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 Head Duties (Tobias) *MATURE*

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PostSubject: Head Duties (Tobias) *MATURE*   Wed Jan 15, 2014 10:53 pm

It had been an hour so far and so far the Head Girl and her patrolling partner had found not a single rule-breaker. They still had at least another hour of mindless wandering through the drafty castle, and Laurette was less than pleased. “You know, you really could handle this on your own. I should be in my nice, warm, comfy bed,” she complained, sneering at the Hufflepuff who seemed to live to make her life hell.

The heels of her Mary Janes made echoing clicks fill the otherwise silent halls and it was starting to grate on her nerves. “Oh bloody hell, muffliato,” she muttered, wand pointed at her feet. Finally. Silence. Except for that damned Head Boy. “Vincent,” she hissed, glaring daggers at her companion. “If you do not shut up, I am going to hex you so you are more silent than my shoes!”

Laurette looked away from the boy before he might spot the pinkish hue that had spread across her cheeks. It was that damned smile of his. For some reason it made her act like a foolish little schoolgirl, giggling and blushing included. Bloody annoying brat of a boy! If anyone found out what the Halfblood Hufflepuff could do to her, the Head Girl would absolutely die!

As it was, she couldn’t help but look over at him and notice his mischievous eyes. He was wearing that crooked grin too… Oh Merlin. The castle was much too empty and she was much too cold in only her skirt and thin white blouse, Slytherin tie being the only thing to mark her distinctly as a Snake this night. She whimpered and bit her bottom lip, fighting the images flooding her brain.

“Oh damn it all,” she muttered, practically manhandling the boy into a nearby alcove and crashing her lips onto his. Laurette threw caution to the wind and shoved Tobias against the stone wall, exploring his mouth as if she’d never done so before in her life. “Oh, Gods,” she moaned against his lips, leaning heavily against him. This was so not what they were supposed to do while ‘patrolling’.

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PostSubject: Re: Head Duties (Tobias) *MATURE*   Fri Jan 17, 2014 9:36 pm

Tobias was abundantly glad that he got to look at the patrolling schedule before it became official. For one thing, it meant he could make sure that he only patrolled on nights where he could sleep in the next morning. He needed his beauty sleep, after all. For a second thing, he could make sure that he was alright with his patrol partner. Usually that meant he was with Riley or Holly, as they were the most easygoing and thus the easiest to patrol with. Occasionally it meant he was with his fellow Head, though his reasons for wanting to be alone with LeBeau were entirely different.

To the great muttering of his companion so far, he was dressed in a white unbuttoned shirt with a similarly hued undershirt and plain dark slacks. His feet were clad in flip flops that smacked noisily on the stone floor, and there was nothing on him whatsoever to mark his House, or even that he was a student here. He would never patrol like this with anyone else, but pushing the Head Girl’s buttons was his second favorite game in the world after quidditch. Well, maybe third, but they usually played the other one too when they were alone for too long.

The worst part of it was that they were supposed to patrol for at least two hours after curfew and preferably longer, as students tended to sneak around for at least that long some nights. Tobias would be seriously bored if they had to wander the bottom half of the castle for that long. Luckily, between their shoes, anyone out of bed tonight had plenty of warning to find somewhere to hide, and they hadn’t found anyone. LeBeau always got even more bored than he did when they didn’t find anyone.

Sure enough, they were barely an hour in when she started whining. He shot her a cocky smile, spinning the headphones that were around his neck, though they weren’t plugged into anything. That only caused ugly static. When she went so far as to silence her shoes, the Head Boy’s grin grew dangerously wide, and when she went so far as to threaten him, Tobias began whistling a happy tune that she wouldn’t recognize, not having had a muggle musician for a mother and all.

This seemed to be the thing that finally made her snap, as he was soon roughly dragged out of the line of sight for anyone who had escaped their notice. If Tobias wasn’t used to this by now he would have been caught completely off guard. As it was, she was kissing him hard before he was even adjusted to the change in situation and his back was quite literally against the wall.

As their tongues battled for dominance Tobias brought his hands into action. One of them closed around the green and silver tie, preventing the Head Girl from moving move than a few inches away, if she decided for some reason that she wanted to. The other went to her back, tracing slow circles through her thin shirt. Her skin really was flawless. The fact that she was a completely self-absorbed Pureblood demon most of the time came with a few advantages.

Finally he had to breathe and used the hand gripping the tie to shift his partner a little bit, brushing the underside of her chest as he did so. “You are just the baddest girl in this castle, aren’t you,” he asked her, a laugh and a challenge somehow sharing space in his eyes. The Head Boy was quite a talented ball of trouble and fun, after all.
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PostSubject: Re: Head Duties (Tobias) *MATURE*   Sat Jan 18, 2014 4:07 pm

The Head Boy was completely infuriating. He always tried, and succeeded in, pushing her buttons, and it drove her nuts! Laurette couldn’t stand the way he strolled around in those annoying bloody sandals and hummed and whistled like some happy-go-lucky buffoon. Hell, he was probably the reason they so often came up empty handed from patrolling, since he was loud enough to give everyone warning well before they could catch a student out of bed.

At the same time, those were the things she adored about the boy. He always wanted to give people a more-than-fair chance to get away if they weren’t doing anything all that bad. He tried to be fair and fun, and he was so relaxed. The boy was basically her polar opposite, and he balanced the Slytherin so nicely that it was no wonder she found herself leaning into his embrace, purring in delight at his touch at the small of her back.

Oh, how she loved the way his tongue battled with hers, and the way he held her in place by the silk tie wrapped about her neck. Yes. It made every nerve on her body tingle with anticipation of what might come next. She really hated to think too much when she was with the Head Boy like this, since it went against almost everything she seemed to stand for, but she just couldn’t help it. He was like a magnificent drug and she was definitely an addict. This was simply Laurette getting her fix.

She moaned when he touched her breast through the thin white lace of her bra and the equally thin blouse, hating the way her lips ached for his to return to them. She could drown in his kiss and it would be the happiest death ever. “Mmmm, only if you are the baddest boy,” she growled. It was true that the boy was just as bad as her when it came to shirking duties and spending time in alcoves together after all.

“Now, less talking, more doing,” she panted, dragging her hands down his chest and sliding his shirt off his shoulders, pulling it down his arms and letting it flutter to the floor. She had clearly decided the boy was overdressed, and she would willingly fix that. She only hoped he’d do the same for her.

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PostSubject: Re: Head Duties (Tobias) *MATURE*   Sat Jan 18, 2014 6:11 pm

Tobias’s charming and devilish grin made another appearance as he elicited the first moan from the Head Girl of the encounter. She was always so, vocal, in situations like this and he loved it. “I don’t think I could claim that title,” he teased. “I’m sure someone bigger and badder would come along to challenge me, and then you would end up gone before I knew what happened.”

Then his dress shirt was gone and her hands were on him like his were on her. A hiss of excited air escaped his lips and his hands went down, each fastening on one side of her ribcage as he kissed her again. His hands crept slowly down until they had reached her leg, just below the skirt and then her gripped her tightly by the back of the thighs and lifted her up off the ground.

His mouth moved down to kiss and suck gently at her jawline, her neck, and back up to her ear. As he did, he spun them so that she was up against the wall rather than him. Once she was pressed against the wall his hands crept slowly up, getting closer and closer to discovering what kind of panties she was wearing. If she had checked the schedule and realized what was going on before she got dressed it wouldn’t be much.

Before they could do anything too serious to stop he breathed against her ear. “You have a choice. We can do this here or we can go to bed where there is no chance we’ll be caught.” Tobias knew how important her reputation was to the Head Girl, and she was always gone by the morning to preserve it. If Tobias had his way, he would take her right here against this wall, but he felt like he owed it to her to give her the choice while they were both still capable of at least a little bit of thought.
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PostSubject: Re: Head Duties (Tobias) *MATURE*   Sun Jan 19, 2014 9:11 pm

The silly boy talked too much. Laurette made a mental note to fix that at some point, though she wasn’t really sure how she’d do it, and gave in to the feel of his mouth and hands and body. She squeaked slightly when he lifted her by the thighs, wrapping her legs about his waist and grinning when he sucked on her jaw and neck. The cold, rough stone against her back made her hiss in delight as her hot skin was brought down to a more decent temperature. She hungered for the fabric to be removed, but kept herself restrained. It was up to her partner to properly undress her, and she wasn’t about to spoil his fun.

His fingers were creeping closer to the lace of her thong- white to match the bra of course, and she wondered what the boy might say when he saw the virginal color choice on the experienced girl. He’d probably laugh. She also wondered if he’d appreciate the design she’d gone with in her pubic hair. A mini Head’s badge hovered just above her lower lips, the rest of her completely shaven. She smirked at the thought of him discovering her little secrets, then pouted as he stopped his pursuit of her body.

Laurette groaned at his words, leaning her head against the wall as she held their pelvic regions against each other, feeling just what she did to the boy and enjoying it even though she was irritated with how hungry for him she was. “Dammit Vincent,” she growled, “just get us to your room before I change my mind and go take care of myself!” The Head Girl was snapping at him, but she didn’t much care. She was horny and she was ready and he was making her have to wait longer.

Thankfully, her dancer’s body and small, if tall, frame meant that the girl was rather easy to carry, especially for someone who had a regular workout like quidditch and whatever else physical the Head Boy might do to give him the sculpted body that had Laurette soaking her panties. She clung to him and basically demanded that he carry her to his room as she was because she wasn’t about to get down and walk. This had happened enough times that the two had a strategy to get to his room at least mostly undetected, and the raven-haired female was thankful for that. She didn’t think she could wait long enough to form a whole plan on how to get her to his bed if they didn’t have one already in place, and doing the deed in the hall was just asking to be caught…
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PostSubject: Re: Head Duties (Tobias) *MATURE*   Mon Jan 20, 2014 1:32 am

Tobias swore silently when she chose the safety and privacy of his bed, even if he was expecting it. One day he would forget to give her the choice and just fuck her brains out wherever she got sick of dealing with him for the night. Then again, he was generally a patient person, so he could wait a few extra minutes to rock the dancer’s world if he really had to. Plus, he would have the opportunity to punish her for snapping at him on the way.

Sure enough, as he took the first steps towards the solely Hufflepuff portion of the castle, his hands continued their progress up, causing her strong legs to grip him even more tightly and her breathing became even more irregular. When he reached her largely uncovered ass, around the time they reached the Hufflepuff common room, he gave it an appreciative squeeze. “You’ve been working out,” he said, voice sounding like his smile looked.

There was no one up, but then Hufflepuffs were typically a very early sleeping crowd and it had never been an issue before. He thought of pausing to tease the Head Girl further, but the combination of the fact that she might kill him for doing so and the fact that he really wanted her right now kept him going. They reached the seventh year boys dorm, which was just as silent as the common room had been, even if it wasn’t as empty. If any of his dorm mates had ever noticed anything about who he was with, whether it was when he was with LeBeau or with another witch, they had had the civility and good graces to keep it to themselves.

He quickly deposited her on his bed, as if they practiced this move or something. Then he crawled into bed, taking care to tug the curtains completely shut before joining her, one knee on either side of her stomach and looking down into her eyes. The curtain thing was his other secret to not getting caught: the curtains had a spell on them so that as long as he made sure they were fully closed, they were also soundproof, so that no one would hear what he was doing to whoever happened to be in there. That feature was basically specifically for tonight’s partner.

“Now then,” he said in the same playfully devilish tone as before, “let’s see what color that deliciously tiny little thong is.” With that he grasped her skirt and pulled down hard until it was on the bed below her feet. “White is just not your color, if you don’t mind me saying,” he stated wickedly. “It speaks of innocence and purity, and you are the devil.”
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PostSubject: Re: Head Duties (Tobias) *MATURE*   Wed Jan 22, 2014 12:57 am

Rolling her eyes at the empty room over Tobias’s shoulder, Laurette let out a small sarcastic laugh. “You always say that,” she snapped in his ear, keeping her voice low even though she knew most of his house had probably caught on to their little habits. She took the opportunity to nibble on his earlobe and whisper naughty things in his ear. She felt safe in his arms, which was something since she normally didn’t feel safe in anyone’s grasp but her own, and she knew she should put a stop to all their late night affairs and yet… she had no desire to do so.

Instead, she let him carry her to his dorm and toss her on the bed, making her giggle in delight as he pulled the curtains and gave them some privacy. Every touch had her clenching her thighs together, keening with unanswered desires even as the Head Boy seemed to set out to provide that answering call.

The swift removal of her skirt had her giggling again, especially when he called her out on the color choice. It was true that she was no angel, but she ached to tell him she’d be anything for him. She’d be a good girl if that was what he wanted from her. She’d demand that Fletch change her very mind to fit the mold Tobias had in mind for her. But she didn’t say those things to him. That would be too much like admitting her feelings, and she was supposed to be an unfeeling horror of a girl. She wasn’t ever supposed to fall in love, and she sure as hell wasn’t supposed to fall for someone so kind and deserving of something so much better as Tobias Vincent.

The look of pure desire in his eyes made Laurette whimper and she pushed all real thoughts aside, focusing instead on the fact that he was still mostly dressed, as was she, which simply would not work. “Why are there so many goddamned clothes?” she whined, tearing at the undershirt that he wore and not caring in the least when she heard the fabric rip and the boy was suddenly shirtless. “Tobi, please,” she moaned, bucking her hips in his direction and running her hand down her front, tugging at the buttons of her blouse and working on the tie at the same time, leading her to completely fail at either. “Help. Need you. Now.”
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PostSubject: Re: Head Duties (Tobias) *MATURE*   Thu Jan 23, 2014 3:26 pm

They were still largely clothed and the Head Girl was already whimpering for him. Tobias wanted to make fun of her, but he knew how he got when they had been apart too long, even if he really didn’t want to admit it. Hell, he didn’t want it to be true. Of all the girls in the castle, even of all the girls that he slept with, why did he have to be stuck on the one who showed no actual signs of having a human heart?

Rather than worrying, Tobias gave in to what he wanted to do and what the Head Girl wanted done to her. “Begging does not suit you any better than white does. It mars your beautiful face.” And makes me need to write home for yet another package of undershirts, he thought to himself.

Still, he did not make her wait any longer, instead deftly loosening her tie and easing it over the head without bothering to undo the knot. Who knew how much of a hurry she would be in come morning? That finished, his hands went to the buttons of her shirt, dealing with the two many clothes problem. The top few buttons were undone slowly and teasingly, so that he could fondle her breasts as he worked with them. Once he was below that point his fingers practically flew, and soon her shirt was lying uselessly on the bed underneath her.

With that accomplished, he slid his hands easily down her body to rest on the inside of her thighs and gently force them apart. This would be no fun with her legs closed, after all. To make sure she didn’t turn this into some kind of game he didn’t want to play he put his legs on the inside of her ankles so that she couldn’t reclose them. Only then did he move his hands, one lifting her up ever so slightly so that the other could pull her thong off and banish it to wherever her skirt was now.

“I do always revel in your artwork,” he said, planting a gentle kiss on the miniature badge. Still, if you looked really closely at it, it was clear that this badge was intended for a Head Boy, not a Head Girl. “Your housemates do not seem to be paying your glorious body nearly enough attention when you let them use you, or we would be ruined by now.”

Without waiting for whatever bitchy response was probably coming, Tobias dipped his head, wrapping his lips around the Head clit. His tongue darted out expertly, pressing the sensitive nerves with no warning. He then pursed his lips, sucking gently at the nub before pausing, more teasingly than he intended. He really just wanted to take a moment to appreciate the noises the Slytherin authority figure was making.
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PostSubject: Re: Head Duties (Tobias) *MATURE*   Fri Jan 24, 2014 11:59 pm

Somehow sex with Tobi never got old for Laurette. She would never tell him how much he made her tingle just by hovering over her the way he did before unbuttoning her blouse so slowly that she whimpered. His speed once he’d passed her breasts was impressive and she silently wondered how quickly he might be able to get both of them naked in a true rush, but she was soon distracted from all thought as he pushed his way between her ankles and held her thighs apart while he rid her of the offensive thong.

She made a mental note to wear more white since it seemed to get him so riled up, and tried to will away the blush that marred her pretty cheeks when he complimented her artwork. Yes, she’d managed to trim his badge into her mound, stating his claim for him in a most private yet intimate way. She only did such things for him, but he’d never know how much she did especially for him. At least, not any time soon and not from her own confession. The French female was scared to let her guard down, plus she knew she was broken inside in many ways. How could such a sweet guy as Tobias Vincent want to tie himself down to a girl like her?

Yes, it was better that this remain about sex and nothing else. Little hidden treats like the badge or the way he always complimented her dancer’s thighs were just that. Little treats. Nothing more.

Her logical thought was completely cut off when she let out a gasp and a high-pitched keen at his sucking down below. Sweet Merlin his mouth was talented. It was so much better used for this than things like talking and whistling and that wretched humming he always managed. Her hands took on a mind of their own as she let them fall to his head, tangling in those wavy brown locks and urging him on, amazed at how close she already was to climax.

He paused and she literally screamed. He was going to kill her! “Tobiiiii,” she cried, breathy voice full of desire and need. She never called him by the nickname outside of his closed curtains, but here she tended to yell the affectionate term. “More, more,” she panted, bucking her hips so that his face was forced further into her. She’d teach him to stop half way through and keep her waiting.

The raven-haired girl removed one hand from her lover’s head and raised it quickly up her stomach, leaving behind soft touches as she made her way to her breast and pulled the cup down, exposing the pretty orb and immediately rubbing her pert nipple between her pointer and middle fingers, squeezing her breast with the rest of her hand and mewling at the sensations coursing through her body. Gods, she was so close.

“Oh, Tobi,” she groaned huskily, “fuck me with your tongue. Mmmm. I’m gonna cum!”
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PostSubject: Re: Head Duties (Tobias) *MATURE*   Sun Jan 26, 2014 4:53 pm

There it was. That guttural scream showed a level of passion that the Head Boy was fairly certain no other girl in the castle could reach. He spent more time than he cared to admit wondering why she couldn’t bring the same level of passion to anything else in her life, but now was not the time to worry about problems like that.

Apparently now was the time to keep going and not accidentally tease the Head Girl, as the combination of her hands in his hair and her hips bucking at him forced his tongue right past her clitoris and into her steamy canal. He reveled in the taste of her, tongue darting around in a possessed little dance. One hand moved up to rest just above her hip, fingers on her stomach. He judged just how well he was doing as he continued to work his tongue around by the volume and intensity of the moans, swears, and encouragements coming at him from above.

When he felt her release, along with the hardening of her stomach muscles and the hand still in his hair clenching hard and then fluttering open, Tobias smiled and slowly removed his tongue, licking his lips when he was clear and turning his smile up. He moved his hands so that they were on the bed on either side of the girl and pushed himself up until their faces were level. As his body moved his erection pushed insistently against her through the pants that he was still wearing for some reason.

“Mm, you taste lovely,” he said, when his face was inches away from her. “Do you want a taste while you’re still on my tongue?” He had the feeling he would pay for continuing to tease her, and he wasn’t sure how much longer he could continue without needing to be inside her, but for now the game was too much fun. Plus, it was her job to relieve him of the evil pants and the boxers that were hiding underneath, and he’d be damned if he was going to get her off and then do her job for her before he got any sort of turn as well.
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PostSubject: Re: Head Duties (Tobias) *MATURE*   Wed Jan 29, 2014 12:37 am

Never had Laurette known a man to be so good at the art of cunnilingus as her Tobi was. Wait, her Tobi? She meant Tobi. No, Tobias. Vincent. Vincent was quite talented at his oral exploration, and when she finally came it was with shaking legs and a whimpered moan of a release. His mouth was a gift from the gods, and the Head Girl was very happy to receive it. She was mildly reminded of the fact that he shacked up with other girls, too, and was mildly jealous, but shook it off quickly. There was no reason to be jealous when he didn’t belong to her, right?

His arousal was tantalizing as it brushed against her legs on his way up her body, coming to rest with pressure against her sensitive core. She was sure his pants would have a wet spot on them from the way his manhood was rubbing against her damp little nub, but she didn’t care one bit. Instead, she focused on grabbing the back of his neck and pulling him to her, taking his lips with her own and thrusting her tongue into his mouth to taste her essence. Mmmm. It was so arousing, tasting herself as she tasted his mouth, inhaled the scent that was purely Tobi. Tobias. Vincent.

With determination, Laurette wrapped her legs around each of his and held her arms under his shoulders, then put all her well-developed dancer’s muscles to use as she forcefully flipped them both over, straddling the Head Boy and smirking down at him. Her teeth pulled on his lower lip as she broke the kiss and let out a little huff of air from the effort it took to so smoothly switch positions. She was rather pleased with herself, though, and further pleased herself by grabbing her wand (which happened to be on the bed from when he’d dropped her there) and tapping each of his wrists, effectively tying him to the bedposts.

The girl grinned evilly as she moved her wand down to his offending pants, tapping them so that they disappeared. Tobias would have to beg her for them tomorrow, if he managed to find her. The boxers, which had also disappeared, well… Those she wouldn’t be giving back. She had about twenty pairs in her collection so far. One would think the boy would insist on undressing himself so he didn’t lose so many underclothes, and yet…

Laurette’s eyes lit with desire and excitement as she hovered over his body, unhooking her bra that he’d so meanly left on and wiggled her chest in his face, not quite touching him with them, though. She giggled, then peered at his erect member, wondering what she should do to take care of their mutual needs. She grinned as an idea came to mind. Leaning back, Laurette slid his shaft into her, groaning in delight as he filled her. This was just the beginning though.

He was still restrained, so his arms would be stuck in an above-the-head position. She slid her feet beneath his upper arms, effectively giving her an anchor while she moved. With her hands stretched out behind her grasping his shins, Laurette thrust her chest in the air and swiveled her hips, alternating between circles, figure-eights, and spirals. She knew Tobi would be going nuts, wanting to touch her and yet unable to do so. She was also sure he would be fighting with himself to last as long as he could for this newest position of hers.
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PostSubject: Re: Head Duties (Tobias) *MATURE*   Sun Feb 02, 2014 1:29 am

The kiss was hard and passionate and just what Tobias as looking for. He let the Slytherin girl control it, tasting herself however she wanted to while the flavor was still fresh. While he was still luxuriating in the kiss he felt his body moving thanks to the Head Girl’s amazing legs. He moans up at her in appreciation of both the move and the teeth tugging on his lips.

He really should have remembered what sometimes came next and done something to distract her so she didn’t grab her wand, but Tobias was tied up in good feelings, and then he was tied up to the bedposts, even if the line wasn’t visible. That also meant that his pants would be hidden from him, and his boxers would be gone. He really needed to find a girl who wasn’t so terrible for his closet, but he would have to trade down in so many other areas to manage that.

The way she teased him with her breasts and her body in general was delicious in a terrible way. Then she was on him, and he hissed with pleasure as his member finally got the touch it deserved. Then she was gripping him by the legs, wedged under his arms and spinning like some sort of demented, very sexy top. The insane contact made a strange series of moans, whimpers, and swears pass through his lips. He had no idea where ideas like this came from, but he was reasonably certain that he was sweating under the only witch in the school that could pull this off.

It was also killing him that he couldn’t properly touch the Head Girl as she drove him made. “Laurie, let me toooouch you,” he finally moaned out, straining to no avail against her charm. Finally, his body could take no more and he came deep inside of her. His eyes, which he wasn’t even aware had been shut, fluttered open and he stared at the witch on top of him reverently. “Do you realize how amazing you are?” he asked her as his smile found its way back home. “Now, please, please let me touch your delicious body and show you how much.”
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PostSubject: Re: Head Duties (Tobias) *MATURE*   Mon Feb 03, 2014 3:00 pm

Laurette had been feeling so much stimulation since she started her movements atop the Head Boy that she’d already had an orgasm before he moaned about touching her. His moaning demands went straight to her core, however, and she clenched her kegel muscles around his length, milking him as he finally came apart for her. She kept riding him as another orgasm washed over her, finally settling with his softening member buried inside of her, her arms barely holding her up anymore.

“Mmmm, Tobi,” she moaned, letting her arms finally give out and falling between his legs. She felt him slide out of her and their mingled juices seep from her opening, leaking between her legs along the crack of her ass and making her shudder rather happily. “I am pretty amazing, huh?” Laurette giggled softly, playing her soft fingers over the boy’s leg in whispers that she knew would have him twitching soon.

Groping for her wand, the Slytherin finally found the stick and flicked it at the head of the bed, releasing the Head Boy’s wrists and letting out a great sigh as she set the wand back down again. “I suppose you can do as you please now. You were such a good boy, after all.” The remnants of their release was still sliding down her backside and Laurette found herself groaning slightly, wiggling her hips in a way to spread the mixture between her cheeks. For some reason it was extremely erotic, and she felt her core pulsing for attention.

“So, are you going to show me some of your greatest skills now? Or have I blown your mind too sufficiently for you to function again?” Perhaps it was a low blow to imply that he might not be able to get it up for more, but Laurette was a Slytherin. Low blows were kind of part of the trade.
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PostSubject: Re: Head Duties (Tobias) *MATURE*   Sat Feb 08, 2014 5:47 pm

By the time she actually got around to releasing him, the Head Girl was already driving Tobias mad again. The playing on his leg was already causing him to reharden, as if to prove he had something left to give her. The little squirming dance she was doing to send their mingled essence disappearing into her ass was even giving him an idea of what he should do to her next.

The second she released him, his hands shot to her hips, aggressively flipping her so that she would have to catch herself with either her hands or her elbows to avoid landing on her face. He grinned wickedly, catching the mixture she had been playing with on his pointer finger before it could drop to the bed.

“My mind and my cock are all yours,” he singsonged at her, placing the finger teasingly against one cheek in such a way that he wouldn’t lose any of the fluid. “The question is whether you can handle another orgasm after you’ve had, what, three already?” He asked the question teasingly, the finger on her cheek sliding closer to the middle.

Finally, his finger slid into her asshole, adding the fluid to what had already seeped in thanks to Laurie’s horny wiggle dance. The feeling of that smaller, even tighter hole around his finger sent chills of pleasure through his body and caused his erection to return to full service quicker than he had imagined. Still, he moved the finger around carefully, making sure that the Slytherin was lubricated enough to feel pleasure rather than pain.

When he couldn’t hold himself back any longer, he removed the finger, slowly and teasingly replacing it with just the head of his cock. He knew that he should do what he had promises to, but the comment about his ability to get it up was simply too much to let go with only the small comment he made before. “Now, Laurie, do you think you can handle me functioning fully in your tight little dancer’s ass?”
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PostSubject: Re: Head Duties (Tobias) *MATURE*   Mon Feb 10, 2014 2:25 pm

Laurette was so turned on it was incredible, especially when Tobi started playing with the juices that flooded her ass, sliding them to the tight little hole that was the one place she was still a virgin and poking at her in a wonderful way. His finger teased her as well as his words, and she bucked back toward the digit with a whimper on her lips. “Three so far, but darling, you know I have more in me,” she keened, willing him to do something to her begging body.

“And I need to have more in me,” she groaned, pushing back into him as his finger finally slid into the lubed hole. The way he moved his digit around, stretching her for bigger and better things and making sure she was well-prepared… Oh, it made her salivate with desire. She hissed at the mix of pleasure and pain when he slipped the head of his dick into her tight little bud, wanting him to fill her yet feeling the slight nervousness that came with the first time of doing something often seen as ‘taboo’.

He was talking again, the smartass, and she rocked back forcefully, shoving him another inch inside of her and letting out a breathy moan at the intrusion. Her muscles clenched for a moment, then relaxed and she pushed back harder. She was determined to get him inside of her, filling her up so that she could feel the amazing sensation that was her badger taking her in every way he could.

She felt so good. So full. It was amazing, really, and the slight stinging pain of the experience was utterly drowned out by the good feelings the boy was producing in her body. Laurette purred beneath him, rocking back and forth to encourage him to move deeper into her and not to be gentle about it. “Oh, I can handle you functioning anywhere you want, Vincent,” she growled, hoping to egg him on into taking control and pounding into her. She loved a strong, hard pace more than anything. If he hips weren’t bruised with his fingers in the morning, they’d done something wrong.
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PostSubject: Re: Head Duties (Tobias) *MATURE*   Wed Feb 12, 2014 7:36 pm

One day he would learn not to talk and tease if he wanted any say in when and how things happened with the Head Girl. Probably. Maybe. For now she rocked back onto him, pushing him into her more than just a touch and causing him to let out a gasp of shock and pleasure. It was so tight. She pushed back a second time and forced him all the way in before he had really adjusted to the tight space.

Tobias was unsure of his ability to fully utilize this unexplored hole, honestly. Then she started talking and the game was on. Worse, she had managed to call him the most formal name she could manage, like he didn’t know the feel and taste of every inch of her skin. That was simply not okay when they were in his bed. She would have to be reminded of what he did to her.

With no real warning he slammed his hips into her, pushing as far into the new cavity as he could manage. Then, using her hips for leverage, he pulled most of the way out and slammed hard into her again. Soon, he had reached a rhythm that basically amounted to as fast and hard as he could fuck her while still maintaining any control of his body. She was going to be sore in the morning. Hell, if the Head Boy got his way, the French girl would still be a little sore three days from now, if not longer.

“I want you to moan my name, my proper name,” he said slowly, mostly in the breathing gaps in between slamming into her. “I want you to say who it is that drives you wild.” Maybe he was going a little bit too far, but it was a night for such things. They were in an entirely new hole. Maybe losing control of his mouth and of himself was only appropriate, since he was about to entirely lose control of his body again.
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PostSubject: Re: Head Duties (Tobias) *MATURE*   Thu Feb 13, 2014 12:54 am

She could tell she was egging him on as the Head Boy slammed into a rough rhythm that had her moaning in delight. Oh, he was pumping so deeply into her tightest opening, she could barely take it! Dirty thoughts were swimming through her mind even as he sunk balls deep in her ass, only to pull out and slam back in again. “Ooooh,” she groaned, eyes shut tight as she leaned back into his thrusts.

“Yes, oh, yes! Tobi!” she howled, loving every bit of the experience. “You are a bloody god,” she hissed, loving the way his member was caressing the thin wall between her ass and her vagina. The sensations shooting through her body kept those amazingly erotic thoughts going through her mind, and so she reached out, fingers barely grasping her wand. She smirked as she waved it, summoning a little something she’d hidden in Tobi’s nightstand many moons ago.

Laurette used her wand to enchant the toy in a familiar manner, causing her to moan loudly when the vibrating toy plunged into her core, stroking the membrane where Tobi’s cock kept rubbing on the other side, bringing her to such new heights that her body immediately responded with another shuddering orgasm. “Tobiiiiii,” she wailed, the toy keeping pace with the boy, both filling her so completely that she felt better than she ever thought she could.

How had it taken them so long to try this out? Merlin. It was utterly amazing! So many nerves lighting up insider her boy, so many sensations filling her brain. It was barely any time before a fifth orgasm flooded her system and she rocked back against Tobias with force, murmuring and mewling incoherently as she was so overwhelmed she fell to her chest and cheek against the mattress. Her whole body was shaking, and yet she still wanted him to keep going.

“Please,” she panted. “Tobi, fuck me. Fuck me so hard I can’t see straight. Fuck me til I black out in your warm, Puffer bed!”
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PostSubject: Re: Head Duties (Tobias) *MATURE*   Tue Feb 18, 2014 6:40 pm

Tobias grinned hard at the Head Girl when she did as she was told almost immediately. He could get used to the way she said his nickname, and even more used to the way she moaned it. He could also get used to causing so many orgasms that he lost count of them. Maybe they would have to search out new things to try more often.

She probably wasn’t expecting him to notice her going for her wand again, any more than he was probably supposed to know about the toy hidden in the very back of his drawer, but he knew about both, and the emergence of the toy only made his grin go wider and more dangerous. Every time she used it he thought of hiding it, but the noises it drew from her when added to the ones he caused were too excellent to pass up.

Soon her orgasms were so close together that her body wouldn’t be able to handle it. As if she knew the same thing, Laurie started begging the Head Boy to knock her out with his cock, which is exactly what he intended to do. The position that she fell to allowed him to go even harder and deeper once he adjusted his position, which he did we a guttural groan.

Soon the adjusted position and pace had him cumming deep inside of her, just before she made good on her promise of passing out in his Puff bed or whatever. He pulled out of her much more gently, waving his wand to move his pillows from the head of the bed to the foot, where Laurie’s head was. He lifted her head gently, sliding a pillow over and kissing her forehead in the process. “I am so not waking you up in the morning, tiny dancer,” he whispered in her ear, snuggling against her and drifting off to sleep himself.
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Head Duties (Tobias) *MATURE*

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