Where enemies can become allies and friends, and where everything you thought you knew is now questionable.
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 The Small Print ((Open))

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The Small Print ((Open)) Empty
PostSubject: The Small Print ((Open))   The Small Print ((Open)) Icon_minitimeSun Apr 27, 2014 10:24 am

Jenny sat alone in a blue plush chair in the Ravenclaw Common Room, reading a book, 1984 by George Orwell. The blonde was sick of being called mudblood if she went anywhere in the school with a muggle book, so she had resorted to staying in the common room, where she hoped none of her fellow house-mates would criticize her for reading a book. It was the weekend, so Jenny was dressed in a Ravenclaw Quidditch sweater, skinny jeans, and her boots-where she hid her wand. 

Jenny got about halfway through Part 1 of the book when she heard someone enter the common room, whether it was from the dorms or from the tower entrance she couldn't be sure, but she wouldn't glance up from her book unless the person approached her, she wasn't really the kind of person to speak up first, at least at school she wasn't, at home it was an entirely different story.

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PostSubject: Re: The Small Print ((Open))   The Small Print ((Open)) Icon_minitimeFri May 02, 2014 12:25 am

Aiden rolled from one side to the other in his messy bed. Well, it hadn't been messy when he had plopped onto it. Now it was in complete disarray, with the covers and sheet hanging half off, and a pillow case half removed from the pillow it should've been covering. It was probably why he couldn't actually fall asleep, and for once the boy wanted to. Well, Aiden always wanted to sleep, of course. What kind of person didn't like to sleep? Oh right. The kind that dreamed up the future. How could he have forgotten that?

The messy haired boy rolled his eyes, but a grin quirked his lips anyways as he rolled from his bed sideways, only to have his legs get tangled in his blankets. Which meant he spent the next few minutes untangling them after having to cling to his hangings so he didn't fall, much to the amusement of one of his dorm mates, who came out of the wash room just as it happened. Aiden gave an awkward sort of wave as he clung to his the hangings. "No worries mate. Just eh..hanging around, as you can see."

After a few moments the Ravenclaw was free from his tangled bedspread and such, and quickly made his bed back up with a practiced ease. He was a bit of a stickler about his bed being messy. He didn't like it. It just needed to be made up right. It was a small pet peeve he had, he supposed, and as he righted the mess he made Aiden tried to come up with some other way to find his rat. When he had suggested they play hide and seek, he hadn't really expected the rat to hide so well. He wasn't too sure it wasn't absolutely crazy to think a rodent understood him, but then again, he dreamed the future, so he was prone to think that was most likely crazier than anything else.

It was also why he had been trying to force himself into a nap, so that he could try and force a dream that would hopefully be one that would tell him how to find Axel. Seeing as he had no control over what he saw or who he saw in his dreams, it was a long shot he'd get something so specific to what he wanted, but it had been worth the shot. It was probably best it didn't work anyways. If it had, it would've been cheating. And Aiden did like to play fair games. Right. Because it made so much sense to play fair with a rat.

One thing was for sure. Axel was not in the dorm. Years of playing the game with his pet, more than his dreams, told Aiden that the dirty little rat had somehow scurried a lot farther than he had thought the game would carry him. Eh well. The Ravenclaw was due for a trip outdoors anyways. So with his bed made up properly, the boy headed down to the common room to let himself out of the riddled door, and already he could smell the fresh air. But no sooner did he get his feet off the stairs than his plan was changing abruptly, as he saw his somewhat friend Jenny sitting in one of the more comfortable chairs of Ravenclaw tower. Reading a book.

Rolling his eyes, the boy sauntered over, plopping down into the plush seat across from the blonde. "Reading eh? Well that's not cliché at all for us Ravenclaws." He greeted in his usual sarcastic nature, though a friendly grin tilted his lips. Maybe the outdoors and Axel could wait a bit.
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PostSubject: Re: The Small Print ((Open))   The Small Print ((Open)) Icon_minitimeFri May 02, 2014 4:13 pm

Jenny looked up from her book, to see Aiden sitting across from her, "Not even remotely cliché," she replied just as sarcastically as Aiden had before her, "It beats having to endure the rest of the school, however." she remarked, running a hand through her blonde hair, "It seems one of the Slytherin boys has decided to sink lower than even the Slytherin stereotype lately, bullying anyone he can find from what I've heard." she commented. "And I should know," she continued, "I've been the victim of his general rudeness." she explained, glancing down slightly.

"He even went so far as to calling me..." she trailed off, trying to find a good substitute for the damned word with no luck, it seemed as though nothing could replace a word quite that terrible, "a mudblood." she said finally through gritted teeth, with a tone of utter disgust, accompanied by a shudder just from saying the word.

"Anyways," she said, diverting the subject as her she put her copy of 1984 away into her bag, her blue eyes meeting Aiden's as she spoke, "what's going on in the world of Aiden, anything interesting?" she inquired, resting her elbow on the arm of the chair she was in, followed by her head on her hand. Jenny didn't really live a very interesting life compared to most witches and wizards, sure, compared to muggles, Jenny's life was like some elaborate work of fiction, but at Hogwarts, most of the time it seemed like she was just another Ravenclaw, nothing really all that special or anything like that.

((Sorry it's so short, my muse is blegh.))
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PostSubject: Re: The Small Print ((Open))   The Small Print ((Open)) Icon_minitimeMon May 05, 2014 10:34 pm

Aiden's grins widened on his face as his friend of sorts matched his sarcasm with an ease very few others did. Maybe that was one reason they had the easy going friendship they did. Jenny picked up on his good-natured sarcasm and irony driven humor with ease, and rarely took offense to it, if she ever did. It was always amusing though, atleast to him, when his sarcastic sense of humor was lost on others.

A lot of the time his remarks went right over the heads of those they were directed at, and left them confused and questioning his meaning. The Ravenclaw wasn't exactly the type to explain his comments, so he usually just replied with even more ironic words. It was hard to find someone who could keep up with the boy and his fast paced mind and mouth, so the blonde was somewhat of a goldmine to Aiden.

"You're so right. It's a completely Gryffindor thing to do, reading is. Death-defying adventure though, that's more us Ravenclaws." The boy replied with his usual sarcastic humor, giving his friend a playful wink to go with it as his lips quirked up at the corners in a wry grin, though his brows furrowed together a bit as she continued to talk about some Slytherin who had obviously been a jackass to her.

It was completely ludicrous, the idea of faulting a person for things outside of their control. Such was the judgemental world they lived in though. Charming, it was. Not at all hypocritical, given the magical populace had to hide away from that same line of persecution from muggles. On the inside, Aiden was rolling his eyes at the world of purebloods who, by their actions and way of thinking, were no better than the muggles they despised.

To be so rude and degrading to someone like Jenny though, well, it was just plain stupid. It was a fail of intelligence to write someone off based on something so completely out of their control and which had no effect on what kind of person they were, or what they brought to the table. Either way, Aiden wasn't going to let the words of some chump get his friend down for long.

"A rude and bullying Slytherin? Now that is more surprising than you reading a book. Who would have thunk that normally polite lot would ever sink to such low standards of blows?" Anyone who didn't know the boy might think he was mocking them, but really what the Ravenclaw was doing was spinning it around into a joke, pointing out the obvious in his humorous ways.

He put on a very exaggerated mock look of surprise, going for the ultimate comical light. "A mudblood?! No! How dare he say such a thing!? Because, you know, your blood is obviously made of sugar. It would be more politically correct to call you sweetblood." Aiden's sarcastic words included a compelling the was sure the blonde would pick up on. Jenny really was a sweet girl, but that wasn't all there was to her either. She was a pretty well rounded type, and it was probably another reason they got along so well.

He gave her a winning grin as she stowed away her book and gave him her full attention. "Just the usual lustrous life of classes, homework, Quidditch, and oh! Did I mention classes?" He answered her easily, that same wry grin tilting his lips. "Actually though, I decided to play hide and seek with a rat. Haven't seen the normally lazy bugger anywhere have you?"
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PostSubject: Re: The Small Print ((Open))   The Small Print ((Open)) Icon_minitimeTue May 06, 2014 10:14 pm

Jenny smirked as Aiden continued with his onslaught of sarcasm, that was her favorite trait of his, his ability to be sarcastic in nearly every situation. "Well of course, I just went flying around the whomping willow last week on my broom for fun." she replied, going along with his lead as she shifted her position in the chair.

The Ravenclaw couldn't help but smile at Aiden's response, his sarcasm always seemed to make the worst problems better, and she was grateful for that "It is quite out of character, isn't it? You'd think a Slytherin like him would be busy playing gobstones in the courtyard, not bullying other students." She said, adopting his sarcasm into her view on the situation.

The blonde laughed at Aiden's next statement, "Of course, my blood is only the sweetest there is, which is why all of those damned mosquitos just love to bite me." she said, continuing the playful sarcasm the two had going between them.

The witch smiled at Aiden's next show of blatant sarcasm, "That reminds me, how has our beloved team been doing this year?" she inquired,a hint of sarcasm as she said beloved, "Hmm, I don't think I've seen him, no, I could help you look, if you'd like." she suggested, running a hand through her long hair.

((Again, sorry about the short post!))
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PostSubject: Re: The Small Print ((Open))   The Small Print ((Open)) Icon_minitimeWed May 28, 2014 11:48 pm

Aiden's grin grew even wider on his face, if it were possible, as his friend adopted his own sense of humor and shot right back her own sarcastic remarks. Between the two of them, the boy was sure they could have an entire conversation that was utterly backwards to anyone else. In fact, that seemed to be the jist of most if not all of the conversations he could remember having with Jenny.

He absently wondered what anyone who overheard them speaking thought. Did anyone even understand a word or get the backwards humor they shared? Probably not, as Aiden's interaction with most people led to blank or quizzical stares, and in some cases even blinking stupidly. How terrible it was to live in a world of irony that everyone else save a few like himself did not understand.

Of course, the Ravenclaw didn't really mean that, as it was much too much fun to understand things that went completely over everyone else's heads. It was the general consensus that he was one of the not-so-clever birds of the flock of Ravens, but that was because most people didn't get that his wit was far past their own. There were often times when people took him seriously, which was cause for more entertainment for the boy, as it allowed for further sarcastic quips.

"Flying around it?" He questioned his friend, eyes wide with mock surprise. "Now that really is a death defying adventure. Someone should warn Potter about you. Can't have you outdoing ol' Golden Boy now. And you did it for fun? Impressive that is. Most people have death defying adventures to save lives. You really are a badass, pardon my French." The teen flashed her a grin and a wink, looking not at all apologetic for his words.

"Quite out of character, yes.." He trailed off almost thoughtfully, eyes wandering away as if her really were considering something, and then snapped his fingers, looking at her as if he had just been hit with the obvious. "I know what happened. A Hufflepuff got their hands on some polyjuice. I can't believe we didn't think of that sooner. You know how those devious Puffs are." Aiden shook his head as if disappointed the pair of them had not come to that conclusion sooner, though his ruse was ruined by the turning up of his lips into another grin as she commented about her blood being sweet.

"I bet they try to eat you alive. Or drink you alive rather, since the little buggers don't have teeth to eat." He replied humorously, enjoying the conversation of quick wit he got very little elsewhere with anyone else. The blonde really was a God-send to Aiden, as his motor-mouth capabilities rarely left room for most anyone else to keep up with, yet she did with ease. She truly was invaluable to the boy, always giving him a good time filled with healthy backwards conversations.

Her inquiries about the Quidditch team had him sitting back in his seat, another wry grin on his lips. "Fantastic as always. Or did you not notice how we've won the cup some five years running? Unstoppable we are. I'm headed to the big leagues as star beater." His words were plastered with playful sarcasm, his grin spreading his lips across his rather goofy face. "Help would be much appreciated, as I have no idea where to start." The boy replied with a genuine smile, pushing himself to his feet and offering his friend his arm. "And I bet you thought chivalry was dead." Aiden added on with another wink at the blonde, looking almost charming with his disheveled hair and clothes and clearly having fun, forgetting all about his odd ability of dreaming the future for once.
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PostSubject: Re: The Small Print ((Open))   The Small Print ((Open)) Icon_minitime

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The Small Print ((Open))

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