Where enemies can become allies and friends, and where everything you thought you knew is now questionable.
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 Lost would be an understatement (Sibes)

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PostSubject: Lost would be an understatement (Sibes)   Wed Jun 18, 2014 3:45 pm

Lifting a perfectly manicured hand up along a rail, Ali slowly made her way up and around a spiral staircase. She was most certainly lost, or turned around, the result of ever changing staircases and now found herself in a very dark, and mysterious tower. Raising a brow she pushed open one of the old heavy doors, holding her wand out in front of her just in case something came out at her. Lighting the way she wrinkled her nose at the smell.

"Disgusting." Keeping her wand at the ready, her hand was surprisingly steady as she kept it out in front of her. Walking slowly she raises a brow observing the chains hanging here and there. "Someone obviously had a no good, very bad day." Chuckling to herself she tugged on one of the chains just to check it. Could come in handy some time, she thought to herself with a wry smile. "You are a very twisted individual Ali," she muttered.

Running her fingers along another chain, she nearly jumped six feet in the air and her hair turning midnight black, when she heard the door scrape against the floor behind her. Whipping around she held her wand out flooding the doorway with light only to be met with the sight of someone she wasn't expecting to see.

"Sibes you know better than to sneak up on people. Seriously you could have given me a heart attack."

She rattled off in their native language. The younger girl always did give off this aura that had made Ali a little bit cautious around her, but here where she was an outcast with nothing and no one on her side so it was good to have a little piece of home around. Even if the girls never had really seen eye to eye.
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PostSubject: Re: Lost would be an understatement (Sibes)   Sun Jun 22, 2014 6:15 pm

After wandering through one of the least-used towers, Sibes found herself growing rather bored. Adonis had gone off to some quidditch practice and they’d done their work together earlier in the week, which meant that she had nothing to do and no one to entertain her. This had led to her tower exploration, and though she had found some… interesting rooms… she was about out of them and wasn’t sure where to go next.

The girl supposed she could always find a torture victim. She was already dressed in one of her tight black dresses that only just covered her ass and breasts, not to mention the blood colored pumps that matched her lips perfectly. Of course, if she taunted a boy enough to get him to follow her to this fun new tower, word would most likely reach Adonis, and he’d most likely be upset with her. So that was out.

While she thought of what to do, she noticed a voice coming from one of the rooms she’d noticed earlier. The one with all the chains on the walls and that delicious scent of blood mingled with death. A purr coursed through her throat as she shoved the door open, emerald gaze falling on a familiar girl from her years in Durmstrang.

”Vengeance,” she said in a deadly soft tone, sauntering through the door and looking the girl up and down, circling her and licking her lips. ”Good to see you haven’t started using the language here just yet. So many of these slobs have no idea where they’ve come from. All but forgotten that and the Latin our magic is based upon.”

Their mother tongue slipped easily from her lips as she kept circling the girl, heels clicking on the stained floor. ”Who is to say that I would not want to terrify you, pretty little toy? I’ve always found a bit of joy in hearing you squeal…” She growled, letting her teeth elongate into fangs while her claws itched at her thighs. She wasn’t sure if the girl knew of her other form, or just suspected it, but she was almost positive she at least had an idea that Sibes was… less than normal. Now she would either put two and two together, or she’d think the girl was a vampire. Either way, it was entertainment for Sibes, and it kept her from making her Adonis disappointed in her.
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PostSubject: Re: Lost would be an understatement (Sibes)   Tue Jun 24, 2014 9:02 am

Feeling a bit unsettled, Ali lowered her wand but only slowly. She had no desire to be in a dark room filled with chains with the other girl. Unfortunately there was no way out of the room around the other girl so she was trapped. Based on the look on the younger girls face she obviously had no problem with the current situation. Reaching up she brushed her hair back away from her face acting as if she was more confident than she truly was. Moving her hand down she adjusted her tie slightly after taking in the other girls outfit, Sibes was always one to push boundaries to their limits. Apparently Hogwarts had no issue however with just how little clothing covered her.

"Of course I haven't Sidorova. I have no desire to become like these people here. The day I lose where I come from is the day that I die. And I do not plan on dying any time soon," she said unable to contain the shiver that crossed her shoulders as the girl circled around her. Taking a step to the side she caught the corner of the table in her side and gasped softly knowing she would have a bruise by morning.

Listening to the click of heels upon the cold stone ground she lifted her wand again, keeping her bathed in light, not that it would help much. "Yes, well you always have been a little not right in the head," she responded back with a bit softer tone after being growled at. There was definitely something off with the younger girl, and though she could never quite put her finger on it, it suddenly became clearer. She was some type of beast and Ali had no desire to become her dinner.

"I'm not some toy you can play with Sidorova, so I suggest you take youself somewhere else this night." Pushing off of the table she eyed the other girl cautiously growing slightly afraid of just what the other girl was capable of.
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PostSubject: Re: Lost would be an understatement (Sibes)   Mon Jun 30, 2014 11:43 pm

A predatory smirk crossed her lips as Sibes continued circling the girl, one sharp claw drawing lines along her shoulders, back, and chest. The words the foolish thing said were just so... amusing. Sibes couldn't help but let out a purr-like laugh as she shook her head, letting the nail run along the fabric and skin with a bit more force, most likely leaving some damage behind.

"Of course you don't, Vengeance," she growled, the Russian words flowing easily past her lips. "But does anyone want to die when they do? Does anyone really... appreciate what they have until it is threatened?" An evil glint shown in those emerald eyes as she stopped behind the girl, silently waving the wand she had stowed in her dress so that the little light that remained in the dark tower room vanished, leaving the two Russian females in absolute darkness.

Feline eyes broke through the black as Sibes smiled, fangs nicking her bottom lip and filling the room with a soft scent of copper. She purred, nearly groaning at the taste, running her claws on both hands down the girl's back, shoulders to hips, sure she was shredding the clothing that covered her old schoolmate.

"Tell me, pretty little kukla, do you value what you have?" she growled, harshly calling the girl nothing but a doll- an imitation of human life. Clearly the raven-haired beast of a woman did not think her companion had learned the value of the life she was granted. "Maybe I'm an angel of death. Maybe I have been chosen to pass judgement. Do you have a good reason that you should continue to live? Do you have a good use for this body, this soul, which you have been using so easily for your seventeen years?"

Some would say she had no right to judge, but Sibes didn't care. She wasn't bothered by what others might or might not say to her or about her. She was a strong predator. She saw what humans did, what they wasted. She knew she had the right to pass judgement on those lesser than her. "Do you really want to live?"

Her voice was a hiss in the girl's ear, one long, sharp claw at her throat, the other hand grasping the girl's wrist so as to keep her from even thinking about arming herself or fighting back. Sibes smiled devilishly into the pitch black room. Oh, yes. This was a great distraction.
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PostSubject: Re: Lost would be an understatement (Sibes)   Fri Jul 11, 2014 7:00 pm

Watching the other girl she could not help the shiver the passed down her spine and the ill feelings only strengthened when she felt a nail running over her skin. No matter what direction she moved she was still within the girls reach and she had a feeling if she ran it would only make it worse. So she said trying to push away the fear that was slowly creeping up over her.

Too soon she was left in total and complete darkness and she gripped the table tightly for support. As Sibes circled back around and the claw dragged down her back it took every thing she had not to scream. Not that it would have mattered. No one would ever hear her up here and that thought weighed heavily on her mind as the welts began to rise over her body.

"Of course I value what I have. Every day that I am alive is a present and I take nothing for granted. I know how quickly it can be taken away, especially now in these times. You can be here one moment and gone the next. Most of us will leave nothing behind and I do not want that for myself."

All she wanted in that moment was to escape the she-devil. That was exactly what she had planned to do until she found the claw at her throat and the fingers wrapped around her wrist holding her in place. "Of course I do." Every thought in her mind went blank as she felt the bile rise in her throat so she did the only thing she could think of, she morphed herself into Orion hoping it would throw the girl off enough that she could get away.

"Are you done with your little plaything yet? Because I have grown rather bored." she responded in the rather bored drawl she had heard him use. She only hoped it wouldn't end in disaster.
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PostSubject: Re: Lost would be an understatement (Sibes)   Sun Jul 13, 2014 9:32 pm

The assurance that the girl did, indeed, value the life she had was less than convincing to Sibes, so she kept her sharp claw at the girl's throat. That was, until she felt the shifting beneath her fingers and heard the familiar voice of her Adonis coming from the space in which her fellow Russian had stood.

Most people would react in shock and let the person go in this case. After all, the metamorphmagus had just turned herself into the embodiment of her amazing lover. The thing about Sibes was, she wasn't like most people. Instead of letting the girl go and freaking out, she tightened her grip and dug the nail into Vengeance's neck. It wasn't as if she would actually hit the artery, but she'd definitely bleed the bitch. How dare she do anything like that! Pretend to be someone as regal and important as Adonis himself? It was unacceptable!

"You think you're so clever, don't you? But you see, kukla, my Adonis would never stop me from having a bit of fun. He would especially not stop me from invoking a bit of fear in the likes of you." She twisted her nail within the girl's neck, still holding her wrist tightly despite how much larger it had become with the transformation. "Now, I highly recommend to give up this identity for your own before I rip the mockery of his face from your head."

The growl was deep and threatening as Sibes pressed her body against the back of the imitation of her master. No, it wasn't him at all. The scent was all wrong, and it made the beast that was so near the surface burn with need to destroy the fraud. "Unless you want to die, you will change back, and you will go over to that wall and fasten those shackles on your wrists. It's time for you to learn who to mess with and who to respect, kukla. You've been living life much too uneducated as to your superiors."

She smiled in the darkness, promising herself that she would teach this foolish girl a lesson. Nobody imitated perfection and got away with it, especially when they were so damn far from perfect. "Oh, and drop your wand, too. You don't deserve it."
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PostSubject: Re: Lost would be an understatement (Sibes)   Wed Jul 16, 2014 4:26 pm

Ali had no idea what she was doing as she stood tensely beside the other girl.  All she wanted to was bolt from the room but she was resolved to stand her ground.  She would not allow this girl to strike fear in her heart and she would not show weakness.  Ali was built to be better than that.  Showing weakness was exactly what the other girl wanted. 

Holding her stand and keeping the morph up she ignored the blood as it began to trickle down her neck.  Even as the nail twisted in her soft flesh she fought to keep her breathing even.  If Sibes thought she would give up this look she had another thing coming.  If she was going to punish her it was going to be as the one she loved most.

"Whatever you do to me Sidorova, you'll have to do while staring at your 'Adonis'. You'll see the pain on 'his' face. And it will haunt you until the day you die. So do it, go ahead."

Walking over to the wall she leaned against it propping her foot up slightly against the wall, her wand still tucked securely in her pocket.  She ignored the blood still trickling only reaching up to adjust her shirt slightly before dropping her arm back down to her side.

"And perhaps if that doesn't work, you might find yourself staring into the eyes of your other lover, a certain blond Ravenclaw.  Which would you prefer to see with pain etched on their face?"
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PostSubject: Re: Lost would be an understatement (Sibes)   Wed Jul 16, 2014 6:24 pm

The more the girl talked, the more Sibes wanted to kill her. Tear her apart. How dare she use Adonis's form?! How dare she threaten the stronger Russian with the use of her Moonbeam as well! Oh, she wasn't going to see pain in the eyes of her lovers. No. Sibes wouldn't let that happen because she wouldn't be herself. In the darkness, she could easily be someone else, and that someone was a girl who wasn't afraid to close her eyes and ears and rely only on her heightened sense of smell.

Sibes did just that, closing her vivid emerald eyes and blocking out the sounds coming from the other Russian. Her claws extended further, morphing into those of the tiger rather than the girl's sharpened nails. Her teeth were sharper, too, and they bit into her lip again, making the room smell of copper and fear, and a slight scent of home. It wasn't anything her Adonis or Moonbeam produced as far as aromas went, so she could easily ignore whatever form the girl took.

It was easy for Sibes to approach with closed eyes, sensing how near or far she was from her companion, and reach out her hand, swiping the clawed limb through the air over the girl's torso.

Copper overwhelmed her senses as the blood spilled, but Sibes paid it no mind. She opened her eyes and glared coldly at the Vengeance girl, allowing the lights to come back and illuminate the scene. "Now listen to me, Vengeance. You are not Adonis. You are not Moonbeam. You are no one. You are nothing. And you deserve deeper wounds. You deserve to bleed out and die here in this room full of old deaths."

She spat on the girl, hissing at her in a very feline-manner. "Stay away from me and mine, kukla. It will prove to be better for your health." With that, she turned and walked away, heading for a washroom to rid her hands of the blood and then to meet with her precious Adonis. The impostor had made her miss him even more than before. She hoped Malfoy had allowed him out of that stupid practice by now.
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PostSubject: Re: Lost would be an understatement (Sibes)   

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Lost would be an understatement (Sibes)

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