Where enemies can become allies and friends, and where everything you thought you knew is now questionable.
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 Students Read This FIRST

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Rowena Ravenclaw
Rowena Ravenclaw

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PostSubject: Students Read This FIRST   Mon Aug 19, 2013 6:02 pm


If you are planning on being a student, there are a few things you'll need to know while filling out your profile. First, if you're going to be a canon student, please make sure to put the correct age of your character. Remember, we're starting our story during the summer before Harry's first year. If you're not too sure what age or year that makes your character, then feel free to PM an admin or mod to help you out.

If you're planning on creating your own character, please note that all OCs will start off at first year, so make sure your FC is age appropriate. We do also want to try to keep the houses as even as possible as well, so while you may try to make your character as Hufflepuff as possible, there is no guarantee you will end up in that house.  We will do our best to sort students into the house they fit most, but if one house seems to be overflowing with students, then we will stop placing students there until the houses are evened out. This is just a little helpful hint and a reminder to keep these things in mind when creating your character profiles. It would be best to make your characters true to someone you want to play, and someone who can be diversified.


Thank you for the beautiful graphics, Miss Weasley.
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Students Read This FIRST

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