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 Prefect Meeting (All prefects please post!)

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PostSubject: Re: Prefect Meeting (All prefects please post!)   Fri Sep 20, 2013 1:23 am

Hermione gave the new slytherin prefect her best glare showing she didn't appreciate her remark or attitude and otherwise ignored it and the girl altogether. This always seemed the best approach with most of the snakes and Hermione didn't doubt that it would work here as well. Ignoring people who obviously attention seekers was the surest way of beating them and that's what this girl was. Hermione thought that perhaps she was friends with Pansy Parkinson since they acted somewhat the same.

Hermione had come prepared to take notes and nodded to all the individual information she was given as far as when quidditch practice schedules would be given to her and wrote it all down. It was really hard to schedule rounds around four separate quidditch schedules so the sooner she had those the sooner she could figure out how to make it work. She smiled understandingly at Holly and was thankful Malfoy kept his mouth shut for once.

The gryffindor witch cleared her throat and went a little pink when everyone focused on her but she squared her shoulders and addressed the situation head on like the gryffindor she was. "While I agree with you Silas, the truth is we tried that already and it didn't work out too well. Some of us," here she sent twin death glares at Ron and then Malfoy "are not able to let go of childish squabbles and work together. Not to mention the requests I get to not have to work with certain people." The gryffindor smiled almost apologetically. "It's also nearly impossible to make a schedule that works around all the teams practices if we mix everyone up, and that is the ultimate reason why we decided to stick with house pairs. So we will stick with that. I appreciate your idea on the matter though and that isn't the only way to show house unity. Which brings me to your second question."

Hermione looked at each of them to make sure they understood and took a breather and then continued. "Professor Dumbledore has asked that we organize ways to promote inter house unity such as picnics, parties, that sort of thing. I suggest we all take some time to think about what might be a good idea for this and you can pass them on to either myself or Malfoy and then we can discuss them and make decisions at out next meeting."

With that out of the way Hermione only had one more piece of information to give before they could all be on their way unless anyone had any more questions. "Lastly you will each be responsible for helping the first years to your respective common rooms after the welcome feast tonight and letting them know the passwords which your heads of houses will give you and explaining to them anything they need to know before starting classes. Any questions?"
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PostSubject: Re: Prefect Meeting (All prefects please post!)   Fri Sep 20, 2013 9:40 am

It was very obvious by the glare she gave the slytherin girl that Hermione did not like or appreciate her and that wasn't a surprise. The blonde agreed that it was childish that the boys couldn't get along enough for them to work together and wondered who would request to not work with who. Holly wouldn't mind working with the others even Malfoy who didn't look like he liked the idea much.

She had never given it a thought before but when Hermione brought it up it it sounded like a good point. It probably was hard to work around all the different team training schedules and would be harder if they mixed prefects on rounds. Holly hadn't been in charge of scheduling last year so she had assumed the switch back to house pairs had been because of Weasley and Malfoy.

"That's cool! I think that's a great idea." She said about the task the gryffindor set before them. It would be difficult to arrange some of these things with classes and rounds and quidditch but where there was a will there was a way. Holly hoped the others felt the same too. She remembered having to help the first years last year too and she didn't have any questions so she stayed silent on that end.
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Prefect Meeting (All prefects please post!)

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