, he wasn’t a settle down with anyone kind of guy. Usually virgins were… well, they were clingy. It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it could be a very bad situation if the girl he was currently balls deep inside happened to get that way toward him.

Olli needed to stay on good terms with his partner. She was his bloody partner! He couldn’t hurt her too badly, didn’t want to hurt her at all, and he was already ripping her apart in her lady bits. Well, she’d at least relaxed enough for him to move now, so he bit his bottom lip and fought for control as he slowly rocked his hips, moving inside her tightness in such a slow and gentle way that he thought his eyes might pop out of his head from the concentration.

All his body wanted to do at the moment was pound relentlessly into her. Feel those slick walls tighten like a heavenly vice. Merlin. She was just so tight! She felt so good, but she was still in pain, he could see on her face, and it made him ache with the displeasure he felt inside his chest. ”Bats… I can stop. It’s okay. If it’s hurting you I don’t wanna do it…” he said in a near whisper, voice cracking a bit. It was getting so hard to hold back, and it was even harder to keep himself from just pulling out and rushing back to his own dorm. That wouldn’t be the right thing to do, though. He had to help her at least get cleaned up and feel a bit better. He couldn’t leave her like this.

”Just uh… tell me what you want me to do, okay? I don’t really know what the right thing is, and I wanna do the right thing. You’re my partner, Bats. I don’t wanna hurt you.” He desperately wanted her to understand that fact. He didn’t want to hurt her. Olli just wanted to make her feel good. That was why he’d pounced on her in the first place. Dammit, she should have told him she was a bloody virgin!

This was such a mess, and the boy was terrified of what might happen. And that wasn’t even considering the fact that her Ravenclaw sister had a habit of attacking penises for going anywhere near her sisters. Oh, hell. Olli felt like he just kept digging his own grave a bit deeper with each small thrust he made, still trying to make her feel good, but thinking he might should just stop. Gods. What had he gotten himself into this time?
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PostSubject: Re: Up To No Good (Batty) *Mature*   Mon May 19, 2014 2:12 pm

Aimee let out a groan of appreciation as Ollie started rocking slowly within her. Now the giant trunk was brushing all the right parts of her instead of slamming mercilessly against them. It still hurt, but in a manageable way, and it was starting to feel good like she had hoped. She didn’t care if another partner would have maybe been better from a logistics standpoint for her first time. She wanted her partner. She wouldn’t trust anyone else to be her first time.

She began panting with the pleasure of him inside her, but apparently all he could see was the pain on her face, as she had no real control of her face right now. He was the experienced one, both with her and with sex. He should be able to tell what she wanted right now and not panic and try to do the opposite. Why did she always have to tell him what to do?

Rolling her eyes and fighting her feelings for enough control to talk, she gasped out at him. “Ollie Adams, if you bloody stop, I will hunt you down, let Myself chop off your balls, and then wear them as a necklace to warn any other boys who want to get me this worked up and then not finish the job.”

She rolled her hips up towards him, pushing him in as deep as he could go and moaning in ecstasy to prove her point. “I want you to fuck me until me toes curl, Ollie,” she gasped at him. “If you think I can’t handle a little bit of pain along with the good parts I don’t think you’ve been paying me proper attention.” She threw her hips into him again, eliciting another moan that was all throat and pleasure. “Handle it, partner.”
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PostSubject: Re: Up To No Good (Batty) *Mature*   Tue Jun 17, 2014 9:59 pm

Letting out a yelp, Olli imagined the Ravenclaw triplet removing his balls and started frantically giving in to his partner’s demands. If she said she was alright, he guessed she was alright, and he sure as hell wasn’t about to lose his jewels at such a young age. He had many more romps in the hay to partake in, which meant he very much needed all his bits.

”Alright, but if it… oh… start to… ahh… hurt, just tell… mmm… me!” He groaned as he bucked wildly into her, letting himself loose and trying to take her to a whole new level. When she told him she could take some pain with her pleasure, he figured that was true enough, and so he wasn’t worried about holding back.

The truth was, Bats was the perfect type to loser her V-card to Olli. She was strong-willed and eager enough to take a bludger to the head and keep hitting them right back at the other team during a match. Obviously she could handle a bit of extra size when it came to her partner’s… equipment.

Olli grinned as he pushed into her slowly, filling her so completely that he felt himself bump against her fleshy barrier deep inside. Hovering inside of her for a few seconds, Olli then pulled out fast, only to slam back in just as deep. ”Oh, holy hell… I don’t know how long I can hold out, Bat Girl!” he called through gritted teeth, reaching between them to stimulate her sensitive nub of nerves.

He wanted to get her as heated as he was well before he exploded, but it was so hard to hold back. She was just so tight and soft and warm… Gods. It felt so good, Olli wanted to give in to the pure pleasure, but he held himself back, groaning as he pushed into her while tweaking the button he hoped would help take his redheaded partner over the edge.
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PostSubject: Re: Up To No Good (Batty) *Mature*   Wed Jun 25, 2014 9:27 am

Ollie talked far too much and worried even more. How was he still talking about pain and stopping when he could only talk in gasps? Well, at least he was gasping now. It would have been a right shame if he hadn’t managed to enjoy himself at all, just because it was her first time, or whatever other nonsense had been stopping him.

As his bucking went a little bit wild she let out a garbled scream of pleasure. She was feeling things beyond what she had ever managed to do to herself, and the last thing she wanted it to do was stop. When he slowed down, and stopped inside her, that was okay too, because it felt like he was filling her completely, touching every part of her at once. He slammed back in hard and she yelped in pleasure, almost forgetting that she should move as well, not just let him do whatever he wanted. Actually, letting him do whatever he wanted seemed to finally be working out well for her.

His hands went to the magic button that guarded her opening and the world behind her eyes lit up with stars, as the pleasure she felt only grew. She tried to answer him, but could only manage a series of louder and more insistent moans as he drove her over the edge. It felt like her closed eyes had rolled back into her head with the sheer pleasure of it and she was sure that her partner had to feel what he had done to her. She was less sure but hopeful that he would be able and willing to do it again and not make it a one-time thing. She got the sense that his huge size was at least some part of the experience.

When she had finally come back down enough to speak, she managed a small and shocked whisper. “Wow, partner. You can do that and you wanted to stop before you did it. I might have to hurt you for that.” As she was just whispering, and there was a soft and much gentler than she could usually manage smile curling her lips, it was obvious that it was an empty threat. Still, her partner would have had to been an idiot to pass that up.
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Up To No Good (Batty) *Mature*

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