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 A tale of two guitarists ((Maximus))

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A tale of two guitarists ((Maximus)) Empty
PostSubject: A tale of two guitarists ((Maximus))   A tale of two guitarists ((Maximus)) Icon_minitimeWed Jun 18, 2014 9:54 pm

Matthew woke up early Saturday morning, much to his dismay, he had been looking forward to actually sleeping in this weekend, but it seems his high hopes had been crushed by the sunlight coming in through the window and shining down on his face. After laying in bed for about half an hour, the Gryffindor finally gained the ambition to actually get up. The seventh year took his time as he crawled off of his bed, thinking of what he was going to do as he glanced around the dorm room, the other's crimson colored bed curtains were closed.

As his gaze circled back around the room, Matt spotted his guitar case propped up against his trunk, and decided now would be as good a day as any to practice. Not even bothering to change out of his pajamas, the short boy grabbed his guitar and headed as quietly as he could towards the staircase and descended down to the common room.

The wizard chose a comfortable chair and took out his guitar, tuning it as he sat there. His electric blue eyes focused on his fingers as he started to mess around on the instrument, not yet sure which song he wanted to work on right now. After finally settling on a song he titled Sober, he heard someone come into the common room, and his head automatically perked up, trying to find the source of the noise like a dog would. "Hello?" he called, "Is someone thewe?" he asked, cringing slightly at his speech impediment.
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A tale of two guitarists ((Maximus))

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