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 Reyna Faulkner - 7th Year

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Reyna Faulkner
Reyna Faulkner

Year 1
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Reyna Faulkner - 7th Year Empty
PostSubject: Reyna Faulkner - 7th Year   Reyna Faulkner - 7th Year Icon_minitimeSun Mar 30, 2014 11:04 am

Name: Reyna Alice Faulkner
Age: 16
Year: 7th
House: Slytherin
Birthdate: 04/07
Blood Type: Pureblood

Likes: Winning, Getting what she wants (because she always does), Fashion, Jewelry, Modeling, Games
Dislikes: The Dark Lord, Death Eaters, Muggles, Anything involving getting the least bit dirty, Ignorance
Strengths: Quick Witted, Manipulative, Thinks for herself, Sharp Tongue, Getting her way
Weaknesses: Stubborn, Bad temper, Not trusting, Conceited, Arrogant, Over-confident, Sore loser

Family: Alyssa Faulkner (Mother), Braxton Faulkner (Father), Brayden Faulkner (Older Brother)

Reyna is the only, and very much spoiled, daughter of Alyssa and Braxten Faulkner, the heads of a very old and wealthy Pureblood family. She was the second born, coming after her brother, who is the rightful Faulkner heir, Brayden, who is two years older than her and currently works in the family business - Wizard Law Advisors. He is being groomed to one day take over and run the family by his father, who is pressuring him to either choose a Pureblood witch for marriage or he will choose one for him.

Her parents themselves were forced together via an arranged marriage, as is generally customary in the Faulkner line. Due to that, they have succeeded in continuing to be a Pureblood family, with the exception of a very low number of squibs and disownments over the many, many years the family has existed. More than likely, Reyna will be involved in an arranged marriage, which is why she doesn't bother with dating, or the notion of love.

Personal: Being a Pureblood, Reyna is no stranger to rather cold and distant family members who show very little emotion or affection, if any at all. So like-wise, the teen is very good at not displaying any, when she wants or needs. She is well rehearsed in the 'proper & lady-like' ways her mother drilled into her from the time she was old enough to walk and talk. As such, Reyna has all the airs and mannerisms of a well brought up young Pureblood witch, and given that her family is wealthy, has also developed a flare for fashion. Tasteful fashion, because the girl will stick up her nose at anything deemed distasteful or what she considers beneath her.

Snobbish and prissy, she is very princess-like, used to getting what she wants, when she wants it. Often times as a child, Reyna would want things just to see if she could get it. Which she usually always did. When she didn't, her foul temper would have the manor in an uproar for days to come, and that was usually when her accidental magic struck. Needless to say, the girl was not denied a thing if it could be helped. As such, she is generally smug with the fact that what she wants, she gets, and is spoiled to the point where she continues to merely want things just to want them, and often times just tosses whatever it was aside to forget it and move on to the next thing.

She enjoys the finer things in life, such as clothes, jewelry, and pretty much anything and everything, and never does she settle for less than the best. Reyna also enjoys being the center of attention, and soaks up compliments like a sponge, so naturally, during her summers the teen has began modeling. She might seem like the average spoiled, Pureblood witch, which she is, but the teen is also highly intelligent. With quick wit and a sharp tongue that is well rehearsed in sarcasm and disdain, Reyna walks like a lady but is an assassin with her tongue.

Now in her seventh and final year at Hogwarts, Reyna is very well aware of the darkening war in the wizarding world. The Faulkners had remained neutral and continue to do so. While the girl will stick her nose up at another Pureblood just as easily as she will a muggle (because everyone is beneath her), the teen does believe that purebloods are generally better than the rest. She does not agree, however, that Muggles should be killed and tortured. She certainly doesn't see herself killing anyone. She might get blood on her clothes. No. It would suit her better to find someone to order to do such dirty deeds for her if she needed.

Her parents are also in the midst of preparing an arranged marriage for her, but are finding trouble with it since they are not prepared to choose a side in the war, and the other families want to know exactly where their loyalties will lie in the end. Reyna, for the most part, doesn't bother with boys, dating, or love, as she knows her duty to her family and has been bred to perform it. However, her loyalty will always be to herself first and foremost, the product of being a selfish and stubborn witch.


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Reyna Faulkner - 7th Year

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