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 Pureblood/Halfblood Name and Blood Claim

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Salazar Slytherin
Salazar Slytherin

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PostSubject: Pureblood/Halfblood Name and Blood Claim   Thu Jun 26, 2014 11:58 am

Considering the Pureblood Hierarchy, we have decided that anyone claiming pureblood as their blood status, or halfblood with one pureblood parent, must request the status and claim the name here. Please be advised that you are not guaranteed an approval. Purebloods are supposed to be an elite group, and are a dwindling one at that.

This is not only to control the amount of purebloods, but also to control the claiming of higher ranking pureblood surnames. It is also to control who has what, meaning that if you have more than one character, you shall not have more than half your characters be pure of blood. That is the official ruling.  

Please note that this is required of all existing sorted members as well. You must claim your surnames and status here, regardless of whether you have played the part or not. If you have played it well enough, then there should be no real issue with you keeping your status.

If this seems a bit controlling, well then I am sorry. Blame those who decided to make every character of theirs pureblood without the slightest try to making their characters act appropriately to their status. Blame those who will try and create characters with names from the higher ranking families just so that their characters will seem more powerful.

Note: Names such as Dumbledore, Grindelwald, Le Fey, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and anything related to Merlin are NEVER allowed. These characters and names are off limits.

[b]Blood status requested:[/b] (Pureblood or halfblood)

[b]Surname you are claiming:[/b]

[b]Family Tree:[/b] (Three generations on each side, five if an older pureblood family. Do your research, because this could be what has you losing your pureblood status.)

[b]Sample RP post:[/b] (Must be 150 words, must show or otherwise explain your character's ability to stay within the frame of the blood type. For instance, lower ranking families are generally poorer, blood traitors, or do not care about prestige and power as much as higher ranking families. Existing and sorted members may choose a pre-existing post that shows their characters blood type traits for this portion.)


Thank you Ro, for the amazing sig
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Pureblood/Halfblood Name and Blood Claim

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