Where enemies can become allies and friends, and where everything you thought you knew is now questionable.
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 The Old Stand-by (One-Shot)

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Skyler Riddle

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PostSubject: The Old Stand-by (One-Shot)   Sat May 10, 2014 9:33 pm

Too much had happened recently. Too much was going on, and the small brunette was starting to stumble under it all. The one thing that she feared more than anything was losing the blonde Slytherin she was now secretly engaged to, and the Gryffindor she was publicly dating.

If truth be told, the young Slytherin was afraid of just how much not only her life had changed, but of how she had changed. Weights that she hadn't carried before were now on her shoulders, and lately the teen was struggling not to get crushed by it. In a very short amount of time, Skyler had gone from being virtually a nobody who was used to being more or less invisible to a key player in some grand game where the rules kept changing and the other players were far more advanced than she was. She was sure at some point she would trip herself up only to land flat on her face, which only served to stress her all the more, because the brunette knew that wasn't anything she could risk these days.

It was quite scary, constantly worrying and waiting for the other shoe to drop, and that was currently her life. Her mind was constantly running, thinking of all the ways she could screw up, and let down the people who depended on her. The people she cared about. Often enough Sky feared that she would try her best, and give it her all, only to find that in the end, it just wasn't good enough. That she wasn't good enough. Strong enough.

There were times when the teen just wanted to scream out her frustrations. She hadn't asked for any of this. It had been hard enough, back home. In America, everyone strove to fit in, even in the magical world. It was a world of labels, and certain people controlled which label one got, and once one was labelled, there was no changing it. To the world, that's what one was and always would be.

It had always been Skyler's downfall, and yet it was her truest strength. The brunette couldn't fit in no matter what she did, as she seemed to have been born to stand out. Some would label her a freak for it, as Parkinson had. As the kids back home had. And as difficult and hurtful as dealing with that was, the teen had never had it in her to pretend to be anything but who she truly was. She had thought that coming across seas might give her a break for once. But it turned out she was just more of a freak at Hogwarts than she had been at Salem's.

On top of all the stress of her current worries, sleep didn't come easy, if at all. During the day, it was easy enough to keep herself occupied, which meant that, even though her worries were still there, she could force herself to focus on her tasks at hand. Such as classes, and friends. Or whatever it was the teen ended up using as a distraction. At night though, when she was alone and in her bed behind her green hangings, her mind attacked her with a vengeance. And even if sleep did come, her brain hardly gave her a rest. Instead, it gave her nightmares. Ones that had her waking up in a cold sweat, shaking and screaming. Sky had long since silenced her curtains.

There was also the fact that the brunette didn't exactly want to sleep. Not only because the nightmares meant she was just as exhausted after what little sleep she did manage to get as she was when she didn't sleep at all, but also because she had a very real fear of waking up only to find herself trapped in one of the nightmares she saw behind closed eyes. This led to a drop in her nutritional intake, as the Slytherin more than often enough was too tired to really think to eat.

All in all, the female snake wasn't at her finest as she snuck from the snake pit, and out of Slytherin territory at a good deal later than curfew, on a night where she had no reason to be out and about since she was not one of the prefects on duty for rounds.  As such, the teen had on her traditional black hoodie pulled on over a white beater top that fit her snugly, a pair of jeans adorning her bottom half. Her dark locks were flowing freely and messily around her pale face and down her shoulders and back. The purple eyes that were normally bright with amusement or mischief were devoid of that spark and the dark circles that ringed them served of the tell tale sign of the lack of sleep as she crept silently and easily through the entrance hall and up the main staircase to make her way higher into the castle.

Luckily enough, Sky had managed to duck into a few empty classes when necessary to avoid a patrolling professor, and eventually found herself pacing before a blank stretch of wall on the seventh floor that she knew was so much more than what it appeared to be. When the door appeared, the brunette wasted no time in grasping the handle and pushing it open, entering swiftly before closing the door behind her with a light snap.

Since Harry had explained the room to her after her first healing session with him, the Slytherin prefect had been considering coming to it for a specific purpose. The room was filled with furniture. Desks, chairs, tables, bookcases, cabinets. Her wand was in her hand before she consciously decided it should be, though she took the time to strip herself of her hooded sweatshirt, dropping it to the floor at her feet. The room had provided her with what she requested of it. The rest was up to her.

Without hesitancy, the teen started to shoot off spells. Blasting hexes, reductor curses...anything she could use to destroy the pieces in the room with her, the brunette let fly from her wand, holding nothing back as she let herself fill with her frustrations, her worries..her rage. It hadn't been long before Skyler had realized that she would need to go to her old standby of destroying furniture in order to keep herself, and her magic, in check. And now, as she let everything flow freely, sure there was no one around to be in danger from the lash back of her out of control magic, the violet eyes glowed in her anger at the unfairness she would never dare speak of to anyone else.

The air thickened around her, swirling and nearly crackling as she continued on, intent on destroying everything the room gave her, and only intending to stop when everything was left in shambles and destroyed. In her mind, it wouldn't be far off from matching her life.


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The Old Stand-by (One-Shot)

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