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 A guys gotta eat

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PostSubject: A guys gotta eat   A guys gotta eat Icon_minitimeTue Oct 29, 2013 9:32 am

After having been shaken awake by a panicked Hermione wondering where Harry was and blaming him for the dark haired boy's disappearance Ron was not in the best of moods. Bloody Harry and his sneaking off habits were going to be the death of him. The red head had been dead set on going back to sleep but had been whacked over the head with a book for his efforts and he sent a baleful glare at his other best friend who told him to get up and help her look for Harry.

Resigned to his fate Ron got up in an angry fluster muttering about best mates who went gallavanting off without a word and abusive witches. He pulled on some clothes and thought Harry probably just got an early start or something but he wasn't anywhere to be seen so they headed to Hogsmeade in search of him though Hermione was all for sounding the alarm but Ron knew Harry would be pissed if she did that and he were just enjoying a butterbeer or something.

They split up to cover more ground and the red head became distracted by Honeydukes and it's amazing assortment of chocolates and sweets. He couldn't afford much but he could afford some after saving up during the summer and so instead of searching for his missing friend Ron was trying to decide which sweets to get .
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PostSubject: Re: A guys gotta eat   A guys gotta eat Icon_minitimeWed Oct 30, 2013 12:07 am

Lillian was too bored being in Hogsmead alone,but this time,instead of going to the Three Broomsticks for her usual tea,she decided to go to Honeydukes first.That was a place she rarely ever visited,but went once in a while over her five years in Hogwarts.And it was known that the best Blood-flavoured lollipops were in Honeydukes.She wasn't really into chocolate frogs,but Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans were great.

Walking inside the shop,Lillian immediately went to search for her favourite Lollipops,wanting to taste one right away.She hadn't eaten a Blood-flavoured lollipop since the start of the Year here at Hogwarts,and she actually really wanted something sweet.The blonde Slytherin made her way through lots of people,bumping into a few of them accidentally and muttering apologies right away,before she finally reached where the Lollipops were.Grabbing a couple of them,she went over to where Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans were and grabbed a few of those,before heading towards the cashier to pay.
Handing him the right amount of galleons,she smiled and told him to keep the change,before she turned to leave,only to bump into someone,making her land on the floor.Thankfully,the sweets were safe in a bag.

Groaning,she looked up to see a specific redhead that knew but had never talked with.Ron Weasley was a Gryffindor Sixth Year,best buddy of Potter's,and brother to that redhead,Ginnerva.She of course knew him,but had never talked to him,since there was no specific reason to do it.
"Sorry..It was my fault.I wasn't paying attention.."
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PostSubject: Re: A guys gotta eat   A guys gotta eat Icon_minitimeSat Nov 09, 2013 11:47 am

With arms full of an assorted array of sweets ranging from surgar quills to chocolate frogs Ron headed to the other side of the shop to grab a couple of pumpkin pasties. The red head passed on the Berties Botts, having had enough bad luck and experience with those particular sweets to last a lifetime. It seemed like every time he had one of those bloody beans he ended up with some disgusting flavor that shouldn't even be a flavor.

He paused to peer into a barrel of assorted candies that were on sale seeing if there was anything he might like. The red head spotted a few things that stood out from the rest like some of those candies him and the rest of the sixth year Gryffindor boys had tried out in their fourth year. Little packs of gummy like candies that came in shapes of things ranging from animals to trains and when you popped them in your mouth you acted like whatever it was you ate. Ron could still see Neville as an elephant and chuckled grabbing a few packs. Maybe it was time to have a guys night again.

It was around this time that something collided with his tall lanky form and the sweets in his arms scattered about the floor while Ron performed a windmill like function with his arms to keep himself on his feet. Steadying himself and turning red because he knew he had looked like a flailing fish out of water his blue eyes searched for what had hit him and widened in surprise when he saw it wasn't an it but a who that had caused this catastrophe and not just any who. A Slytherin who.

"Bloody hell.." He grumbled unintelligibly when the snake apologized and immediately took the blame. Ron had to wonder what was wrong with the world these days because something had to be wrong when Slytherins were apologizing. Years of being at odds with all members of the girl's house and inexperience with the opposite sex kept Ron for offering his hand to help her up and had him standing there looking rather lamely at her. "Ya, well, you can say that again." He muttered and stooped to gather all his things before the stampeding here of students about trampled it all.
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PostSubject: Re: A guys gotta eat   A guys gotta eat Icon_minitimeSat Nov 09, 2013 12:05 pm

Lillian didn't really know why on earth she had apologised to that git,but even when he stopped to gather his things,and talked to her rather harshly,she pulled herself together,and decided not to make a scene.If the Weasley had no manners,it was not her fault.She would behave like a Lady should,and ignore his rude comments and harsh words,if needed to be.After all,Potter and she had got a little closer,after that night at the Dungeon.

Of course,there were no feelings involved.They barely knew each other!But that kiss between them was not that bad,and when she thought about it,Harry had done nothing to her,and he was a great guy as well,so why should she be snarky and rude towards him?He did not deserve a treatment like that,neither was she going to pretend to be a bitch,so that she could fit the Slytherin stereotypes.She was not Pansy,and she would never be.

Shaking her head,Lills started helping him gather his sweets,completely ignoring his words.He was being harsh because he didn't know.Not all Slytherins were like Zabini,or Sidorova,or Malfoy.And Lillian had found herself thinking that she didn't belong in Slytherin quite a few times,but the Sorting Hat had already made its choice,five years ago.And there was no turning back.
"I had no intention of bumping into you,Weasley.I told you I was sorry.No need to be rude about it..."

Handing him back his sweets,she got up an brushed herself off,grabbing her own bag of sweets and resting it in her arms.
"I am Lillian.Lillian Vinter,"she said,her Danish accent defined.It was obvious she was not an English person,and she liked it.She wanted everyone to know that she wasn't like the rest.She was herself.
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PostSubject: Re: A guys gotta eat   A guys gotta eat Icon_minitimeSat Nov 09, 2013 2:06 pm

"Ya I know who you are Vinter." He replied and his blue eyes narrowed slightly as he accepted his things back from her. Ron looked her over with a suspicious gaze as he reassembled the army of sweets back in his arms. "It was your fault, so you should apologize. I don't see anything rude about me saying that." No one had ever accused him of being tactful and now wasn't any different than any other time in his life that involved a girl or a Slytherin.

It wasn't anything personal because he knew literally nothing else about her other than which house and year she was in and her name. But that she was a Slytherin struck a certain chord in the red head and it was one that didn't make him play nice. There was a lot of bad history between his house and hers and that wasn't going to dissolve away all because for once a snake had the small amount of decency to apologize and own up to something they did wrong. Spotting a blood pop in his pile of sweets that he had definitely not put there he picked it out staring at it with suspicion. "Where the bloody hell did this come from?" He questioned more to himself than anyone else.
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PostSubject: Re: A guys gotta eat   A guys gotta eat Icon_minitime

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A guys gotta eat

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