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 James Richards- 1st year

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James Richards

Year 1
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PostSubject: James Richards- 1st year   Sun Jul 19, 2015 12:02 pm

Name: James Kurt Richards
Age: 11
Year: 1st
House: Gryffindor
Birthdate: March 7, 1980
Blood Type: Halfblood

Likes: silence, music, subjects that don’t involve using his wand, adventures, being outside in the sun
Dislikes: silence, wand work, how much it rains in Scotland and London, being indoors for too long at a time, people who force him to talk to them when he wants to be silent
Strengths: brave, loyal, naturally curious, good listener, steady and balanced in demeanor
Weaknesses: emotionally scarred from the last couple of years, mistrusting, bad at focusing, especially on school like things, often daydreams and gets lost in his head, panics easily

Family: James was born in Adelaide, Australia, to Michael, a muggle American who had moved down under to work as a wildlife photographer, usually helping scientists to document ocean life, and Rachel, a British witch who ran away from home in response to a traumatic situation and took up life as a muggle, working as the clerk in a surf shop. They originally met when the shopkeeper had no time to give Michael longboard lessons and asked Rachel to handle it.

James was their second child, as Kaylee was born almost five years previously. They lived a quiet, happy life, until Kaylee had a surfing accident when she was 14, James was 9, and their younger brother Marshall was 6. In her rush to try and save her daughter, Rachel tried to use magic to clear the water from her lungs, but it was too late and Kaylee died anyway. Michael freaked out at the magic, and fearing for her safety, Rachel took the two kids and left.

Over the next year and a half, Rachel nearly killed herself with alcohol and drugs, to the point that her friends even sought out Michael, but he wanted nothing to do with the boys he saw as dangerous freaks. Bursts of accidental magic when she was out of her mind intoxicated became frequent for Rachel, and one night in early spring a few and putting Marshall into a magical coma which he did not come out of for over two years.

Rachel’s sister took custody of the boys and moved them to England, where James is preparing to start at Hogwarts and Marshall resides at St. Mungo’s, where Aunt Crystal works as an assistant healer, though in a months before James was set to start school, she managed to completely destroy the flat they lived in, killing herself different ward than her new dependent.

Personal: When his big sister was alive, James was devoted to having as many adventures as he possibly could and also devoted to his big sister, who he loved dearly and who was his hero. James is mostly worried at this point about finding some kind of place in the world without causing any more damage that has already been done. He is terrified that his father will come back into his life and make things even worse than they already are. He is also terrified of loving anyone after losing his beloved sister and his mother, who despite all of her faults cared deeply for her children.
He spends as much time as he can listening to the radio and basically ignoring everything else unless this is absolutely not an option. He misses the ocean and the life that he had in Australia, but not as much as he fears it and the family stuff that happened there. Basically, his life is a war between bravery and fear, between his natural adventurous side that wants to take over now that he is in a safe place again and the fear to get close enough to share those adventures with them.

Wand, Ash and Unicorn tail hair, 10 inches, firm; small portable radio that runs on the wizard wireless network.

Relationship: He’s 11.
Friendships: He just got to England.
Enemies: He just got to England.
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James Richards- 1st year

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