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 Budding Strains (Open)

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PostSubject: Budding Strains (Open)   Mon Mar 31, 2014 1:32 am

It was beginning to get rather cold those days, with the chill of the upcoming winter starting to set in. Which meant Harley needed to take care of a few..things. Classes were over for the day, so she was no longer forcing herself to wear her school uniform. Instead, the teen was now in a pair of jeans that for once fit her snuggly. A plain black, long sleeved hooded shirt adorned her upper torso, and she had the hood pulled halfway up on her head. As was customary for the Gryffindor witch, her red and black riding jacket was pulled on over it as she waltzed through the common room and out the portrait hole.

There was still a good few hours before curfew struck, not that she usually bothered with it in the first place, but seeing as where she was going, and what she was up to, for once the brunette wasn't going out of her way to draw attention to herself. For years the teen had been pulling this off, so she wasn't at all worried, and nothing about her really gave off the vibe of a guilty conscience as she strutted through the castle, hands stored in her jacket pockets along with her wand. A slight grin tilted her lips, and if anyone ever bothered to look close enough, there was a definite mischievous look in her blue eyes.

It didn't take long for Harley to reach the oak front doors of the castle, and she easily slid past them and outside, her feet automatically taking her in the direction of her end destination. She went at a leisurely pace, not in much of a hurry. They could wait a few extra minutes. Eventually, the teen came to the herbology greenhouses, and, with a look over her shoulder just to make sure no one else was approaching or had followed her for some reason, she pushed into greenhouse two.

She was immediately met with the fact that no one else was there. And why would they be? There wasn't a lot of people that interested in plants, as far as she knew. And even if there were, the Gryffindor knew this particular greenhouse hosted the least likely to attract anyone outside of class. After years of perfecting her little hideaway, Harley knew this was the safest of the three greenhouses to keep them. Even Sprout barely came in this one, and so far, even she had failed to spot Harley's special plants.

The brunette was in no way a gardener of any sort. But after third year, it had occurred to her that this route beat getting good old Mary Jane delivered by owl at the Gryffindor table during breakfast in the mornings. The summer before fourth year the witch had gotten her hands on some good strains she liked in particular easily enough, and once she had arrived back at Hogwarts, Harley had selected to plant them in the greenhouse she knew was very rarely visited from her years at Hogwarts and finding good places to smoke where there was the least chances of getting caught. Needless to say, greenhouse two was a place she had her to be busted in.

And it was perfect for growing plants, obviously. Over the past two years the teen had perfected her weed growing, and during the past summer had harvested enough of the sweet smelling bud to make a nice chunk of change off of it and still keep herself well stocked. It wasn't a glamour job by any means, but then again, Harley was hardly the glamour girl. It had taken all of fourth year to really develop the mind for it, but she wasn't above actively researching something when it really struck her fancy. Now she had three different strains of the stuff growing, and they were by no means small plants, but we're easily hidden amongst the others that resided there.

Unfortunately, none of them would survive in the winter, even with the stasis charms on the greenhouse that was placed for that specific reason. Her first fuck up, once she had began this endeavor, and one she wasn't about to repeat again just because she was too lazy to drag herself out into the chilly evening. She needed to add extra stasis charms herself to each plant for them to survive the cold, which was her reason for being there in the first place. Not too mention to take a few of the well developed buds for her own depleting stock in her dorm and for a select few she provided some to.

Harley had just managed to get the first two well grown plants charmed up properly when the sound of someone at the door to the greenhouse had her slipping away from the last one and off to it's right, pretending to examine the rather bush-like plant growing there, hoping her sudden movement hadn't been caught and that the person entering for who knew what bloody reason wasn't suspicious. "You here on business, or pleasure?" The teen questioned the newcomer in her bored drawl, looking for all the world as if she didn't care in the least either way. Which she didn't.
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PostSubject: Re: Budding Strains (Open)   Mon Mar 31, 2014 3:51 pm

Most people would probably say Draco was overstepping his bounds or something by doing what he had been doing for the whole year so far. Most people would probably be right, but that didn’t deter the blonde. There were certain needs that the male felt, after all. Some of them, like the needs for things like food and shelter and a comfortable bed, could be filled by the castle in which he lived. Some of them, like the carnal desire for sex, the need to feel loved, hell, the need to feel needed, were once again being filled by his fail snake, even if no one else knew that quite yet.

Other needs, however, Draco had to find ways to fill himself. One such needs was that to get high, and he had found a most ingenious way to fill that particular one. One day in early September he’d wandered into the greenhouses, finding a nice uninhabited area to partake of his craving, and low and behold, he’d found more of his favorite plant. At first, he’d thought it was his high brain playing tricks on him, but when he returned in a sober state, Draco found that he had, indeed, hit the MJ jackpot.

Since then, the blonde had made it a point to go to that particular greenhouse about once every other week to take a good number of buds so that he would have less need to get his supply elsewhere. It was much easier this way, and he found it was less likely that he’d get stuck with some crazy magically influenced batch that his supplier was convinced was ‘loads better’ if he was spending less on the normal stuff. It wasn’t so much that he didn’t appreciate the trippy shit, but sometimes Draco just wanted the simple high. His buddy didn’t seem to understand that idea.

Tonight happened to be his normally scheduled trip to his favorite greenhouse, and the boy had just gone to drop his satchel and robes up in the dorm before making his way outdoors. He was only clad in black slack and shoes, and a mostly unbuttoned oxford at this point, and was rolling up his sleeves as he opened the door only to find a somewhat familiar person standing by the plants he’d come to call his. Of course, Draco knew someone else had been caring for them, but still. He hadn’t really cared who they truly belonged to. He was going to keep taking from them as long as they were there, especially considering how he could turn in the responsible party very easily. What with being a prefect.

”I find the two often comingle, Davidson. Now, how about you quit pretending to be so interested in that bush. I happen to be pretty sure the bush doesn’t quite do it for ya, and I also know that you are suspiciously close to a much more interesting plant. One I had my eye on, and would appreciate being able to get to.” At that, the boy approached, pushing her a bit to the side and shoving by, brushing his toned body against hers without even flinching. He reached out and took a few buds from each of the three plants, smirking at the way two of them seemed to be charmed with a heavier stasis in addition to that of the greenhouse.

He let the smirk fall on the girl as he pocketed his pickings, leaning back against the table on which the plants sat and looking her up and down. ”Good job, Davidson. I was wondering if you’d end up charming them so they didn’t die on us. Thought I might have to swoop in and save the day. Would have given myself away then, though, and that would have been a shame. Seems that happened anyway, though, doesn’t it? So… what do we from here then, Davidson? A prefect catching a little lion with some… illegal activities. I really should report you, you know…”
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PostSubject: Re: Budding Strains (Open)   Tue Apr 01, 2014 12:44 am

Harley rolled her eyes at the blonde Slytherin who she had shared classes with for some five years. When she went to classes anyways. Which, let's face it, wasn't entirely very often, but either way, it had been long enough for him to develop the little nickname he used for her. At his use of it, the teen found herself once again wondering how Malfoy even knew what a Harley Davidson was. It was much too muggle to be normal for a pureblood such as himself to really admit to knowing. It had always rather surprised the brunette that no one else aside from herself had ever really caught on to that.

Regardless, the Gryffindor witch had never questioned him on it, and followed the same course here. She wasn't that interested in the answer. She was more interested in the reference to her plants, and how he brushed his clearly toned body against hers as he shoved her out of his way to get to them. Harley quirked a brow, watching as he plucked his choice of buds from the three plants. "You're going to be paying double the going rate for that, Malfoy, including for what you've already stolen." Sure, she had no way of knowing for sure that he had taken from her stash before, but at the same time, it was pretty obvious from the way he did it in front of her that he had.

The Gryffindor felt a smirk curling her own lips as he looked her up and down, though she did roll her eyes at him again. "Save the day my arse Malfoy. You would've done it purely to save yourself from running out of a supply." She retorted smoothly in a bored drawl, though her smirk grew on her lips. "You're not going to report me, and I'll tell you why. Because whatever illegal activity this is, you're currently an accomplice, and if I go down, you had better bet your overly pretty head that I'm taking you with me."

Harley approached him confident, until she was positioned between his legs and merely an inch of so from being flush against his body as her blue eyes met his grey ones unflinchingly. "I'll tell you what we are going to do though." She began, and without hesitation or looking away the teen slid her hand into the pants pocket he had dropped the buds into. "I'm going to take back what's mine, and you're going to start paying like everyone else."

Her hand moved in his pocket, and the corners of her lips pulled up into a small grin, but she didn't back off. Instead, the brunette leaned forward until her lips brushed his. "Careful Malfoy, don't move. Unless you want me to grab something that doesn't belong to me." Harley didn't care if he had invited her move or not. He seemed like he might be a fun time, and the body she had felt that lurked beneath the clothes could prove enticing. "After all, you're right. The bush doesn't really do it for me."
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PostSubject: Re: Budding Strains (Open)   Tue Apr 01, 2014 5:48 pm

Draco rolled his eyes right back at the Gryffindor witch as he crossed his arms over his chest and looked down at her with arrogance clear on his aristocratic face. She really thought she was hot shit, didn’t she? The way she spoke like he would actually listen to anything she demanded. He was Draco bloody Malfoy, and he’d be damned if he started listening to some foolish little muggleborn twat just ‘cause of some nice weed.

He let out a barking laugh when she smirked at him, and he couldn’t hold back the growth of his own smirk. ”Nice try, but you really can’t pull of the signature Malfoy look, there, Davidson. And I really don’t think you understand who you are dealing with. I’m most definitely not going to be paying you any sort of rate, nor will I be giving you back what I just took. You see, these plants have become as much mine as yours, since I’ve been taking just as much care of them. We’re pretty much partners at this point, kitty.”

His hand carefully grasped her wrist as she groped around in his pocket, and he stared deep into her eyes as his hold on her wrist tightened. ”If you didn’t want to grab what didn’t belong to you, you would have kept your hand to yourself, Davidson,” he murmured against her lips, making sure she couldn’t push her hand any further into his pocket to get what she was after- be it buds or bits. Draco wasn’t about to cheat on his fail snake, even if they weren’t officially even together. This girl would get the hint eventually, he was sure, and for now, he’d simply tease her as best he could. No harm in having a bit of fun after all.

”Well, your bush doesn’t exactly excite my rod, if you catch my meaning there, Davidson. Might have something to do with the number of test drives you allow,” his tone was acidic as he stared into those blue orbs, his steel gaze intense and harsh. ”So how about you take your hand out of my pocket and take care of that last charm before you take on more than you can handle, kitty? Trust me, I’m way too much for you.”

With that, Draco pulled her hand out of his pocket and twisted the wrist in a way that he was sure would cause pain but wouldn’t do any real injury. He kept smirking coldly at her all the while, their bodies rather close and heat radiating off of them both. ”You pale in comparison to the witch I have, Davidson, so don’t kid yourself. I wouldn’t waste my time on you… Now, about this partnership…” his lips curled into a sinister sort of smile as he looked down at her, enjoying the fact that he was taller than most of the other students in his year and lower. Oh, there was no way she’d be getting any money from Draco. No, she’d more likely be giving him more green than he’d already taken by the time he finished with her.
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PostSubject: Re: Budding Strains (Open)   Wed Apr 02, 2014 11:29 pm

Harley snorted at the blonde. "The only one in here who bothers with trying to be something they're not is you, Malfoy. You've been doing it for years. And you ain't shit. I work alone." The brunette responded cooly, not phased by his words or smirk. Who did he think he was? Some mob boss? She mentally laughed at the idea that he assumed he deserved some cut of her own business. Outward, she merely looked half bored, half mildly amused, even as he grabbed her wrist tightly.

The Gryffindor witch met his intense grey gaze with her own hard blue ones, quirking a brow at the Slytherin male. "What I'm after is mine. As far as keeping my hands to myself, well, that's not nearly as fun as keeping them on someone else." The teen shrugged lightly, murmuring back against his lips and attempting once to push her hand further into his pocket only to fail. So that was a no go, but she would get either her product or her money. Malfoy might think he was someone special, but all he was to Harley was a spoiled privileged prat with an ego and good looks.

She laughed openly at his words, his tone only serving to amuse her as she continued to stare down those intense silver eyes and hold her own. The brunette had spent most of her life running the streets. It was hilarious that Malfoy thought he was any kind of scary compared to some of the males she had dealt with in the past. Or any of the ones she still knew. "That's classic Malfoy, coming from the bloke who spent years banging the one person whose given more test drives than me."

Harley could feel the heat building between them as she stared back into that cold gaze of his looking unimpressed even as she winces slightly from the pain he managed to put on her wrist as he twisted it. "Forcing my hand isn't in your best interests Malfoy, but if you insist.." Faster than the usually lazy lion had any right to be, the teen used her free hand to grab the butterfly knife she kept hand in her jacket pocket, flipping it open for use expertly and, in the blink of an eye, had it held against the pulse point of his pale throat.

He may be taller, and stronger, but she had held her own against many a pompous idiots who thought they could use that as an advantage over her, and the shrewd look in her blue eyes said she had no problem sticking him with the blade. "You don't know near enough about me to pass judgement on what I can and can't handle, Malfoy. So don't kid yourself. And last I heard, you were trying on blokes for size after your so-called witch gave you the boot."

Harley didn't hold back her words any, out of habit. She wouldn't have either way, because she wasn't in the least bit threatened by the boy. "As for your rod not being interested," the brunette pressed further against his body, smirking as she felt the bulge of his member, "guess we know who was lying." With that, she flicked her tongue over his lips, licking them as she pressed the blade in her end further against his neck, nicking him enough to make sure he understood the threat was real.

"Now why don't you drop the bitchy attitude, stop wasting my time, and pay up before I have you paying in a way you won't like. Because there is no partnership, and no one steals from me and gets away with it."
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PostSubject: Re: Budding Strains (Open)   Thu Apr 03, 2014 12:46 am

He’d pretty much expected the dig at who he slept with in the past as soon as the ‘test drive’ bit left his mouth. What Draco hadn’t expected, though, was the blade that pressed to his throat afterwards. Damn! He might not want to pay for the buds for reasons of pride and pompousness, but it wasn’t worth a slit throat to him! The prat of a pureblood knew he had more than enough money to cover whatever he wanted, and his parents wouldn’t even notice. The whole thing had simply been a problem of his ego, and now that ego was cowering like a beaten dog.

Draco didn’t like knives. Ever since his aunt had threatened him with hers, he’d been damn near terrified of the things. Swords he faced without fear, wands he didn’t bat an eye at, but knives… All he could think of was his fail snake with her arm and stomach bleeding from the work that pug of a girl had done to her, and he was suddenly paler than he had been before. He swallowed hard, forcing the blade into his skin enough to have a single ruby rivulet falling slowly down his porcelain throat and along his chest before soaking into his shirt, staining it with the bright red that was his life.

”Now, Davidson, no need to be so hasty…” he said in a rather high-pitched way. Right now he wasn’t so worried about seeming unbothered and aloof. No, now Draco was much more concerned about keeping the hot-tempered girl before him from pressing that blade any further into his skin.

He felt her press against his arousal, throwing it in his face that he wasn’t as innocent as he claimed. That didn’t much matter, though, as Draco had no intention of doing anything with the girl, especially now that she’d pulled her knife on him. ”I’ve got plenty of money, you crazy twat,” he muttered, hating the way the lick of his lips had him shuddering involuntarily. He tried to pull away, but found she had him pinned rather well, and instead resorted to pulling his wand and aiming it easily up toward the threatening girl.

With a well-aimed flick, the blonde sent a stinging hex at the hand that held the knife. Hopefully that would take care of the blade and he could calm the angry lioness before him. ”Come on, Davidson, you don’t really want to be so hard on a handsome man like me, do you? Surely we can come to some sort of… agreement…”
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PostSubject: Re: Budding Strains (Open)   Thu Apr 03, 2014 12:13 pm

"Not so cocky now are we, Malfoy?" Harley mocked with a smirk, blue eyes taking in the single drop of blood that the blade she held to his throat managed to pluck from beneath his skin. The brunette could feel the hear building up inside herself, turned on by the sheer control she held over the taller male at the moment. Oh, the teen enjoyed taking control, thrived on it usually. Mostly because it was so intoxicating to her to have some form of control over something when the rest of her life was generally out of control.

Not to mention there was just something so satisfying about having a bigger and stronger person completely at her mercy. Oh, the ways she could strip away his control was arousing to her, and clearly to him, if his hard member and body shudders were any indicators. To get such reactions while having a knife at his throat was making the Gryffindor witch especially horny, and what she really wanted to do was ride that hard cock of his after shoving his arrogant face between her legs to make use of that cocky mouth he had.

Unfortunately, those thoughts were pushed aside as he used his wand to send a stinging hex at her hand that held the butterfly knife, making her hiss through gritted teeth from the bite of the sting. The brunette almost dropped the blade, but forced herself to keep a grip on it, though she did take a step back and lower it away from his throat, taking in her other hand to curl and uncurl her now stinging fingers. She had seen the blonde use his wand in classes, when she actually attended them. He was as good with it as she was with her knife. She wasn't going to repay the favor of underestimating him.

She did snort at his comments, rolling her eyes but looking every bit as determined to get what he owed her. "I've seen better. Much better." Harley stated cooly in regards to him being handsome. Although, now that she thought about it, his idea of an agreement could work for the current situation. He had something she wanted at the moment, and she had something he wanted. Another smirk curled her lips. [color=red]"An agreement eh? Sure thing babe. You take care of my needs, and I'll take care of yours. Then maybe we can work out some kind of long term agreement after."

With that Harley flipped her knife close and pocketed it, once again approaching the blonde and this time, she grabbed his crotch aggressively. Not enough to hurt. But enough to get her point across as she began to roughly palm him through his slacks and leaned in to suck at the small knick her blade had made to his throat. "Take it or leave it, Malfoy."
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PostSubject: Re: Budding Strains (Open)   Thu Apr 03, 2014 10:57 pm

His hex hadn’t had the exact effect he’d hoped for, but Draco was happy enough that the blade was away from his throat and he could breathe more easily now. Merlin, that had been horrible for him. He hardly ever had to face his fear, as most people used magic or fists for fighting rather than actual weapons. Of course, this girl wasn’t like most people, so it would make sense that she didn’t do as expected.

Whatever he’d expected from the girl, it wasn’t for her to have pulled a knife on him, nor was it for her to actually tell him she’d seen much better in the way of handsome men. He also hadn’t been expecting her to call him ‘babe’, nor to strike up this idea of some kind of agreement before stepping toward him and grabbing his junk without the slightest bit of shame. Her lips were on his neck in the next instant, pulling at the cut and making him shiver. Oh, for the love of Salazar, this witch shouldn’t be allowed to do the things she was doing to him!

He was a taken man, even if it was only really known to him and the girl who had claimed him. He couldn’t do what this Gryffindor obviously wanted him to, and yet his less-rational head was urging him to give in to sweet temptation. No. He wouldn’t hurt her again. He would never do anything to make her eyes fill with doubt or pain because of his actions again. His jaw clenched and he shoved the younger girl forcefully away from him, aiming his wand at her chest while his lips curled in a sneer.

”I suppose it’s too bad you have nothing I want then, isn’t it? Aside from the fat buds I already took. I was hoping for more of a monetary agreement. Like I said, I have plenty of money. You need not worry your overly aggressive little head about that.” He shook his own head, running a hand through his hair now that he was at a safer distance from the girl. ”Though I had thought you’d consider the idea of a partnership a bit more. I mean, I do bring a whole house of potential buyers with me. I’m sure not many snakes would trust a raging lion like yourself, after all.”

Sure, he was probably pressing his luck with that girl, but Draco was not about to completely back down to her just because she’d pulled a knife on him and grabbed his goods. He was rather proud of himself for finding the ability to actually hold back the desire to give her all that she was asking for. He was proving more and more how much he truly loved his fail snake, and even if she didn’t know about it, he did, and it boosted him up. Maybe he really did deserve the girl.
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PostSubject: Re: Budding Strains (Open)   Sat Apr 05, 2014 3:41 pm

Harley felt the blonde shiver and sucked all the more at his throat, but it was over much too soon for her liking as in the next moment he was shoving her away forcefully and aiming his wand at her with a sneer on his face. If she were anyone else the teen might have looked ashamed, or even rejected, but instead the brunette shrugged carelessly at him as the corners of her lips tugged up into a small grin.

"Say whatever helps you sleep at night, Malfoy. We both know I have more that you want than just those buds." The Gryffindor slipped her hands into her jacket pocket, looking cool as a cucumber as she opted for a casual stance across from him, regarding the Slytherin male with a cool gaze. Part of Harley was curious as to why he would deny himself something that he so obviously wanted. The way he shoved her away from him had her interested indeed. Not that she would ever show it. But it was there, either way.

It wasn't often the teen came across anyone, male and female alike, who dredged up the will to actually push her away like that. It was very...intriguing. The brunette hardly ever found herself intrigued by another person. They were all so typical, and so bloody predictable. So the fact that he actively fought off her advances peaked her interests, especially when as far as she knew he didn't have much reason to deny himself the pleasure she was offering him.

But she didn't question it or show anything more but the usual boredom she showed in others. "Suit yourself though Malfoy. Plenty of other takers around. Maybe Wonder Boy is up for another round." Shrugging carelessly, the teen turned her attention back to the plants and pulled her own wand to perform the necessary charms on the last plant, a brow quirking on her face.

"Guess you make a valid enough point there Malfoy. What are your terms then, if I consider this..partnership." Harley wasn't stupid enough to think he would be in it simply for nothing. Not to mention she could use some more buyers if she wanted to be able to afford the new parts for her motorcycle that summer.
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PostSubject: Re: Budding Strains (Open)   Sun Apr 06, 2014 11:54 pm

He couldn’t help but roll his eyes at the punk of a Gryffindor before him. Oh, of course she thought she had so much more to tickle his fancy, yet he was being completely honest when he said he didn’t want anything more from her. Draco had the perfect woman in his life already. Why the hell would he ever need something, or someone, else? He wouldn’t. Plain and simple. Draco didn’t need anything more than the amazing woman who was his fail snake. He only wished he’d realized that the first time they’d dated.

Her smart remark about another round, however, had Draco looking at the girl with interest pulling his lips into a smirk. ”Hold up on the deal talk, Davidson. I want to know more about your ‘wonder boy.’ Specifically, is it the Wonder Boy? Or might it be some impostor stealing the golden lion’s little title?” His eyes flashed dangerously as he asked the question. Draco felt hungry for the information now, knowing he could somehow use it to his advantage. If he needed something to hold over Potter’s head, he’d have it. Or, he could use the information to calm his fail snake’s guilt about their actions behind the Gryffindor’s back.

It was often hard to say how his little snake might react to things such as this, however, so the blonde figured he would have to think very seriously before using the information. For now, it would be good enough to simply have it. It would be his secret weapon, just in case he needed one. If Draco had learned anything over the last five years, it was to never count Potter out.

Next, there was the little issue of his proposed partnership with the girl before him. It was true that Draco Malfoy never did anything without a big payoff in it for him, so of course he had more requirements than something so simple as buds for buyers. ”I might have more that I want from you in return for my finding you more… business, Davidson. I’m sure it isn’t too much to ask, however, given what you’ve just let slip.”

The idea was perfect. It would get Potter away from his fail snake faster, and it would smooth the break over so that neither was alone and brooding on things. That was the main reason people ended up hating each other, right? Breaking up and then having no one to turn to… This way, Potter would have an exciting witch to keep him busy and he wouldn’t have to think about the one he’d had before being with the Slytherin who was trying to become somewhat of a friend to him. It might actually allow Draco to do just that- truly befriend Potter. Then they could unite against the Dark Lord and the crazed headmaster, with no attempted murder of their supposed ally.

”In return for my assistance, meaning help with the maintaining and harvesting of the plants, the concealment of the substance, and the deliveries and debt collection… I want you to date Potter.” He figured the girl would understand that he could use his prefect status as an added help with the delivery and collecting. He really would be a good asset to the girl. She just had to agree to his little… condition.
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PostSubject: Re: Budding Strains (Open)   Mon Apr 14, 2014 1:27 pm

Harley looked up at the blonde, gaze slowly moving from the plants she was tending to, to the male questioning her. The teen never said a word she regretted, but she might have forgotten for a moment just who she was talking to, and that her little absent comment might mean more to the Slytherin male than to most other people. Most other people wouldn't have drawn such correct conclusions from her remark.

She didn't pay too much attention to rumors. Harley didn't care about other people to care about what was going on with them. But there were some things that went on that one simply couldn't not hear about. Such as the Golden Trio's many adventures, or Gryffindor's Boy Wonder dating the same witch Slytherin's Ice Prince had been dating. Sure. The teen had known Potter had a girlfriend. That hadn't stopped her one bit in Myrtle's bathroom. She wasn't the one in a relationship, thank Merlin, so it didn't matter to her. The look in Malfoy's gleaming grey eyes told her it mattered to him.

"What's it to you, Malfoy?" She questioned back with a bored tone, blue gaze drifting back to the plants lazily as she added one more charm to the last of them. He was only fooling himself if he thought he would be getting the information he apparently wanted without giving her a reason as to why he wanted it. The likelihood of her admitting that it was, in fact, Potter she referred to was slim to none anyways. Harley wasn't the kiss and tell kind of girl, and even if he was suspicious of her slip of the tongue, without her admittance that was all it would be. Suspicion. He wouldn't have any hard evidence even if she did tell him. He would only have her word. Something he wouldn't be getting anyways.

The teen wasn't quite sure why, exactly, she was so determined to not admit it. Surely if it had been anyone else she wouldn't care so much. So what made Potter so damn special all of a sudden? Harley asked herself for what seemed like the millionth time since their encounter. There hadn't been anything especially interesting about the chance meeting they had shared. To the teen, the boy was a royal idiot for the most part. A royal idiot with a big cock, sure. But still a royal idiot.

The Gryffindor witch might have gaped at the Slytherin but kept herself in check enough for that not to happen. Was he bloody serious? He sure looked like he was. Straightening up, the brunette slipped her hands back into her jacket pockets, opting for a casual stance and rolling her eyes at the boy. "Oh, well, if that's all.." She replied sarcastically, cocking her hip as she considered his offer behind her bored look. She could use the extra help and business he would bring. But dating wasn't her thing, nor was it something she had any interest in, no matter who it was.

"I don't date Malfoy. Not my style, you see. Besides, isn't he shacking up with your ex-witch since you've moved on to cocks? So what's your angle here Malfoy?"
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PostSubject: Re: Budding Strains (Open)   Sat Apr 19, 2014 11:02 pm

”I didn’t ‘move on’ to cocks, Davidson. I’ve always preferred a bit of both worlds when not playing for keeps, and I haven’t exactly hidden it.” He didn’t broadcast his preferences for partners either, but that was beside the point. Draco was irritated with the girl’s apparent reluctance to admit to whatever she’d been up to with Potter, and her avoidance of his little deal was equally irritating. He snarled a bit at her, feeling the recently discovered wolf clawing inside of him, urging him to be the dominant Alpha he was and demand that she bow to his will.

Of course, the logical human brain in Draco’s head told him that she wouldn’t respond well to such demands, and that the wolf was better left caged within his chest, so he shoved it back down and glared heatedly at her. At least she’d managed to spell the other plant so it wouldn’t fail on them. She might think she could keep the Slytherin from her special little stock, but he was much cleverer than some silly lioness. His voice was sharp as he spoke once more. ”I want you to date Potter because I want my damn witch back, Davidson. And if he’s already interested enough to be playing around behind her back, I’m sure he’d move on right quick if you made a serious move.”

Yes, Draco was giving away most of his plan now, but did it really matter? Probably not. After all, if Davidson was as interested in Potter as she seemed, based on how protective she was of whether or not it was really him she was referring to, then she wouldn’t give him any warning about his girlfriend being snatched from his very grasp. He highly doubted Davidson cared about his love life, but she did care about her own, and that was where Draco hoped he had her hooked.

”I mean, if you aren’t interested in the Golden Boy, I guess it doesn’t really matter. But I have a hunch you care more than you let on. And if that is the case, this could be your opportunity. See, even if you aren’t the ‘dating type,’ I have provided you with an out. You can blame me for the sudden interest in dating. It was unavoidable, you see.” He smirked at her, leaning lazily back against the table on which many plants stood and crossing his arms. Now Draco looked properly superior as he felt toward the Gryffindor.

There was always a chance she’d still say this was no deal and Draco would simply have to cough up the money and be on his way, but he didn’t think she’d settle for something so boring. Plus, he was pretty sure he’d noticed her eyes light up a bit when he’d mentioned new business…
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Harley snorted at his words, as if to say 'whatever', and rolled her eyes at the blonde. To be honest, the Gryffindor witch didn't much care about his sex life, or anyone else's for that matter. And rarely did she pay enough attention to the twittering gossips she shared a dorm with to know anything about anyone's life, sexual or not. But there had been a few nights the past few weeks where Granger had been a royal bitch that had had Harley pulling her usual prank of smoking on the girl's bed, which unfortunately had led to overhearing the Gryffindor bimbos Lavender and Parvati discussing certain things.

Such as that while past rumors had always suggested that Malfoy was a firm top when involved with others of the same sex, recent sources had spilled that he was usually the one heard begging for more from his cousin, rather than the other way around. And that was what she had meant by her comment. Whatever the case was, Harley wasn't in the mood to start a full on sparring match with the so-called Ice Prince, so she merely shrugged her shoulders, even as he snarled at her. Which she supposed had something to do with the fact that she wasn't giving up the information he apparently really wanted, nor was she jumping to agree to his terms.

His heated glare and sharp tone had no effect on her except to have her quirking a brow. Was that supposed to serve as some kind of scare tactic to get her to give him what he wanted? Because if so, the blonde was barking so far up the wrong tree it was pathetic. The brunette opened her mouth to say as much too, but put her comments on the back-burner to instead focus on the little plot of his he was trying on rope her into. She shook her head a bit looking kind of unbelievably at him. "What's with you blokes anyways? First you have the bloody witch, then you don't want her. First he's pining after her, then he gets the girl. Now you want her again, and he's off behind her back. Maybe Riddle should be the one who doesn't date. It doesn't seem to be working out too well for her."

Harley belatedly realized her slip, but it was too late to try and cover it up, and besides, did it really matter that much? She already had some leverage now that he had disclosed his plan to her, and that was enough to get him into hot water if he decided to play hardball with what she let slip. So the teen didn't look at all concerned, and instead considered his plan. The Gryffindor supposed it made sense for the most part. Using her to draw Potter away from Riddle while the blonde swooped in for the steal without Potter knowing any better.

It was rather ingenious, but there was one flaw. Harley didn't date. She had no desire to either. Sure. Her and Potter had had some fun in Myrtle's bathroom, but hey, that's all it had been. So maybe she was a bit interested in actually hanging out with the lead lion now that she knew he wasn't a complete square, but that didn't mean she wanted to run off and get all bloody girlfriend/boyfriend with the bloke. Just the thought left a bad taste in her mouth. No thanks. The teen enjoyed her freedom, and she had no use for a ball and chain in her life.

But friends she thought couldn't be half bad. Maybe. Harley hardly made any kind of effort to have any of those. Maybe with a few added benefits thrown in it could be worth the trouble. Because Potter was trouble, there was no question about that. She had spent one afternoon with the idiot and now look at what that had gotten her. A bloody Malfoy on her case looking like the cat who caught the canary. The Gryffindor rolled her eyes at the Slytherin. He seemed to think he had her right where he wanted her, and what she really wanted to do was wipe that would-be superior smirk off his aristocratic face.

She wouldn't be agreeing to his terms. No way. No how. But maybe he was up for negotiating. "Ya. I'm pretty sure I'm good Malfoy. I don't have the slightest intention of dating anyone, sorry to burst your bubble. But if you're willing, maybe we can settle for different terms. After all, I don't mind showing Wonder Boy a good time and how to have some fun."
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PostSubject: Re: Budding Strains (Open)   Fri May 09, 2014 12:09 am

”Davidson, you should know, I’m not denying that I have made some bad decisions rather recently. You see, I was confused. I thought I was protecting her and obviously that wasn’t happening, especially if Potter’s screwing around behind her back.” In truth, Draco was beyond pissed to gain this knowledge. That bleeding lion had lectured him about cheating on the fail snake, even though he did have a reason, albeit completely stupid in hindsight. Now he was off having a fun time with some other witch just because he could? There was no reason he could have for fooling around with Davidson, especially when he thought he’d won Skyler’s affections.

Oh, Draco was mad. How dare Potter do exactly what he berated others for? How dare he hurt Draco’s number one woman like that?! Hell, even when they weren’t together, Sky was still his number one. If he had known about this before, he would have strung Potter up by the balls and beaten him until he was unconscious, let him come to, only to beat him again.

The blonde growled, looking at the Gryffindor before him and wondering if she thought he would give in to her temptation based on how Potter had done so. Merlin, was he ever different than the spectacled Lion. ”I never didn’t want her. That’s something you should get clear in that pretty head of yours, Davidson. I’ve always loved that girl, since the first day I met her, and I will never give her up. That was the dumbest thing I have ever done in my bloody life, especially considering what that fool is doing with the amazing girl he basically had handed to him.”

He shook his head, feeling so frustrated and annoyed. He wanted to tell Sky but at the same time he had no desire to hurt her like that. He knew she’d be hurt by the idiot that was Potter. At least there was no need for her to feel guilty now. He was even worse than Draco, after all, and Sky couldn’t even come close to being as bad as either boy.

”I wouldn’t blame you for not wanting to date a scumbag like that even if you did date, Davidson. But I think this fun thing could work. How do you feel about letting someone see you showing the git a good time? Maybe let some rumors start flying?” His eyes were swirling like molten steel, plans forming behind them even as he imagined the whole school talking about Potter cheating. Sure, it wasn’t the best way to make whatever ‘friendship’ Sky wanted the two boys to have work, but he was furious at the raven-haired boy. And for good reason, too. He was sure she’d understand once the rumors met her own ears…

The blonde stuck out his hand, the familiar Malfoy smirk on his lips. ”What do you say then, Davidson? We got a partnership, or what?” His fail snake was not going to feel very guilty for much longer, and he was going to have a much easier time getting Potter out of the picture completely. Oh yes. The Slytherin Prince was finally going to win one over on the Golden Boy.
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PostSubject: Re: Budding Strains (Open)   Fri May 30, 2014 5:16 pm

"Confused about whether a dick is better than a pussy. I gotcha." Harley let out a harsh laugh at the blonde. "Protecting her? From what? Getting knocked up? There's spells for that you know. It doesn't require you to stick your cock in someone who can't give birth." It wasn't that the Gryffindor have a damn one way or the other about the younger Slytherin witch. Personally Harley found Riddle to be an idiot for letting males play her so well. The teen just found the entire idea of cheating as a form of protection plain stupidity, and was drawing out that fact for her own amusement.

She ignored his words about Potter, given that she had no insight whatsoever as to why the Wonder Boy hero was screwing around behind his girlfriend's back. It wasn't like Harley spent time with the boy to talk, of all things. Sure, it probably sounded like she was using the other Gryffindor for sex or something, but really, there wasn't much else they had in common. At least that she knew of, and the teen had already decided it might be worth the effort to find if there was any other hidden common ground.

Either way though, the brunette didn't feel bad about what she did. Why should she? She wasn't the one screwing around on their significant other. She didn't bother with those, and because of that, she didn't stand the chance of losing anything like a relationship that actually meant something. She didn't have any of those either. Besides, was it her fault Potter looked elsewhere to be taken care of? 'Course not. He was a big boy. He made his own decisions. It wasn't like the teen seduced him or forced him into it.

It did make one wonder though, didn't it? The Gryffindor male works to steal the girl from Malfoy, who gives her up for his cousin, and then Potter tosses her aside like a cheap toy so that he can play with others. That was what one got from dating apparently. And they called her bad. Harley's lips curled up into a smirk, ignoring Malfoy's growl and clearly irritated demeanor. "Takes a fool to know one I expect, What's this girl got anyways? Fire whiskey favored nipples?"

The brunette joked, following up with an eye roll at his next idea regarding her helping in setting up Potter to get caught. Sure, Potter wasn't the type of bloke she would date even if she did date, what with what she knew of him. Loyalty went along way with Harley, and Potter didn't seem to have much of that, even for a Gryffindor, where it was generally a built in trait. Truth be told, Potter and Malfoy, and blokes like them were one of the many reasons why the brunette didn't bother with anything so stupid as dating and relationships. Compete waste of time in her opinions.

But just because Wonder Boy had no loyalty didn't mean it was Harley's job to make him pay for it. After all, he wasn't her boyfriend, and it wasn't her..whatever Riddle was to Malfoy..he was cheating on. She wanted as little to do with whatever that apparent triangle was, so she made herself clear even as she took his hand to shake on the deal they were striking. "I agreed to show the Wonder Boy a good time and how to have some fun. The rest is up to you. That's the deal."
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PostSubject: Re: Budding Strains (Open)   Tue Jun 17, 2014 4:50 pm

He snarled at her idea that Draco had only been with Ley because he was confused about what felt better, and he nearly lashed out when she had the nerve to assume he’d only been worried about making babies when it came to protecting Sky. Merlin, if the girl even knew half of the things his fail snake needed protecting from… and so much of it was his fault. She might understand, but then again, she might not. She was a different type of person after all, that Davidson.

”I’m not a fool and Skyler has much more than that to offer. She’s utterly amazing and more than any man deserves, especially Potter!” The blonde’s shoulders heaved as he shook, feeling frustrated and irritated and above all unworthy. He had to prove that he was good enough for Skyler Riddle. He would prove it. He loved her.

Davidson shook his hand and changed his terms, which made him growl but grit his teeth and agree all the same. ”Well, you just don’t do anything to keep him from anything getting out, alright Davidson?” He squeezed her hand a bit harder than necessary before snatching another small bud from the nearest plant, pocketing it as he started walking away backwards, still facing the Gryffindor.

”I’ll be in touch with that information as soon as I get some new… patrons for you. For us, rather. You just keep on having fun.” He smirked, winked at her, then turned on his heel, strutting easily out of the greenhouse and toward the castle. He figured he had a good amount of ‘samples’ to provide potential customers now, and he had a bit more reason to go after the thing he most wanted, the person he most loved.

Now he just had to make sure he didn’t get within punching range of Davidson until he had some gold for her…
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Budding Strains (Open)

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