Where enemies can become allies and friends, and where everything you thought you knew is now questionable.
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 Now How Did I Get Here? (Jax)

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Fallon Bourne
Fallon Bourne

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Now How Did I Get Here? (Jax) Empty
PostSubject: Now How Did I Get Here? (Jax)   Now How Did I Get Here? (Jax) Icon_minitimeSat Dec 06, 2014 5:33 pm

Fallon had to taken to exploring the castle in recent days, looking for anything to take her mind off of what had happened over the previous few weeks.  Granted she still spent as much time on her studies as possible but even the Hufflepuff girl needed a break now and then before she simply burnt out.  Which brought her to her current round.  She had left the study area with the thought of just stretching her legs for a few moments and some how had ended up in the secret passageway.  

Pulling her pale yellow sweater tighter over her white button up blouse she looked around trying to figure out where it lead to.  Not feeling as daring as some she didn't want to go too far down and end up getting lost only to never be see again.  It didn't look like a place that could harm her but looks were more often than not deceiving at Hogwarts. At any time something might spring forth from the wall and harm her.  Though that was more than  likely her overactive imagination getting the best of her.

Smiling to herself she continued a little bit farther still exploring.  As long as she kept the way she came in in her sights then she should be good. Stopping she leaned against the wall and just closed her eyes for a moment.  Only a few weeks more and it would be Christmas, something that she waited for all year.  She was anxious to go home and see her family.  Her mother was getting a bit frantic with her owls, one appearing every other day.  It was enough to drive her crazy and there was nothing that she could do to reassure her mother that things were fine at the school.  

That was the thing though, she had no idea how things were.  She wasn't exactly privy to the important happenings at school and the directions given out at the prefect meetings were just to continue patrols as usual and keep an eye out for trouble brewing.  That was nothing more than they were always told and it made her wonder just what was being kept from them though she had serious doubts that the heads knew any more than what they were giving out.

Hearing the door crack at the end of the passage she jumped slightly, "Who goes there?"
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Now How Did I Get Here? (Jax) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Now How Did I Get Here? (Jax)   Now How Did I Get Here? (Jax) Icon_minitimeSat Apr 11, 2015 10:32 pm

One would think his nearly six years at Hogwarts would've taught Jaxon a thing or two, and technically, he had learned some invaluable stuff. Never toss a Filibusters Self-Start firework in a toilet, for instance, was one of them. Unless one wanted to blow up the thing. Then in that case, you were on the right track. Don't ever attempt to tell jokes in Snape's class was another invaluable piece of information, because not only did the older wizard lack any real sense of humor, but you would end up with a handful less house points than you started with. And, depending on the joke, a detention. Or five. One thing the Gryffindor sixth year hadn't learned yet though? To leave Mrs. Norris well alone.

To be fair, it wasn't like he were the only one in Hogwarts who had ever wanted to give that patch of fuzz a good kick or two. On the other hand, he was likely the only one who had ever dared do it. Well...he hadn't actually kicked the feline. All he had done was stick a string of muggle firecrackers he had purchased off of the Weasley twins that summer at their store to her tail with a sticking charm and lit the end. Merlin, the sounds a cat could make. He had almost felt bad for her. Almost.

And his handiwork was appreciated by the students who had crowded the corridors. And his friends were in awe of him for daring to do it in the first place. Everything had been perfect. Up until the point Filch came bellowing down the corridor seeking out the criminal behind the mastermind plan. That was when Jaxon saluted his fellow students and took off running like the firecrackers were on his tail. Not that he really had one of those.

He had lit the cat on the sixth floor, and had lost Filch for the time being somewhere on the fifth, but Jax didn't slow down, knowing the caretaker's uncanny ability to pop up out of nowhere using secret passageways and shortcuts. But thanks to the Weasley twins, Jaxon knew about one such passageway that Filch didn't, so the sixth year flew down the fourth floor corridor, flashing a daring grin and winks to the witches he passed as he went, all of whom giggled and blushed, and disappeared easily into the secret passage via the student commons, which, thankfully, was empty for once.

Now all he had to do was take the passage to the seventh floor, and he was in the clear, as that's where Gryffindor tower was located. And once there, he was home free. Unfortunately, he hasn't expected anyone else to be hiding out in there too. Especially not his best friend who would no doubt see through his charm and hone in on the fact that he was up yo something. Merlin, his ears would be ringing for a month when Fallon found out what he had done. Oh, but such sweet ringing it would be. Clearly, the boy were an idiot. Or a lunatic. Or a bloody masochist. Perhaps all three. Or some mixture there of.

Regardless, it didn't stop the Gryffindor from giving the Hufflepuff a rougish grin as he leaned casually against the stone wall, arms folded over his muscular chest, his dark eyes seeming to sparkle with his mischief and excitement, his breathing just a bit labored from his running. "Do thyne eyes deceive me, or are you, Fallon Bourne, using a secret passageway to hide from the trouble you've caused? Tsk, tsk. I never would've expected it would be you who would light Mrs. Norris on fire. And to think Filch tried to pin it on me." Jaxon shook his head at the witch he adored, his grin never faltering as he teased her, easily playfully pinning his crime on her.
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Now How Did I Get Here? (Jax)

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