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 Special Abilities/Powers/Relations/Creatures List & Application

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Salazar Slytherin
Salazar Slytherin

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PostSubject: Special Abilities/Powers/Relations/Creatures List & Application   Mon Apr 28, 2014 1:25 pm

Special Abilities List & Application

We have had many requests as far as being allowed to become an animagus, be a creature such as a werewolf or veela, and some requests deal with having certain relations or familial ties to cannon characters.

While we do allow some of these things, they are requests that must be applied for and approved by the Founders. Only the Founders have the authority to authorize any character being anything more than a regular magical student. This is not limited to animagi. It includes all creatures, relations to canon characters, and any other special abilities one might think of.

I must warn you now, that not everyone will be allowed to claim such special abilities and/or relations. If you do not have a reason aside from the fact that it would be fun or cool to have such a special ability, then you will be denied. If you do not provide a good background story for your character having such a special ability, you will be denied. We will not allow characters to have these abilities just for the sake to have them.

These abilities have requirements of their own, such as animgi. Not everyone can be one, for example. It takes a person who is fairly strong and powerful magically in order to accomplish the transition from human to animal. It is also a dangerous and highly advanced branch of transfiguration, as deemed so by Minerva McGonnagall. It is not something that a character would be able to accomplish just by suddenly wanting to do it and POOF! they are an animal. That is not how it will work.

Keep in mind that these abilities and/or relations are privileges, and if you fail to take them on responsibly then they will be stripped from you. You will not be warned again. Should you like to apply, please review the list below to make sure we are not currently at our maximum, and then fill out the following code:


[b]Power/Ability/Relation/Creature wanted:[/b] (If applying for an animagus, please include the animal the character would shift into) (If applying to be any amount of veela, please remember that males DO NOT have any special abilities with this. They are merely carriers of the gene)

[b]How would your person use this power/ability/relation/creature:[/b] (self gain, defense, punish, familial connections, etc.)

[b]Background for this power/ability/creature/relation:[/b] (If a power or ability, this should tell how your character gained this power or ability. If applying for an animagus, this should tell how the character became one or plans to. If a relation to a canon, this should tell how they are related and a decent view of how that effects the character. If applying for a creature, this should tell how the character became a creature and how it effects the character. This should be as detailed as possible. If you give one or two sentences, you will be denied.)

[b]Sample post of character using their ability/power, or how they deal with the creature they are:[/b] (must be at least 150 words) (If you are applying to be related to a canon, this post should answer these questions: Does the character know of the relation? Do they intend to make the connection between them? How does this relation effect the character? How important is this relation to the character? Does this relation open up plots for the character?)

*NOTE: ALL special abilities, powers, relations, and creatures will have a maximum cap of 10, with the exception of canon relations, which has a cap of 20.

Current List

Here is a current list of characters who claim special abilities/powers/cannon relations/creatures:

(NOTE: Canon characters will retain their special abilities, and do not effect the allowance or set caps, unless applying for a special ability they were not give in canon.)

Tom Riddle - Legilimens, Occlumency, Dark Arts & Parselmouth

Severus Snape - Dark Arts, Legilimens & Occlumency

Albus Dumbledore - Legilimens & Occlumency

James Potter - Illegal Animagus (Form: Stag)

Sirius Black - Illegal Animagus (Form: Black dog)

Remus Lupin - Werewolf

Minerva McGonagall - Legal Animagus (Form: Tabby cat)

Rita Skeeter - Illegal Animagus (Form: Beetle)

Sybil Trelawney - Seer

Bellatrix Lestrange - Dark Arts

Here is a list of character who have been approved and are evolving plots to gain such an ability/power:

Number of spots taken for each special ability, power, relation, creature:

Animagi - 0/10

Seer Abilities - 0/10

Special Relations - 0/20

Occlumency - 0/10

Legilimency - 0/10

Creatures - 0/10

Other - 0/10

Any questions, comments, and/concerns, as always, can be directed to any prefect and/or founder. Please keep in mind that any of this is subject to change at any time, and you will be notified of such changes. Also keep in mind that though you may apply, we hold the authority to either approve or deny your application for any of the above. Approval or denial will be sent to you via PM, with denials stating reasons for the decision. Thank you.

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Special Abilities/Powers/Relations/Creatures List & Application

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