Where enemies can become allies and friends, and where everything you thought you knew is now questionable.
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 Orion's Threads & Timeline

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Orion Ramellien
Orion Ramellien

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PostSubject: Orion's Threads & Timeline   Orion's Threads & Timeline Icon_minitimeWed May 14, 2014 9:36 pm

Orion's Threads & Timeline

Clearly, this is a list of my threads in a timeline. If you can't understand that much, I don't know how you function on a daily basis. I will provide a brief description with each thread, because I'm in a nice mood. If you wish to know more about the thread, don't bother asking me unless you've read the actual thread. Otherwise you're at the mercy of my sharp tongue.

Sixth Year

w/Evangeline Faye

After Transfiguration, I decided to spend some free time between lessons in the courtyard, only to be interrupted by the idiot Faye, who's would-be witty retorts are about as dull as her personality. As you can guess, we hit it off extremely well, as she tried to get under my skin and flirt with me, only to find that she was playing a game she had no hopes of winning.

Another Rocky *Mature Content*
w/Laurette LeBeau

Ah, yes. The Head Girl. Emphasis on the Head *smirks*. On this occasion, I headed to the training grounds to polish up my vast arsenal of spells. That is, until LeBeau came along pretending to want to use the facility, when in fact what she really wanted was...well let's just say I gave her a taste, but LeBeau is hardly worthy enough for the entire meal.

Books, Books, and More Books
w/Fallon Bourne

Who ever said Hufflepuffs were useless? I took a stroll to the library, for educational reasons of course. I happened to come across Bourne, who was only too happy to crawl into my lap and do my work for me.

Scaring the Owls
w/Sibes Sidorova

Blowing off a class or two isn't a new idea, and the most common one for me to blow off is History of Magic. This marks the first time I come into contact with Swiper, who at the time was just a sack of bones who would feint from my charm and good looks alone.

Feeding the Tiger
w/Sibes Sidorova

Being the gentleman that I am, I took Swiper to the Hospital Wing, and then naturally pretended to her cousin so I could stay and force feed her, as well as kindly advise her that I have no qualms about declawing cats.

Show & Tell
w/Sibes Sidorova

Considering I do not believe in waste of power, I showed Swiper where she might find a private place to eat away from prying eyes. This also marks the first romantic moment shared between us.

w/Draco Malfoy

Ah. Yes. This is that fine moment in history when I get the best of Malfoy. There are several moments like that, however, and better ones to boast about. Let's just say me and Draco come to an...understanding here, with an exchange of information and a few questions of loyalty cleared up.

What Cares Have I? *Mature Content*
w/Sibes Sidorova, Leyton Lestrange

Now this incredible little thread is full of me dominating a certain tiger. Thoroughly. Over, and over again. I do believe you get the picture. Someone had to put the beast in it's place, and I take pride in being that someone.

Tails of Fire
w/Sibes Sidorova

Swiper stumbles upon me after I have a certain feline it's comeuppance, but knows better than to expect any kind of apology from me regarding it. Instead, she seeks my help, and I am only too happy to oblige. After all, am I not the tiger tamer?

Meat of Your Choice *Mature Content*
w/Sibes Sidorova
In Progress

And here everyone considered me selfish. What a terrible mistake to make, as I show great consideration for my Swiper, giving her delicious choices of prime meat, taking care of her in more ways than one.

Teach Me Control
w/Sibes Sidorova
In Progress

I am sure my perfection looks out of place in the middle of the forest, as I help Swiper gain control over the beast inside. Interestingly enough, all it takes is a collar and a leash to remind the tiger that it is not the most dangerous mammal around. Speaking of collars, I present a token of my pride to Swiper.

Bumping Seats
w/Seth Smith, Sibes Sidorova

Clearly some Slytherins just don't fit the bill. As is the case with Junior, who I have an amusing time pointing out just how un-Slytherin he is, and Swiper joins us to let him know just how far beneath me the idiot is.

The Pussy Project
w/Aubrey McGregor
In Progress

I go along with one of the McGregor triplets as she searches for a pussy to play with, since she can't play with Granger's. The Ravenclaw lets one too many secrets slip, however, and I can't help but cash in on my prize, especially when rumors about Swiper and the Loon of Ravenclaw circle around Hogwarts. So much for being a lesbian, McGregor.

Sword Play
w/Draco Malfoy

Swords and words clash between me and Draco as we each try to best each other in the only ways we know how and work out our mounting frustrations. Of course, I am the better swordsman and wordsmith, so Malfoy takes it up the arse, figuratively speaking, as I am not his cousin.

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Orion's Threads & Timeline

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