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 Rage Level 2 (Evangeline)

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PostSubject: Rage Level 2 (Evangeline)   Sat Sep 21, 2013 8:20 am

Why did Parkinson insist on existing? Draco had pondered this question for the past two days and he still couldn’t figure it out. She was honestly a waste of space, a pointless beast using up everyone else’s oxygen. So why in the name of Salazar was she even allowed to continue living? She should just be smiting down by whatever gods felt any sort of mercy for the student body of Hogwarts. That was the blonde’s opinion on the matter.

His icy gaze fell on the medieval weaponry of the armoury as he contemplated the many ways such items could kill the girl he’d once shared affections for. If he was honest, Draco wasn’t nearly as experienced as so many people thought he was, but he wasn’t going to go around bragging about that. At least not unless Parkinson continued acting like a complete loon. Then he might start pointing out that he’d never actually been with her and the snogging had only ever been halfhearted at best. For now he rather enjoyed the guys thinking he was the most experienced and talented of them all.

Draco wondered if the idiot girl even knew this room existed in the castle. He was pretty sure she didn’t, which made him pretty sure she wouldn’t come attack him like she had when he’d been enjoying his evening with the other Slytherin prefect. If this year was going to consist of him constantly darting around to avoid the pug, he was going to get bored and irritated very quickly. A bored and irate Draco Malfoy was not a pretty sight.

Running a hand through his silky hair, Draco sighed and glared at the more modern forms of weapons. There was a very nice sword that would be fun to fence with. He wondered how much trouble he’d get in for messing with it. He was considering enchanting one of the room’s suits of armor to duel with him when he noticed another person enter the room. He recognized her, though not because of her. He knew of her brother. He was a Slytherin, and a rather nasty one at that.

“Faye, right?” he commented easily, eyes still darkened with the anger he felt from thinking about Pansy. “Do you fence?”
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PostSubject: Re: Rage Level 2 (Evangeline)   Sat Sep 21, 2013 10:36 am

Evangeline was in the Library,doing a research about Medieval Times.She didn't know why,but she always got lost in books that talked about Princesses and Knights.Kings and Bastards.It had something there that intrigued her,so she decided to do yet another research on these times.But this time,she decided to search information for Henry the Eighth and his six wives.He must have been a lucky man,she thought,as she made her way out of the Library,with a couple of books in hand,ready to read over again and write down the information she had found.It wouldn't take long,and it would be quite interesting.

She was walking down the Halls,reading some pages of the books,and bumping into people who snapped at her,telling her to watch where she was going.Surprisingly,whenever she looked back to see who they were,they always ended up to be Slytherins.Typical jerks..
Evangeline shook her head and continued making her way down,thinking of how lucky she was she didn't end up in that House.She had nothing against it,but surely,they had something against her,which she didn't like at all.And she was sure that if she had been sorted there,by now she would either be known as the major whore,because her brother would make sure to make her life a living hell,or,she would be known as the stuck up bitch.Which also wasn't what she was aiming for.Staying away from her brother was the smartest thing to do.

As she read over a sentence about Knights,and how heavy their armour was,Evangeline remembered the Armoury.This would be a nice place to go do her research,since no one would go there,and she would also be able to see an armour from up close,which would help her write about it more analytically.Smiling to herself,she closed the book and descended some more,until she reached the second floor.She walked down the hall,looking around her to see if anyone was watching,before quickly slipping into the room,closing and locking the door behind her.She knew a charm to unlock the door,of course,but that would only be needed when she would want to exit the room.

Though before she could turn from facing the door,she heard a voice call her name,and she quickly turned around,backing into the door.Her wand was pointed at the person who she soon recognised as Draco Malfoy.The Slytherin Prince.Now she understood how he knew her name.My brother must be really famous in that bloody House,it seems..,she thought as she relaxed and hid her wand in her cloak.She had never talked with Malfoy before because simply,they had nothing to say really.She doubted he was interested in the books she was reading,and she sure as hell wasn't interested in his love life,so there was nothing to discuss.
His question though,straddled her and she looked curiously at him,as she made her way closer.

"Fence?I wouldn't need a sword to kick your butt,Serpent Prince."
A smirk appeared on her lips as she put her books aside and took off her cloak,placing it on a stone so that she could sit without getting all dirty."Now if you'll excuse me,"she said and grabbed the books,opening them and reading a couple of lines,before getting up and approaching one of the armours,taking in all the details,and pretending that he wasn't there.She still didn't understand what he was doing there.
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PostSubject: Re: Rage Level 2 (Evangeline)   Sat Sep 21, 2013 8:06 pm

Well then. This girl really was rather cheeky, wasn’t she? Ignoring the man she proclaimed to be Slytherin’s Prince? If he was royalty, shouldn’t she at least bow? Draco certainly thought so. He grunted in frustration at her display of ignoring him. “You know, princess,” he hissed, sending her a glare that might make a Hufflepuff’s blood run cold. “It’s proper practice to bow to one’s superiors.”

He stared at the younger girl with a daring look in his eyes, begging her to start a fight. Draco was hungry for a duel, and if this girl wanted to give him one so be it. Usually the blonde was above fighting with girls, but if they picked the fights he wasn’t too keen on not fighting back. Maybe he’d have to egg her on a bit, however.

The Slytherin stalked over to where the dark haired girl sat, peering down at what she was working on. It looked dreadfully boring, and Draco simply was not in the mood for boring. He was in the mood to take out his aggression on something… or someone. “I asked you a question, Faye. No need for your smart replies. Just a simple yes or no would be appropriate.”

He reached past her and flipped her book shut, making his opinion of her studying well known. “Now, I’ll ask again. Do. You. Fence?”
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PostSubject: Re: Rage Level 2 (Evangeline)   Sat Sep 21, 2013 11:17 pm

Malfoy's attitude towards her was expected,but it didn't mean she had to follow his orders.Bow to ther superiors?Last time she checked,she came from one of the most known and wealthy Pureblood families,so she had to bow to no one.Looking up at him as he glared,Evangeline smirked and crossed her legs."If you mean that you want to bow to me,then go on.After all,you just called me a Princess."
Oh,yes.Being smart and getting in everybody's nerves had always been one favorite habit of hers.

She didn't understand why he was trying to make her all angry,but she sure as hell wasn't going to give him what he wanted.Eva remained perfectly clam as she studied the armours one by one,taking down notes that would be really useful for the essay she would write later that day.But the whole time,she was feeling eyes on her,and it made her quite uncomfortable to know that Draco Malfoy was looking at her.And she was sure,that he wasn't happy with her attitude at all,so he probably was trying to find a way to get on her nerves too.

Soon,he had made his way over to her,looking at what she was reading,and she moved away a bit,afraid he'll do anything,without her having time to react.Though when he started talking,she could feel how angry he really was,but it wasn't just from her.Something had happened that had him all worked up,and now she is the one that will have to deal it.His harsh words didn't make her flinch.Instead,she stared blankly at him,as if she didn't care for what he had to say.But when he slammed her book shut in her hands,it fell to the floor,and Evangeline glared at him as he once again asked the same question.That guy never learned.."No,Malfoy.I do not know how to fence.There.Happy,now?"
Shaking her head she knelt down to grab her book,thinking that coming here was a bad idea.
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PostSubject: Re: Rage Level 2 (Evangeline)   Sun Sep 22, 2013 12:26 am

The girl finally answered him, and Draco smirked in satisfaction. Naturally, he got what he wanted. However, it was discouraging that she couldn’t fence. He really wanted a duel of sorts at the moment, and not the wand kind. He wanted to break a sweat and take out his aggression in a way that wouldn’t actually hurt anyone, unless you count a sort hand and an even sorer ego. He realized he’d honestly been rather hard on the girl in his own blind rage, so he bit his lip before another smart reply could fly out. Instead, he bent down and grabbed the book she’d dropped, handing it back to her with grace.

“Would you like to learn?” he asked, turning the book-giving into a kind of bow. Sure, he had meant for her to bow to him, but why not. He’d already been a giant git. Might as well prove he could be a right gentleman as well. “I clearly have some aggression that needs released. I find fencing to be a rather dignified way to go about it. There’s just something nice about working with a real weapon, rather than throwing spells with a wand sometimes. There’s a sort of elegance in the medieval nature of it. Man and sword, or woman and sword, become one. You have to know exactly where your blade is and where your body will be. Where each move will place you and your opponent at least five paces ahead of where you actually are in time.”

His grey eyes held a far off look as he reflected on one of his favorite pastimes. It was one he rarely indulged in lately, since he used to fence with his father, and the man had grown quite distant even before his arrest. “Sword fights are like a dance with death. You must have grace and skill beyond measure, or you risk your life in a most painful way. Of course, when fencing you don’t risk much but a few bruises and your dignity, but it’s still the concept.”

Draco enjoyed how he could move with such ease when he wanted to. He was like a feline on his toes. It was the same way in which he practiced his ballroom dancing- another skill he was secretly quite proud of. These were the softer sports, but they were things many men were not capable of succeeding in. Lucius once taught him that if he could be stealthy and fluid in things like fencing, he could be useful as an assassin or a spy, among other things. Everything in life had a greater purpose.

“So what do you say, princess? I promise to go easy on you…”
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PostSubject: Re: Rage Level 2 (Evangeline)   Mon Sep 23, 2013 11:58 am

Evangeline wasn't in a mood to start a fight with Malfoy,and she already told herself that she would just grab her book and go,but before she could take it,Malfoy had also knelt down and grabbed the book,making Eva raise an eyebrow at him as she regained her posture along with him.When he handed her her book with a little bow,Evangeline looked at him weirdly,trying to understand where the arrogant guy that was in front of her a few second before went.Though his question was what straddled her the most.She had no idea that Draco Malfoy could fence,and she definitely didn't expect him to want to teach her.Placing her book aside slowly,Evangeline remained staring at him,trying to figure out his evil plan.

Crossing her arms over her chest,Eva listened to Draco as he explained everything about fencing,and why he liked it so much.Though the fact that he had some aggression he wanted to take out,was worrying.What if he couldn't control himself after a while?
Though,she could perfectly understand why he liked fencing so much.The way he was getting lost in his thoughts while he explained everything about it,just made Evangeline understand what Draco was talking about.And once she thought about it herself,fighting with a real,different kind of weapon,was something new to her.Something she was suddenly eager to try.

Letting him finish his little speech,Evangeline smiled and cocked her head to the side,as if she was taking her time thinking about it,before letting a smirk form on her lips.She unfolded her arms and shook her head at his little comment.Go easy on her?She was not  a baby!
"Okay,Malfoy.You won.I'll let you teach me.But,take back the comment about going easy on me.I am an amateur,not a baby."
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PostSubject: Re: Rage Level 2 (Evangeline)   Tue Sep 24, 2013 12:06 am

The blonde was a bit surprised when the Ravenclaw actually took him up on his offer, or challenge more like. Her demand made him chuckle, and he threw her a grin. “Alright, princess. I won’t go easy on you… But I will let you get a feel for it before I start coming at you. It’s only fair, after all.” He winked at the girl, then waved his wand, muttering a charm to shield their chests and faces from hard blows. It was much more dignified than wearing the silly armor that muggles did, and Draco had learned this particular charm back when he was barely a teen.

“Now, for the weapons…” he trailed, looking around the room for sword of the right length and weight for the both of them. Finding the prefect specimens, Draco summoned them and took the first in his left hand, right still brandishing his wand. “I’m charming them to dull the blade so they can’t slice. They can still bruise, though, so I recommend defending yourself well.” He did mean to not go easy on the girl, but if she had too hard of a time with it he’d reign himself in. It wouldn’t do to turn the girl black and blue on her first lesson. Then she probably wouldn’t come back for more, and this seemed rather fun to the blonde.

He performed the proper spell on each blade, testing them both with his finger to be sure there would be no accidents. His flesh was fully in tact, so he grinned at the girl and tossed her the lighter of the two swords. It was slim and long, and it’s weight left her with a good amount of control. He was sure it would be perfect for the dark haired girl. Standing and facing the girl, Draco held his own weapon and placed his feet shoulder length apart.

“You’ll want to place your feet about the length of your shoulders apart, like I’ve done. It’s the most balanced stance. Easiest way to keep on your feet and attack and defend evenly. You’ll get more moves as you get used to the process. For now, just the basics.” He held his sword before himself, leaning his body with the motion as he demonstrated different movements. “You can swipe and jab, or you can hold it out at its full length so that it will deflect an incoming attack. Move the full length of the sword around your body wherever the attack is coming from so you don’t risk a hit.”

He demonstrated the full range of movement without even moving his feet. “And if you move your feet, you can get even more coverage. You don’t even have to move your feet to completely defend yourself. Go it?” He looked at her, wondering if she’d processed everything yet. “Now you try some moves and see what you think, then we can try a bit of real fencing. What do you say?”
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PostSubject: Re: Rage Level 2 (Evangeline)   Thu Oct 31, 2013 3:58 pm

Evangeline still couldn't believe that she had actually agreed on fencing with Malfoy,when she knew nothing in particular,but people kept telling her that she had to stop hiding her nose in a book,and try having some fun.Do something different for once.And this was an amazing opportunity.
Though she was glad he would let her get a little used to it first,but at the same time,he wouldn't let her win,as if she was a baby.After all,she had to try.Who knew?Maybe she was a natural at that,and fencing could become a common hobby of both.Maybe that would be a way for the to communicate,without having to duel.

Watching as he was looking around for weapons,Eva crossed her arms over her chest,and waited.She had nothing else to do after all.She was glad that they didn't have to wear any kind of weird armour to protect them.Spells were so useful sometimes,and that's why she was glad she was a witch.Once he found them and handed one to her,she tried it in both hands,before settling it in her right hand.Nodding at the information he gave abut the weapons,Eva smiled a little and tried to look determined about it,even though she looked cutely weird."I will try my best,Malfoy.Hopefully,I won't have many bruises after I leave the room.."

Following his instructions,she placed her legs apart,just the right length,before paying attention to anything he was saying.Any information on fencing would be useful,since she knew that she would probably end up leaving the room bruised,and groaning in pain.
"Swipe...jab...full length...,"she mumbled to herself,as she tried to do just that,testing to see if she could achieve that.You got it,Eva..come on!,she thought.
"Let's take it off slowly...warm up a bit.Oh,and before we start,promise me you won't laugh at how ridiculous I will probably look.."
Smiling a little,she gave him a look,before looking at her sword,then back up at him.
"So shall we start?"
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PostSubject: Re: Rage Level 2 (Evangeline)   

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Rage Level 2 (Evangeline)

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