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 Fuzzballs & Trophies Don't Mix - Complete

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PostSubject: Fuzzballs & Trophies Don't Mix - Complete   Tue Mar 04, 2014 5:45 pm

"Here we go again.." Acelynn muttered grouchily as she trudged up to the third floor where she was to meet Filch, the caretaker, at the trophy room and then proceed to polish the trophies for the thousandth time in her life there at Hogwarts. Kick one little ball and McGonnagal has a bloody heart attack. Woman needed to lighten up. The Hufflepuff had considered mentioning that soccer was a good way to get frustrations out if the professor needed it, but had thought better of the comment when faced with the thinly pursed lips that seemed to know she was about to make such a remark.

Now she was stuck with polishing old trophies for fun. Oh joy. Meanwhile, the caretaker that led her into the room was grumbling about how in the old days punishments were more severe and blah blah blah. Ace rolled her eyes at his back and entered the smallish room with a groan on her lips, holding her hand out expectantly for the polish and rag that she had come to know so well.

"No magic." Filch told her, with a smile that honestly have her the creeps. "Oh goody." Ace shot back with false cheer, watching him leave to resume his duties in stalking students having fun. In his place he left Mrs. Norris, his cat, who was a terrible little snitch. More than once the Hufflepuff had tried to get a clean hit at the bundle of fur with her soccer ball, and a feud had started between them. How exciting her life was, filled with wars with cats.

"Hello fuzzball." The red head greeted the cat with a cheeky grin, which grew when the cat returned it with a hostile hiss. "Well aren't ya just a little ray of sunshine." Acelynn responded, opening the canister of polish and setting to work. No use delaying in a task that would already take hours and would leave her fingers stiff and achey.

She was twenty minutes in when she noticed Mrs. Norris licking up a trophy she had already polished, effectively making it unpolished again. Before she could think about her actions Ace chucked the canister of polish at the cat. "Bloody fuzzball!!" She yelled out as the cat stalked off looking smug. Moving over to inspect the last row she had polished, the teen groaned and let out a stream of curses just as the door opened. "Bollocks. Busted." The red head turned to face the inevitable music only to find it wasn't McGonnagal or Filch come to check on her. Well that was relieving. "Ya here for detention too?" Ace asked the new intruder, polishing the trophy for a second time thanks to that damned fuzzball.

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PostSubject: Re: Fuzzballs & Trophies Don't Mix - Complete   Wed Mar 05, 2014 9:59 pm

If there was one thing Draco Malfoy absolutely hated, it was detention. One would think he’d have gotten used to it over the years, what with his apparent inability to stop running his mouth, but no. Draco still despised the punishment. He mostly disliked it so much because it was always so bloody boring, so when Filch escorted him to an already occupied trophy room, the blonde’s face broke out in a grin.

”No magic. And leave my cat alone!” And the caretaker was off, leaving the Slytherin and Hufflepuff to polish the whole room of meaningless awards.

”Yeah, I’m here to serve as well. Apparently McGonagall doesn’t appreciate explicit jokes about exactly where I’ll stick what inside of my cousin.” He gave the girl a cheeky grin as he rolled up the sleeves of his white oxford, still dressed in the minor bits of his school uniform. The topmost buttons had been undone all day, and his tie was around Leyton’s head last he’d seen it. He hadn’t even bothered with robes at all, which was probably what riled the Gryffindor Head up in the first place.

Draco grabbed a rag and fetched the polish the redhead had thrown, wiping some on the cloth and grabbing an obnoxiously small yet detailed trophy. He looked at the name on it and scoffed. ”Of course I’d pick up Abraxas Malfoy’s award. Bloody family always managing to make my life hell…” he muttered, resisting the urge to chuck the award across the bloody room. Instead, he focused on the girl he shared this dull duty with.

A contemplative look glazed his silver eyes. In prior years, Draco had stubbornly stuck to the foolish beliefs of his Pureblood family and thus had missed out on properly meeting many of his more interesting classmates. Well, this year he was going to fix that. ”McGregor, right? You’re the quidditch ace. Keeper. Much more fun to face than that crazy sister of yours. So, tell me. What are you in for?”
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PostSubject: Re: Fuzzballs & Trophies Don't Mix - Complete   Fri Mar 07, 2014 12:34 am

Acelynn snorted, pulling a stick of gum from her pocket and slipping it between her lips to chew on as she nodded at the Malfoy. "Aye. That old bat doesn't seem to appreciate fun if ya ask me." She replied goodnaturedly, starting to re-polish the trophies she had just spend the last half an hour doing. "Bloody cat is a nuisance I tell ya. Try and play some soccer with her once and she'll hold it against ya for life." The red head grumbled, more to herself than her companion who shared the job with her.

So maybe she hadn't really been playing soccer as much as she was trying to actually hit the cat with her ball. That was no excuse for the little fuzzball to go any ruin all her hard work now was it? Unforgiving little patch of fuzz. She glanced over at the blonde when he started mumbling to himself, looking down at the award in his hand. Ace took it upon herself to check it out, moving over to glance at the small one he held. "For special services to the school." The Hufflepuff advised him after barely glancing at it, and resuming her work with a lopsided grin.

She had been in detention enough times, to have polished the trophies enough times, to know most of them by heart. "Family member of yours Malfoy? Must be eh? Not many a Malfoy running amuck round here. Good thing too, if ya ask me. Terrible lot ya are. Tellin jokes round McGee like that. Don't ya know it's against the rules for jokes?" The teen joked with the Slytherin. There wasn't much else to do, and anything was better than quiet.

Truthfully, Malfoy hadn't ever done much to Ace. Maybe a barb here or there about puffs in general, but she had never been singled out. That may have been either because they ran in different circles or because the red head was just as likely to take him out with a well aimed kick to the gonads on purpose as she was by accident. Ace also didn't take offense to his joke about him and his cousin. She had heard the rumors and she figured that whatever he put in whoever was his business and none of hers. She popped her gum and turned her grin on him, a bit surprised he had been able to place her from her sisters. Most never could.

"Aye. Ace McGregor, that'd be me. Me means well, but Quidditch isn't especially her thing ya know? It's just the one thing where she can hit stuff without getting into too much trouble for it. Myself is the one ya gotta watch out for if ya wanna keep ya bits whole and attached." The Hufflepuff advised, her lopsided grin spreading over her face, looking rather proud of herself as she added on, "Was playing soccer in McGee's class again. I keep trying to tell her that I can't help it, ya know? Kids weren't meant to sit still for so long if ya ask me."
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PostSubject: Re: Fuzzballs & Trophies Don't Mix - Complete   Fri Mar 07, 2014 4:00 pm

Draco let out a snort at the thought of someone actually kicking a soccer ball at the caretaker’s annoying pet. There was no doubt in his mind that the terrible furry bag of bones would hold such an act against a student for years, possibly even for life. He was pretty sure it wasn’t quite worth the hilarity to have that horrible creature after you for life, at least as far as he was concerned. Draco Malfoy did not like cats, though.

Wondering just how many times she’d had to polish this room of trophies, the blonde shook his head and finished with the tiny thing he’d been glaring at, putting it back and grabbing the next, shining it up without much thought. ”Yeah, I don’t think the world could handle many more Malfoys. There are enough random distant relatives popping up lately anyways.” He said, shaking his head.

”I can’t remember if that was Lucy’s dad or grandfather, to be honest. All the strange bloody names in my family are enough to make a man’s head spin.” It was true. His own family tree gave Draco a bit of a headache if he looked at it too hard. The Black family was worse though. Sometimes he wondered how Purebloods still had any sort of brain power left, what with so many signs of inbreeding and the like.

He gave a small chuckle then, thinking of the look on McGonagall’s face when she’d given him this detention. ”I’m just trying to do the school a favor, McGregor. Someone has to get that stick out of the old lion’s arse before she start choking on it!”

He wasn’t really sure what she was talking about when she started saying ‘me’ about someone who obviously wasn’t her, but he started catching on when she mentioned the love of hitting things. ”That bat of hers is a lethal weapon on a bad day, I swear. I definitely don’t plan to get near it any time soon. She whacked me good once last year when I gave her a detention. Merlin. I had a lump on my head for a good week or two.” Draco couldn’t help but rub his head at the memory.

”So the Ravenclaw doesn’t like bits then? Alrighty. I will keep that in mind from now on, since I’m rather fond of mine. I can understand the need to stop sitting still, but soccer? Really? Why not take up something more refined like fencing?” He still was looking for a good fencing partner. So far the Slytherin had had no real luck, and it was getting frustrating.
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PostSubject: Re: Fuzzballs & Trophies Don't Mix - Complete   Thu Mar 13, 2014 12:46 pm

Acelynn snorted at the blonde Slytherin, but gave him her famous lopsided grin. "Aye. That's a good idea ya got there Malfoy. Makes ya wonder though don't it? Can't imagine anyone would be that unfun their entire life. Just what age do ya think think it got shoved up there anyways? And by who? Don't think ya can shove a stick up your own arse. Never tried though, ya see. Maybe ya can..."

The Hufflepuff trailed off, staring, unseeing, at the same trophy she had been polishing since the Slytherin had joined her. It happened a lot. The red head had the attention span of a gold fish. Which meant she could bounce from subject to subject at the speed of lightning, and usually said the most random of things. Making it quite difficult at times to keep up with her in any conversation. No conversation was normal with Ace though. There was probably nothing normal about the teen. Except for the fact she had the normal female body parts and stuff like that.

"Bet ya ol twinkles did it." The red head said after a short moment, going back to her polishing, with a nod of her head. "Always thought he was a creeper." Ace commented almost absently, her words coming out as if she could be talking to either the boy or herself. It could have easily been either. The Hufflepuff was known to have a conversation or two with herself. Nothing wrong with a healthy conversation with one's own self now was there? Of course not!!

She shrugged carelessly when he ranted about how Aimee had whacked him with her bat. Even if Malfoy hadn't been so terrible to herself, the Hufflepuff knew he had especially torturous towards others. Especially Gryffindors. Which Me was. And even Ace knew last year, with the reign of Umbridge, the Slytherins had taken the feud to an entirely new level. Even she had been given a few detentions she certainly hadn't deserved, so the teen didn't feel very bad about her sister beating the blonde with her bat much. If at all.

"I'm sure ya deserved it. What did ya give her detention for? Walking?" The red replied knowingly, popping the gum in her mouth at him with a grin. Acelynn wasn't the type to hold a grudge, or to fight, so she wasn't going to push the topic anymore than necessary except to point out simply that he had probably deserved the hit. "Maybe Me was just trying to knock some sense into ya." The Hufflepuff couldn't help the cheeky grin she gave or the playful remark. "I hope she succeeded, if that was the case, ya know?"

Ace wanted to comment about Aubrey, the Ravenclaw of the triplets, and on the soccer. She really did. But her brain only really picked up on one word out of them all to focus on. And that was the word refined. Refined? Refined!? The just the thought of the word left a bad taste in her mouth, and her face screwed up comically. "Ya know, I don't really do-AHHH!!" Mrs. Norris had returned with a vengeance, leaping up to sink her claws into Acelynn's shoulders, which had the fuzzball sticking there, and the red head flailed about wildly, turning this way and that way trying to dislodge the cat.

Considering it was Ace, it was only expected that this would not end well. Her wild thrashing to get the cat and it's claws out of her had her smashing into the shelves of trophies and awards, and one after one they crashed into each other, knocking each other down, trophies and awards clanking into each other and falling to the floor in a great clatter of commotion. The stupid cat hissed angrily, sinking it's claws in further before taking off faster than the Hufflepuff would've given it credit for. The teen stood there, panting, and grimaced at the damage her latest catastrophe had caused. "Refined." She finished her original sentence, looking sheepishly at the blonde.
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PostSubject: Re: Fuzzballs & Trophies Don't Mix - Complete   Sun Mar 23, 2014 10:41 pm

Draco was a bit concerned that they were actually discussing the proverbial stick up McGonagall’s arse. Even more disturbing was the idea that old Dumbledore might have been responsible for shoving said stick up said arse. He had to really work to keep himself from losing his dinner in the trophy he now held. Oh, yes. Dumbles was definitely a creeper, but Draco wasn’t about to admit to that when there could be any sort of spy listening in. He was already on the old bastard’s shit list, thanks. Didn’t really want to be slapped on any higher.

”I did not give her detention for walking. I gave her detention for… uh… well, I’m sure it was something… worth a detention…” he muttered, awkwardly running a hand through his hair and looking away. He was still awkwardly trying to recall what he’d punished the obnoxious triplet for when the less-obnoxious one let out a loud yell. Draco whipped his head around, watching in amusement and slight horror as the cat dug its claws into the redhead and they both flailed about the room.

The blonde winced when the trophies clattered and crashed around them, and he grimaced as the cat took off, leaving blood pooling through the girl’s shirt where the claws had been. He wasn’t the best at healing spells, but he at least know how to take care of scratches, so he tossed the trophy he was holding into the pile with its mates and approached her, wand out and sad little half-smile on his lips. ”You don’t say…” he muttered, shaking his head good-naturedly and tapping each wound carefully, healing the scratches enough to stop the bleeding and hopefully take away the sting. He really was shite at healing spells, after all.

Looking around the room, Draco couldn’t hold it in any longer. He let out a great, booming laugh. ”Well, I think our work just like… tripled. At least we know what’s dirty though? We can just um… reorganize or something. Right?” He kept laughing even as he tried to check and make sure the girl was alright. It was just too funny, really. The cat, the girl, the trophies. The whole situation was so bloody comical, the blonde could barely handle it.

”I’m not sure you should have a sword anyway, Ace. I mean… no offense, but you are kinda lacking in the grace department, and I like all my body parts where they are supposed to be.”
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PostSubject: Re: Fuzzballs & Trophies Don't Mix - Complete   Sun Mar 30, 2014 1:45 am

"Whoa there Blondie-locks. Careful with that wand ya got there. Or at least let me get my wand to make it even. Now gimme a sec here. Where did I put that magic stick of mine.." Ace started patting herself down for the stick that apparently went missing on her off the time. One might find it hilarious, considering she seemed to assume the Slytherin meant for a fight, yet she comically requested to allow time to find her wand first. "Bloody stick..wish ya would just stay put where I tell ya to.." Now where had that thing gone now?

As the Hufflepuff searched herself for her wand, she neglected to keep any kind of attention on the blonde who accompanied her in her task, so the sudden feeling of the stinging in her shoulders receding was a nice relief. "Now that's nice of ya Blondie-locks. Thanks for that. Bloody balls with healing stuffs I am. Lack a certain gentle touch, as Felicity says. Don't see why I would need to learn 'em anyways when I got her around. Don't know what I'm gonna do next year without her. Pomfret' a right bat about her job on her best days." Ace commented rather randomly, bouncing from subject to random subject as was per usual for the red head.

The teen was just starting to get back to her feet when the sound of his laughter startled her so much that she ending up crashing back down into the pile of trophies and awards with a groan and a shocked look on her face as she gazed up at him. "Bloody pickles and sausages Blondie-locks!! Are you laughing? Or did I take a trophy to the head at some point? That seems likely.." The red head trailed off, tone stunned. It wasn't like one saw Malfoy laugh every day, was it? Shaking her head, Acelynn pulled herself up again, dusting herself off. "'Spose laughings better than cursing. Just a bit shocking is all. Didn't know you knew how to laugh. It's a nice improvement though if ya ask me. Just, ya know, try and not laugh anyone into a heart attack or anything. Unless it's Snape. Or McGee. In those cases ya got my express approval to laugh them into their graves."

The Hufflepuff flashed her lopsided grin at him, popping her gum as she overlooked the damage done to the room in her thrashing to get the cat off her. "Ya..sorry about that Blondie-locks. Didn't mean to make more work for ya. Bloody cat just got its claws in me and ya know, natural reaction is to thrash about like a loon tryin to get it off. I 'spose we could reorganize. Not very good with that sort of thing though." The teen ended a bit sheepishly as she admitted that with a bit of a shrug. "I was thinking more along the lines of leaving it and claiming ignorance, but don't 'spose that's an option?" Ace ended in a hopeful question with a bit of a mischievous grin. "Now don't ya go back on your word Blondie-locks. I think a sword would be the best next thing for me to master. And if I knick ya with it, I promise to get ya to the hospital wing before ya die."
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PostSubject: Re: Fuzzballs & Trophies Don't Mix - Complete   Mon Mar 31, 2014 10:39 pm

It seemed the redhead didn’t exactly keep track of her wand, which made Draco shake his head. Didn’t she know that was a good way to be attacked and unable to defend herself? She seemed surprised by his act of kindness, which just reminded the blonde that he was known as a sort of terror even though that was far from the true him, and it made him rather disgusted with himself. How had he let it get so bad? How could he have let himself down so totally to be seen as some ‘ice prince’ with a black heart? It really was rather sad, and he found himself frowning a bit at the very thought.

Even as she made comments about his laughter, Draco found the cheery mood leaving him. Merlin, was it really that shocking? Apparently. He’d let his damn father and the expectations of being who he was take over and keep him from actually being the man he knew he was, and it had gotten so bad that his laughing was actually disturbing enough to threaten a heart attack. Draco was rather… disappointed. He shook his head and grumbled a bit, tossing a trophy loudly across the room.

”You can leave if you want but I don’t fancy another bloody detention on top of making up this one, so I’m here for the bloody night it would seem. Especially if I give you a bloody ‘heart attack’ with my unexpected laughter,” he snapped. Draco’s feelings were honestly rather hurt, though he had no one to blame but himself. Why had he been such a damned coward for so many years? He’d ruined so many things for himself… He hated that part of himself. Salazar’s tits, Draco wanted to punch his old self more and more every damn day.

The blonde shook his head in slight anger and started quickly polishing trophies and awards, shoving them haphazardly into places on the shelves where they clearly hadn’t originally gone. He didn’t care though. Now he was just so disgusted with himself and the way people saw him that he just wanted to finish this and get to bed. ”Maybe I should just let you try your luck with a sword with me. No worries about the death thing. I mean, it would seem I’m a pretty worthless sod anyway. Wouldn’t want the world to have to suffer any heart attacks just cause I decide to be a decent bloke or anything.”
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PostSubject: Re: Fuzzballs & Trophies Don't Mix - Complete   Thu Apr 03, 2014 1:12 pm

Acelynn wasn't sure exactly, because she didn't know the Slytherin very well. Well..she didn't really know him at all. But he didn't look too happy. Now, over the years, that generally meant someone was about to get hexed or get a tongue lashing, and the Hufflepuff didn't really like either option. She also supposed it was her own fault for ruining the somewhat loose camaraderie they had developed during their detention serving with her attempts at jokes. That weren't really attempts but really just her saying what flowed through her mind.

Now, the red head might be a walking catastrophe and a bundle of energy and random thoughts and words, but she was still a true Hufflepuff at heart and didn't take joy in seeing others feel sad or mad or whatnot. The happy-go-lucky teen preferred to see people laugh and smile and in general just having a good 'ol time. And she supposed even the big bad Slytherins deserved some fun and laughter. Maybe even needed it more than the rest did.

"Aww now c'mon Blondie-locks. I didn't mean nothin by it. Tend to exaggerate ya see? I don't really think it's so shocking ya would give someone a heart attack. I mean, of course ya laugh. You's a human ain't ya? Kinda natural to laugh, ya know?" Ace wasn't entirely sure where this was going, or if it would help things or make them worse, but she was giving it her best go. "Don't think ya can really give someone a heart attack from laughing anyways. Unless ya make someone laugh so hard they give themselves one. In that case though I think I'd be more likely of the pair of us to cause one.."

The teen added on almost thoughtfully, frowning a bit as she popped her gum again. In the end, the girl shrugged and gave that lopsided grin of hers. "Well I ain't about to leave ya Blondie-locks. What sorta friend would I be if I left ya to clean up my own mess eh? Think I got a spell that might help..now how's that one go again.." Acelynn scratched the back of her head as she looked around as if the answer would appear somewhere in the room. For a good moment or so that's what she did, until a lightbulb turned on in her head and she bounced over to the Slytherin male with a big grin.

"Now watch and learn Blondie-locks. I'll have this all cleaned up in now time ya see." Standing next to him and out of the way, the Hufflepuff waved her wand and muttered a charm that was supposed have all the trophies and awards zooming back to their places. She hadn't accounted for them banging into each other in mid-air on their way though, so while they generally got back where they were supposed to, it was amid a lot of clanking and clashing and clanging. To the point where the red head covered her own ears against the noise.

In the end though, it worked, so there went a whole lot of work they didn't need to do. "Squibbers said couldn't use magic for the polishing. Never said nothin about it to fix a mess his bloody patch of fur made." She remarked with a wink to the blonde, popping her gum and stowing her wand away inside her pant leg. "Now Blondie-locks, don't go gettin all a huffy and a puffy with me ya hear? Besides, ya don't seem all worthless and all to me. Ya seem like a decent enough bloke, healing me and all. Been nice enough too so far. Sorry if I offended ya though. Didn't mean no harm. Just kinda say things, ya know? So how bout it Goldie-locks? Still friends then?"

Ace stuck her hand out to him for a shake, grinning big as she chewed and popped her gum. She hoped she had managed to fix whatever damage her big mouth had done, and to have a new friend. So what if it was Malfoy? He seemed a good sort to her, and Acelynn didn't answer to anyone else but herself. And well, her sisters sometimes.
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PostSubject: Re: Fuzzballs & Trophies Don't Mix - Complete   Sun Apr 13, 2014 10:52 pm

This girl was so strange. Draco was rather taken aback by the way she bounced around from subject to subject like some hyperactive chipmunk or something. He shook his head, but felt his lips curving from frown to smile as she kept talking. She was really a nice sort of girl, all and all. Maybe a bit strong in the personality department, but she seemed like a true-hearted girl, which made sense as far as her being in the badger burrow. He’d watched as she spelled the trophies and awards back onto the shelves, noticing that some of them seemed to have been polished even though he was positive neither of them had actually cleaned those particular ones.

He shrugged and focused on her offered hand then, reaching his own out and shaking hers with a raised brow. ”Has anyone told you that you can be too honest? Yeah, I suppose I’d call us friends then, especially considering you just cheated us out of a good bit of our task. I do not know how, nor do I want you to explain it. Let’s just finish the rest so we can actually get some sleep tonight, yeah?”

It was strange for the blonde to actually care what this girl thought of him, but then a lot of what he’d done and felt so far this year had been strange for Draco. In all honesty, he was starting to get used to surprising himself with his own actions, so it wasn’t all that shocking when he called the Hufflepuff his friend. He grabbed another trophy and started polishing it, looking at his distorted reflection in the surface and laughing once again.

”I look like a troll!” he proclaimed, moving the trophy around so that different parts of his face were distorted in the surface. It was really entertaining, and he couldn’t help but chuckle at the repulsive way he could make himself look. ”Think maybe that’s why Filch doesn’t polish these himself? Maybe he caught his own reflection once and got scared?”

The idea was amusing, but Draco couldn’t hold back the yawn that slipped from his lips as he set down the trophy and started on the next item to be polished. ”It seems counterproductive to keep us late in detentions. Isn’t that what causes us to be late or skip the next day and earn more detentions?” The blonde made a sour face as he continued cleaning the stupid awards. At least they were close to finished. Menial tasks like these always became irritating well before they were completed. He hoped his companion might have something interesting to keep his attention so he didn’t end up falling asleep amidst the shiny objects…
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PostSubject: Re: Fuzzballs & Trophies Don't Mix - Complete   Fri Apr 25, 2014 1:22 am

Watching the blonde, Acelynn couldn't help feeling victorious when his lips turned up from the frown they had settled in and into a smile instead. Crisis averted! The Hufflepuff couldn't resist the fist pump into the air or the triumphant whoop she let loose. Aha!! Got ya to smile!! Point to Ace!! Ya know, it's probably a good thing I'm not a prefect. Might end up giving myself a lot points. Not Myself. But, ya know, myself." She said in a way that made it apparent that she thought that should make sense to him.

When he took her hand, her grin only grew, and she shook with such exuberance she had his whole arm shaking wildly up and down. For a few moments she simply did that, and then realized that she might succeed in ripping his arm from the socket or something. That wouldn't be good. She had only just made him a friend. Ace didn't really want to scare him. If he wasn't already.

The redhead couldn't help that she was..well..accident prone, and a hyper mess. It tended to make people keep a safe distance from her most of the time. Only a real select few managed to deal with her for any length of time. Well, people who knew better anyways. It was a bit of a wonder how she managed to be so good in the air and so terrible on the ground. Ace didn't think on it too much though. Too much thinking made the brain hurt. And no one wanted a headache.

"Too honest? Now I've done heard alotta things 'bout myself, but ain't heard that one yet. Never really thought about it though. Didn't know there was a 'too honest' ya could be, ya see." The Hufflepuff replied, her gaze drifting off, a bit unfocused as she seemed to consider that possibility, before she shrugged, lopsided grin taking over her face. "Aw ya caught me! Wouldn't really call it cheating though. Think it was an accident actually. Tend to have those, ya see."

There was really no telling whether that extra bit of help with the polishing had actually been on purpose or not. Atleast as far as he was concerned. Ace didn't look the least bit repentant though, as she resumed her work happily enough, grabbing one of the unpolished trophies left and rubbing the cloth over it carelessly before replacing it back haphazardly to grab another. "Ya hear that Shinies? Gotta get ya all cleaned up so Blondie-Locks over there can get his beauty sleep. Otherwise he'll look like a troll apparently."

Acelynn gave a cheeky grin to the blonde as she spoke to the inanimate object in her hand, polishing it absently before placing it back on the shelf where it belonged. She thought maybe it should be strange to be on friendly terms with the Slytherin, but stranger things had happened. Well, strange things seemed to happen with the teen a lot, so in a way, it was kind of fitting. She shrugged at him even as she continued to grin and grabbed another something to polish. "Dunno. I always assumed he just gone and done lost his creativeness for punishments. Can't ever decide which one's worse. Him or Snape. I've scrubbed enough cauldrons to last me a lifetime."

The teen scrunched her face hilariously and stuck her tongue out as she shoved the award in her hand back into it's place, taking another trophy from the shelf and starting on that one. "Aye. Don't think they ever consider that. Probably would make more sense to give us extra homework or something. Got enough of that as it is. More would make me think twice about kicking my ball around maybe. Can't always help it though. Get antsy just sitting around."

Ace moved to place the trophy back on the shelf but her grip loosened a second too soon, resulting in the thing slipping from her grasp and falling right on the toes of her left foot. "Bloody sacs and balls!!" The redhead exclaimed, bringing her foot up, grabbing it as if that would soothe the pain she felt pulsing in it and hoping around on the other one only to lose her balance and crash into the Slytherin. "Oompf! Sorry, sorry!"
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PostSubject: Re: Fuzzballs & Trophies Don't Mix - Complete   Fri May 09, 2014 1:25 am

Draco wasn’t sure what the hell the Hufflepuff was even talking about with all the ‘myself’s in odd tones, but he just nodded along with her, thinking it the safer route. Somehow, he didn’t think he wanted the excitable redhead trying to explain her thought process to him. It seemed a bit… dangerous. For his brain. Yeah, the blonde really didn’t fancy a bit of brain damage from trying to understand whatever the crazy girl he shared this detention with was trying to say.

”I’m pretty sure you’d just get your point-giving privileges revoked then, Ace. But I don’t think you’d be so good at the job anyway. I mean, you aren’t exactly mean or rule-abiding in any way. Usually it helps to be at least one of those.” He shot her a smirk then, clearly meaning that he was mean, though it had obviously been showing her his nice side tonight. Oh well. He could still intimidate the pants off a student he caught out of bed. That was all that really mattered when it came to Draco’s patrolling.

He continued polishing more awards as the girl blabbed on, though it wasn’t even really annoying to the blonde. It was odd. Usually such rambling would bother him, but she was so… genuine. It was nice, actually. Good company. And she was talking to the damn trophies, which was utterly hilarious, to be honest. ”Oi! I didn’t say I’d look like a bloody troll. I don’t think I could look like a troll even if I tried. I’m much too good looking for that, you see.”

A giant pompous smile crossed his face as he looked at the girl, only to shake his head and laugh. ”Any time I get assigned godfather for a detention it just ends up in extra lessons and training. I get more worn out than cleaning ten trophy rooms would do. Crazy old bat and his bloody teaching…” He shook his head again, still smiling. In truth, he enjoyed the times he spent with his godfather, even if it was only to get his arse kicked and his mind attacked. The man made him stronger, and he gave him the fatherly advice that he couldn’t get from his actual father.

The blonde was pulled from these thoughts by the yell of pain and the subsequent crash of the Hufflepuff atop his body. Again. He groaned beneath her, pushing the girl so she rolled off of him and sitting up, cracking his back and rolling his neck and shoulders. ”Salazar’s tits, you are accident prone. Tell me we’re about done here so I can get you to your dorm before you manage to send me to Pompfrey…”

Draco thought he might actually enjoy spending a bit of time with the girl outside of detention sometime. Maybe they could fly a bit around the pitch or something. Anything that didn’t involve something too heavy or dangerous. He definitely thought he needed to avoid the fencing idea… Unless he got ahold of some foam swords or something. Then maybe he’d still teach her. For now, though, he really just wanted to get her safely to bed so he could sleep without ending up with a broken bone or a black eye. That seemed like a winning situation with this particular Hufflepuff.
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5 points each for promoting inter-house unity...in detention.
Please continue posting as usual.
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"Oi! I wouldn't give 'em to myself on purpose. I mean, myself, myself, not, ya know, Myself. 'Cause if I meant Myself, Ravenclaw would get the points. But if I say point to Ace, which is me, but not, ya know, Me, then Puff would get the points, right?" Ace ended in a question, her tone once again suggesting that every bit of what she just said to the blonde should make sense. It didn't seem that hard to follow to her overactive brain anyways, and he seemed like a smart enough bloke. Of course he would understand what she was saying. The Hufflepuff shrugged then though, taking his words on her and the job of prefect with a grain of salt. "Eh, think you're right 'bout that ya are. Ain't a mean bone in my body, no sir. Atleast, I don't think.."

The teen trailed off with a slightly far off look, looking like she were in serious thought about that. Ace had never done anything really mean spirited, so that meant she didn't have a mean streak. 'Course, the redhead could get mad like anyone else, but she didn't go around smacking people with a bat for it either. She couldn't really say she didn't cause or get into trouble, but she like to think it just sort of found her usually. Either way, the Slytherin seemed right on both counts, so se didn't argue the point. But Ace didn't much like to argue anyways. Plenty of better things to do. Like polish all the shinnies for the thousandth time, which she continued to do.

"Well why would ya want to look like a bloody troll in the first place Blondie-locks? I hear they smell right awful like. Ya don't smell like one too if ya don't get ya beauty sleep do ya?" The redhead questioned absently, not paying any mind to the conceited remarks he made about himself being too good looking. Such things were generally lost on Ace though, as her mind was usually going a mile a minute, and often times she only picked up a few words someone else said before her mind was taking her somewhere else. Which meant that usually half of what someone said didn't even register with her. Or it did but her mind was already on a different track.

Ace might have remarked about the Godfather bit, which was really shocking to the Hufflepuff, but had already crash landed on the blonde again, rolling off easily when he pushed her s as not to squish him. Not that she was in danger of doing that. She was a sturdy girl yea, but he was a well built bloke in all honesty. "Ya think he really had tits? Slytherin I mean. I always pictured him as a thinly kinda bloke myself.." The teen asked as she pushed herself back up, looking around and nodding, grin splitting her face as she blew the stray strands of red hair out of her face. "Think we're 'bout finished, yea. Only took 'bout five hours. Good news is I've caused 'bout ten catastrophes since being in here, so I think I've met my quota for the day. Should be a safe walk back down to the basements."

The redhead popped her gum with a cheery grin, and helped him back to his feet, clapping him on the back good-naturedly as they headed back down through the castle. Of course, the teen talked his ears off all the while, but he was a good sport about it. Ace probably wouldn't have noticed either way, as she jabbered on. "Well don' be a stranger Blondie-locks, but if ya are, I'll find your arse alright." With a last grin and a called out thanks for the company on the way back, Ace headed to her common room and dorm for a shower and a good night's sleep. Merlin knew she needed. But it had been worth it to make a new friend. Damn. She had forgotten to ask him about the Godfather. Well, there was always tomorrow...

[Permission granted to GM Draco for this post]
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Fuzzballs & Trophies Don't Mix - Complete

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