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 Can you melt the Ice Fairy? (open)

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PostSubject: Can you melt the Ice Fairy? (open)   Sun Mar 16, 2014 5:26 pm

Standing in front of the mirror she smiled as she altered her appearance and then changed it back to normal.  She wanted to make a grand entrance and this was just the time to do it.  Ali had not had a chance to really meet anyone and it was even more depressing than being at her old school.  This was not what she had wanted but her parents had given her no choice in the matter.  They said go and she went.  

The only plus was the costume ball and on short notice her mother had at least made it up to her with the dress she had sent. The dress was white on top, with an intricate pattern on the bodice with a shorter cap sleeve, and the skirt was a silverish gray, with multiple layers to the fabric. Around the waist as an accent piece was a silver chair belt. Examining herself she turned slightly to look at the silver wings adorning her back.  

She looked amazing, but something was missing. "Ah I know what will make it perfect."  Closing her eyes she reopened them to reveal a piercing ice blue and her hair was a beautiful shade of brown, the curls falling softly over her shoulders. Slipping on a pair of silver heels she spun around checking her outfit one last time.  "The Ice Fairy has arrived."

Chuckling to herself she stepped towards the door her dress swishing about her legs as she walked.  Her housemates had already left which did not bother her in the least bit.  They had not exactly been warm since her arrival but they were no worse than any other teenage girl she had ever met.  They were selfish creatures naturally and she was no different.  Ali was selfish, cunning and ruthless when it came to taking things she wanted.  Power was a wonderful thing and while she may be at the bottom now starting over she would not remain there for long.

While she was lost in her thoughts she arrived at the Great Hall a bit more quickly than expected and stepping past a group of younger students in the hall she walked in examining the decorations.  They were passable but she was sure it was the best they could do.  Folding her hands in front of her waist she glanced around and then stepped in to do a lap.  Hopefully, something or someone would catch her eye and give her something to entertain herself with.

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PostSubject: Re: Can you melt the Ice Fairy? (open)   Tue Mar 18, 2014 3:23 pm

Ah, Halloween, the wonderful night of sexy teens doing sexy things while the adults hid because they were afraid of eggs or toilet paper or something equally stupid being thrown at them. Such a wonderful night.

Still, ordinarily she would spend it in the dungeons somewhere, playing a game that started out sexy and ended up sex. The problem with that was that the castle’s lead game master had somehow duped the powers running the school into thinking he would be an ideal candidate for Head Boy. So all of the most fun people would be at the school sanctioned party that he was throwing, at least to begin the night, and Rose figured she might as well make an appearance. She could always find some trouble to get into after.

Still, she wanted to pull off being sexy without bothering to put any effort into it, because she was feeling lazy. In the end, she ended up in a warm, thick plush robe, like one that would be worn by a medieval queen. It was green with silver trim, and she wore it tied loosely enough to show that there was nothing at all underneath it. The only other things she had on were a fancy silver crown and sparkly silver high heels. Without putting in any real effort, she felt she achieved a look that screamed “unwrap me and take me home” and for the right person, she wouldn’t even care which order those two things happened in. As long as she still had the crown when she got back to her own space the next morning, the rest of the outfit was disposable.

Walking into the ball like she owned the place, she did a quick turn of the floor, pausing only to sneer in distaste at the refreshments table. The punch would surely be spiked by now, and all of that food was garbage that was barely fit for human consumption. She would need to talk to the useless Head Girl. She knew that girl had to watch what she ate, so the redhead wondered how it was that there was no real food with actual nutritional value to be seen.

This line of thought ended when he eyes fell on a dark and exotic beauty that she had never seen before, dressed as some kind of fairy. She sauntered slowly over, taking her time, but letting the girl know with her eyes that she was Rose’s destination. Surely she wouldn’t be dumb enough to wander off somewhere and make herself harder to find for the redhead.

Rose smirked invitingly when she caught up to her. “My, it is quite the year for sexy exchange students, isn’t it?” she purred. “I had no idea what Hogwarts had decided it needed to work at importing sexiness.”
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PostSubject: Re: Can you melt the Ice Fairy? (open)   Wed Mar 19, 2014 6:00 pm

Pausing she looked around, her ice blue eyes flashing as she took in the teenagers surrounding her. On the surface they did not look so different from the ones at her previous school, but there was something darker here that she could not quite put her finger on. She only hoped that she figured out what it was sooner rather than later. Wrinkling her nose in disgust at a pair of students on the edge of the dance floor she shook her head and continued on.

She would do her seven months or so in this prison and then she would be free, or as free as she could be with controlling parents, to do as she pleased. Moving forward once more she headed towards the refreshments table hoping to find something to quench her thirst. She stopped short however when she felt eyes upon her and lifting her gaze she caught the eyes of the redhead upon her and she could not help but smile. Just as she was about to move on the girl started in her direction allowing her to see her costume in full view. Well now, someone was certainly feeling daring, she thought to herself. Surpringly enough though it seemed to suit her and match the aura that she put off.

Crossing her hands across her stomach she continued to smile as the girl paused near her side. "Well from what I have seen it is certainly needed. This school seems to be producing nothing but bookish types from what I have seen so far. You though seem entirely refreshing,"she responded biting her bottom lip slightly as she did. It was finally beginning to look promising at this school. Maybe the next few months wouldn't be so bad after all.
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PostSubject: Re: Can you melt the Ice Fairy? (open)   Wed Mar 19, 2014 8:32 pm

Now a sixth year at Hogwarts, Lavender Brown had a lot of friends. She prided herself on that particular accomplishment. And how had she made so many friends? The answer was simple, of course. She was young and blonde and beautiful! People saw her walking down the hall and couldn't help but want to be her friend, because she was perfect - well, as close to perfect as one could get. And certainly much more perfect than anyone else. And that was exactly how Lavender liked it - walking about the halls surrounded by a group of girls who were less beautiful than her, so that her perfection was clearly emphasized. It was easy to do, because everyone was less beautiful than her.

Today was a particularly exciting day, because today Lavender could show off her beauty even more than usual! Because that night, the Halloween Ball would be taking place. Until that moment, Lavender was still unsure of what she was going to dress as. She didn't have a costume, but she was a genius when it came to her wardrobe, so she knew that she could come up with something. Digging into her closet and searching thoroughly through her things, she quickly settled on dressing as a pirate - sexy, but not too sexy. Pulling on a simple pair of figure hugging Khaki colored pants, she dug into her trunk for the top to complete her outfit. With a grin, she emerged with a decorative brown corset. She fastened it quickly on, pulled on a pair of boots, and took a few minutes to braid her hair into a swashbuckling braid.

After applying a generous amount of makeup to her face, she eagerly made her way to stand in front of her mirror so that she could assess her appearance. Her face lit into a bright smile at the sight. The khaki pants clung to the curves of her hips and butt, and the corset ended a bit above the waistband, showing off her flat midriff. While the bottom half of her outfit was rather conservative, her breasts nearly spilled out of the top, where the corset clung tightly to her chest as it was supposed to. Lavender wasn't into wearing just lingerie as a Halloween costume. She enjoyed her share of fun times with the guys, but she preferred to give them a bit to discover rather than exposing it all at once.  

Finally satisfied with how she looked, Lavender slipped on a ruby necklace and gold bracelet and made her way quickly from the common room. It didn't take her long to reach the ball, and her face was bright and excited as she pushed the doors open. She took a deep breath and stepped inside, her eyes instantly scanning the room for her friends. They didn't seem to be around, which meant she must be the first one of them to arrive! Well, better to keep busy. Lavender wasn't one to stand by herself. Her eyes fell on two Slytherin girls standing nearby - one was dressed as a fairy, and the other as a... queen about to take a shower? Perhaps? Whatever, it didn't matter. She was only talking to them as a substitute until her friends arrived.

She joined the conversation just in time to hear one of the girls ask if sexiness was being imported, and to hear the other answer. "Maybe in Slytherin," she chimed, looking back and forth between the girls. They were both quite beautiful, but still not as beautiful as Lavender. She recognized the redhead, but hadn't spoken to her before. The other seemed completely new - Lavender had never seen her before this year."Gryffindor on the other hand, has plenty of sexiness to go around!" In the form of Lavender Brown, of course. "Your name's Rose, right?" she asked the redhead, a bit haughtily. Because she was better than them. "I'm Lavender," she added to the dark-haired girl, who would likely not have a clue what her name was. Poor thing. "And I'm most certainly not a bookish type, thanks."
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PostSubject: Re: Can you melt the Ice Fairy? (open)   Fri Mar 21, 2014 10:32 pm

Rose actually snorted a little when the Russian girl said that Hogwarts needed help being sexier and less bookish. Then again, hadn’t she been noticing the same problem this year? So few people deserving of her attention and so few toys who actually knew how to play. The only night she had truly enjoyed had been the one with the other import, and the rumor was she was settling down already. “Maybe we can do something refreshing when you get tired of the dance, then,” she said, licking her own lips when she thought of taking the other snake back to bed.
Her flirting was rudely interrupted as a lion decided to step out of its place and speak to them. Rose scoffed openly at the idea that the red house might be sexier than her own, as well as the strange idea the girl seemed to be harboring that she was better than the redhead. She also ignored the blonde’s weird little introduction entirely. She had no clue why the lion knew her name and no reason to care what the younger girl called herself.
“Look, little girl,” she sneered, “it’s super neat and all that you broke into your mommy’s makeup case and tried to make yourself a sexy dinosaur hunter or whatever, but the real women don’t really care. Go find some little boy that doesn’t know how to work his cock yet and leave us alone.” With that she waved her hand dismissively and turned her attention back to the fiery hot ice fairy.
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PostSubject: Re: Can you melt the Ice Fairy? (open)   Sat Mar 22, 2014 12:23 pm

"Yes well I was bored the moment I walked in the door but it is nice to know you are willing to help me out."

As Ali stood next to Rose she could not help but admire the girl. After all not many could pull off the look she had attempted so flawlessly. That and she had this air about her just daring people to cross her. Ali was starting to feel just a bit more comfortable. All until a blonde wandered over to them and Ali could not help but wrinkle her nose. This was the type of girl back home that Ali could spend all day torturing.

Looking her up and down she shook her head. She had seen better, and done better. But apparently this girl thought she was the best thing to walk the earth. Rolling her eyes she muttered "сука," and offered a fake smile. Crossing her arms over her chest she continued to watch the girl, obviously not impressed.

"Lavender, was it. You do not look as if you have ever cracked a book in your life. Nor do you look as if you even know where the library might be located. Now if you will excuse us."

Ali's smile grew even larger as Rose put the blonde in her place. Extending her arm to Rose she turned on her heel, she needed a drink if she was going to make it even half way through this dance.
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Salazar Slytherin

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PostSubject: Re: Can you melt the Ice Fairy? (open)   Mon Mar 24, 2014 8:39 pm

An army of acromantulas from the forbidden forest storm the castle and barge into the Great Hall. Giant, hairy, eight legged spiders quickly converge onto the mass of students attending the Halloween Ball, on the attack.
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PostSubject: Re: Can you melt the Ice Fairy? (open)   Mon Mar 31, 2014 5:07 pm

Before she could do anything about having the pretty Russian girl’s undivided attention again, there was a flood of spiders pouring into the Great Hall. Now, Rose wasn’t bothered by dark, crawly things like a lot of girls were, but these weren’t ordinary spiders. They were giant, crawling invitations to death, and Rose had no intention of accepting. Let the overly brave lions and their ilk fight and protect the little kiddies. Let them die in the process, too. She was going to make sure that she and the new Russian were still alive and pretty when they made it to their beds.

She grabbed the fairy’s arm, pulling her through the converted ballroom and looking for a way out. Unfortunately, it seemed like every way was blocked by the giant spiders, and she wasn’t about to try actually fighting them to get out. She was quite insistent on the not dying part of her plan, after all.

“Bloody! Damn! Spiders!” she panted out, feeling like she was scurrying like a lab rat in a maze as she continued to make no real progress towards the doors out, despite exercising far more than she ever really felt the need to.

Finally a path opened up in front of her, and she darted through it without question, not caring about anything other than getting to the doors in one piece and getting herself and the pretty fairy out of this stupid ball alive. She could worry about anything else in life, a long bath for instance, after she was far away from here.
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PostSubject: Re: Can you melt the Ice Fairy? (open)   

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Can you melt the Ice Fairy? (open)

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