Where enemies can become allies and friends, and where everything you thought you knew is now questionable.
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 First Things First

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Salazar Slytherin
Salazar Slytherin

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First Things First Empty
PostSubject: First Things First   First Things First Icon_minitimeMon Jul 22, 2013 9:56 am

First Comes First

First comes first, so the first thing you should do is read our story line, which you can read here: Hogwarts: The Silver Lining . This is important because we want everyone to enjoy the site, and that won't happen if you don't particularly like the story line. If you do like it, great! If you don't, we are terribly sorry, but most welcome to suggestions and creative feedback! Very Happy

Secondly, read the rules, which you can read here The Rules and here Chat box Rules . We will know if you do or don't, and you will know if we know that you did or didn't, so let's just make it easy for everyone by reading the rules shall we? ;)Otherwise, there's a good chance your character will never get to play, and what fun is that?

Thirdly, decide if you want a canon character (meaning a character from the actual books) or if you want to make a character yourself. Either way, I'm sure they'll be great! If you decide on a canon, please post which canon character you would like to be in the canon character list thread here: Canon Characters

Fourth, you'll want to claim a celebrity as an avatar for your character. ONLY celebrities. No anime, or personal pictures. And please try to pick celebs that at least look the age or around the age of your character. We don't want a 40 year old Harry Potter or a 10 year old Dumbledore. Put your face claim here: Face Claim

Fifth, you want to visit Character Creation to fill out the profile for your character and post it as a new thread there. Once all of that is complete, all you need to do is wait to get sorted, or wait for you to approved for whichever job you have chosen for your character if your character is an adult, and then voila! Diagonal Alley will become open to you to post!
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First Things First

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