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 Tattle Tails (open)

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PostSubject: Tattle Tails (open)   Tattle Tails (open) Icon_minitimeTue Apr 01, 2014 1:57 pm

There was something about the caretaker’s cat that made Gage want to do horrific things. Every time he saw the ugly tabby, the sixteen year old imagined interesting ways he could take it out of this world. Tonight was no different, as the thing hissed at him and started to run from the study area where he was definitely not supposed to be so late. Gage didn’t like the idea of the prissy creature running off to her master and telling on him for sneaking about so late at night, so he waved his wand menacingly and trapped the cat in a tiny cage.

The beast let out a yowl as he approached, but he didn’t care. Even if the caretaker heard his animal’s cries, there was little chance he could get their quick enough to stop the things Gage intended to do. He smiled evilly at the cat, opening the cage and reaching a hand in to grab it by the tail and pull hard. Of course the animal dug its nails into his arm, but Gage barely registered any pain as he laughed at it, plucking its paws from his flesh in a way that would pull some of the nails out of socket.

The cat made a horrible noise of pain and fear, but Gage simply laughed as he stowed his wand and took his cursed knife from his pocket. ”Bad pussies get punished,” he said cruelly, not even noticing that he was no longer alone in the room. He was much too busy with the animal in his grasp, and the ideas flowing freely through his warped mind.

Gage held the cat by the base of its tail, holding his blade to its stomach and slowly pushing the sharp edge into the flesh, smiling easily as the blood began to flow. He was considering gutting the cat, or maybe skinning it alive… The possibilities were so many, and yet he could only really choose one. The animal would die before he could do more than one of the sick and twisted things running through his head. Of course, that was when he noticed a shadow blocking the light from hitting the bleeding stomach of the yowling beast, and he turned to snarl at the intruder.

”What are you looking at?”
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PostSubject: Re: Tattle Tails (open)   Tattle Tails (open) Icon_minitimeSat Apr 26, 2014 12:12 am

Lillian was again wandering around, not able to sleep. She used to have this problem with sleeping her whole life, but for the past month, it kept getting worse and worse. She barely had any sleep. Instead, she was always walking around the castle, hoping to be unseen. And she was never caught until now, which made her believe that she was good at sneaking out. But that was not why she hadn't been caught. Especially today.

As she was walking slowly down a corridor, she suddenly heard the screams of pain. A horrifying screeching that she recognised as Filch's cat. That terrible little monster she hated with a passion.
She had had many detentions in her life, and all were because of that little spy that followed and kept mowing at you. It was a torment, and you knew that from the moment you heard that mowing, Filch was right behind you, ready to give you a detention.

But this time, the animal was in pain, which surprised the girl. Filch would never hurt the pet, and who else would dare to do such thing, when they knew that Filch would be there at any moment, ready for a very big detention for the person?
Ignoring all the questions, she quickly moved towards the sound of the moaning, her feet soon leading her at the Student Study Area.

She popped her head in, her eyes growing wide at the sight. She felt like she wanted to throw up, but then, the animal deserved it. Lil had no idea how Filch would take that when he saw his precious little cat cut in half, but she sure would laugh when the news were announced.
Being daring, she moved inside the room, standing a little far away from what was happening before her eyes. Even if they got caught, she had no blood in her hands.
But she was oblivious that she was being a burden to the man.

”What are you looking at?”

Lillian jumped, her heart beating fast.
"I did expect a better reaction but... to answer your question, I am admiring your achievement. Good work but please, don't let me bother you, continue."
Lillian motioned for him to get back to whatever he was doing, while she pushed some books off of a desk and pushed herself up on it, sitting comfortably.
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PostSubject: Re: Tattle Tails (open)   Tattle Tails (open) Icon_minitimeMon Apr 28, 2014 10:25 pm

The cat was definitely injured, but it wouldn’t die before it could reach that stupid caretaker and get stitched up. The idiot squib would probably just stitch her up on his own anyway, so there wouldn’t even be a question as to why magic wouldn’t heal the stupid beast. Anyway, he had something different to focus on, so gage let go of the stupid animal, not even bothering to watch as it fled the room, leaving a trail of blood in its wake.

A simple flick of his wand had the trail fading, which meant the caretaker wouldn’t be led straight to him. That taken care of, he let his gaze roam over the blonde who’d interrupted his work. He licked his lips, watching her as she hopped up on a desk, showing off those delicious legs of hers and the curves of that hot body. He smiled the devil’s smile at the girl, walking over with clunking steps in his usual combat boots, hands in his pockets as he obviously stared at her body.

”I see a much better pussy to spend my time toying with…” His eyes lit with desire and evil intentions as he got right up in front of her, reaching out to spread her knees so he could position his body between them and lean in close to her face. ”Maybe if you’re good I’ll stroke it with something a bit less lethal than my knife, though it’ll be just as hard and much bigger.”

His hands moved out of his pockets then, knife left behind in his right one as he let his fingers settle on her knees, sliding ever so slowly up her thighs. All the while, he stared first at her breasts, then into her eyes. ”So, little night time wanderer… does your pussy need some attention? Maybe it needs a little kiss.”

He smiled at her again, hands creeping further up her thighs as he got down on one knee, placing his face between her legs. Gage dipped his head in close to her core, inhaling her musky scent and making a sound of desire. ”Mmm, yeah. I think your pussy needs a lot of attention, sweet cheeks.”
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PostSubject: Re: Tattle Tails (open)   Tattle Tails (open) Icon_minitimeTue Apr 29, 2014 7:26 am

Lillian wasn't actually enjoying the view of the bloody cat, ripped open, but a side of her was glad someone had the guts to do something like this without caring what would come next. Or, from what it seemed by the guy here, had everything planned, so no one would know what had exactly happened.
But it still was a repulsive thing to see, especially, when you could turn into an animal yourself.

Though she relaxed a bit when the man let the animal leave. It ran out as fats as it could a trail of blood giving away where it had been, but the boy she had seen before had thought of that too. A wave of his wand was all it took for the trail to slowly fade away until it disappeared, leaving no signs of what had happened here just a few minutes before.
That actually made Lil wonder, what would have happened if she hadn't come by. Would he let the animal die here? How would he cover it up?

Though her thoughts were interrupted as he slowly made his way over to her, licking his lips as his eyes made sure to take in every detail of any part of her body. Lillian looked ta him curiously, not knowing how to react right away. She liked the attention, and that was obvious, but this evil smile on his lips didn't promise anything good to come from this.

”I see a much better pussy to spend my time toying with…”

That draw a small smirk from the girl as he finally reached her, forcefully spreading her legs as he positioned himself in between them. "I am no cat you can play with... I am a fox," she whispered not wanting to be threatening, but correct him. Though with the threat that followed after that, she wasn't sure that correcting him was a smart thing.

”Maybe if you’re good I’ll stroke it with something a bit less lethal than my knife, though it’ll be just as hard and much bigger.”

His face was close to hers, allowing her icy blue eyes to stare into his. His breath was hitting her face, making the girl bite her lip softly, at the hearing of his words.
It had been a long time since she had felt the touch of a man, and here he was offering more than just a simple touch, causing shivers to run down her spine.
"Define 'good' for me, will you?"
Lillian wasn't really bad, but she wasn't pure at all. She was far from being a little innocent girl that could get hurt, or lose that easily. She didn't give up without a good fight, that most of the time ended up with her winning, though there had been some... unexpected results.

”So, little night time wanderer… does your pussy need some attention? Maybe it needs a little kiss.”

The dirty words leaving her mouth made her close her eyes for a few seconds, enjoying the feeling of his hands travelling up slowly. Her body was reacting to his every touch, and she could not blame it. All the power he had made him the perfect victim. She had to have a taste of that power, one way, or another. Though, with him looking this dangerous and of course a lot more powerful, she had to find a witty way of doing so.
"My... uh...," but the words were stuck in her throat as he got down to one knee and hid his face between her legs, but not touching her. He was tormenting her and he knew it.

”Mmm, yeah. I think your pussy needs a lot of attention, sweet cheeks.”

Lillian's breath hitched in her throat as she grabbed a hold of the desk, trying to steady herself. All this teasing was driving her crazy, but she did not dare to speak. After all, he didn't seem to be a very talkative person anyway.
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PostSubject: Re: Tattle Tails (open)   Tattle Tails (open) Icon_minitimeMon May 05, 2014 2:47 am

Skyler had been patrolling on the third floor corridor, her outer robes had been left behind and she was dressed in a pair of dark skinny jeans and a plain black hoodie over a white t-shirt, black and white Converse on her feet. She was alone, because Draco was in one of his private sessions with their Head of House, who as also his godfather. Of course, there wasn't a lot of people privy to that particular information. In fact, the teen wasn't sure if anyone besides herself knew that. Whatever the case was, it meant that she was on patrol on her own.

The brunette didn't mind very much in the least. With the exception of the Hufflepuff Head Boy, she was probably the most lenient of the students in authority with a badge. Sky had yet to give out a detention, and hadn't felt the need to take points from anyone. Mostly she stood by and watched Draco do that sort of dirty work, and intervened only when she felt he was being unfair.

For the most part, this worked for them, and the times where she needed to intervene in such was were steadily growing fewer and far between, so their night nights of rounds were usually smooth, without much problems. But with schoolwork, quidditch, and everything else they were taking on, it left very little time for him to fit in the training he was undergoing with their Defense professor. So even though he hadn't thought much of the idea, Sky had pushed him to go along while she would handle their duties.

So far, it had been a slow night, giving the brunette much needed time to think and reflect on various aspects of her life and current position in a lot of things. That time officially came to a half when she reached the fourth floor to see Mrs. Norris, the Caretaker's cat and partner in all things that had to do with catching students doing anything determined to be breaking a rule, streaking down the corridor like her life depended on it. Given the drops of blood the feline left behind, Skyler was sure it wasn't far from the truth.

The Slytherin wrinkled her nose at the smell of the blood, her heightened sense picking it up easily as her violet eyes narrowed. Sure, she didn't like the cat anymore than the next person, but neither did she condone animal cruelty. Especially when given the fact that she herself had her own inner animal, that was also a feline. Albeit a much more mightier one than the patches of fur that darted past her, lamp-like eyes wide with terror.

The brunette sighed. Who had been idiot enough to attack Filche's cat? Whoever it was couldn't be too far, but oddly enough, once she got halfway down the corridor, the blood trail ended. It seemed whoever it was was atleast smart enough to try and cover their tracks. Emphasis on the word try, seeing as they weren't smart enough to realize that the trail could lead to them when anyone with half a brain could figure out why the blood suddenly didn't seem to exist.

The teen's keen sense of hearing picked up the voices long before it would have normally, and surprisingly enough, she recognized both of them. One of which had a shiver running down her spine, and both had her wrinkling her nose in disgust and distaste. Hughes and Vinter. Of all the people on the castle, why, oh why, did it have to be those two? Hughes was like the devil incarnate, and Vinter was just..there were really no words for the blonde bimbo. Either way, dealing with one of the two was bad enough. Dealing with both was going to be annoying as all hell.

Not that she should be dealing with both. Sky was under instructions not to deal with Hughes at all unless Draco was present, something the brunette couldn't really fault him for, given the other boys' rapidly growing reputation of terror. And she was tempted to simply continue on and let someone else hopefully catch the idiots out of bed past curfew, and so far from the Slytherin lair. But her curiosity got the better of her, so as she entered the student commons, she could only hope curiosity didn't kill the cat in this case.

The Slytherin entered the room with all of her usual confidence, wand on it's usual place behind her right ear, and her patented Riddle smirk curling her lips as she paused to lean against the doorway, one dark eyebrow arching on her face as the teen took in the scene before her. She might have rolled her eyes if she didn't find the entire situation disgusting. "Well, well. I must say, I never would've put you two together, but now that I see it, it makes sense."

Her tone suggested that wasn't meant as a compliment in the least, and she leaned against the doorway, hands in her hoodie pocket as she took a casual stance. She did have to wonder why Vinter was hanging around with him anyways. Surely the blonde wasn't that stupid, even though Sky wouldn't put it past her to be. "I would ask which one of you tried to murder Filche's cat, but I know Vinter hasn't got those sort of balls. Hughes. It's been a while. Still torturing and maiming though I see. I'm rather surprised they've got you in school instead of a prison where you belong."

Her tone was cool, her words as smooth as butter. But the purple eyes were hard, and that darkness that was always so close to the surface lately thanks to her new training with Sid lurked in them as she watched the other two. And while the brunette looked as casual as could be, every muscle in her body was tensed, poised to spring into action at a moments notice. Oh, Sky knew what the older boy was capable of, having been to the same school as him previously. Of course, that was years ago, and a lot had changed since, especially her. But it seemed Gage Hughes was still the same demented, pathetic excuse for a human being he always had been. Apparently, some things never changed.

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PostSubject: Re: Tattle Tails (open)   Tattle Tails (open) Icon_minitimeTue May 06, 2014 10:49 pm

It seemed unlikely that the girl before him would argue with Gage at all, as he inhaled her musky scent and growled in desire. Yeah, some might say the American was a bit of a freak, but there was something about being so close to a pussy that had him hungry for a deep taste. He was about to lean in and take that taste when he heard a familiar voice in the doorway, though it was a bit older and more mature sounding now. He looked up and over his shoulder, an evil glint in his eyes.

”Well, if it isn’t Skyler Riddle. I always wondered if I might run into you again someday, you sexy little piece of ass.” He turned, leaning sideways with his hip against the desk between Vinter’s legs, hand reaching out to slide his fingers beneath her panties and stroke at her core without even looking at her or giving her any sort of warning. Why would he stop anyway? Just because the younger girl was there?

Gage grinned evilly at his fellow American, roughly shoving three fingers into the blonde without a care. ”What’s the matter, Skittle? You wanna join? I have another hand you know… He used the old term he’d stolen from her friends back when they attended the same school the first time, looking her up and down and imagining her without the hoodie and jeans hiding all her goods. ”I’m sure you’re more developed now, aren’t ya? I can pet more than one pussy at a time. I promise.”

He probably should have responded in some way to the questions about the cat that he’d nearly disposed of and his general state of being, but he didn’t much care to. Gage was much more interested in the possibility of making the brunette scream for him along with the blonde, who he was sure would be screaming as he twisted his fingers roughly inside of her, scraping against her inner walls while thumbing her clit with so much force she’d probably experience some rawness for a few days.

The whole time his eyes never left the purple ones of the other American. ”What do you say, Skittle? Gonna have some fun with this would-be prisoner? Or are you here to try and stop me?” His eyes promised trouble if she did try to stop him. Surely the girl knew how evil he could be. He was sure that she wouldn’t want him to attack her, but if she was set on a fight… well, she’d sure as hell get one.
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PostSubject: Re: Tattle Tails (open)   Tattle Tails (open) Icon_minitimeThu May 29, 2014 3:04 pm

Lillian was enjoying her time. Crazy or not, Hughes was said to be rough but good at what he was doing. Rumours were heard around school, especially from girls that were used for his pleasure. What surprised her though, was that they were proud about it. They were so proud about the fact that Hughes had raped them, that they decided to tell the world about it.

Lillian on the other hand wasn't proud about what was going to happen. It was all a matter of needs and pleasure here. This wouldn't be more than sex. He would have his fun, and she would be getting the pleasure she wanted, even though it would probably be mixed with pain. She wasn't practically liking that part, but it was not like she could exclude that.
She could though, make it a little bit less rough if she would cooperate.

Though before they had the time to do anything, the known to everyone brunette that seemed to always destroyed her fun came out of nowhere, getting Hughes attention right away. Lillian darted her eyes from the girl to Hughes, then rolled her eyes, not even bothering to listen to the little talk.
After the appearance of the girl, Lillian believed that the fun was over, and she was even getting ready to move away, but without a warning, the man before her made a move, slipping his hand inside her underwear and caressing her, not even caring if Riddle was standing a few feet away.

The older Slytherin was ready to push his hand away, but stopped before she made the mistake of her life. Was she ready to face the wrath of Hughes if she even dared to push him away?
He obviously didn't care if Riddle was there, and the brunette didn't really care for Lillian's life, so who would stop him from taking his wrath out on her?
What if he used that knife of his again? She certainly didn't want to end up like the cat she had found when she walked into the room.

The blonde remained silent, keeping her eyes low as Hughes and Riddle went on with their talk. The pleasure was slowly building, and she could feel herself getting wetter with every second.
The girl closed her eyes, a soft groan leaving her lips. Then, before she knew it, three fingers were pushed inside her core, making her eyes snap open. A moan left the girl's lips, not able to hide the pleasure she was getting.
Embarrassment was no where in her head, as she forgot all about the other Slytherin.

But Hughes wasn't ready to stop there. He soon curled his finger inside her, making a loud moan to erupt from her throat. Lillian threw her head back, biting her lip as she tried to keep in any more noises that decided to exit her mouth.
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PostSubject: Re: Tattle Tails (open)   Tattle Tails (open) Icon_minitime

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Tattle Tails (open)

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