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 Midnight Fun (Eli, Tobes, Happy Nurse)

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PostSubject: Midnight Fun (Eli, Tobes, Happy Nurse)   Sun May 25, 2014 10:27 pm

Oliver Adams was not known to be an ‘early to bed’ type of guy. Of course, a lot of times he did end up snoring rather loudly almost as soon as his head hit the pillow at the end of the night, but that was mostly due to the fact that he stayed up with the night owls and he did crazy things during the day that wore him out. Today, however, he’d been caught trying to ditch class to go after that bloody crow that kept avoiding him every time he tried to catch it, and he’d been forced to endure an entire day of lessons.

He was so bored, and so antsy, that Olli couldn’t even sleep after he had jogged around the grounds a couple times and even played some soccer with McPuffer and the Giant Squid. Now he’d snuck out of Gryffindor Tower and been wandering through the halls, bounding down moving staircases and barely managing not to fall off at the end, and only just managing to avoid Flich and his stupid cat.

The boy needed something to do for entertainment before he seriously injured himself, so he decided to head for the kitchens. Maybe, just maybe, he could keep out of too much trouble by hanging out with the elves. A lot of times he could even convince them to let him try and cook something. He had fun with a lot of ‘em, probably cause he was almost as tiny and he didn’t make fun of ‘em.

Tickling the pear, Olli skipped into the kitchen whistling a bouncy tune, only to stop in his tracks as he viewed a rather pretty girl sitting at the serving bar apparently talking with an elf. ”Well! Now I don’t have to be bored anymore!” He hopped onto a stool and took a bottle of butterbeer that an elf promptly placed before him, grinning and spinning about with a great ‘whooo’ of joy.

”I have had such a dull day. We should play a game! Make life more fun, what do you say, pretty lady? I’m Olli, by the by. And this game is called ‘Would You Rather’. So! Would you rather eat only super sweet things for the rest of forever, or eat only super salty things for the rest of forever?”
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PostSubject: Re: Midnight Fun (Eli, Tobes, Happy Nurse)   Sun May 25, 2014 11:08 pm

Elisabeth simply couldn't sleep, she had tried everything she could, but she was thinking about everything all at once. The blonde had finally given up on trying and resolved to going to the kitchens still in her pajamas. The Sixth year grabbed her wand and whispered lumos as she made her way through the short distance from the Hufflepuff common room to the kitchens.

Elisabeth found herself at the serving bar, drinking a butterbeer as she talked to one of the house elves that inhabited the kitchens. Perhaps eating would help her mind to stop thinking about everything it possibly could. The Hufflepuff turned her attention to a boy who had wandered in the kitchens while she had been talking to the house elf.

Elisabeth raised an eyebrow as she faced the energetic boy, "You don't seem to be very bored to me," she commented, "you're full of energy in the middle of the night." she continued, listening as the boy spoke. "Well, Olli, I've never personally played 'Would You Rather' before, though I suppose I could give it a try." she decided, thinking it wouldn't really do any harm to her to play a simple game, "I would rather only eat super sweet things for the rest of forever," she answered him, "salty things wouldn't be very tasty, I'd imagine, I wouldn't be able to have butterbeer, for example." she explained. "Now do I ask you a 'would you rather' question?" she inquired, smoothing out her pajama bottoms.

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PostSubject: Re: Midnight Fun (Eli, Tobes, Happy Nurse)   Mon May 26, 2014 12:45 am

It was midnight, or thereabouts. Tobias knew this primarily because he had been out on patrol that evening and had only recently given up for the night. Laurie had been with him at the beginning of patrol, but she had been in a rather foul mood, so he had sent her off to bed at an alarming normal time to go to bed and wandered the castle himself for as long as he could stand.

Then he had made his way back to the Hufflepuff common room, only to find his newly reacquainted best friend still up, seeming to be at war between studying that giant medicine book again and falling asleep with her face in it again. Deciding to save her from himself, the Head Boy all but scooped her up and forced her to the kitchens, thinking a cup of tea before bed might do the both of them some good.

When they got there, he was met with something more exciting, and a wide grin spread across his face. “No, no, Lispuff. You ask me a would you rather question.” He grinned at the slightly younger Hufflepuff, tugging at the neck of his shirt. He really should have taken the time to change into more comfortable clothes before they headed this way.

“Olli, this lovely lady you’re already playing with is Lissy Neigh. And the other lovely lady that I’m dragging along with me is Felly Taylor. Are there any special rules that I should know about before I commit us to this?” All of this came out in one rather bubbly stream, and then he sat on a stool near the other two, pulling Felly into his lap and grinning at the surrounding elves. Maybe this would be more fun than tea.
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PostSubject: Re: Midnight Fun (Eli, Tobes, Happy Nurse)   Mon May 26, 2014 10:56 am

Elisabeth grinned as she turned her attention to Tobias, the only person who's ever called her Lispuff, "Well, Tobi, if I had known you'd be joining us, I'd already have one worked out for you." she replied, still grinning as she thought of a 'would you rather' for him. The blonde shifted her position as to allow Tobias more room to sit down with Felicity.

Elisabeth took a sip of her butterbeer as Tobias spoke, "I am not a horse, Tobi." she corrected him with a smile, showing she didn't really care that he got her last name wrong, everyone did, it seemed, as no one could pronounce French properly.

The Hufflepuff shifted her glance from her butterbeer to Tobias, leaning down on the counter top as she spoke. "If you're playing, I think I have a 'would you rather' for you, Tobi." she said, a small smirk appearing on her face. "Would you rather...scale the whomping willow, alone, or spend an entire week in detention with Snape?" she asked, satisfied with the 'would you rather' she came up with. Elisabeth hoped that that was how she was supposed to play this game. "If you scale the whomping willow, there's no chance of a detention or anything." she added, stirring her butterbeer idly with a spoon.
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PostSubject: Re: Midnight Fun (Eli, Tobes, Happy Nurse)   Mon May 26, 2014 10:51 pm

Ever since she’d started noticing a bit of tension between the two Heads, Felicity had been spending a bit more time around one Tobias Vincent. She’d taken a special notice of him the night that he’d comforted her and shown her the true potential sex held, but since then she’d really enjoyed his company even more than she had in the years prior. It was a friendship rekindled and she found she was rather falling for him, and she rather liked it.

This meant that Felicity wasn’t all that taken aback by her fellow Hufflepuff grabbing her and literally carrying her out of their common room, in pursuit of a late night cup of tea in the hopes of escaping her personal studies. She’d been in a comfy pair of flannel pajama pants, black and yellow plaid, with a simple yellow long sleeve shirt, which she now had pulled over her hands as she perched on his lap in the kitchens, staring at the two other inhabitants.

Oh dear. She was usually not one for company, especially so late at night… The blonde awkwardly ran a hand through her hair, flicking Tobias in the face with some of it and gasping, turning in his lap to make sure he was alright. ”Oh, gosh! I’m sorry, Tobias! I hope I didn’t catch your eye or anything…” She blushed as she brushed his cheek with her fingers. ”Of course I know Elisabeth from the common room, and Oliver should know by now that I will lecture him a lot less than Pomfrey.”

She grinned at the other two, getting comfortable in Tobias’s lap and taking a sip of the Earl Grey with honey and mint that was placed kindly before her by an elf. ”Hmm, this seems like an interesting game. Maybe it will be a bit more enjoyable than my studies…” She grinned a bit cheekily at Tobias, wiggling a bit more in his lap in an effort to get as comfortable as possible.
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PostSubject: Re: Midnight Fun (Eli, Tobes, Happy Nurse)   Wed Jun 18, 2014 8:44 am

Tobias grinned and pretended to think about the question, only to be caught in the face with strands of flying hair. “Perfectly fine, Felly,” he managed, though his eyes had gone down to his lap, where his naïve friend was twisting around and causing all sorts of friction that she wasn’t experienced enough to mean yet. Still, her blush was exceedingly cute, and between that and the rather fascinating, terrifying question he was asked, he should be able to keep himself behaved like the real gentleman he wasn’t.

He offered a gentle grin to the two ladies as Felly scooted herself back around to face the room. “I’m glad we all know each other, then.” He took a sip of his black tea, and gave a pleased nod to the elf who had remembered not to doctor his tea the usual way while there were proper ladies present. That might spoil their night, after all.

That accomplished, he got down to the business of his question. “Well of course I wouldn’t get detention if I scaled the Willow, Lispuff, on account of I would be dead. On the other hand, I’ve done a week straight of detention with Professor Surly Pants before, and I think I might rather die than repeat the process on purpose.” He paused to give it some thought and accidentally took a sip of Felly’s tea instead of his own, making a face at the total sweetness of it. “I’ll take the Willow,” he spat out, taking a rather gulpy drink from his own cup to wash out the taste before he moved on.

“Now then Felly,” he said, grinning at her a little manically. “Since you like the idea of this game so much, I have one for you.” He paused yet again, letting the drama build and hoping it would make her squirm, not really considering the physical repercussions if she did squirm around too much. “Would you rather go wake Laurie up and tell her you’re hanging out with me this late at night, but you have me there to make sure she doesn’t actually hurt you or kiss Olli on the lips and you have to do it with me and Lispuff watching?”

Tobias stopped there, conveniently forgetting to add that if his friend picked the second choice, he would probably make her actually do it. If she picked the Laurie thing…well, Tobias didn’t actually fancy waking her up without a really good reason, ever, so he would probably let that one stay just words.
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PostSubject: Re: Midnight Fun (Eli, Tobes, Happy Nurse)   Sun Jun 22, 2014 2:38 pm

She was happy to note that her escort was okay, even after being flicked in the face with her hair. Her happiness, however, faded as the boy talked about whether he’d rather die or face Professor Snape for an extended period of time. The idea of Tobias dying, especially by the will of the Whomping Willow, was utterly horrifying to Felicity. She was about to tell him how upset the idea made her when he snatched her tea and took a gulp.

”That’s what you get for joking about things like your death, Tobias!” she scolded with a laugh, grabbing her own cup and taking a sip, only to nearly spit it out when he asked her a question. How in the world was she supposed to answer that? Of course she’d never want to wake his supposed girlfriend from a sound sleep, especially not to tell her something about spending time late at night with the Head Boy!

But, Felicity didn’t want to kiss anyone else either. She only wanted to kiss Tobias, and that made her tummy flutter in an almost familiar way. She squirmed in his lap, noticing the friction and blushing a bright pink as she tried to figure out how to answer his question. ”Umm, well… you see… Tobias… I, um… well…”

She squirmed a bit more before sighing and muttering her answer very softly. ”The kiss. I’m not risking Laurette stalking me through the halls just to kill me when you aren’t looking.” Felicity looked away from him, focusing on the other two and letting her eyes fall on the other girl. The look of her said ‘safety’ to Felicity while she was feeling rather overwhelmed, so she jumped on it.

”Elisabeth? Would you rather… sit in Olli’s lap for the game, or… um… do shots of firewhiskey with each turn?” She didn’t even think of the fact that the two boys they were with would probably hold the girls to whichever choice Elisabeth made. It was just what came to mind and thus out of her mouth, and she so wanted the spotlight off of her. Smiling weakly at the other Hufflepuff female, Felicity took her tea and drank slowly, willing the butterflies in her stomach to settle.
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PostSubject: Re: Midnight Fun (Eli, Tobes, Happy Nurse)   

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Midnight Fun (Eli, Tobes, Happy Nurse)

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