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 Maverick Navarrette

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Maverick Navarrette
Maverick Navarrette

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PostSubject: Maverick Navarrette   Maverick Navarrette Icon_minitimeThu May 29, 2014 9:25 pm

Full Name: Maverick Navarrette

Nickname: Mav, Navo

Age: 32

House: Gryffindor

Birthdate: August 21st, 1964

Blood Type: Halfblood


Likes: Poker, Cigars, Drinking, People, New experiences, Classic Rock, Stand up comedy, Boxing

Dislikes: Repetition, Negativity, Bad drivers, Inconsideration, Mayonnaise

Strengths: Creative, Open-minded, Vitality, Bravery, Fairness, Humor

Weaknesses: Bold, Idealistic, Reckless, Unpredictable

Family: On August 21st, 1964, on a warm summer's night, Sydney Navarrette gave birth to her second born son, who she named Maverick. His father, Alex, was ecstatic with another son, and had a congratulatory cigar with a few friends that night, while his older brother, Eric, was proud to be a big brother, even at the age of four.

The family lived in a decent home, not rich by any means, but Alex brought enough bread home from his job as a small time barber shop owner to have the family of four living comfortably. The two boys often accompanied their father to his shop, and became accustomed to the regulars who dropped by to get their hair cut, and sometimes the men would bring sweets for the boys.

Their mother was a working newscaster, and the boys always made sure they were up in the mornings in time to see her on the tube, reporting on whatever the news was that day while they munched on their breakfast. Eric and Maverick were as close as brothers four years apart could be, but like any siblings, they had their spats.

For the most part, it was a happy life Maverick spent his formative years growing up in. It was when he was seven that Maverick showed his first signs of magical ability, having caused a man in his dad's shop to go bald when the man criticized his dad for being a barber. It was after that the boys were told of their mother's magical heritage, and it was explained that she was what was called a squib in the magical world, someone born of a magical family but with no magic.

A wedge grew between Maverick and Eric from that point on, Eric becoming jealous that Maverick got something that he couldn't have too. But it wasn't until after Maverick got his Hogwarts letter that the rift really started to come between them, and the brothers who had once been incredibly close barely spoke after a few years of Maverick being at Hogwarts.

Their parents often tried to patch things between the boys together, but nothing ever worked, and Alex never lived to see his sons reunite, as he died in a car crash right after Maverick graduated from Hogwarts. It was a rough time for the family, and emotions ran high, with the boys fighting over who would take over their father's beloved shop. In the end, Eric got the shop, and Maverick felt locked out of the one place he felt closest to his father.

After that, the young boy of just seventeen stood at his parents' house long enough to make sure his mother would be ok, before leaving the home forever on the journey of his life. He travelled all over, working odd jobs here and there to get by, visiting magical communities all over the world, making the most unlikely of friends and learning magic long forgotten.

Personal: Maverick, like his name suggests, had always been a bit unorthodox, definitely the kind of person who marched to his own beat. Very independent-minded, he always relied on his own opinions and thoughts, rather than anyone else's. His time at Hogwarts was spent as a well-liked, well rounded individual, for the most part.

He had been a Gryffindor, and fit the bill for the House of Lions, as even at eleven, Maverick was prone to sticking up for both himself and others, often times getting himself mixed up with an older crowd. It was during those times the young version of himself often wished Eric had been there with him at the castle, and as he grew older, there wasn't a day that went by that he didn't miss his older brother and the relationship they had had.

School-wise, Maverick wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed, by any scale, but he managed to get by. Known mostly as the class clown in any subject, he was generally the life of the party, and many of his professors often referred to him as the 'Jack of all trades', because he dabbled in everything, but wasn't an expert in anything. Indeed, as a boy, he took every subject Hogwarts had to offer, if only because he wanted to try everything at least once.

After school, with his father gone, his brother still adamant to hold the grudge, and his mother ok for the most part, Maverick did what he had planned on doing for years. Traveling the world and visiting the many other magical communities and places one couldn't experience through a book, no matter how detailed they were.

During this time of his life, he often found himself either in over his head in situations, or in some kind of danger. It suited him well, letting him get more in tune with his daring streak. Those years were the times of his life, as he found himself doing things and experiencing things most people never dreamed of. And in the places he visited, he always found the strangest of people as friends, who often times taught him things one never learned or even came across at Hogwarts. It was then Maverick was reminded of one of his favorite classes back at school, and only then did he return home to study under the tutelage of that very professor in the Forgotten Arts.

He had been twenty-five at the time of his return, and by the age of 32 he had been granted his Mastery in the subject. But thought the boy was now a man, he still kept that charming quality that always made him well-liked as a young lad.

Wand: Alder, Dragon Heartstring, 13 in.




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Maverick Navarrette

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