Where enemies can become allies and friends, and where everything you thought you knew is now questionable.
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 In My Life (Threads)

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Daryl Oliver
Daryl Oliver

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In My Life (Threads) Empty
PostSubject: In My Life (Threads)   In My Life (Threads) Icon_minitimeMon Jun 02, 2014 11:56 am

Daryl's Threads So Far

Hello Jello - Ongoing
  • Daryl comes across his best friend while in the kitchens. Seeing her caught up in mischief he naturally joins in to have some fun.

Like a Unicorn - Ongoing
  • Daryl on a bet goes to the Forbidden Forrest. He gets distracted by a Gryffindor hunting unicorns. Naturally, Daryl had to jump in the fun.

Hangin Around - Ongoing
  • Hyped up on caffeine Daryl was running around the castle when he found the attic. There he wanted to try being Batty but instead found a fellow dare devil stuck and tried to help her get over her fear.

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In My Life (Threads)

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