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 Lyra Arabella Black

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Lyra Black
Lyra Black

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PostSubject: Lyra Arabella Black   Lyra Arabella Black Icon_minitimeFri Jun 20, 2014 7:12 pm

Name: Lyra Arabella Black
Age: 11
Year: 1st
House: Slytherin
Birthdate: October 31st, 1980
Blood Type: Pureblood


Fitness, Dark Magic, her Mother Bellatrix, Caellum, Cousin Draco, Auntie Narcissa, the Dark Lord


Cousin Tonks, any Half-Breeds or Dark Magical Creatures, non-Purebloods, Muggles and Muggleborns, Dumbledore, Blood Traitors, people with Pureblood names that she considers foreign


Respectful when she needs to be, very adept at magic, Intelligent, Studious, Polyglot, Tactical


Scary Temper, Bigoted, Arrogant, Cold, Cruel, Sadistic


Bellatrix Black - Mother - Bellatrix is someone that Lyra looks up to highly, wanting to model herself after the Dark Witch that was her Mother, and wanting to live up to her legacy and the high expectations she had of her. She has no intention of surpassing her or being better than her until she was no longer around.

Draco Malfoy - First Cousin - She interacted with Cousin Draco often when she was growing up, and while they're not super closer, she, at the very least, respects him.

Narcisssa Malfoy - Aunt - Narcissa is someone that Lyra interacts with quite a bit, since her Mother often took her to see Draco quite often when they were both younger. As a result, she spent quite a bit of time around her Aunt.

Nymphadora Tonks - First Cousin - She looks down on her Half-Blood Cousin like she is a filthy creature not fit to shine her shoes. She views her as a filthy little blood traitor, and if she had it her way, her filthy Half-Blood Cousin would have been killed.


Appearance: Lyra Black looks like the spitting image of a teenage Bellatrix. Same nose, same jaw line, same eyebrows, same type of hair, of the same length and color as well, and even the same eyes. Most would say she would look like Bellatrix's twin should they be the same age.

Personality: Lyra is best described as a calm, cold, and collected person. She is an Ice Queen, and a loner that prefers silence and being by herself, as opposed to being in a crowd of people. Having grown up with no physical contact with others, she is someone who dislikes being touched, and would react negatively to any attempts at invading her personal space and touching her. While she can be talkative, she is very rarely a loud person, often being very quiet when she speaks. Friendships and relationships are seen as unnecessary in her eyes, viewing them as distractions. She hates whining and crying, seeing it as a form of weakness, and as such, whatever sadness she may feel, she will keep bottled up.

A person who will never outright lie, she is smart enough to realize telling a lie would be worse than telling the truth, so she'll often tell half-truths and not tell the full part of the story, just say part of the truth to allow her to avoid getting into trouble. She is not someone that does something for nothing, and if she does do something, she fully expects to be paid back, even if it requires getting a magical oath from someone beforehand to make sure that they follow through on their word of paying her back.

She is a diehard Pureblood Supremacist, and as such, will happily look down at anyone she considers to be inferior to her. She has an acidic tongue, and a sharp wit, ready to embarrass and humiliate those she feels like doing that to. She is also someone that is deeply interested in Caellum romantically, and as such, is determined to capture his interest by any means necessary. She is generally warmer and more amicable towards Cael than she is towards anyone else. While not prone to jealousy, she is often quite hostile to women who make themselves far too comfortable with Cael for her sakes. Since she desires Cael as much as she does, she is willing to, at the very least, try new new things just for him, if it's something that might make him happy.

While preferring to be alone, she won't chase away those that try to talk to her, viewing that as a potential way for someone to rat on her and try to get her in trouble, so for the sake of avoiding getting into trouble, she will be civil, though she will make many acerbic comments. Very formal, she will often refer to others by their last name as a form of icy politeness, to further add to her image of being an anti-social Ice Queen. Very uptight and serious, even with her dry wit and sarcastic personality, she does not like practical jokers and pranksters in anyway. While not a rule breaker like some would be, she's not opposed to bending them to suit her purposes better.

She will often use loopholes to avoid getting into trouble, and enjoys casting magic in all forms, wanting to be a jack of all trades so to speak, and a master of as many arts as she could. She is a person that dislikes idiots, and as such, people like Pansy Parkinson, Crabbe, and Goyle tend to irritate her, and often makes her very quick to make acidic comments much like her father. She is someone that enjoys knowledge, and power, desiring the both of them far greater than anything else.

While she will bow to authority to avoid getting into trouble, she is not someone that likes being subservient to others, taking her Aunt Cassiopeia's lessons to heart by believing that the Blacks were the greatest family in the British Isles, even the entire Magical World, and as such, she despises the very idea of bowing to anyone. However, a person that is never one to showcase her thoughts or her emotions, she is one of control, often maintaining an expression of cold aloofness to those around her.

She is a very private person, often preferring to keep any issues she might have to herself and not share them with others, only if it's someone personally close to her. A serious person by nature, she takes her studies and power gathering a thing of utmost importance, prioritizing everything else as second. Very determined to make something of herself, she is more focused on gathering political connections and accomplishments, caring more about respect and connections than she is about friendships.

History: Lyra Arabella Black is a sort of clone of her Mother, Bellatrix Black, from a combination of Blood Magic, Alchemy, Necromancy, and Dark Magic. Bellatrix, an unmarried Pureblood Witch, had wanted to craft someone in her image, mold them how she wanted and remain free of anyone trying to teach this person or interfere with them. So, she had used these different sorts of magic to craft a clone of herself that she could mold carefully, like a painter crafting a masterpiece.

Growing up, she was the apple of her Mother's eye, obeying her at her every word and taking in all of her lessons with glee. From day one, she was pushed to getting close to Caellum so she could snatch him for herself. While he may be a Half-Blood, she ignored that, considering her Mother approved of him, and he was even the Dark Lord's chosen heir, and she was determined to make sure that Caellum was hers. She had grown up quite close with him, and her Cousin Draco as well, who she had grown rather close to. She felt he was a bit of a brat, but the Pureblood pride and the like that he has impresses her constantly, and she is proud to count him as a cousin, unlike that filthy Half-Blood Tonks.

Her Mother had taught her everything she felt Lyra needed to know, from things such as Pureblood Politics and roles, to the Hierarchy in terms of Blood Status, to lessons how magic works and how to get the best results out of it, to even lessons in Dark Magic. From these lessons, it was made clear that Bellatrix intended for Lyra to become a second generation her, of sorts, though not on the same level as her, since Bellatrix wasn't the type to accept anyone being on her level.

Her time growing up with Cael was interesting, as the two of them are far closer than most other Pureblood children . Cael grew up viewing her as a cousin of sorts, while Lyra saw him as the one and only male in her age group that was worthy of her. She has desired him from day one, and is always quick to spend time with him for the sole purpose of earning his affections. She knows more about him than almost anyone else, due to how much time they have spent together, and she uses this to her advantage in order to help her catch his interest.

Considering how much she was around Cael, she often had to interact with her Cousin Draco. She found him a bit too arrogant for his own good at times, but they ARE First Cousins, and he still had a lot of the same beliefs as her, so they were fairly close. While not to the point of being siblings or anything, they ARE, at the very least, as close as First Cousins usually are.

She worked diligently, both at her lessons, and her interactions with Caellum and Draco, to guarantee a place in the Hierarchy of the Next Generation as the undisputed Queen. She would not accept being second best to anyone, unless it was her Mother. When the time came for Hogwarts, Lyra went off eagerly to Hogwarts with the intent of making waves and establishing herself as the dominant one in terms of magical power and standing.


Willow Wand - 13 Inches - Dragon Heartstring - Rigid and Temperamental - Perfect for DADA and the Dark Arts.

Relationship: None
Friendships: None
Enemies: Dumbledore, The Weasleys, the Tonks
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Lyra Arabella Black

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