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 Guide to Longer Posting

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Guide to Longer Posting Empty
PostSubject: Guide to Longer Posting   Guide to Longer Posting Icon_minitimeTue Apr 22, 2014 6:07 pm

A Simple Guide for ‘Beefing Up’ Short Posts

These are just some simple suggestions to help in situations where you finish a post, look at it, and say ‘crap, that’s really short’ but don’t feel like there’s anything more to add. Maybe something from this list will be a good option.

    *Add Descriptions: Have you said what your character looks like? What your character is wearing? What about their surroundings? If it’s a starter for a thread, did you give a good description of the setting? That’s pretty important.*Previous Happenings: If it’s your first post in a thread, then what was your character doing before this situation started? You can get a good couple paragraphs from this alone often times.*Thoughts/Feelings: Get inside your character’s head! It gives you room for extra development, and it lets the other writers understand more about your character, even if their own characters don’t know those things. Sometimes these details can tell another writer where they should steer the thread, too.*Other Plots: Maybe you could add in some details from other plots that have happened with your character in other threads. For example, Skyler has a necklace from Draco, so she can mention it in other threads and be messing with it when she’s bored or anxious or something like that. These little details form nice connections between plots.
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Guide to Longer Posting

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