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 Tribute to a fallen soldier [little ginger]

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PostSubject: Tribute to a fallen soldier [little ginger]   Tribute to a fallen soldier [little ginger] Icon_minitimeFri Jul 11, 2014 10:16 am

The night before had been a hard night and not just for him but for everyone. He had expected dancing and foolish adolescent behavior and had fully expected to be taking part in it too. Enormous spiders on the attack hadn't been in his expectations and what had started out as one of his best nights had ended in the worst way imaginable. The worst of it hadn't even been the fear for his own life when he had stayed behind to fight off the overgrown insects instead of running to safety. Riley had never been in any situation like that and was unprepared by a lot but he wasn't a coward and it would never sit right with him if he had left and not even tried to help. He had thought the worst part had been when his girlfriend had disappeared on him and his mind ran him crazy with thoughts he never wanted to think again. If anyone asked he would never have an answer for how he managed to make it out alive and relatively unharmed aside from a few cuts and bruises that he didn't bother getting healed at the infirmary. The nurse and her band of helpers had more important and seriously injured people to tend to and he could manage just fine.

He had been part of those who stayed behind to help get the injured to the hospital wing and it was during this that he had found the dead body of Ron Weasley. He was more than just a fallen victim. He was his girlfriend's brother and Riley didn't know how long he stood there in shock and disbelief with the feeling of dread filling his stomach while he looked at the older boy he hadn't even had a chance to meet officially. He didn't even know what to feel and his mind was past being able to think and comprehend what he was doing of seeing or thinking. What he knew was that as terrible as it was there was a bit of relief because the moment he had spotted the flaming red hair he had had the worst thoughts on who it could be and couldn't help but be thankful it wasn't Ginny who was still missing.

He had been helping getting the McGregors to the hospital wing and that was where he found her and the amount of relief at her being alive and well flooded him and as soon as he had his hands free he took her in his arms and held her tight crushing her to him. He had been so scared that he had lost her that he hadn't even realized he was scared of it. Had forced the thought away because it was just too painful to think and now that he knew she was ok he could admit it had been his fear and now he had another one. He had to tell her about her brother. It wasn't easy and at first she didn't believe him and her reaction was hard to take because it was the mill the messenger type.

She had needed a calming draught and a dreamless sleep in the end on the nurse's orders and Riley didn't leave her side until she was asleep. It was very early morning by that time and though he was tired he didn't sleep. He went to his dorm to shower and change and then sought out a friend he knew was good with charms. His own calling was in transfiguration and in charms he was really only good at things that included fire or flames and for what he needed he needed someone more good with charms. Only after he had managed to get that done did he go back to his little ginger only to find she was gone from the infirmary. He thought about going to gryffindor tower but changed his mind and headed to the quidditch pitch for some reason thinking he would find her there. He was right and there she was sitting in the middle of the pitch. Riley eased himself behind her in a sitting position and pulled her back to his chest in a comforting embrace.

He took her hands and slipped a pair of dog tags into them that were identical to the ones he wore that had belonged to his own father before the man had met his own death and the ones he gave her now had her brother's name on them. He had had his friend charm a replica of the ones he wore around his own neck and then change the name and information to that of Ron. "He was a soldier, and I thought these would help keep him close to your heart." Riley knew there wasn't a whole lot he or anyone else could say or do to make the pain any less or to make the feeling of loss to away. If he could he would take places with her brother but it was impossible and all he could do was be there for her and make sure she had someone to help her get through this.
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Tribute to a fallen soldier [little ginger] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tribute to a fallen soldier [little ginger]   Tribute to a fallen soldier [little ginger] Icon_minitimeSat Jul 12, 2014 5:22 pm

Ginny wasn't sure if she could rightfully say she'd experienced the worst night of her life yet, since she was only fifteen, but it sure felt like she had. The ball had started off so well, too. She'd been on Riley's arm and noticed more than just a few other girls casting her jealous glances. She'd also mostly made up with her brother before the time of the dance, so she was eagerly planning to formally introduce him to her Ravenclaw boyfriend.

That was the end of her happiness, as soon there were giant spiders flooding the hall and nothing but screams and spells to be heard. She'd quickly jumped into the fray, happy to note that her boyfriend did just the same even though he hadn't been involved in the insanity that she had with Harry and the others over the years. He was her soldier after all, and she knew they'd always be protectors at heart.

Ginny had quickly lost sight of her brunette beau, but she knew he'd be alright. She had to know that, because if she worried about him she would be distracted and distraction could very easily mean death. After she'd managed to kill a few of the monstrous creatures, she'd seen a flash of red hair in the distance and heard a familiar squeaky scream of utter terror. Distraction. Death. No, not death, but she was hit in the leg with a long, poisonous fang.

The scream almost tore from her throat, but she held it back and turned away from where she was sure she'd heard her brother screaming. Now wasn't the time to worry about her family. It wasn't the time to try and be a hero to everyone. No, now was the time for her to follow Harry's instructions and help the younger years escape. She needed to help the most people survive.

Of course, she ended up running along with Harry for some of his adventure and she figured out that Hermione had what seemed like a psychotic disorder and Dumbledore had lost it, oh, and she was pretty sure she'd seen Malfoy turn into a bloody wolf, but that could have been her brain going barmy since she had just figured out that Sky was being tortured and she wasn't allowed to join the main fight in the inner chamber. Really? Guard the door? She was so much better than 'guard the door'.

It was easy for her to accompany everyone to the hospital wing once all was said and done, especially since her leg was turning a strange shade of green and was numb all the way into her groin. That wasn't good, she had a feeling. Skyler had most of the attention in the hospital, but Ginny did manage to get some anti-venom shot into her affected leg along with a pain potion forced down her throat. She thought that would be all she needed until Riley came in.

The news wasn't even a shock, given what she'd heard back in the Great Hall. She knew that scream. It was the kind that meant real danger. She'd just hoped that Ron wasn't a goner. Of course, she couldn't help but lose it a little. Her brother couldn't be dead. Surely one of the 'Golden Trio' couldn't die so easily! She'd denied it even though her heart knew it was true. Merlin, her heart ached.

By the time she'd woken from her dreamless sleep and gone back to the tower to shower and find some clothes, Ginny didn't feel like staying in the castle. She didn't want to be anywhere that her brother should have been, and on a Sunday after a busy night he definitely would have been lounging in the common room... Pulling her wet hair up in a messy bun-thing, the girl slipped along toward the castle doors, wincing and looking away when she passed the Great Hall.

Her jeans were a baggy pair of Ron's that had shrunk in the wash and gotten too short for him. She charmed the waist smaller and wore them so her mum didn't have to buy more for her two summers ago. She hadn't worn them in at least a year, but now, it just seemed natural. Her shirt was a simple black tank that fit tight and left nothing to the imagination, and a hoodie she'd 'borrowed' from her boyfriend was sitting on her lap. She was freezing, but at least she felt a little numb.

There were no more tears left for Ginny to cry after last night and early this morning before and during her shower. Now she just sat there in the middle of the pitch, staring into nothing while the gentle cold wind dried her hair. She felt lost. She'd fought with Ron so much, and she barely ever told him how much he meant to her. She loved him, and now he was gone. Merlin, it hurt.

"Riley..." she sighed, leaning back against his chest and letting him hold her. She didn't even have any other words to say. All she could do was hold the dogtags he'd slipped into her hand and close her eyes, wanting to cry but still finding her eyes too dry. Her breath was caught in her throat and she was shaking slightly.

As soon as she found her voice, Ginny sighed. "Thank you. Thank you so much, you amazing, wonderful man. For everything. For being my Soldier and my shoulder to cry on, and for making sure his body was safe as well. I... Riley, I love you, so much. I don't know what I'm going to do. I... I think mum and dad and everyone will come for the service here whenever McGonagall holds it. Would you meet them? I... I want them to know how you honored him. I want them to meet the man who will protect me in his place."

She still felt lost and sad and scared, but she had her anchor with Riley holding her like he was. She felt content in a way, because she knew he wouldn't let her lose it all. He'd take care of her and help her through the hardest things she faced. "I don't know what I would do without you."
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Tribute to a fallen soldier [little ginger]

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