Where enemies can become allies and friends, and where everything you thought you knew is now questionable.
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 Escape ((Open))

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PostSubject: Escape ((Open))   Fri Jul 11, 2014 3:19 pm

Matthew woke up to a nearly empty common room, either he was late for breakfast, or everybody else had woken up extraordinarily early. Most likely the former rather than the latter. The seventh year jumped out of his bed and quickly changed from his pajamas into his school uniform and robes. 

The black haired boy slipped out of the seventh year dorms and, as he ran down the steps to the common room, fixed his unruly tie that had previously been tied so it was askew. As he ran through the fat lady's portrait hole, and raced down the steps, he couldn't help but notice how empty the halls seemed-he was definitely late for breakfast.

Matt slipped into the hall as quietly as he could and took an empty seat at the Gryffindor table, and watched as his head of house stood at the head table. Dumbledore was dead? What had happened at that Halloween ball? Whatever it was, Matt was glad he had skipped it, some of his fellow Gryffindors had mentioned something about acromantulas attacking the ball, and those were even worse than spiders.

With the headmistress's speech done and no classes, Matt quickly ate breakfast and headed somewhere where he could get away from all the talk about the past weekend-the music classroom. He really needed to practice on the piano anyways, and considering there was no way he could practice that in the dorm, the music room was his only choice. 

The Gryffindor entered the music room and sat down at the piano, gingerly brushing his fingers over the ivory keys. He began to try and compose a song, the general mood of the castle had stricken his creative mood enough that he felt the need to compose a new song. He faintly heard the door to the room opening, but instead ignored it and continued to compose at the piano as the notes slowly formed a melody. 

((He's working on this song: The Gallery ))
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PostSubject: Re: Escape ((Open))   Sat Jul 12, 2014 2:29 am

Elizabeth wass even quite early for breakfast so she needed to wait long time until others came. She was sitting there quietly. She heard what wassaid about classes and she had missed the halloween ball so she had  no idea how it did end. She have heard just stories and she wasn't sure to believe them or not. Now she does, some of them at least.

After breakfast she was just walking around the castle. She wasn't sure what to do today. She was feeling lonely,she was't sure where her few friends were today so she had to spend day alone. Thats what she thought. Soon she heard music from music room when she walked to near it. She stood few seconds infront f door but soon she opened it and walked.

Eliza saw there a boy playing piano. She could telll my robes that he was gryffindor. She listened him to play there quietly. "That's really good, you made it since I haven't heard it before?" She smiled and basically asked question from boy when she walked to near him. She could play just a guitar but yeah she just haven't really learn play piano.
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Escape ((Open))

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