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 Arwel Giovanni-Balch

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Arwel Giovanni-Balch
Arwel Giovanni-Balch

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PostSubject: Arwel Giovanni-Balch   Arwel Giovanni-Balch Icon_minitimeFri Aug 07, 2015 9:15 am

Name: Arwel Giovanni-Balch
Age: 11
Year: 1st
House: Ravenclaw
Birthdate: July 4th, 1980
Blood Type: Half-Blood


Money, Business, Like-Minded People, Respect, Success, Magic


Being Disrespected or Looked Down on, People who stand in his way, Idiots, Traitors, Snitches, Rules and Laws


Protective of those who ally with him and those under his employ, Calm, Respectful of Authority, Gentleman, Studious


Cruel to those who make themselves out to be an enemy, uncaring of others plights unless he can get something out of someone, Very cold and business-like, Vengeful, Vain


Adriano Giovanni - Father - Adriano is a man that Arwel respects highly. He is a Godfather, and the leader of the most powerful Mob Family in all of Italy, the Giovanni Family. Arwel fully intends to take over for his Father when the time is right.

Alaw Giovanni-Blach - Mother - Alaw Giovanni is a Pureblood Witch who attended Hogwarts in the same year with Bellatrix, a Slytherin Student. She is from a minor Welsh Pureblood line that had found all the typical men she could get herself attached to in the Magical World rather boring, and had sought something adventurous and dangerous, which lead to her finding Adriano.


Personality: Arwel is a very business-like, cool, level-headed and professional person. Being the son of a Pureblood Witch, he grew up learning the typical manners and forms of address a Pureblood child should grow up, as well as with the ways and knowledge of how things worked in the Magical World. On top of that, he also grew up with his father Adriano Giovanni as another important influence in his life.

He is a very chivalrous gentleman when it comes to women, often doing things such as holding doors open for ladies, pulling chairs out for them and pushing them in, kissing their hand as a greeting, and putting out whatever he was smoking out of respect. Usually quite formal unless given permission to be informal with someone, he will often refer to someone in a way such as 'Lady Parkinson', or 'Lord Smith', complete with a polite bow and such, as well as introducing himself first as is customary.

Growing up under his Mob Boss Father Adriano, he was exposed to the typical cruelties and illegal actions that the Mafia often performed, purposely by his Father so he can better be prepared to take over for Adriano when the time comes. He has the mind of a businessman, as well as that of a politician, and since his Mother was a Slytherin, he inherited her traits of cunning and ambition, wanting to make sure that he could cross over his duties as the future head of a Mafia Family, and an important Heir to a Pureblood Family.

He is someone who values intelligence out of people, and is always willing to help others, so long as he feels he can get something out of them that he might want. He NEVER helps anyone for free, as that is just not good business sense. Growing up with the importance of being an Heir to a rich, but not particularly wealthy, Pureblood Family, he understands the importance of using the ways and manners to get anywhere in the Magical World, and is perfectly understanding that his being the son of a Mob Boss won't get him anywhere unless he can impress them.

He intends to use his time at Hogwarts to build up connections and get himself involved in the Magical World, usually with the high society. His greatest ambition in life, besides taking over for his Father and gaining lordship of the Balch Family, is to start a magical branch of the Giovanni Crime Family in the Magical World, wanting to find ways to gain blood money from his Mother's world. He is someone that values success, and while he understands that failure sometimes can't be avoided, he still doesn't like it. Understanding the importance of his duties to his family, he is a very studious person and takes his studies seriously, wanting to ensure he has as much knowledge and experience as he can.

He is a person who views respect as an important asset, and as a result of that, sees earning that as a priority when dealing with anyone important. So, he often focuses on maintaining a well-kept appearance, taking a lot of showers, making himself smell clean, and keeping himself look presentable, which gives off the impression of him being vain. He doesn't care if someone likes him or hate him, just so long as they respect him and are willing to do business with him. As such, he hates being disrespected, and hates being looked down upon as being inferior in some way. He also understands that, as a Half-Blood, he's not exactly the highest on the totem pole when it comes to respectable people in the Magical World, and as a result of that, he knows to reign in his temper when someone of higher status is disrespectful to him, making sure to maintain civility. While not exactly a brown noser, he will attach himself to others and compliment them, if only to stroke their ego so that they understand he's not going to stand in their way.

He is rather gray, neutral, on the fence, when it comes to things like Pureblood Supremacy and the like. While he understands the positions of the Purebloods, he is a businessman first, and a Family Heir second, so he feels that the more people that are alive and out there to exploit, the better his business will be. He does not like having to obey rules and laws, as his Father's entire method of business involved bending, breaking, and exploiting rules and laws of the land for the sake of benefiting himself. As such, he will only follow them and obey them when he feels he needs to, so basically when it gives him more of an advantage than breaking them.

Valuing intelligence and the like, he hates those he considers stupid, and will not bother to associate with those he considers dim. He also despises those that will betray, or tell on, others. He will lie if he has to, but if he feels it is necessary, he will tell the truth if he feels he has more to gain. Having the cruelty that someone with connections to the Mob would have, he is uncaring of the suffering of others, unless he could use it to his benefit.

He is someone that sees magic as a valuable asset, especially when regarding things like love potions, compulsion charms, the Imperious Curse, Unbreakable Vows, Occlumency and Legimency, Memory Charms, Truth Serums, and other such things that could be used to benefit his Father's crime family as much as possible. To go along with his cruelty, he is someone that takes a bit of joy out of mocking and looking down on someone if he feels it is appropriate.

History/Background Story: Arwel Giovanni-Balch is the son of a Muggle Mafia Godfather, Adriano Giovanni, and a Pureblood Witch from a minor Welsh Family called the Balch, Alaw Giovanni-Balch. Being the only child of them both, he was doted on by them, and was groomed personally to be the best of both worlds. The pairing of his parents was a rather interesting thing, and it begins with an interesting tale.

His mother Alaw was looking for a betrothed to spend the rest of her life with. However, all of the ones that she found the most acceptable, were either taken by someone from a more prominent family, or weren't exactly the most intelligent of individuals. She was someone who wanted something more than just being a high society wife, she wanted a more dangerous, yet interesting, life, and as such, when she had come of age, she had decided to travel in the hopes of finding someone that caught her interest.

Along the way, she had traveled to Italy, and had been enraptured by a man named Adriano Giovanni. She had heard the rumors, how he was a part of some supposed powerful criminal syndicate, who's hands were in the pockets of a lot of powerful people in Italy, and how everyone, even the Godfathers of the smaller families, were afraid to oppose. Wanting to get a look at the man himself, she had secretly started tailing him, and eventually met him face-to-face at a restaurant in Sicily.

She had introduced herself to him, after letting his well-dressed bodyguards search her for any weapons, and not finding anything, what with them dismissing the wand she had on her as non-lethal. Adriano, recognizing her instantly as a Welshwoman, was intrigued by her approaching him, and had decided to talk to her, since she had risked getting shot to see him. The rest, as they say, was history, and ever since, they had become an item, marrying extravagantly, even inviting her parents, the Balch's, to the wedding.

At first, the Balch's weren't pleased with their daughter marrying a Muggle, but after taking the time to talk to him, and coming to learn as to just what exactly he did for a living, they had eased up in their old age, and had accepted him into the family. Later on, Alaw had birthed Adriano a son, who she named Arwel Giovanni-Balch. As Arwel went through his early years, he was displaying cases of accidental magic, which intrigued Adriano. Believing he was trustworthy, Alaw had informed him of what she really was, and her importance to the Magical World.

While he was shocked and surprised by this huge revelation, upon learning of the various things that one could do with magic, he had been FAR more accepting of this than most Muggles would be, and had insisted that his son learn the Pureblood etiquette and such. Arwel was influenced by both of his parents, and grew up as the apple of their eyes. He was exposed to many things at a young, the wonders of magic, the horrors that the Mafia did, but he accepted it all with open arms, seeing it as his heritage, and was more than happy to follow the wills of his parents.

When he finally got his Hogwarts letter, he had decided to go, since both of his parents had agreed it was best he go to the very Magical School that his mother Alaw had went to, all for the sake of benefiting his family and getting himself allied with powerful people. Just like that, he was off to England, where he would, hopefully, make a name for himself, despite his status as a Half-Blood.

(this can be added in later)

Relationship: None so far
Friendships: None so far
Enemies: None so far
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Arwel Giovanni-Balch

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