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 Harmony O'Haire

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Harmony O'Haire

Year 1
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PostSubject: Harmony O'Haire   Tue Aug 04, 2015 4:05 pm

Name: Harmony O'Haire
Age: 11
Year: 1st Year
House: Gryffindor
Birthdate: October 13th, 1980
Blood Type: Halfblood


Smoking, Money, Magic, the Flute, Fighting, Martial Arts and Boxing, Success, Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Megadeth.


Her Parents, Failure, Dresses or anything else that is considered girly, being regarded as weak or as a damsel in distress, being looked down on, being poor, being thought of as inferior, playing fair, and rules.


She is very good at fighting, knowing both how to box, as well as multiple forms of Martial Arts and submission-based methods of fighting.

When her trust is earned, she is a good friend to have, and one that is willing to listen your problems, even if she thinks hers are much worse.

She is a diligent student, taking her studies very seriously, and when it comes time to bunker down and listen, she does so.

Depending on your perspective, her bluntness and brutal honesty could be seen as either a good or a bad thing. Either way, she views her brutal honesty and blunt-force answers she gives to people as something of a positive, because she feels that if someone is asking her opinion of them or anything else of the sort, than it makes sense for her to be honest with them.

She is brave, and ambitious like you wouldn't believe. She has the desire to make sure that she rises above her previous station, where it was the lowest of the low, and ensure that she becomes somebody in the Magical World.


She is very ill-tempered, and she is often prone to blowing her top very quickly.

She is prone to violence, tending to use her fists and the feet when getting angry.

She is extremely foul-mouthed, knowing more curse words and obscenities that one could imagine.

She is very pessimistic, often having a more realistic view of the world, and not being a very merry person due to her crushing poverty and the like.

She tends to not like rules, only living her life by a certain list of laws that she calls the laws of survival. It is torture to her, having to obey rules and laws that she herself didn't agree to or come up with.

She tends to actively dislike her own family, loathing them and wanting to ensure that she becomes much better than them by any means necessary. The only one she likes is the youngest of her older half brothers, Finlay.


Sean O'Haire - Father - Sean O'Haire is a Muggle man that is a drunken wastrel and a professional criminal.

Melody O'Haire - Mother - Melody is a Pureblood Witch that killed her betrothed out of an act of rebellion, and ran away to the Muggle World, falling in love with Sean. She later went on a downward spiral of drug abuse and became a hooker to fuel her addiction.

Hannity O'Haire - Eldest Half-Brother - Hannity is someone that she wasn't close to, someone who was in college by the time she was old enough to remember him. He became a bigshot banker and does not contact her. He is a Muggle.

Jackson O'Haire - Middle Half-Brother - Jackson is a big shot lawyer that, like Hannity, quickly left home and never looked back. He, too, is a Muggle.

Finlay O'Haire - Youngest Older Half-Brother - Finlay is only a few years older than her, and is the one that got her into smoking. Like the other two Brothers, he is a Muggle.


Personality: Harmony O'Haire is a really ill-tempered, tomboyish, foul-mouthed girl. Growing up in extreme poverty, she never really celebrated birthdays or holidays because of how poor she was, and as a result of that, she has gotten rather dispassionate with the idea of celebrating anything. Very tomboyish in nature, she often prefers wearing men's clothing, hating anything that makes her seem girly. She is a very ambitious person by nature, and is willing to go through whatever obstacles she has to in order to make a better life for herself. She considers herself a survivor, and is all about making sure that she comes out on top.

Due to her poor upbringing, she often had very little for herself, and as a result of that, she tends to be a bit of a hoarder, not willing to share anything with anyone. She is not a very trusting person due to the background she came from, keeping people at arms' length and suspecting people of wanting something from her if they ask her for help. She is a very blunt, brutally honest person that will tell someone what she really, and she doesn't bother sugarcoating things or being polite. To go with her foul-mouthed, ill-tempered persona, she is prone to violence, as is often very quick to use her various methods of fighting to issue out some beatdowns on people.

While a very brave person, she is not delusional by any means, and is willing to admit when she is outclassed. However, that doesn't mean she's one to just give up that easily. Considering herself a survivor, her outlook is to not lose by any means, and is willing to resort to any dirty, foul, underhanded tactic she can in order to stay on top of her opponents. She is of a 'kill or be killed' mentality, and considers things like honor and fair play to be something only losers whined and cried about. Growing up as impoverished and the like as she has, she hates it when someone whines about how tough something is, usually when they're rather well off and actually have quite a lot, more than she does. While usually not one to open up to, or trust, others, she can be a really good friend to you if she happens to do so.

An avid player of the flute, and a smoker as well, she is as far from ladylike as someone could get, and it's something she's perfectly fine with. She recognizes that she is like that for a damn good reason, and if people just judge her without knowing why she acts like how she does, than it's entirely their fault for being such complete, and worthless, idiots. She's not a believer in anything childish or imaginary, as growing up so poor has left more worldly and more open to the way the world really works. Prone to violence whenever she gets angry enough, she is someone that will happily throw down with anyone that had dared to piss her off, even if she fully realizes that she's no match for them. She refuses to be walked all over and treated as if she was inferior to anyone.

History: Harmony O'Haire is the youngest child of the Muggle Sean O'Haire, and the only child of the Pureblood Witch Melody O'Haire, who is from a prominent Irish Pureblood Family called the Keegan Family. She has three older half-brothers, all of them Squibs, two of which she doesn't even know. She grew up in a very poor neighborhood, a slum of sorts in Ireland that was filled with crime. Her mother iss a drug-using hooker, a former Pureblood that had a VERY bad fall from grace, and her father is an alcoholic serial criminal. She was impoverished, on a level of poor that even the Weasleys hadn't reached yet. She was surrounded by crime and bullying as far as the eye could see, and she had two choices.

She could either be like the rest of the weakling girls that were pushed around and were destined to become hookers like the others around them, or she could toughen up and adapt to her surroundings. So, she had chosen the second option, essentially becoming one of the boys. She fought, and fought, and fought, toughening herself up and turning herself into a survivor. She loathed her life, and had learned to become fiercely independant at an early age, so much so that she had gone to other neighborhoods and had hired herself out as cheap labor to do chores for them so that she could have money for herself, which she spent on things like boxing, martial arts, and other self-defense classes. Her only friend growing up was her youngest, but still older, half-brother, Finlay, who had introduced her to smoking, something she had become an avid fan of.

When she was old enough for her to fully memorize things, her mother had started giving her music lessons, but actually left the decision of which instrument to play up to Harmony, who had chosen the flute, of which she had become a particularly skilled player of. During her later years of life, the ones before she went off to Hogwarts, she had fallen in with a gang of thugs called the Crimson Shamrocks, where she had learned how to steal, pickpocket, pick locks, and other such assorted methods of thievery that allowed her to survive the world of extreme poverty she had wound up in. Due to the decline of her mother, she had never learned the proper Pureblood etiquette and the like that should have been taught to her. As far as she was aware, she was a second generation Muggleborn, not a Halfblood like she was truly.

Eventually, her Hogwarts letter came, and it was only thanks to the trust fund that her Mother had that had allowed her to even attend, as there was no funds Hogwarts could provide for someone of her extreme poverty. It was a trust fund that her Mother had saved up over the many years of her profession. She was hoping that by going to this school, she could make waves and get herself away from the life of extreme poverty.

(this can be added in later)

Relationship: None so far
Friendships: None so far
Enemies: None so far
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Harmony O'Haire

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