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 Looking for Snape (Snape)

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PostSubject: Looking for Snape (Snape)   Wed Apr 23, 2014 4:25 am

Alice wanted to meet some of the other Professors of Hogwarts now that she had gotten the job of Muggle Studies. She really didn't know where to start except for Snape who had taught her back in the day. She sent Snape an owl telling him to expect her on this day to meet and talk. Alice just wanted to get to know her co-worker and old teacher.

There really wasn't any harm in it. Besides, getting advice on what its like to teach some of the witches and wizards would be great. Alice was fairly new at it and figured Snape could tell her what to expect and how to handle the trouble makers. Hopefully that was. All of her concerns and questions were in the letter such as the ones she though about. How to handle those witches and wizards, what to give in detentions, and a few others. Of course, Alice wasn't sure if Snape would even help her.

Snape was a Slytherin when he was at Hogwarts and Alice was Gryffindor. Even as adults, sometimes the houses clashed. Alice never understood why. She figured they were adults now so it wouldn't be an issue but with Snape, he always seemed grumpy. She took a deep breath and knocked on his office door.

"Snape? It's Alice Ferns."
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PostSubject: Re: Looking for Snape (Snape)   Thu Apr 24, 2014 10:05 pm

There were certain things Severus was very much unaccustomed to. One of those was receiving owls that weren't in some way related to his work with either the Death Eaters or Albus and his Order. Another was people coming to seek him out in his private chambers, be them sleeping or office. Somehow both of these things were happening, and he was growing rather... testy.

When he'd received the note, Severus had thought perhaps one of his coworkers had put the young professor up to it. He'd believed this so thoroughly that he'd even questioned Minerva, who'd then lectured him about how it was his duty to help and advise his fellow professors. Of course the old lioness would think that way! He'd grumbled at her and stalked off, giving three detentions to unsuspecting students on his way to his office.

Severus had just settled in with a collection of papers on recognizing and repelling boggarts when the knock sounded and the idiot female spoke. With a roll of his onyx eyes and a wave of his hand, the door opened to admit his visitor.

"Yes, Miss Ferns. Pray tell, who else would be so intent on disturbing me for such mundane conversation?" His lip curled in a sneer as he looked her over. Timid. Easily fooled. There was no way this bleeding heart of a Gryffinpuff would ever last. "I should talk to Albus about standards. He's clearly completely lost them."
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PostSubject: Re: Looking for Snape (Snape)   Thu Apr 24, 2014 11:03 pm

(ouch! lol)

Alice did not expect this at all when Snape answered his door.  She knew Snape was grumpy and always in a foul mood, but to be nasty to a fellow coworker, Alice was shocked.  She never in a thousand years would of seen this coming.  He was downright rude.  She scuffed, rolled her eyes and entered his office.  She wasn't going to let him intimidate her like he did when she was a student.
"I did come here to introduce myself and see how you were doing and get some advice.  But it seems that you really want nothing to do with me.  How rude.  Bloody hell Snape, you haven't changed since I was one of your students."

Alice sat down without being invited to and looked around.  Her face was held high, she wanted to show him that she wasn't fooled by his attitude. "I was told by a few that you would be best to go to for advice on how to handle students.  It's my first time teaching and well, they respect you.  I respected you as a student.  So, do you feel like giving me some tips?  Or will you just remain a cold soulless bastard?"  Alice really wasn't in a great mood now.  She figured if he was going to be heartless she would too.

She glared at Snape, waiting for him to answer her.  Her brown eyes were full of many emotions and thoughts, easy to be seen.  Yes, she was young.  Yes, she was new at this.  But she was not going to let some old man talk to her as if she was still a child.
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PostSubject: Re: Looking for Snape (Snape)   Fri Apr 25, 2014 12:09 pm

”It is still Professor Snape to you, Miss Ferns. Unless you’d prefer we drop all pretend niceties and be completely honest, in which case I might just call you the unprepared imbecile I see before me.” By this point he had started leafing through the papers before him, clearly uninterested in the mere child of a teacher who so desperately wanted his attention.

His raised brow was the only response she got for sitting uninvited before him, but Severus was absolutely irritated by the sudden information she spouted. ”Who would be so daft as to tell you something like that? My colleagues, I can assure you, know not to bother me with such trivial questions as how to do their damned jobs.”

The iciness of his voice was rather cruel, but that was just how he liked it. Severus did not have the time nor patience for things such as this girl. ”Most students do not so much respect me as fear me, and it would do you well to not call the person you sought out for guidance a… soulless bastard, if you actually expect some sort of helpful response.” Not that he would give it anyway. It wasn’t in his nature to help the weak or fragile.

”Now, I suggest you go speak with someone more likely to have actual advice. Perhaps Madame Sprout, or Minerva, as she so kindly stated that it is our ‘duties as professors’ to assist the young and naïve among us.” With one more sneer, he looked down to the papers and started marking the ones that were too sloppy or horrid for him to even read, instantly failing them. If the girl didn’t take a hint that he wanted nothing to do with her, then she was much more of an idiot than he first thought. ”Go on then. Out.
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PostSubject: Re: Looking for Snape (Snape)   Fri Apr 25, 2014 11:06 pm

"I really can't fathom how much of a cold hearted Professor you are. SO what if I'm new at this, you were new once too. Yes, you might of been my professor once, but you really have gotten so cold hearted I can see you are going to end up alone." Alice stood up. She had come here to perhaps make a co-worker friend, get advice and maybe more, but now Snape had just angered her. She had enough. It was foolish for her to even bother.

"Honestly, I was hoping to be your friend not just a co-worker. No wonder you are miserable, you push anyone away that wants to be kind to you." Alice glared at Snape with hardened brown eyes that were full of anger. She really just did not understand why he was such an asshole. "I'm leaving, not because you told me to Snape. Because I have nothing else to say to someone with a dead heart."

With that, Alice left and slammed his door.


(ooc: Thanks for the short rp, it was fun Smile )
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PostSubject: Re: Looking for Snape (Snape)   

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Looking for Snape (Snape)

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