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 Bad Habit, Bad Boy (closed) *EXTREMELY MATURE CONTENT*

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PostSubject: Bad Habit, Bad Boy (closed) *EXTREMELY MATURE CONTENT*   Tue Apr 01, 2014 1:20 am

It was either really late or really early depending on perspective. For Gage, it was really late, as he hadn’t slept yet. The boy would probably not sleep for another two days given the act he was currently committing. He stood in the highest tower where he’d learned people took Astronomy, leaning over the windowsill and snorting lines of a powdery white substance up his nose. He inhaled as deeply as he could, sniffing a few times and rubbing at his nose as he pushed the powder into another line and leaned in again, this time pulling with his other nostril.

The sixteen year old tilted his head back and sniffed forcefully a good few times before rubbing at his nose again, then wiping up the leftover remnants of powder and rubbing it over his gums, sucking on his finger for a minute while he let the drugs course through his body. Sometimes it seemed foolish for a Pureblooded wizard to use muggle drugs like cocaine, but then Gage would get high again and those thoughts would wander far from his mind.

Gage wiped his hands roughly on his cargo pants and bounced a bit in his combat boots, dark grey long-sleeve tee clinging to his body against the cool night air. His hair was down for once, instead of in the usual ponytail, and the dark half was covering one of his eyes as the boy stared out into the night. He saw thestrals flying over the forest and smiled darkly at the beasts. He’d been able to see them since he was a child, and had often wandered into the wilds just to watch them. It felt like staring into death itself.

The boy was now flying pretty high, and he jerked when he heard footsteps on the bottom most stairs of the tower. Who the hell would be out at this hour other than him? Gage was jumpy and paranoid as the drugs were just working their way fully into his system, and he bounced again, pulling his cursed knife from his pocket and preparing to attack whoever might come into the tower with him. Oh, they might not mean him harm, but he most certainly meant them harm. Gage wasn’t a nice person. If people weren’t prepared to face him, that was their problem.

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PostSubject: Re: Bad Habit, Bad Boy (closed) *EXTREMELY MATURE CONTENT*   Fri Apr 25, 2014 12:48 am

Hannah was foolish to be out this late and up by the tower. She did sneak out a lot. It was just something she did when she had trouble sleeping. She loved to look at the stars in the tower. She found the night sky could always make her get sleepy eventually and she would return to her common room and sleep dreaming of the planets. She in a way hoped to go into space like muggle astronauts one day if working with Dragons didn't pan out. Then again, it was a foolish dream. She didn't know there was someone else up here but Hannah was a friendly girl.

She wore typical school clothing, a skirt and button top, not her robes or tie. She did have a sweater around her, but the front was open. Her hair was down and bounced with her step as she climbed up. She hummed to herself and began to sing a song, not loud enough for it to be recognizable but beautiful none the less. That was when she noticed there was someone standing in her path. The Gryffindor witch froze for a moment, thinking Gage was a teacher but soon relaxed.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know anyone else was up here. I can leave if you want to be alone... I just wanted to look at the stars to help me sleep.." Hannah said, trying to be friendly to the Slytherin boy in her path. She put on her best smile, not wanting to make the boy angry. Hannah hated when she made enemies for no reasons other than disturbing them by mistake. Her brown eyes were soft and kind as she locked them onto his face. "Or.. if you don't mind, could I squeeze past you and take a gander up at the stars? I promise I won't bother you at all... My names Hannah by the way... What's yours?" She said, trying to be as sweet as possible.
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PostSubject: Re: Bad Habit, Bad Boy (closed) *EXTREMELY MATURE CONTENT*   Fri Apr 25, 2014 8:58 pm

When the girl started talking, Gage was a bit confused. This kept him from slashing at her throat, which was rather lucky for his classmate. She was being all… sorry and pathetic, and then she went so far as to tell him her name and ask for his while she tried to get past him. ”Oh ho ho, no, little girl. You don’t get to sneak past me so easy. You’ve already bothered me by existing tonight, so that’s a lost cause…”

He walked with a sort of swagger as he rode the powder he’d inhaled moments before, reaching out without warning to grab the girl by her brown locks and twist his fingers into them, pulling tightly to wrench her head back and bare her throat for him. ”And here’s the place that makes all the problems. The talking, the breathing… I could just…” he ran the blade along her throat, letting it slice a couple times along the way, making only hairline cuts but knowing they would sting for days as the curse wouldn’t allow magical healing.

”Of course, I could also just find a better use for that mouth of yours, couldn’t I? That seems just as inviting of an idea. Don’t you think so, Hannah?” His voice was that of the devil as he let his knife trail down from her neck to the buttons of her shirt, easily slicing each one away until the entire blouse fell open and he was left looking at her bra. That wasn’t good enough for Gage, so he used the hand that held the knife and forced her blouse and sweater off of her arms, dropping both to the floor all while keeping his other hand wound tightly in her hair. He loved the vulnerable way he could hold females. They were such fragile things…

With a sadistic smile he let the blade slip as he moved it between her breasts, cutting the inner side of one while he sliced the center of her bra clean in half, demonstrating just how deadly his weapon could be. Now her breasts were exposed to him and he had to grin all the more, leaning in to lick and suckle one nipple before biting it mercilessly with his teeth.

”What do you say, little girl? I’m fine with my knife, but where might I bury my sword?”
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PostSubject: Re: Bad Habit, Bad Boy (closed) *EXTREMELY MATURE CONTENT*   Fri Apr 25, 2014 11:29 pm

Hannah did not expect this at all.  His hand in her hair was the first thing that made her gasp out and cry.  He pulled it so hard a tear fell from her eyes.  The knife on her neck made her shake.  She now felt very foolish to be up here.  The cuts on her neck hurt and she cried out softly, not loudly for fear he would kill her.  She stayed still, knowing that the best way to get out of this was not to fight him.  But, as he brought his knife down and undid her shirt, she gasped and struggled a small bit, foolishly.  It was effortless as he had gotten her shirt and sweater off easily.  She felt exposed, weak.  She shook in fear.  

I shouldn't of come out tonight.. Please don't hurt me too badly
Hannah thought to herself, her brown eyes tearing up as he cut her breast while cutting her bra off.  "I'll do what ever you want.  Just please don't cut me any more."  Hannah said in a low pleading voice.  His mouth was now on her breast, sucking her nipple.  She couldn't help but gasp, that being one of her sexual weakness's even if she didn't want it.  Her body would be turned on without her even wanting it to be.

When he bit her on her nipple, she gasped louder, actually liking it slightly but she wouldn't tell him that in fear he would bite harder.  She couldn't help it.  Her body liked that, her mind didn't.  It was involuntary.  She couldn't help but shake when he mentioned the knife again.
"Just don't hurt me any more and I will do what ever you want sexually.  I won't fight you or tell anyone, but please don't hurt me any more... Please......" Hannah was so scared.  She just wanted him to let go of her hair and let her run back to the common room to find her friends and cry on their shoulders for being foolish.
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PostSubject: Re: Bad Habit, Bad Boy (closed) *EXTREMELY MATURE CONTENT*   Sun Apr 27, 2014 2:24 pm

The girl’s pleas were music to Gage’s ears, and he laughed coldly at her, greatly enjoying the fear that practically oozed from the girl. Her body shuddered as his lips assaulted her breast, and that had him growing harder than he cared to think about while he was still working her out of her clothes. The drugs egged him on just as much as his natural rage and desires. The simple fact that he could instill such fear within his peers was like a whole extra hit of the sweetest drug.

Gage smiled evilly at her, slipping the blade between her hip and her skirt, slicing through the fabric of both the skirt and her panties with ease. Now she was nude for his pleasure, and he had to appreciate his own work- the blade would ensure that even the clothing could not be mended with magic, so she would enjoy a walk of shame in the buff as well. ”Oh, you silly little slut, you think I care what you allow me to do? You won’t tell anyone anything because if you did, I would hunt you down. You, your family, everything you love would meet my blade. You know I am not in the least bit jesting, so you will remain a quiet little whore for me, won’t you, Hannah?”

He was an evil man, he knew, and it made him chuckle lightly. As soon as her clothes were all off, Gage let the hand that held his knife move to his pants, undoing the button and fly as he kept his other hand wrapped in her hair. ”Trust me, sweetheart, I’m going to have you every way I want, and you won’t have a single thing to say in protest. Now, let’s start with a typical penetration, shall we? Get you nice and warmed up… You know something a lot of people don’t know about cocaine. Makes you horny as hell and able to go for days. I hope you’re not too tired, little slut, ‘cause you aren’t going back to bed for a very long time.”

With that, he shoved her against the wall and forced her legs apart, wasting no time in sheathing himself in her hot little core with a groan. Yes, she felt good. Slick from the way her body had enjoyed his bites and suckling on her nipples. He smiled cruelly. ”You aren’t too opposed to this, are you? I think you’ve fantasized about being taken like this, little lion cub. You want me to have my way with you, don’t you, you whore? I know you do… you like it dirty.”

The hand with the knife moved up to her throat where he held her tightly enough to cause a slight panic, but loose enough for her to keep breathing. The blade itself was close to her neck, so that if she struggled she’d be cut again. He was sure the girl wouldn’t be walking right once he was done with her, especially since he was only getting started…
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PostSubject: Re: Bad Habit, Bad Boy (closed) *EXTREMELY MATURE CONTENT*   Sun Apr 27, 2014 9:56 pm

Hannah gasped again when he cut her skirt and panties off. She was so afraid she almost passed out from the panic. She in a way hoped someone would come across them and save her. All thoughts of that vanished when he pushed her against the wall. She gasped, the air flying from her mouth. She tried to keep her legs shut but couldn't as he shoved them apart and slid inside her. She was glad she wasn't a virgin. This would of hurt a lot if she was. Hannah didn't speak and barely heard his words for she was on the verge of passing out in fear. Tears streamed from hr brown eyes. She couldn't believe she was being raped here at Hogwarts. The one school she was suppose to be safe.

His words were like ice and the knife near her throat was horrifying. She kept seeing lights flicker in her eyes, her mind urging her to pass out and not feel anything he would do to her. Instead, she willed herself to fight through it, to show him she as strong, that he was't causing her to be a frightened kitten even if her boy was showing other wise.

"Why are you doing this to me...?" She asked as he slide into her. She knew s was wet from his sucking on her nipple, a reaction her body had to that. She cried a bit more, bit her bottom lip and sniffed in, breathing normally. Her hands helped her against the wall, her eyes blinked rapidly, she knew she was going to pass out if he kept abusing her any more.
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PostSubject: Re: Bad Habit, Bad Boy (closed) *EXTREMELY MATURE CONTENT*   Mon Apr 28, 2014 10:08 pm

The girl looked like she was having some sort of panic attack, which only made Gage push harder inside of her, quickening his pace as he forced himself in and out, pulling hard on her hair as he lowered his mouth to her neck and bit and sucked at the tender flesh. Her lack of resistance frustrated him though, so he growled and pulled out of her with force, shoving her around and pushing her upper body over the windowsill so her head and chest were out in the night air, breasts dangling in the open sky outside the secluded tower. He still held her hair with his left hand, grabbing for his wand and flicking it in a practiced way.

The spell was a lubrication one, which he aimed for both her ass and his swollen rod. His combat boots forced her feet to spread and his hips and legs kept them that way, brute force being an obvious advantage of the muscular boy. He pulled her hair back so that he could press down hard between her shoulder blades with the same hand, effectively forcing her neck to tilt back as far as possible while her body would arch out the window. He was sure she’d feel like she would fall, and she probably would if he let go of her hair.

The position should be nice and distracting for her as he forced himself on her in a whole new way, using his free hand to hold her hip against the windowsill with great pressure, the knife back in his fingers and scratching along her hip and abdomen. ”Now, don’t jump or move too abruptly, little girl. You’ll end up slicing open your belly, and no magic can heal what damage this knife does…”

At that, the boy pushed completely into her tight ass, not even caring how hard he had to force himself inside or how he could feel her muscles trying to keep him out. He might have caused damage to said muscles even, but he didn’t care. He was only seeking pleasure for himself, and this tight cavern was perfect for that. Once he was all the way in to his balls, the boy stilled, breathing deeply as he tried to keep control. He didn’t want to cum just yet. First he wanted to make sure he got a good thorough fucking in. This girl wouldn’t be able to walk for at least a week once he was done with her…

”Yeah, you’re my little slut, aren’t you Hannah?” he asked cruelly, finally finding control and starting to move within her tight passage, feeling her tear apart with every stroke.

(OOC: As is always the case with Gage, let me know if anything here needs altered or whatnot. Not trying to make anyone uncomfortable or anything like that!)
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PostSubject: Re: Bad Habit, Bad Boy (closed) *EXTREMELY MATURE CONTENT*   Mon Apr 28, 2014 10:56 pm

(ooc: Honestly, rather not have too much anal. Like maybe switch out, just makes me uncomfortable as a handler...don't ask me why. other wise I ca handle the rest, you don't need to change your post, just maybe the next ones switch it out. )

Hannah screamed when he pulled out and shoved her out the window.  Se started to breath extremely panicked.  Her breaths came in shallow and hoarse, tears streamed fluidly down her face as he did this to her.  She was so terrified and just wanted the nightmare to end. She never in her wildest imagination would of seen this happening to her here.
"P-p-p-please... d-d-don't!"  She screamed when he grabbed her hair tighter so she felt like if he let go she would tumble out the window.  Next thing she knew, she felt a lubrication filling her in a place she never would let anyone enter.  She sniffed in deeply, feeling the knife now on her hip and belly. She shut her eyes tightly, not wanting to look out any more.  That was when she felt him roughly penetrate her.

Instantly, blood gushed out of her rectum and she screamed in pain.  She was so loud she was sure if someone was around they would of heard her.  She couldn't help it.  She kept screaming, his length going more and more inside of her ass.  Hannah just couldn't help but scream.  It hurt so much.  "Stop! NO! P-p-please! G-g-get o-out!!"  She begged, screaming bloody murder.  Hannah had officially hit her panic mode and began to fight made with panic.  She couldn't help it.  She knew she shouldn't with the knife but her body couldn't take where he was in her body.  She just screamed and screamed.  Her body tried to push him out.  Her face was red from screaming and crying.

When Gage started to pump inside her ass, she kept screaming and struggled.  She didn't struggle very hard though for the knife and his hand pulling her hair had prevented that.  Her legs were more of the fighters along with her voice that just kept screaming.  She Just couldn't stop herself.  She felt dizzy, stars forming by her eyes as her body seemed to relax suddenly, her mind simply shut down. Her voice stopped screaming after his third pump.  

Even though she was still awake, her mind shut itself off as a defense.  Her entire body was limp in his grasp.  Her eyes were wide, pupils dilated, but that was it.  Her breaths were shallow, sleep like. She was basically a dream walker, shut down from the world. Gage had broken Hannah's mind. If he pulled out however, her mind would most likely come back. It just couldn't handle to pain he was inflicted to her body.
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PostSubject: Re: Bad Habit, Bad Boy (closed) *EXTREMELY MATURE CONTENT*   Tue Apr 29, 2014 12:39 am

As her body went limp, Gage worried that the girl might have passed out. Her breathing and her ability to still hold herself up let him know that she hadn’t completely zonked on him, though he was pretty sure her body was trying to shut down, to kill the sensation of what was happening. That thought and the feel of the tightness surrounding him came together to cause his balls to tighten, a guttural moan slipping through his gritted teeth as he buried himself deep inside her, his seed filling her previously virgin opening while he pulled her hair so hard he might have made some spots on her scalp bleed.

Once his member was semi-limp, he pulled out of her with a sickening ‘pop,’ finally dropping her hair and letting her body slip a bit further into the night air before pulling her into the tower, turning her around and forcing her onto her knees on the floor, grabbing her chin before she had a chance to even come back to her senses.

Gage squeezed her cheeks, poking his fingers harshly between her teeth so that she would have to open her mouth or have the insides of her cheeks shredded on her own teeth. ”Open up now, little girl. You went and got me all covered in your muck, and now I need you to clean up this mess.” His dark eyes glinted evilly as he slid his blood and bodily-fluid coated member between her lips, hissing at the heat of her mouth. ”And if you even so much as think about using those teeth of yours, I will use my cursed blade on your pretty little face. I won’t kill you though… no, you’ll have to live as a scarred freak for the rest of your life. And if you tell anyone who hurt you, I’ll figure out exactly who and what you care about, and eliminate them.”

He stared down at her with a cold hunger in his eyes, daring her to do something foolish. He would enjoy slicing her up. He would also enjoy a good sucking off, though, so either way really worked for him. ”Make sure you clean it all off. Suck all the way to the base, Hannah.” The way Gage said her name was mocking and cruel. ”And don’t forget to lick off the stuff that dripped. I enjoy nice clean balls, too.”
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PostSubject: Re: Bad Habit, Bad Boy (closed) *EXTREMELY MATURE CONTENT*   Tue Apr 29, 2014 11:53 am

When Gage pulled Hannah back inside the tower, her senses started to come back. She still looked dazed and out of it until his hands made her mouth open. She struggled a bit, not wanting to even have his cock near her mouth, not after everything he had done to her. Still, her body let him do what he wanted as her mind was slowly coming back. She gagged when he entered her mouth, the taste and pressure too much for her.

Hannah couldn't deal with the pressure in her mouth, her gagging still increasing. He seemed to be enjoying the torture he was inflicting on her already abused body. She couldn't help it though and threw up while he pressed himself into her mouth. She couldn't help it. Her body had this defense in place for a reason as she gasped and gagged, pushing him back as the vomit flew from her mouth and onto the floor around them. She made sure not to hit him with any of her fluids, afraid it would anger him as she threw up two more times and gasped trying to catch her breath.

Her mind was back i a way but it was snapped, broken. She groaned, looked at Gage from her knees now that she had to push him out of her mouth to vomit. Her body shook in fear. She just wanted it to end. He had taken precious things from her, torn her body and cracked her sanity. She wanted to curl into a ball and lay there until the sun came up now. Her brown eyes streamed tears over of abused face.

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PostSubject: Re: Bad Habit, Bad Boy (closed) *EXTREMELY MATURE CONTENT*   Tue Apr 29, 2014 11:47 pm

The idiot girl had gotten most of the mess off of his member before she shoved him out of the way and puked just out of the reach of Gage’s boots. He rolled his eyes at her weakness, grabbing his wand and flicking it once at his dick, cleaning the rest of the muck away before tucking himself into his boxers and buttoning and zipping his pants back up.

He spat at the girl who had been sick again while he did his pants up, sneering at her plea. ”You are a useless little cunt, aren’t you? Can’t even do a cleaning properly. You’re lucky you didn’t get anything on my boots, or you’d be licking it off. I’d keep you here all night if you kept getting sick, too, you foolish thing.” He pulled his foot back then, kicking hard at her side.

Gage was cruel, that much was obvious. He laughed at the girl as he stomped to the stairs, taking them two at a time and leaving her alone on the tower floor. It was how he did things, after all. Use whoever he wanted, leave them abused and alone with the aftermath of his attack. He was sure his face haunted the minds of many people by now, and he was sickly proud of that fact. The boy actually started whistling a rather happy tune as he made his way to the Slytherin dorms.
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PostSubject: Re: Bad Habit, Bad Boy (closed) *EXTREMELY MATURE CONTENT*   Tue Apr 29, 2014 11:54 pm

Once she was sure Gage was Gone, Hannah began to cry. She grabbed her cloths, curls up and slowly made her way down the stairs and ran to the common room covering herself with her torn clothing as best she could. She was weak, in so much pain. She wanted do crawl into a corner and die. She knew she was never going to be normal again. He had torn her rear up, cut her breast, neck and face. She felt sick, broken. As she reached the common room, she grabbed a cloak from the wall, someones, wrapped herself and collapsed screaming for help.
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PostSubject: Re: Bad Habit, Bad Boy (closed) *EXTREMELY MATURE CONTENT*   Wed Apr 30, 2014 12:00 pm

The most recent post in this thread is 50 words short of the 150 word minimum. Please edit and fix this. Thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: Bad Habit, Bad Boy (closed) *EXTREMELY MATURE CONTENT*   

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Bad Habit, Bad Boy (closed) *EXTREMELY MATURE CONTENT*

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