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 Abandoned in Ochre

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PostSubject: Abandoned in Ochre   Sun Sep 15, 2013 1:48 pm

Heading back to the empty compartment where her trunk and other belongings were stowed, Ginny found herself a bit confused by all that had happened so far this school year. And it was only the train ride in. She’d already met and befriended a Slytherin when she was pranking people at the twins’ shop, decided to join Harry in his rebellion against the ‘wise and mighty’ Dumbledore, and even snogged a notoriously ‘girl-crazy’ Ravenclaw. She couldn’t help but wonder what else life could possibly have planned for her this coming school year.

The redhead slipped back into the compartment and settled on one of the seats, lounging much as she had when she had been accompanied by one Riley Caldwell. One leg was stretched out on the bench while the other foot rested flat on the floor of the train, and Ginny felt relaxed and comfortable even as her mind raced. It was still up in the air as to whether or not she was going to actively pursue the boy-who-lived. On one hand, she’d always been so attracted to him. On the other, he had already passed up so many chances! Wasn’t it about time she found someone else who could make her happy and actually appreciate the gem of a girl that she was?

Ginny willed herself to put the whole boy thing on the backburner for now and focus instead on where the hell she put her wand. She’d had it with her stuff when she was pulling her trunk around getting caught on different parts of the train and then the interaction with the dark haired stud of a boy had left her a bit frazzled. So where the heck had she put the stupid thing? She searched in the back part of the seat where things so often wedged in and got lost, thinking perhaps she’d had it before she chased the Ravenclaw down the corridor. That would make sense. She was damned if Harry or anyone else close to her found out about her foolishness with her wand, but at least she had an idea of where to find it.

A gasp of triumph escaped her lips as Ginny’s fingers touched smooth wood. “Aha! Victory is mine!” she yelled, pulling the wand from its hiding place and smirking at her find. It was then that she heard the clearing of a throat, and she growled a bit. Whoever was interrupting her triumph must have not known just who they were dealing with. “Can I help you?” she snapped, slowly turning to glare at the intruder.
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PostSubject: Re: Abandoned in Ochre   Mon Sep 16, 2013 11:11 pm

"What's got your knickers all twisted Weaselette? Potter leave you over the summer?" Pansy taunted loudly from her place in the doorway and a gaggle of laughter followed her words from the gang of Slytherin girls out in the hallway. She waved them on lazily to find a compartment while she continued her search for Draco but first she thought she might have a bit of fun with the female weasel. A wicked smirk played on her lips as she stared down the red head.

"Quite the show you gave. I wonder what Potty would think of it?" She continued to taunt the other girl and put on an air of mock though as she casually swung the camera she held back and forth from her index finger. Pansy couldn't pass up the opportunity to capture the moment that would humiliate the red head when it was presented so easily and she reveled in the idea of handing out copies of the photo she had taken of the Weaselette snogging the life out of some guy who wasn't Harry Potter.

Oh Pansy knew for sure the Weasley girl and Potter weren't an actual couple. She was renowned for knowing the most accurate gossip. But to any other girl it was obvious the red head had it bad for Potter and Pansy would enjoy making the girl look like a slag to Potter. Draco would be so proud.
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PostSubject: Re: Abandoned in Ochre   Mon Sep 16, 2013 11:27 pm

Bloody fantastic. Just the person Ginny wanted to see when she was confused and had obviously just been snogged. She felt like she had puffy lips and a glow about her that had to tell the Slytherin the truth of just what she’d been up to even if the girl hadn’t seen. Which of course, she had. The camera and her statement made that much obvious.

“New toy, Parkinson?” she barked, spitting her anger at the girl with a venom that spoke volumes. It was a promise of just what the younger girl was capable of. A promise that Ginny Weasley was not one to be fooled with. “In case you weren’t aware, I am not an item to be owned. You can show your little prize to whomever you so desire. I’m my own woman, unlike some.” It really was how she felt. Hell, if Parkinson showed Harry the photo maybe he would actually get the hint and make a move! This could actually work in her favor.

She smirked at the brunette, finding herself relaxing a bit now that her wand was in her fingers and her wits were more about her. It didn’t matter what Pansy did with the stupid picture. Ginny wasn’t exactly hiding her interaction with the Ravenclaw boy after all. “So you enjoyed my show? Teach you a thing or two? I’d have thought you knew everything by now, what with all the practice you’ve had with Malfoy. Oh, wait, where is the precious ferret? Off snogging someone new?”

Perhaps egging the Slytherin on wasn’t the best of plans, but Ginny was bored now, and it was a long train ride. Plus, the prefects should be in their meeting by this point, so she had a bit of time to be unsupervised. Why not taunt the snake? “Don’t tell me you were enjoying the show for a different reason. I hate to break it to you, Pans, but Pugs aren’t really my favorite breed.”
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PostSubject: Re: Abandoned in Ochre   Tue Sep 17, 2013 12:00 am

"Ooh! Touchy, touchy Weasley." Pansy taunted again with a satisfied smirk. It was obvious the idea of her picture getting around bothered the red head otherwise she wouldn't have reacted so strongly. Either that or she was still angry at that Ravenclaw. Speaking of which.. "Worried that Ravenclaw will tell Potter your little plot?" She was hoping to trick the other into revealing more than she should because Pansy had only caught enough of their little lovers spat to know that the Weaselette was plotting something involving Potter.

"Oh please Weaselette. You're one to talk. At least I stick to one guy." Pansy retorted cooly in a bored tone. She didn't seem at all shaken by the red head's comments but on the inside a panic had set in along with a boiling anger at the thought of Draco with someone else. That hit a bit closer to home than Pansy would care to observe. "It's none of your business!" She snapped with a sneer that contorted her face unnaturally. "If that were the case I would have better taste than the likes of blood traitors like you." Pansy spat back with venom herself. "It seems like even Potter has better taste than that." Pansy added on cruelly in an attempt to hit the girl where she knew it would hurt.
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PostSubject: Re: Abandoned in Ochre   Tue Sep 17, 2013 12:12 am

Forget being all calm and intuitive or whatever cock and bull Ginny had tried to convince herself of. This was a reason to fight dirty. The pug actually called her, Ginny, not good enough for Harry! “As if you would be good enough? I’m pretty sure even Malfoy has higher standards than you, at least of late. Maybe he finally opened his eyes to see what a dog you really are.” She’d stood up by now and was inching ever closer to the older girl. The redhead held her wand in twitching fingers, eager to throw a curse or a punch, but not too sure which of the two she’d go with.

“Blood isn’t everything, Parkinson. I find my taste in friends to be much more refined than yours. Harry seems to think the same judging by how high he places me on his own friend roster and how low you are on his list of threats. I’m pretty sure Mrs. Norris beats you there.” She wondered if the brunette would take a jab at the fact that she listed herself on the friend list rather than as a girlfriend or dating potential or what have you, but she didn’t really care. She was too busy sizing up the other girl and considering where she might hit her to do the most damage.

Pansy wasn’t exactly lacking in the strength department. She wasn’t an athlete like Ginny, of course, but she wasn’t a weakling either. The girl probably had to be strong to survive in the den of snakes where she lived and grew, but the redhead found herself wishing Parkinson was a bit… smaller. Maybe more the size of Luna Lovegood or a little firstie or something. Someone who couldn’t hold their own against the fifteen year old with a very bad temper, which she was currently losing control of. “And for your information, I was only with two boys and things simply didn’t work out. It isn’t like I tramped around with them like you would have if you ‘d been in my shoes.”

Ginny glared at the girl before her, shaky fingers twirling her wand, itching to get a piece of the girl. She was sorely tempted to throw the stick of wood aside and lunge in a very feline nature, clawing at the Slytherin until she begged for mercy. The will to restrain herself and let the snake make the first move was quickly wearing thin, and Ginny had a feeling if this verbal sparring went on much longer she might be losing herself some house points before she even made it inside the castle. That had to be a new record.
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PostSubject: Re: Abandoned in Ochre   Tue Sep 17, 2013 1:09 am

"Maybe Potter's opened his eyes to see what a slag you really are." Pansy shot back heatedly. The edges of her version were beginning to tinge red in her growing anger. The stupid bint had hit the nail right on it's head but Pansy would not allow her the satisfaction of knowing it by giving her panic away. It was clear the red head was looking for a fight and maybe even hoping for one and Pansy's own wand twitched in her own hand as she too itched to take out her frustration.

She was usually more of a back end fighter choosing to fight by using well placed insults and starting rumors she knew would catch like wildfire to do considerable damage to her opponent's reputation. This worked well for Pansy because for one she was Hogwart's most reliable gossip source and two she considered herself above getting her hands dirty in an actual fight. She might make an exception for the Weaselette though because the red head had a special spot on Pansy's destroy list.

"I would rather be under Mrs. Norris on his threat list than be on his friends list when I really want to be on his to date list like you are. At least it's to my advantage to be underestimated, not that I care either way." Pansy was beginning to get bored with the red head but her anger only abated enough to speak her comments cooly at the younger girl but they didn't lose any of their edge. Pansy knew the Weasley's had temper tantrums having witnessed the Weasel on several occasions loose his. She found it funny to bait them into making complete fools of themselves because they looked so stupid all puffed up like a balloon ready to pop. The female weasel looked about ready to burst with her anger and Pansy decided to twist the knife in a little deeper even if it probably wasn't the best of ideas.

Pansy knew there was a good chance she would get a curse hurled at her for it but she was exceptional with shield charms and if timed right she would walk away from this laughing when the red head ate her own curse. "I'm not too sure about me but it did look like Potter was taking a few pointers from you since I saw him looking awfully cozy in a compartment all alone with another girl. He was even feeding her chocolate if I'm not mistaken." Pansy smiled cruelly at the red head as she shared this information and waited for the reaction. She only had knowledge of this because Astoria had relayed it to her and so there was every chance it was exaggerated but that could only help at this point because Pansy knew just the knowledge that Potter was alone with some other girl would hurt the Weaselette. And Pansy was aiming to hurt.
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PostSubject: Re: Abandoned in Ochre   Tue Sep 17, 2013 11:14 am

An animalistic growl ripped through Ginny’s throat and she lost all common sense as the Slytherin girl baited her. She knew that was what the girl was doing, and yet, she didn’t care. She was going to kill the stupid skank and then she’d go sink her claws into whatever girl was feeling up her man. Wait. Scratch that. Harry wasn’t her man. She had no claim over him and so she had no right to attack whatever girl he happened to be spending his time with. At least that much rational thought remained.

That didn’t mean she wanted to kill Pansy any less. No, the Slytherin was far from rational thought, and Ginny had a lot of anger to get rid of. Since she couldn’t justify taking it out on Harry or whoever he was with, that meant it was all there for Parkinson. A cruel smile curled its way onto Ginny’s lips as she stared at the older girl, wondering if she had any idea who she was really messing with. Ron had a reputation for losing his cool, yes, but the fiery female of the Weasley clan was a whole different demon to deal with. She was trickier, cunning, probably could have even been a Slytherin herself if it weren’t for the brave streak that made her a damned idiot about half the time.

That brave streak was encouraging her to forget the wand and throw herself at the big mouthed target. “You really are stupid, aren’t you?” she hissed, the quick as a flash she lifted her fist and threw a punch straight at the girl’s face. Her aim was for the corner of her eye, right at the bridge of her nose. If it hit, the redhead would be gloating for a while, at least until the other girl came to her sense and fought back. If it missed, well, Ginny hadn’t really thought that far. She had good aim though, so it really shouldn’t miss. She put all her strength into the hit and let it fly.
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PostSubject: Re: Abandoned in Ochre   Tue Sep 17, 2013 7:29 pm

The anger building up in the other girl was obvious and Pansy smirked in a satisfied way as she watched the effect get words had. When the growl escaped the red head Pansy was nearly gleeful with herself for getting the Weaselette so angry. She hadn't considered what she would do if or most accurately when that anger would be turned on her. She had thought like any other normal witch would that this would end up with wands drawn. What she hadn't expected was for the little chit to go completely barbaric and resort to muggle methods. In hindsight Pansy thought she should have thought of that because as far as the Weasley's went they might as we'll be muggles the whole lot of them.

When the punch was thrown Pansy hadn't expected it and didn't have time to see it coming much less react before it could connect with her face. When it did it felt like she had been hit with more force than she would have thought the red head was capable of having. Pansy would have crumpled immediately except for the fact that she flew back with the force of the punch and hit the wall in the aisle of the train. Her hands immediately flew to her face out of reflex and sickening crunch could have been heard when contact was made. She could feel the warm gush of blood flowing over her hands and that more than anything seemed to bring her from her state of shock.

She could feel the pain but the adrenaline was rapidly flowing now and she was able to ignore it in the effort to seek revenge in the most primal way. She propelled herself forward wiping the blood as best she could from her face and launched herself at the stupid bint in all her anger and humiliation and with every intent of clawing the red head's face off.

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PostSubject: Re: Abandoned in Ochre   Tue Sep 17, 2013 10:46 pm

Ginny almost squeaked in pain as her fist made contact. Oh, but bones hurt to hit so hard! She was sure Pansy was hurting much worse, but the young Weasley still had to shake her hand out to try and get the feeling back in her fingers. Her face was screwed up with the effort of keeping in a groan, and she almost missed the other girl’s retaliation.

The first thing she noticed was the blood dripping from the other girl’s nose. Fred and George would be so proud! The rest of her family would probably kill her if they knew, though. The next thing that registered was the absolute rage behind Pansy’s eyes. That was not going to be good. Ginny was sure the girl would fight back once she realized this was not a duel, but a brawl. She wasn’t prepared for her to fight like a girl, though.

She was actually coming at her like a cat at a scratching post! Ginny was so confused, she couldn’t even fully dodge the girl. “Argh!” She yelled, leaning her face away from the girl but feeling her nails bite into her neck and chest. Her tee was pulled down and even torn a bit, which seriously pissed her off. “This is one of my favorite shirts, you bitch!”

The younger girl lunged herself at the Slytherin, going for the throat. Maybe she could choke the stupid slag out until someone came to her rescue. Sure, she’d probably get detention and lose some points, but what the hell? The stupid girl had ruined one of her favorite shirts. She had to pay.
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PostSubject: Re: Abandoned in Ochre   Wed Sep 18, 2013 3:23 am

Evangeline couldn't believe that this was happening every single year.Her mother was already crying,and Eva hadn't even stepped foot on the train."Mother!Please,stop crying.."But Valerie Faye wouldn't listen to her.Her father,Aries,tried to clam her down as well,but when her mother was getting all emotionally worked up,there was no way back.What surprised her though was the she never cried for Nathaniel.Yes,she was sad and missed him dearly,but never shed a tear for her older brother,while for her,it felt as if there would be the end of the world soon.Which freaked her out,and embarrassed her as well.Her mother should get a grip.
"Oh mother...you're a Ravenclaw,remember?Ravenclaws are smart enough not to cry over nothing!"Evangeline gave her mother one last hug before she moved towards her father."Father.Take care of mother.She isn't taking this all too well.And imagine she has been living the same thing for four years now,plus,my brother's first years."She then embraced her father with a small smile.Her father held her there,long enough to whisper something in her ear that made her laugh and shake her head,before they both pulled back."Stay safe...,"she whispered,before she grabbed her trunk and moved onto the train.

As soon as she was inside,Eva inhaled deeply and started making her way past already filled compartments.Everyone was doing something.Some were gossiping,some were talking about Quidditch,others remained silent while they were reading a book,and others were running down,past the compartments,bumping into her,then continuing running with a small apologise.From what it seemed,these were either really excited First Years,or really crazy Second Years."Kids..,"she mumbled and rolled her eyes as she kept walking,pulling her trunk along with one hand,while the other held a book which she was so interested in reading.She had no idea where her brother had gone off,but she hoped she wouldn't stumble upon him,at least until they reached the school.She wouldn't risk having to put him in his place and make a scene because her stupid older brother decided to show off.

Though as she kept walking,-or being pushed and forced to walk-,she heard screams,and only then she looked up from her book to see two girls attacking each other like two wild animals fighting over food,and people gathered around.Girls were laughing and gossiping,while boys were betting on who would win.This was disgusting and someone had to put an end to it soon,or there would be a lot more trouble later on.Somewhere in the crowd,she thought that she saw her brother,but she forgot everything when the girls were almost ripping each others' clothing and choking each other.Evangeline quickly placed her trunk aside,and dropped the book on top of it,before taking her wand out and pushing through the crowd,pointing at the two girls."Incarcerous!"Evangeline watched as ropes appeared and tied the girls separately,not allowing them to hurt each other anymore.She went and stood in between them,before pointing her wand between the two ladies."You two.Stay down."She then turned towards the crowd that encircled them."And you,move along!Don't you have things to do!Go,go!"

Evangeline heard the groans and the comments about her breaking the fight,and how fun it was watching girl fight,and rolled her eyes,not moving from her place until everyone had returned to their compartments.She sighed,once everyone was gone,and turned towards the girls with a small smile."Now,you either pull yourselves together and we can go on smoothly,or I leave you tied here until someone comes along and frees you.Choose wisely."
Eva looked between the two girls with a sly smile,holding her wand and waiting for an answer.
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PostSubject: Re: Abandoned in Ochre   Wed Sep 18, 2013 9:11 am

Like a cat Pansy clawed at every inch of the red head she could get her hands on and at one point even attempted to pull out some of those red locks. Whether she succeeded or not she didn't know or care she just wanted to cause as much damage as possible. Her wand lay discarded somewhere and she wished she knew where so she could grab it and hex the bint but she was too focused on fighting off the incoming swings now that the other was fighting back too instead of just warding off Pansy's claws.

She couldn't tell whether she was still seeing red because of her fury or he broken nose but either way it made her redouble her efforts to claw the other girl to pieces. Until some unknown force had her arms wrapped to her sides and she struggled to get out of the bindings. The frustration of being tied up in the ropes and the humiliation of all the laughing from the onlookers she could now hear was too much for the Slytherin girl and she screamed out of anger. Beneath the blood her face was red with her anger and humiliation.

"Let me go!" She screeched at the stupid girl who thought it was her place to stop Pansy from getting her revenge. Nobody stopped Pansy from getting her revenge. Whether now or later she would get it and she would make sure it was one hundred times more humiliating for the red head than that was for her. She would add in this stupid girl too if she didn't realize what was good for her and let Pansy go.
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PostSubject: Re: Abandoned in Ochre   Wed Sep 18, 2013 10:17 am

The redhead felt the Slytherin’s nails drawing blood, yet she could only focus on trying to kill the stupid girl. Now that they’d started fighting, it only seemed right that they continue until one of them stopped moving or someone forced them to stop. Ginny didn’t much care which option occurred. Her wand had been flung back into the compartment when she lunged at the older girl, and soon she wished she still had it.

It would have been much easier to deal with the sudden robes binding her if she’d still held the magical stick. She groaned as the robes bit into her fresh wounds, then focused on the caster of the spell. A girl from her own year. She recognized her from classes. Usually had her nose in a book or stuck so high in the air Ginny thought she might be scared of the ground. What was she doing here?

“Playing prefect? You know it isn’t exactly your place to break up fights, right?” Her tone was angry and a bit hurt at the same time. She was embarrassed to be bound like this in front of so many gawking students. Ginny also felt exposed in her now torn shirt, and she really wanted to get the scratches healed so they’d stop burning so much. Now that the adrenaline wasn’t flowing so much, the pain was much stronger. Her knuckles were throbbing as well, and she was sure holding a quill was going to be torture.

Ginny sighed and looked up at the dark haired Ravenclaw. “Alright, Faye,” she muttered, recalling the girl’s name from shared lessons. “I’ve had my fun with the pug. Let me up so I can fix this mess.” She moved her eyes toward her chest, trying to motion toward her shirt and battered body. She might not know much about healing spells, but she could at least fix the shirt as best she could and maybe find Hermione to take the sting out of the cuts. If the prefect meeting ever ended that was. And if the girl decided to actually free her. That would also be rather helpful.
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PostSubject: Re: Abandoned in Ochre   Wed Sep 18, 2013 10:44 am

Evangeline wasn't trying to play the hero or anything in the situation,but someone had to end that little party going on in the middle of the train,or someone would have to go to the Hospital Wing right away,as soon as they arrived at Hogwarts.So instead of letting them practically kill each other,she decided to break this fight by using the simplest of spells.It wasn't something great,but it helped a lot in that situation.So as both of the girls finally stopped squirming and all the students were pretty much gone,Evangeline was waiting for an answer to her question.She knew both girls,and it made it even more fun.At least when Parkinson was involved.The Weasley girl wasn't bad,not bad at all,just mouthy.But,that couldn't hurt...much.

Pansy was the first to react,and her reaction didn't surprise Eva at all.Instead of cutting her off though,she turned towards her and smiled,before leaning her head to the side with a small smirk.That girl just had to act bitchy.."Well,if you ask more nicely,I might think about it.."
Then,she heard the readhead's voice,and she turned towards her,smiling kindly at her.At least she wasn't yelling at her like the Snake on the other side."Not playing Prefect here..Just making sure you stay alive.Snakes are quite venomous.Believe me,I know better."
Of course she was referring to her beloved brother.That was another snake she had to put in its place soon.

When Weasley talked again,Evangeline was shaken out of her thoughts,and finally took a good look at the girl.Parkinson had done a lot of damage,which she could thankfully take care of.Eva moved close to the Gryffindor,and knelt next to her,muttering a few spells,and healing her wounds as best as she could.She then made a mental note to practise more on healing spells.From what it seemed,she would need them."Since you asked that kindly,I guess you will be the first,and last,probably,I will free."
Evangeline said the counter spell,and the ropes disappeared,freeing Ginny completely.Thankfully,she wouldn't do anything stupid.

Evangeline then moved away and towards Parkinson,towering over her with a devilish smirk.She would have so much fun messing with her throughout the year."As for you,little cobra,I guess we will have to see how useful the dogs you call friends are.."
She let out a dark chuckle and moved away,hiding her wand in her cloak,before she grabbed her trunk and book,ready to leave.
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PostSubject: Re: Abandoned in Ochre   

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Abandoned in Ochre

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