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 Aftermath [Little Ginger]

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PostSubject: Aftermath [Little Ginger]   Tue Feb 04, 2014 1:25 pm

"That was quite the party eh?" He was trying for upbeat. It might be the wrong thing to go for after how the night had gone and ended but it was all Riley knew. He wasn't the kind of kid to let things keep him down. He bounced back from them rather quickly. He hoped his little ginger did too but he would be there for her any way he could.

It was strange to care for a witch so much when before Riley had only treated them to good times but with Ginny he wanted so much more. If someone asked him if her performance tonight bothered him he would say yes and he would also say no. Yes because it hadn't been for his eyes only and he had had to watch the other males in the room stare at every inch of her naked and not naked body and no because whether they saw or not it had been a show for him and it was his lap she brought herself to sexual relief on.

That last dare had hit him with relief when the wand turned green only when Potter had said Riddle's name but Riley feared his jealousy for boy wonder was far from being over. His first concern was dealing with his little ginger's hurt and anger and worries. Then he would handle his. Holding her hand tightly he gave it a reassuring squeeze and pulled her into the empty ancient runes classroom on the very next floor.

The ravenclaw leaned up against a desk and pulled her between his legs and holding her by the hips. "How are you feeling?"
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PostSubject: Re: Aftermath [Little Ginger]   Wed Feb 05, 2014 3:47 pm

Ginny let herself be led through the halls without much care once she’d gotten herself and her boyfriend out of the bathroom. It had been awkward and she knew she’d messed up in many ways, but she didn’t feel as guilty as she thought she should. Maybe she shouldn’t have done those things in front of people, but she wasn’t ashamed of herself. She was a mature girl who knew what she wanted, and she took it. The fact that she was proud of her body shouldn’t have been bad either, right? Well, maybe she shouldn’t have flaunted it in front of taken men and her brother, but still…

She sighed and slipped into the classroom with Riley, easily finding her place between his legs and leaning into him, her body fitting just right against his as she let out another sigh against his chest. ”I don’t think I’m feeling guilty enough, Riley,” she confessed, drawing little swirls over his chest, picking at the dried paint there and fighting with her lips so she wouldn’t grin. The redhead lost that battle quite quickly and found herself smiling up at the Ravenclaw. ”You know what? I don’t want to think about the bad parts of that party. I don’t want to think about Harry or Sky or Ron or Mione… I want to think about you. About me. About us.”

Her eyes fluttered a bit and she looked at him lustfully. They still hadn’t actually done the act, though she had just orgasmed on him earlier in the evening, and Ginny found that she was incredibly aroused by the revelations she’d had tonight. ”I know we kind of said we weren’t going to get serious and stuff but… Riley I um… I might be… Can we give each other stupid titles like boyfriend and girlfriend?” Her cheeks were rosy and she averted her eyes, flicking some of the paint with a nail as she tried to figure out what to do with herself.

”I don’t want to imagine a future with anyone else anymore. I mean… tonight… I felt so good. Just being yours. I mean, sure, I snogged Sky, but that was just for fun. And it was hot. But I couldn’t even imagine dancing like that for anyone but you. And it didn’t feel dirty or wrong or… it didn’t even feel like a dare! I wanted to. I wanted to be sexy for you.” Her blush was so deep she feared she might never go back to normal as she looked up at him through her lashes. ”Riley, I think I… I think I might love you.”
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PostSubject: Re: Aftermath [Little Ginger]   Thu Feb 06, 2014 10:01 am

Her almost shy manner of speaking was disconcerting to him considering this witch was never shy. The rosy tint on her cheeks when she asked him to give her the title of his girlfriend was gorgeous and Riley was filled with pride and happiness that he was the one to have put it there.

He had his doubts though and he was sure anyone would after their first run in and the agreement she had offered him back then. It was insane that he had fallen so completely for the red head who had first only saw him as someone to use to make another bloke jealous enough to notice her for everything he already saw her as.

What had started out as just something to be fun had become something much more for Riley some time ago and that he couldn't deny. He had already loved her way before this night and had done his best to close himself from those feelings before she could hurt him too much. Now she was there with him telling him the one thing he wished to hear and it was like a dream and he was a bit afraid that if he blinked it would disappear and she would be Potter's again and not his.

One thing he was sure of was that this witch had had him at hello and from then there had no been stopping the train ride for Riley. He may be known for toying with witches and using them for his own gain but this witch had always been different for him. His little ginger had never been just one of many and he heard ever word she said but the most prominent thing she said to him and the way she looked when she said it he knew would be a moment he would never forget and if anyone told him he was a wuss for it he didn't care.

He used a finger placed under her chin to tilt her head back a little more gently and looked directly into those eyes of hers with a smoldering gaze. "That. That right there is the most sexiest thing I have ever seen." He told her about that look she gave him through those lashes of hers. "Don't get me wrong little ginger. That dance earlier had me harder than I've ever been and if ever I've had a case of the blue balls it was tonight. It was sexy. But that look right there," He traced her lips lightly with his thumb, "and those words coming from these lips, that will always be what makes you the sexiest bloody witch alive."

Without anything else said he crushed his lips to hers moaning against them as all his feelings for the red head he's been holding back came flooding forward and Riley put it all into the kiss so there would be nothing for her to doubt. He pulled back long enough to get some air and to whisper against her sweet lips. "Just, next time? Leave the 'I think' out." He smiled that crooked smile of his. "Because I don't think I'm in love with you. I know I am, and I'll be damned if my girlfriend can't say the same."

His lips were claiming hers again and this time Riley wasn't going to leave anything left for anyone else. She was his and this time he claimed her for keeps. His kiss was rough and he was sure her lips would be bruised but that was the least of his concerns because his tongue was licking her bottom lip seeking entrance and his fingers were digging into her hips with a possessive grip.
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PostSubject: Re: Aftermath [Little Ginger]   Sat Feb 08, 2014 9:45 pm

Merlin, this boy! This amazing, silly, crazy, flirtatious, absolutely adorable boy! He made Ginny feel like a little girl with a guilty crush, and she absolutely loved it. She wanted to run down the halls and scream at the top of her lungs that Riley Caldwell was her birdyboy and no other witch’s! He called her sexy for something so innocently her, and at the same time he admitted just how aroused she’d had him earlier that night. The honesty was amazing to Ginny, and she couldn’t help but smile at him.

His touch was like fire and his kiss was a drug, pulling all her joy to the surface and making her positively giddy with love and happiness. She felt like such a girl, but she didn’t even care. When he whispered the words she so wanted to hear him say, she felt her whole body shake with happy shivers, and she melted into his body. He kissed her hard and she could feel her lips swelling, but that only made her moan in absolute ecstasy. Her lips parted easily for him and she welcomed his tongue, his taste. She would battle with him for dominance because that was what she loved most about him. He wasn’t afraid of hurting her or making her angry. He would fight her tooth and nail, and that was what she craved.

His fingers would be bruised into her skin on her hips, which made her smile against his lips. He knew what his ‘little ginger’ loved. She broke the heavy kiss, panting and staring deep into his eyes. ”I love you. No thinking necessary,” she said breathily with a giant grin. ”I love you and I know you are the sexiest man I’ve ever met.” She shifted her hips, rubbing against him and looking up at him again with a lusty gaze. She was brought back to the time they spent earlier in the bathroom, while everyone could see what she did, and she felt a bit guilty. She wanted to do something just for him.

Ginny got a mischievous look on her face as she pulled away, backing a few feet away from her boyfriend only to whip her hair and smirk, fingers slipping up the too-big shirt she’d borrowed from the Ravenclaw, tugging it up so that her flat stomach was exposed before letting it drop again and playing with the buttons. She licked her lips as she slowly unbuttoned the shirt, starting at the very bottom and working her way to the top, doing a little hip shaking dance the whole way up.

When she reach the button that would release the shirt from covering her chest, the redhead turned around, giving Riley a lovely view of her back and her jean-clad ass. The shirt soon drifted to the floor, and she peered over her shoulder at him, bra still in position. She winked at him before unbuttoning her pants and pulling the zip down, shimmying slowly out of the jeans and kicking them aside before spinning back around and placing her hands on her hips, striking a pose for her boyfriend.

”I know it wasn’t quite as exciting without the lapdance part, but I thought you deserved a little something just for you.” She paced forward again, placing herself back in between his legs and running a finger over the dried paint once more. ”It was mean of me to leave you wanting.”
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PostSubject: Re: Aftermath [Little Ginger]   Sat Feb 15, 2014 12:03 pm

The responses he was getting from his little ginger made him groan. It was hard to think around her as it was. Did she have to make him lose all sense? Apparently so, and she seemed to know just how to do it too. Part of the ravenclaw was jealous of whatever bloke had taught her just how to drive a man wild and another part was still wondering if that were even the case. Sexual things had always come naturally for Riley, which made being a ladies man easy. He found himself wondering if the gryffindor witch was just as attuned to her sexual needs as he had always been and if it just came naturally to her to know how to press all of his manly buttons to the point where he had to have her.

At the same time he was trying to figure out how she could tease him so mercilessly when she pulled away from him to perform a dance just for him. His brown eyes lit up with desire as he watched every move she made and Riley had to force himself to stay put. If he moved so much as an inch toward her there would be no turning back. He had to exercise control and that was a fairly new idea for the ravenclaw who was so used to just having witches throw themselves at him.

Those witches he showed no control with. He was happy to let them know exactly what he wanted and take it when they allowed and that was that. His fiery redhead was different. He was determined to treat her differently, and better, than the rest. At some point the fact that the witch he had fallen for had six older brothers and Potter backing her should he ever screw up would ring some kind of alarm in his head but Riley couldn't care less because if he ever did screw up he would welcome the multiple beatings and none would compare to the one he would give himself. His main concern was how badly she would rip him to shreds if he screwed up because he had seen enough of her wandwork and fiery temper to know Ginny Weasley didn't need her brothers or anyone else fighting her fights for her.

All in all the ravenclaw was both happy, terrified, and jealous all at the same time. Happy because he finally had her as his own. Terrified because now that it was real he felt like at some point the other shoe would drop and she would one day realize that he wasn't what she wanted and Potter was and he was jealous for the same reason. Riley had known all along that no matter what happened between him and the witch that there would always be a piece of her that belonged to Potter. At the time he had thought playing second best to the world's hero wasn't so bad. That he could deal with it because he'd rather play second fiddle than not play in the band at all.

Now looking down into her eyes as she stood between his legs again half naked it was hard to shake the green monster of jealousy to think there was any part of the girl that would belong not to him but to the other bloke. No matter how small it was. It made it incredibly hard to not want to give in to his every desire and touch her in every way to light her body on fire with pleasure. Any other witch he wouldn't have minded performing such acts in a stranded classroom, and sometime in the future he doubted he would mind it with his girlfriend but not now. She was better than that and deserved more than her first time being on a rickety desk.

He groaned at the closeness of his body and her nearly naked form. "Merlin, witch, you are going to kill me." He tried to pay no attention to his hard and needy member that was straining against his pants and he dropped his forehead to hers, closing his eyes while his arms snaked around her pulling her closer and tighter. "Do you have any idea how hard it is to resist the pure temptation that is you?" It was pure agony, that's what it was but Merlin would he happily endure it as long as he could call her his. "You'll never know how jealous I am that so many other blokes saw how incredibly sexy you are little ginger. It makes me want to do things I can't possibly do to you right now."
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PostSubject: Re: Aftermath [Little Ginger]   Mon Feb 17, 2014 4:27 pm

He made her grin, but at the same time Riley was making her so frustrated she could barely stand it. Why wouldn’t he just give in to what he wanted? She wanted to make him as happy as she possibly could, and she didn’t see why he wasn’t letting her. She was pure temptation? Of course she was! She was trying to be, and he wasn’t supposed to resist her. She tilted her head at him and whimpered a bit, pushing him against a desk and moving her leg up to snake around his waist.

”Why can’t you do them, soldier? You don’t need to be jealous. No one has ever gotten this close before, nor will they ever. I’m strictly…” she purred, kissing his lips softly before pulling back and looking into his eyes, her own gaze glistening with desire. ”Yours.”

Ginny hopped up and wrapped her other leg around his waist, using her leg-strength to keep herself attached to his body as she wrapped her arms about his neck and kept looking into those eyes. Wiggling her hips against him, she squealed happily at their closeness. She didn’t want to be good anymore. She didn’t care. She wanted to make Riley feel good, and she knew she’d been driving him crazy all night. He was showing a great deal of self-control, but it was driving her crazy. Why couldn’t he be that bad boy all the rumors spoke of with her?

Trailing kisses along his jawline and up to his ear, she nibbled on the lobe before speaking low and huskily into it. ”Give in to your desires, Riley. I won’t bite. Hard.” She giggled lightly in his ear, pressing her chest against his and shivering a bit. ”You better do something quick though. I’m getting chilly here.”
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PostSubject: Re: Aftermath [Little Ginger]   Fri Feb 21, 2014 10:05 am

His attempts at having some sort of control over his raging desire for the witch were rapidly being stripped away as she hooked her legs around his waist after pushing him against a desk. His hands went straight to her hips and gripped them hard while he groaned when she wriggled against him. Riley knew his arousal had to be painfully obvious to her in this position and the little ginger was making it even more obvious just how much she wanted it.

Every move she made and ever purred out word took more of his control away and the ravenclaw gave in enough to buck his hips up against her just to give her a taste of what she was begging for. He had never wanted a witch as bad as he wanted her and he had never been so close to spilling his seed without even being inside a witch before much less without even having fly unzipped. Neither had he ever fought so hard to not actually give into his desire and not take a witch.

The nips on his earlobe had him almost coming undone and his control slipping almost completely away. His fingers held her hips in such a strong possessive grip he knew she would have bruises there matching them but his little ginger liked bruises which meant he wasn't worried about it. One of said hands trailed up her back, fingers dancing over her pale flesh until they found the ends of her red hair.

He gripped the locks and tugged hard enough to pull her head back and expose that lovely neck to him. Riley leaned his head forward to kiss along it and suck at the skin and his other hand moved from her hip to her arse gliding smoothly over the lovely globes and then cupping one arse cheek and squeezing and delivering a bite to her neck. "The last thing on your mind little ginger will be the draft if you really want me to take you here and now in this classroom."

That being said the boy ground his painfully hard and straining member into her and sucked on the bite he had just delivered with every intent of giving her a mark to last for days. He would be the last person to not give her what she wanted and if she wanted it here and nor he would deliver. Riley only wanted to give the witch what she wanted and hadn't been sure if this would be entirely her first time. If it would be he had wanted to be gentleman enough to make it somewhere more comfortable and respectable than an empty classroom because he wanted to treat her with a respect he had never given any other witch yet if she persisted with pushing all of his sexual buttons he wouldn't hold back anymore. The ravenclaw left the choice to her.
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PostSubject: Re: Aftermath [Little Ginger]   Sat Feb 22, 2014 1:20 am

”You have no idea how bad I want this, Riley,” she purred in his ear, loving the way he was rubbing against her. Sure, she might have imagined her first time being in some bed with candles and other mushy crap, but the more she thought about it, the more obvious it was that that was very un-Ginny-like. This was much more fitting. A drafty classroom in the wee hours of the night, the boy she loved grinding into her and bruising her hips with his fingers. Yeah. That was definitely more her style.

Oh, his hands pulling her hair and squeezing her bum were so great. She just loved feeling of her soldier touching her. He ground into her and she let out a needy moan, tightening her hold on his hips. ”You know typical just isn’t my style, birdy. I want to be with you if you’ll have me, and I want it to be here and now. It’ll be special because it’s different, just like me. Just like us.”

With a wiggle of her hips, Ginny made her intentions quite clear. ”Just be gentle on me. I wasn’t kidding about still having my V-card.” She whispered in his ear huskily, then nipped at the lobe. The Gryffindor wasn’t sure exactly how it would feel or anything like that, but if her current tingling between her legs was anything to go by, she wasn’t going to worry much. No pain, no gain, right?

It was hard enough to keep herself from riding his erection to an orgasm like she had at the game earlier that night. She groaned into his ear, squeezing her legs ever snugger around him. ”I want you so much right now I think I might explode with need if you don’t do something quick. Give me some new marks, boyfriend,” she egged him on.
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PostSubject: Re: Aftermath [Little Ginger]   Sun Feb 23, 2014 2:35 pm

Any control he was still holding on to prior to her wriggling and legs squeezing around him vanished without a trace. His excitement and arousal tripled when she admitted that she really was untouched in this sense and Riley was prepared to treat her to all the pleasure her amazing taut body could handle.

The visual his mind cooked up of her writhing on the desk moaning his name had him nearly coming undone then and there but he held back. The idea of disappointing her outweighed his need to release and he let his teeth graze over the soft perfect flesh of her neck and crushed her closer to his body in order to get up and carry her to big teachers desk.

The ravenclaw's brown eyes showed with raw desire when he perched her on the edge of the desk and untangled himself from her with gently with a bruising kiss to her lips, working on bruising them until he pulled away to slide his arm across the desk swiping everything on it onto the floor with a clatter. He smiled his crooked smile and casted locking and silencing spells on the door. He was horny but not stupid. Granted most of the prefects had been at the party and were the last ones to be patrolling it didn't mean there weren't professors or others to worry about.

Facing his girlfriend, Merlin did that sound good in his head, Riley placed his hands on her thighs and kneeled between her legs. "Marks and gentle don't normally go together little ginger." The ravenclaw told her, his eyes never leaving her face as he leaned slowly to press a kiss to the inside of her right thigh and sucked at the skin there to create a mark. "But I'll see what I can do for you." He followed the process on her left thigh, and continued back and forth between them until both thighs had a nice trail of marks on the inside and his hands had trailed up to grip her hips.

Now with his face a mere inches from her panty covered slit he grinned up at her crookedly and moved one hand to rub against her clit through them. He could feel her wetness seeping through her panties and his manhood twitched in his pants aching to be released but Riley ignored it for the time being. Instead his hand stopped rubbing her and pulled her panties to the side and he wasted no time in leaning forward to get his first taste of her. His tongue swept out to lick along her sleek slit and he pulled back with the same grin. "Ahh. Sweet, delicious temptation."

He kept his eyes on her face and dove back in, but this time he paid special attention to her sensitive nub, flicking it with his tongue expertly and sucking on it and the hand still on her hip griping her roughly to keep her in place watching the reactions on her face.
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PostSubject: Re: Aftermath [Little Ginger]   Wed Feb 26, 2014 2:56 pm

Riley was just perfect for her. The redhead was absolutely amazed by the way he figured out how to give her exactly what she wanted every time. He shoved all the things from the desk to the floor with a great clatter and she grinned mischievously. Yes, please! Make a racket and make some room for her to rest her needy body on. Mmm, and then he could worship it in whatever what he figured out to mark her in the most pleasurable manner.

It was as if he read her mind when he first kissed her hard and then dropped to his knees between her legs. His mouth felt like fire on her thighs and she let out a breathy moan, falling a bit backwards to lean the palms of her hands against the now empty desk. She felt his hot breath on her most private of areas and she shivered with pure desire. Oh Merlin!

When he rubbed her through her panties she was on cloud nine, but when he pulled the fabric aside and licked her, she was in heaven. She blushed slightly when he called her delicious, but soon couldn’t even think about being any sort of embarrassed because she was too focused on feeling. She tried to keep her eyes open, but they kept fluttering shut each time he flicked that tongue and sucked her bundle of nerves into his hot mouth. She threw her head back with a throaty moan.

”Oh, yes!” she yelled, fighting against him as she tried to buck her hips. His hands were strong on her hips, though, and she growled when she couldn’t move. There would be bruises there. It seemed like that was the most common place for her to be bruised. Her hips. Mmm, she was constantly marked with his fingers, and it turned her on.

”Yes, you sexy man! Temptation is just divine. Now give in to some more of it before you drive me completely crazy!” she started with a growl and ended with a scream, trying to roll her hips again even though she knew he held her tight against all movement. She just wanted him inside of her. She wanted to feel that erection she’d felt earlier in the night filling her body, making her whimper and shudder with joy. It would feel so amazing. Oh yes! ”Please, Riley, make me your woman!”
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PostSubject: Re: Aftermath [Little Ginger]   Fri Feb 28, 2014 11:32 am

The sounds she was making only spurred him on, and served to make him harder than he was sure he had ever been in his life. His eyes never strayed from her face, wanting to not miss a single look of pleasure and wanton need that flickered across it. The way her eyes kept fluttering shut and the way she continued to try and buck her hips against him had him grinning between her legs as he worked his tongue over her mound.

Meanwhile, Riley was all for giving her exactly what she was screaming for. Ah but that screaming was music to his ears. He had said it before and he would say it again. If the witch wasn't screaming from pleasure during sex then you were doing it wrong. It was the greatest gift a witch could give a bloke. In the ravenclaw's opinion it was. You could ask any bloke though and he would bet they would say the same thing. The sound of your lover screaming from the pleasure you were responsible for putting them in was just the single and best feeling in the world.

He had made witches scream before, and proud of that fact. But to make this particular witch scream and beg for more was a feeling like he had never experienced previously. It filled him with smug pride to know that no one save for himself had ever heard these sounds, had ever received these screams, and if he had anything to say about it, no one else ever would. Each one was for him and him alone, and that alone had him ready to cum in his jeans.

But that would do no good. Even if it wouldn't be hard to get himself back up again, it just simply wouldn't do. Pulling his face away from her now soaked and ready core, Riley licked his lips and peeled her panties off and dropped them to the floor without a second thought. Next, he dove back in for another taste of the sweet desire she held between her legs, lapping at her and teasing her clitoris with his tongue. When even he couldn't hold back any further, the boy kissed his way up her torso, taking his time to worship every inch of skin that was on display for him with his lips.

The kisses he placed all over her needy body were soft and feather light, and his hands trailed afterwards giving her that strong, almost rough touch she craved. By the time he got to her breasts his own need was completely on the back burner. The ravenclaw was so into pleasing the witch so thoroughly he couldn't possibly think about himself. He smiled that crooked smile at her as he easily and expertly removed the last remaining piece of clothing she had on, and with his eyes never leaving her face he dipped forward to take a nipple between his lips, giving it the same treatment he had provided her downstairs nub.

One hand came up to cup the other breast, squeezing and kneading it with just the right amount of rough handling he knew she would enjoy. This was what he was good at. Providing the pleasure and utter ecstasy that showed on her face and sounded on her lips. But never had the boy taken them so completely to heart as he did now, nor had he taken so much time to make sure a witch was completely and thoroughly satisfied beyond belief.

Riley took the other nipple into his mouth, this one he pulled between his teeth and swirled his tongue around it, while his hands swiftly undid the button and fly of his jeans and dropped them, along with his boxers, to the floor. Not once did his gaze leave her face through all of this, and he stepped out of his clothes that pooled around his ankles just to kick them off to the side. Releasing the nipple in his mouth, the ravenclaw continued his mission to kiss every inch of her body. The front at least. He would eventually make it to the back, but that was another story.

As he made it to her collarbone, he eased her back onto the desk into a lying position, now providing gentle bites along with his kisses while his hands slid over her thighs to grip under them, pushing her legs up on either side of his hips to give himself better access to her. His hardened member rubbed against her slit and he groaned against her neck. "Little ginger, I would only do this for you. Are you sure this is what you want, how you want it, and where you want it?" Merlin he hoped she didn't change her mind, but Riley would pull back if she did. He knew how easy it was to get caught up in the heat of the moment, and he just wanted to make sure that she really did want to lose her virginity then, in a classroom.
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PostSubject: Re: Aftermath [Little Ginger]   Wed Mar 05, 2014 12:48 pm

Between his lips and his fingers, Riley was waking ever nerve in her body up and making them buzz with excitement. The trails up to her breast felt like they were on fire and she shivered when he removed her bra. In an instant, his lips were on her nipple and she was mewling into the empty room, head throne back in joy. She’d never felt something so great as this before.

With his hand on her other breast, touching her with such delicious roughness that she couldn’t hold back a mighty growl, the redhead pushed her chest forward into his touches. Who knew such amazing sensations could come from something so simple as a touch of a hand, a pair of lips…

Teeth on the nipple that hadn’t felt his mouth yet had her moaning loudly, and she sighed in delight when his pants fell to the floor. Oh, she hoped the feelings just kept getting better and better as they seemed to so far. Merlin, he kept kissing her body and it felt soooo good. She filled the room with her satisfied noises.

It seemed like she was in some other world as he eased her down onto her back, his hands grabbing her thighs and opening her for his arousal to slide against her slippery core. Oh, yes! Just feeling him so close to inside her had her panting with need. She swore when he groaned and asked her again if she was sure about all this. He would surely drive her crazy with erotic desire before he even fulfilled her needs at this rate.

”I swear, Riley, if you don’t make love to me right here, right now, I will give you more bruises than you can count!” she roared, bucking her hips hard against him, trying to urge him inside of her. ”I have never felt so turned on in my life, and if you don’t take advantage of it I will never forgive you. I love you, you love me, so let’s get to it already!”
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PostSubject: Re: Aftermath [Little Ginger]   Mon Mar 24, 2014 11:18 am

His crooked grin appeared in an instant at her frustrated words, and her threat. Patience was apparently a virtue his girlfriend didn't possess. Girlfriend. The word was foreign as all hell to his brain but Merlin's balls did it give him such sweet satisfaction to claim her as such. The boy had no clue at all what any of this would entail. He had never been anyone's boyfriend before just as surely as he had never had a witch to call girlfriend. It just wasn't his thing. Had even poked fun at those blokes who got caught up with one single witch. Why stick with one when you could have them all?

Ah, but that was before he had become so entangled with Ginny Weasley. If ever a man could say a woman had had him at hello, it was Riley Caldwell. The bloody witch was like a venus fly trap, sitting there looking pretty until it's prey flew right into it's waiting trap. To that day Riley still had no idea how what had started out as her wanting his help to make Potter jealous enough to notice her for the bloody amazing witch she was had turned into an all out love affair. The Ravenclaw had spent plenty a night trying to figure it out and always came up blank. There was just no explanation for it. No logical explanation. From what he knew about though, love wasn't logical, and holy hell and Merlin's testicles did he bloody love this fiery and fierce witch that was desire personified.

At any given moment the witch was the sexiest thing alive and pushed his every button with a simple look. She didn't even give him time to reel from it all or to consider what she was doing to him, because Merlin knew she was doing something to him. The Ravenclaw would happily give up every other witch for the red head and then some so long as she kept looking at him in that way of hers and keep threatening him. As long as he was the only one she was threatening in such a way. Jealousy was a new emotion for Riley but look at the bloody girl! Could you blame him? She was everything a bloke could want and more and he could only hope she never decided to want to be rid of him. Blood hell he sounded like an idiot even to himself but he would like to see any other bloke in love not be completely wrapped around their witch's little finger.

"Mmm, make love eh?" The boy gazed down at her with brown eyes alight and lined himself up with her rubbing the head of his hard as hell member as his dog tags hung between them from around his neck and teased her breasts a bit. "That's one I've never done little ginger so I guess we're both virgins in one way or the other." For the second ten seconds or so anyway because all of that was about to change. It was the truth and Riley wasn't ashamed to admit it. He had had plenty of sex mind you, but never had it ever meant anything more than blowing a load and getting some tail. With the red head it was different and it was different because it wasn't about himself feeling good it was about her getting pleasured and making all those bloody noises that let him know just how much pleasure she was getting.

So those noises to be continued and he knew just how to make them happen too. He slowly began to push himself into her tight and very worked up core and bloody fuck did he come close to losing it then and there. The Ravenclaw groaned from the effort it took to control himself as the sensations of a virgin's tightness and the fact that he was really making love to a witch he really did love threatened to tip him completely over the edge. Couldn't have that now. He paused once the head of his cock was in and willed himself to push back the need to nut already. "This might hurt a bit little ginger." He muttered and thrust his hips forward to sheath himself fully into her waiting cavern and covered her mouth with his to try and swallow the painful noise he expected to hear. He would've taken it slowly if he felt he could bloody manage it and as it was even without moving as he allowed her to get used to him being inside her was enough to have him on the verge of losing it again.

He ran his hands slowly over her thighs and kissed down her neck again to give any kind of pleasure to go along with the pain he knew she must have felt before he pulled his hips back to slowly pull almost all the way out and then push back into her incredibly tight cave. "Bloody fuck, it should be illegal for you to be so damn tight and sexy and everything else bloody amazing in the world..." He spoke without consciously deciding to as he built up a steady pace, pumping in and out of her sweet body and letting his hands roam over her gorgeously taut little body as he began to thrust with a little more force. He was sure she could take it by now but he would work himself up to the harder pumps. Now that he was inside her Riley was in no hurry to have this ending.
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He’d never made love before? Well, that wasn’t exactly a shock for Ginny, but she was still a bit taken aback. Riley just seemed so… excited by the idea. He even called himself a virgin in that way, which made her smile and laugh lightly. The mood was just so right. Just the fact that she could still laugh even while they were in such an intimate position and getting ready for such a momentous occasion made it clear to her that this was definitely the boy she wanted to lose it to. He just made her feel so damn comfortable. Like she could never do anything wrong or say anything bad… It was just always right with them, and she never felt judged by the Ravenclaw.

She felt his member rubbing along her slit and moaned throatily, loving the way it felt. Again, there was just something right about the whole act. His dog tags brushed an erect nipple, making her shiver slightly and she let her eyes flutter shut, feeling a strange pull and fullness as he pushed into her, but not the pain she’d expected. Most of what she’d read and heard had made it seem like the first time was some terribly painful experience that you just had to grit your teeth and get through, but this felt… good.

In an instant, his lips were on hers and his hips were bucking against her after a simple warning that she might feel some pain. He was sheathed inside of her and she moaned again into his kiss, feeling so utterly complete, even with the slight stinging of her body stretching to accommodate his arousal. She could feel her muscles clenching at the sudden fullness, and inside she knew she had to be driving him wild, but she couldn’t help it. Her body was out of her control, and Ginny absolutely loved it. She gave in to the feelings of hot need and desire, pulling on his bottom lip with her teeth as her eyes fluttered open and she looked at him through thick lashes.

His lips were trailing down his neck while his hands ran along her thighs and Ginny moaned again, blushing slightly at the intense feelings and the fact that she couldn’t even form words. Then he pulled out and pushed back into her and she felt her body practically spark with the energy and magic they were stirring within her. ”Oh, oooooh!” she cried, her hands on his shoulders and fingers digging into his skin, digging in enough that her nails would surely leave crescent shaped bruises. ”It… doesn’t hurt… Ooooh, Merlin.” Her voice was a ragged, panting moan as she ground into him, feeling incredible as he established a good pace and touched every inch of her exposed body.

Oh, it was like he was worshipping her with his fingers as he touched her so, and she let her own hands wander to his chest, tangling with the dog tags for a moment before outlining each muscle as it flexed with his thrusts. ”Harder, Riley. Fill me up completely, oh please. You feel so… soooo good!”
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Aftermath [Little Ginger]

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