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 Dominic Saltzman

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Dominic Saltzman
Dominic Saltzman

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PostSubject: Dominic Saltzman   Dominic Saltzman Icon_minitimeFri Oct 24, 2014 5:00 pm

Name: Dominic "Nic" Ryane Saltzman
Age: 17
Year: 7th
House: Ravenclaw
Birthdate: Nov 26
Blood Type: Muggleborn

Likes: Movies, Reading, Dramatic Arts, Theater, Sweets, Food, Running
Dislikes: Overly Dramatic People, the colors orange and yellow, snow, studying
Strengths: Persuasive, Non-verbal Magic, Charms, Potions
Weaknesses: Quick Tempered, No Verbal Filter, Speaks His mind, Transfiguration

Nic was born to a family of very ordinary muggles.   His mother Diane was a book keeper  and his father Charles, a bookstore owner in London.  His parents had always wanted children and tried for almost five years before he was born.  After he was born though they also had a son named Elliot who is two years younger than Nic and a daughter Rebekah who is 3 years younger than Nic.  Neither of his siblings displayed any magical powers and are quite resentful of their brother for being different than they are.

Nic has always been a somewhat strange child, or at least thats what his parents always thought.  He always preferred to play alone in his room making up stories and talking to imaginary friends.   The more that they tried to get him to play with his siblings the worse it made it.  Especially when his magic began to developed, it only made the divide between siblings even greater.  His parents were rather surprised when they found out how special their son was and they resolved to treat him no different than their other children, telling family friends that he spent the year away at a performing arts school for gifted children.  Nic cannot wait until the day that he graduates so that he can finally break away and be who he was born to be.

(this can be added in later)

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Dominic Saltzman

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